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Zeppelincars.com Review Make $1000 In-Car Investment Business OR A SCAM

Based on my research this zeppelincars.Com website is a scam because they are saying false about their website launching date.

New websites are being launched online every day which are attracting people through very easy income

They will tell you that if you invest in their website, you can earn a lot of money after 10 days

In this way, they are fooling the simple people very quickly by seeing the opportunity of big income

So you have to be aware from now on.

Number 1: they are lying about the running date on their website

If you go to their website you will see that they say that their website started in 2015 and they have six years of experience in the car investment business but to be honest they are lying.

Because when I check their website in who.Is, I see that their website is only 93 days old and you can check their website if you want.

Who.Is is a website where you can see the launching date of any website.

Number 2: they added a demo security logo to make you fool

Zeppelincars.Com also adds some security site logos to their website so that you believe their website is secure. You will see they add some logo like sitelock, ddos-guard protection, basically, people use this kind of security so that they can safe from hackers.

But this zeppelincars.Com website is not secure by the security company because if they really add this kind of security logo to their website? Then when you will click the logo it will redirect you to another website and show you a green signal that this website is verified by this security company.

But they only added demo logo photos so that you believe they are secure so they are smartly making you fool.

Number 3: sharing a fake profit calculator so that they can easily catch you like a fish

If you scroll down to their website then you will see they have a profit calculator and this profit calculator is one kind of imagination so that they can easily make you fool.

Because when you will use the profit calculator it will show you that if you invest few amounts you can earn a big amount of money.

Like this way they want to crack your mind using profit calculator because if they have this kind of earning opportunity? Why not they are investing in their hold website why they are promoting their investment plan to you because they want to share with you some good food so that they can catch you like you fees as like people catch fish doing good food like this way they want to make you fool showing their profit calculator

Number 4: sharing fake total investment amount

Now if you check out their total investment amount you will be shocked because the amount they share you can believe it the total investment amount they are showing on their website is $21598163.85, which is about 21 million dollars.

And how can you believe it? Because they don’t have a youtube video of their own and you can’t find a video of a person who has invested,

So they are sharing some fake amount of money to easily make you a fool.

Number 5: website founder and team member information is missing

I already show you the total investment you can visit their website and you can see their total investment amount. You will be shocked like me. But still, you will not find who is the real founder of their website.

If they have lots of money? If they have lots of investors? Then they need to manage all the people using a team.

  • But you will not find any of the team members
  • You will not find any of their real photos or real identity
  • They don’t share their real location
  • You will not find their office location
  • You cannot go to their office physically

Because they only using a virtual website to cut your pocket.

Number 6: they will pay you a few times to achieve your trust

If you create an account then they will pay you 1 or 2 times a few amounts so that they can easily achieve your trust. When you will invest big money? Then they will easily catch you like a fish.

Number 7: inside the dashboard, they are selling their investment plan to cut your pocket.

Inside the dashboard, they will show you different big earning opportunities like a 500% 1000% investment plan. Basically, they are promoting this kind of investment plan to those people who are new online who don’t have any knowledge about how to review a website.

Also, they are promoting their website to greedy people who want to make quick money then they easily fall into their trap and victim to a scam.

Do not believe them.

Based on my research and my evidence I can now say this zeppelincars.Com website is totally a crap scam.

Do not invest your money

Save your valuable time learn something good do something good.

Sipon Dawyen

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