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16 Tested And Proven Work At Home Jobs For Moms [2020]1

After complete pray, I just start writing about tested and proven work at home jobs.

So if are a mom, you like to spend more time with your kids? Then let’s started to make extra money.

Recently a few days ago I just completed writing another article that will also be going to help you

If you are interested to make money quickly with some creative ideas?

I share real people income proof that how they are making $50-$100 in their spare time and if you read & learn you can also make the same.

Even anyone who has no experience after reading my article they will learn something that will help to make money and move forward.

Now always I focus on my readers’ needs so that they get the best ways that help them to make money with confidence.

To be honest, now lots of people are a victim of cheating, lots of fake money imagination system is making people fool with their fake face.

So before you invest in any kind of money-making system or if anyone pushing you that I have a work at home jobs that help you to make thousands of dollar but first you have to invest then must remember they are inside doing scam showing you money imagination.

They just will control your emotions and make you feel that you can easily earn this money.

Then show you some fake testimonials, fake paychecks to grab your attention, so that you start believing them and invest to make money.

Even if you are already joined in some kind of make money related Facebook groups then you will see almost lots of people are throwing their fake money proof and saying that comment “I want to learn” then if you, comments? They will send you a message with their garbage system.

Always be aware and research deeply to find the real deal

So before you take any action let me clean your mind. If you choose a book then must you should completely reading the book properly so that you learn [A to Z] and take the right decision.

In this way, if you come to my blog to learn then be patient and spend your valuable time to learn [A to Z] so that you get the right needs that will take care of you for a long time and help you to earn real money from home.

After reading my article some benefit you will achieve!

  • How to use creative ideas to grow knowledge, skills and make money spending less time
  • The solution of passive income opportunity so that you work one time and earn recurring income
  • Real people case studies income proof and some motivation so that you can take action
  • You will have a cure to removing money-making pain point from your brain
  • Some automation system that works for you all the time so that you can spend more time with your family
  • You can build your own business from home & continue to make a big profit
  • You don’t have to work 9 – 5 jobs in the future or quiet from now

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1. Start A Friendly Blog

If you have a good friend then always your friends will help you with anything when you are facing a problem. In this way, if you want to make money doing simple jobs then a friendly blog can help you to start passive income without any fear.

When beginners hear about blogging or creating a website? They already demotivated and don’t try to learn how to do it. Because they think blogging is hard and it takes a long time. But this is totally false because they want to start blogging to make money without any plan that’s why for the frustrating they didn’t work properly and make mistake again & again.

But trust me when I start blogging its takes a few weeks to learn how to set up a website, how to optimize the WordPress theme, how to index website into Google. All I learn from YouTube and bloggers step by step I create my blog and you start writing the article and giving people solutions, guidelines. So that they like to read more and trust my blog and published friendly comments.

This is the best experience you can have when you learn something that is valuable. Now I can create and setup up a website under 24 hours and I can do it multiple times.

I removed all the fear, worries from my mind and now I have the confidence that I can do it.

Now my destination is earning $1 million only doing blogging and it’s possible if I do hard work and continue blogging with patience. So how have I got this motivation? Let me share with you a real case study that will help you to take action.

“Karen Peterson” a mom, a wife, a blogger she paid off her house with her blog! His website name is [365daysofcrockpot.Com] to be honest she is not doing any kind of magic method that helps him to make money. What she is doing is simply cooking every day for his family-friends and sharing the recipe in his blog so that more people can learn how to cook a homemade delicious food to enjoy with family. I saw his interview in income school where she shares his story & major financial goal that she achieved.

Karen & his husband set a goal to pay off her house and they use all the earnings from the simple blog 365daysofcrockpot.Com got the success. Now getting millions of traffic who are interested to learn from his cooking blog about instant pot recipes, crockpot chicken curry, chicken and vegetable crockpot.

You are a mom and you are already an expert in coking the best motivation you get when your kids & husband say, mommy, the food is so delicious.

If your family members like your cooking? That means more your friends and peoples also like it. So if you started a blog and share your everyday recipe that what you cook for your family? Step by step definitely more people will visit to learn from your blog and share with you positive opinion.

When you will get at least thousands of visits per day in your blog? All from free Google organic search?

When viewers start trusting you then you can start making money using some monetization techniques.

Then you just achieve your fast goals, because now people are trusting you and your recipe and this is the perfect time to monetize your blog to make money.

If you already visit “Karen Peterson” blog then you will see she is sharing free recipe in this category instant pot, slow cooker, chicken, beef, pork, meatless, healthy, soups and if you notice his website upper menu she already selling his own cookbooks and this is the best way to start making money selling your own cookbooks in your blog.

Let’s say you are getting 1,000 visitors every single day into your blog so in 1 month you have 30k visitor who learns from your blog about the different recipe. Now not everyone will like to follow your recipe because every people has a different mindset. But most of the time you will see that people are commenting on your post positively and sharing in their social media profile. Like when we like something we share in our Facebook instantly so that more people get the benefit from it.

So now people who go-to vacation, spend time every weekend at a party, or want to cook good food on a different occasion? They always need a good recipe that is going to special and delicious so now you can create your own PDF cookbooks and add on your website then set a price like $25.

If you are getting 30k visitors in your blog which this means lots of people already learned from your recipe and try it. So they will learn more from your paid PDF cookbooks and they will definitely buy from you. So let’s calculate if only 2% of people take action and buy the cookbooks with a price of $25 how much money you can make.

  • 30,000 visitors x 2% = 600
  • So if 600 buy with $25? Then [600 x 25 ]= $15,000 in one moths.

Now you have a blog that means you are a boss of your own blog and you have the opportunity to add more “paid cookbooks” or “video lessons” in a different recipe.

Let me share with you another real earning proof that will make your brain freak out and you will like the work she is doing.

“Cassidy Tuttle” owner of Succulentsandsunshine.Com she teaches in his blog how to grow succulents and making $200k a year.

When Cassidy was in school she started with 3 succulents on his windows as like regular simple people who have free space like to grow different trees, flowers, like gardening like this way she has passion about succulents and now sharing his experience that how she grows succulents in his garden, how to take care of it, and people who are interest in a succulents? The just search on Google and find his blog and get the benefit from it. The good part is she is selling his own video course in his blog, people happily buying to learn from him with the course price $127.

Now, this is called how to grow a blog in a successful way. So like this way you just have to share your experience that you are an expert in it and when traffic comes to your blog then you can do the same to make money with confidence.

But to be honest fast it will take 1-2 weeks to learn & practice all about blogging that how to do keyword research, how to set up and optimize your blog themes, how to choose a topic to start writing and many more thinks. That’s why I have a powerful solution for you that will help you to start blogging and give you [a to z] guidelines, best plugin, topic ideas, step by step video lessons. So that you get a step-by-step practical guide to starting your blog and grow it based on your goals and this will be the best side job opportunity for you to make passive income every single month.

My recommendation is to join the Wealthy Affiliate and start 10 secrets video training for free & start your blog in a week. Inside wealthy affiliate, you will see thousands of more entrepreneur case studies where they are successful blogging and making real money.

2. Start Part-time Jobs On Fiverr.com

If you can provide a service and completed the job for company or business owners? Then fiverr.Com will be the best opportunity where you can start for free.

Because Fiverr have lots of different categories like

  • Graphics design
  • Digital marketing
  • Writing & translation
  • Video & animation
  • Music & audio
  • Programming & tech
  • Business
  • Lifestyle

And they have millions of buyers who come to their website and they are looking for a freelancer who is ready to do their work and get paid.

So you just have to expert in one category to make money with confidence. Let me give you an example so that you understand how to work in the right way to provide value and make money.

If you look at the marketplaces in your area, you will find that there are thousands of shops where people are selling different types of products and making money through the service.

And worldwide almost millions of new entrepreneurs are launching different types of businesses every day, they are starting with the different new product providing new service and for their business promotion they are already investing millions of dollar in Facebook advertising, google advertising, tv advertising, banners advertising in local areas so that they can promote their brand, sell more product and make more profit.

But if you notice one thing is that every business has a name, they have business cards with business logos that are always used in their business to promote their brand.

That’s why they need different services from freelancers so that they can promote their business more help of their own brand that’s why for professional logos, business cards, promotional videos, they are happy to invest thousands of dollars to make them more quality brand.

Let me share with you a Fiverr logo designer and how she is making $880 only designing 1 logo and brand design.

Lara1984 she is making $880 only designing 1 logo
Lara Making $880 Only designing 1 Logo

As you can see his profile name is “Lara1984” she is expert in

  • Logo design
  • Business cards & stationery
  • Flyers & brochures
  • Book & album covers

She just providing a service “I will create your logo and brand design” almost have 5.0 rating and 80 orders complected 3 orders currently working.

So let’s calculate how much money she is making only providing this logo design service in Fiverr

  • 80 x $880 = $70,400 almost earn from fiverr.Com

And all of this earning is real and you can read the buyers positive reviews they are liking his work & satisfied with service.

So if you think deeply then you will understand to learn and grow this logo design skills she spends time only once but now she can provide the same service also in other freelancer marketplaces like Upwork, Peopleperhour, Freelancer, LinkedIn.

Because she is an expert in these jobs so people will love to invest in a good logo.

And this is the best way that how you can grow skills in a week or month and provide the service online all work from home and make money with confidence.

So if you want to grow your skills and provide a service then you can read my article where I share 10 creative ways and some guidelines that will help you to make $50 – $100 a day from Fiverr totally for free.

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3. Do Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank

Now affiliate marketing is the new trending topic that everyone interested to make money and follow this model to become successful in a short time. I will recommend you make affiliate marketing like a serious job and learn how to promote an affiliate product in the right audience to make at least thousands of dollars every single month.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Because in affiliate marketing beginners & advance people have all the access to use high converting landing page, tools, a product that cost almost thousands of dollars to build but the owner of this product will give you access totally for free so that you promote their product and make money and get 75% commission.

Clickbank is a trustful affiliate marketplace where you will get almost thousands of products available to promote totally free of cost.

Big affiliate marketer like John Crestani already recommends ClickBank to get started because John Crestani made millions of dollars only using the ClickBank affiliate marketplace. I read in Forbes magazine that how he fired from a job and start the affiliate marketing and become a successful person in a few years in his YouTube channel john almost have 203k + subscriber and all of this people trust him because he shares something that is valuable and helping them to make money.

The amazing part is John Crestani already has an affiliate marketing course where he teaches his students that how to use the business model of affiliate marketing and make money per month, also how to turn the income in requiring a commission.

If you don’t have enough experience that how to promote an affiliate product in the right audience then John Crestani will help you and guide you more because in his free course you will learn all the traffic solutions and funnel solutions so that you can promote any product anytime you want.

John Crestani also shares his student case studies after following his guidelines on how they are making 6-7 figure income.

Ronnie Sandlin (& subreena) making 7 figure income here the proof

Ronnie Sandlin (& subreena) making 7 figure income here the proof
Ronnie Sandlin (& subreena) 7 Figure Income Proof

What you will learn from John Crestani? To do affiliate marketing as a part-time work from home jobs?

In the special free webinar training, you will learn

  • The proven 3 simple steps for creating a $2,500.00 per week online income stream without any experience, tech skills.
  • Just a computer & internet connection and following 3 simple system to generate 19,700,000.00 in sales.
  • How john earns over $500 in 30 minutes using a simple technique that anyone can follow and copy the idea to make the same.
  • How to avoid a bad feeling, a truth that why john lost over $1,816,584.22

After completing his training you can start your work in a week and if you need more money-making method? Then you can follow John Crestani YouTube channel where he already has 100+ video lessons to make money totally for free.

Remember if you can sell 1 product? You will achieve a good experience that will push you to make multiple profits with confidence.

4. Get Paid To Complete The Online Survey

Make money completing a 5 to 10 minutes survey will be a good job to do every day, which helps you to make extra money when you have no work. I am going to introduce to you a video survey site where you have to make a video of 40 to 60 seconds and share a few question-answer and get paid $10 to $50 for complete.

Also, I am going to show you multiple techniques that will help you to make money completing the same survey again and again on different websites.

Mindswarms is an online research community looking for real people who can help them to review their product and share the experience with a video to start making money. You have to apply for a study where you will see 10 to 12 questions and what you have to do is read the questions and answer with 40 to 60 seconds videos based on your honest opinion and completing each question you will make at least $10.

So if you complete 12 questions you will easily make $60 for completing the video survey. The good part is you can do this survey on your mobile, desktop or webcam how you feel comfortable just mind swarms need your facial expression & honest report that what you feel about the product, then research team will review your video once your video gets accepted? You will instantly get paid by PayPal.

In the research page, I saw lots of people short video who are doing the survey and making money completing each question.

They are asking simple questions like…

  • “Describe how being appreciated makes you feel emotionally – and why is being appreciated important to you?”
  • “What do you expect from companies or brands in the way of recognition and appreciation?”
  • “How do you define recognition? And when is recognition most meaningful to you? Why?”

When you will try to make your fast video? You will feel a little uncomfortable but when you will practice 2 – 3 times then you can easily complete a survey. Once you have some experience and make a few dollars then you can continue this survey as a job for a long time.

Inboxdollars is an old website paying people for completing simple tasks like watching videos, playing games, read emails, take paid online surveys, answering the question, cashback for online shopping. Inboxdollars paid 56 million in cash reward to users who are still working with them. Inboxdollars already partnered with big companies like Netflix, Target, Walmart.

If you search about inbox dollars review? Then you will get thousands of review videos on YouTube and post on the Facebook community that people are getting paid from this survey website and they are paying $5 instantly for sign up to their website.

You can work on your desktop or on mobile phones they have both mobile apps for android and ios. So if you have free time or when you are waiting for a bus or stuck in a signal then tap on the inbox dollars app complete a few surveys and make some money without wasting your valuable time.

Inboxdollars has an awesome referral system where you can invite your friend to earn $1 for each signup and when they will join and work you will earn 30% of their earning.

I will recommend you to learn from these 6 steps to earn your fast $30 with inbox dollars.

Also, you can join the same website like inbox dollars where they will pay you by PayPal to complete the simple survey here more instagc.Com, swagbucks.Com, mypoints.Com, featurepoints.Com

5. Teach English Online

After doing research and finding some good websites that how to make money teaching people online I find a good website that is number #1 in my recommendation to make money teaching English and get paid $22 per hour.


Vipkid already features in different magazines and high authority websites like Forbes and what I like about vipkid that you can do teaching and mentor students in china and it is the best 1 o 1 experience. Help kids to learn English step by step no worry for time management you can schedule your own time and do the teaching job when you want, no matter you are in the kitchen, in the garden, or in the living room.

You don’t have to build any kind of course or training just you have to teach kids and VIP kids already have the guidelines that how you can start with a proper freshness.

The great thing is it’s a good opportunity for teacher moms who have at least 1 year’s experience & bachelor’s degree and like to teach his kids to do everything, so if you are one of them then this will be the best work for you. Also, who are interested to make money without investing or doing any kind of hard work? Have a great mindset and know English can start these jobs with confidence.

I would like to mention an important thing is if you pick the teaching hours based on china time then it will be better because most of the students are from China and they follow their time zone and you will get direct deposit and when you will see the payout number is coming to your bank account online? You will be more happy to get paid, then buy Starbucks or a KitKat chocolate to enjoy your fast earning.


Sayabc is another similar website that fastest growing in popularity and they are becoming one of the best in teaching kids online from home. Just start teaching kids saying ABC and you will get paid $19 to $25 for a 40-minute class. You choose your own hours when you are free to start teaching your student 1 o 1 help of t.Sayabc devices it’s like Skype easy to use best for windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, and mac os 10.

T.Sayabc.Com it’s an international learning platform for 5 to 12 years old children in china their headquarters in Beijing.

Now you are already on my website and reading my article in English so you are already qualified for these teaching jobs just you have to apply if you have a bachelor’s degree and at least one year experience.

But I know lots of time if you had the best work to do for some internal reason sometimes it takes a little time to do the work in the perfect moment. That’s why if you want to do this job for a letter then I will recommend you must join this sites affiliate program because Vipkid.Com and share t.Sayabc.Com both companies have affiliate system where you can make money only referring your friends who already doing teaching in schools, college or in your local area.

What you have to do is create a free account and invite them so that they join to make more extra money teaching online and if they join with your link you will make money without even doing any kind of teaching work because they pay you for each teacher you refer! So it’s a great deal…

6. Complete Small Tasks To Get Paid By PayPal

Make money completing simple task-it similar to survey work but this task is different, I share with you how you can make quick money just completing a few steps that you already have experience in it.

Company will give you some information that finds the data and make a list in a Microsoft documents then what you have to do is search on google and collect all this data based on information and one by one copy and paste into the Microsoft file and submit the all save data to the company and you will get paid for the simple task.

You can see a picture of a car, now all you have to do is draw a 4 angle line around the car’s image so that the car’s perfect size can be understood inside that line. That’s it your task is done and you will get paid for these simple jobs.


Remotasks it’s a nice looking website with colorful buttons and background. I research on Google and found real people payment proof in beermoneyforum.Com and they are actually making $4 – $80 completing the task.

Inside they have really simple tasks like transcribing audio, moderate content, tag images, and much more simple task. Remotasks have only one requirement to get started is “English fluency”

To get paid by PayPal you have to follow 4 easy step

  • 1 sign up and connect with your Facebook account
  • Take exams
  • Unlock categories to work more to make more money
  • Get paid by PayPal every week

Remotasks work with multiple companies from a small startup to public companies they provide them the work and pay money for completing a task. They need some real data for their needs the company come to their website and give the task so that freelancer who wants to make money complete the task based on their requirement and when real people complete the task remotasks collect it & provide the correct data to companies so that they get the benefit that they are paying for.

Some simple task examples they share on their official website…

  • Drawing boxes around cars
  • Moderating content
  • Identifying spam
  • Categorizing t-shirts

I saw real people testimonials that people are sharing their opinion that they are making money from this website and all of the testimonials peoples pictures are real. Because you know, some binary trading scam companies use the free stock site people’s photos and make a duplicate testimonial to share on their website to scam with people.

So you have to always beware of scams.

You can work on the desktop also on the mobile phone and when you will withdraw your money help of PayPal? There is a 2% PayPal transaction fee per payout.


Clickworker is one of the same websites as remotasks.Com where you will make money completing surveys, web research, completing a task, image and video tagging, video analysis, mobile crowdsourcing, and much other work available. People are getting paid for working on this website. So you can start to have some experience and learn how to work and get paid doing completing some simple tasks. If you are satisfied to work? Then you can continue and if you think they are paying very low? Then you can avoid this work without any fear because all are for free to join.

7. Start Video Marketing

Video marketing is now millions of dollars in profitable ways to start making money with confidence. If you go and search on YouTube “the top 10 YouTube’s earning” then you will be shocked how much money they are making every single month. Their lifestyle is very quality full, they can go anyplace anytime in the world, they are living a luxury lifestyle but to be honest, they don’t have any magic formula. They are the same person as you like me but they have some passion that they always like to do. What they do is make a video and publish it into YouTube then millions of viewers like comments share their video and they make money every single day.

As you know Mr beast almost now has 26 million subscribers and he is now spending almost 1 million dollars in every single of his videos.

Now can you believe how much money he is spending and how much money he is making? It’s so amazing and motivating because he had the same YouTube channel that you can create in a few seconds for free but what the difference between Mr beats and you that is he has millions of subscriber and if you create your YouTube channel right now you will have zero if you take action then you can increase it to start making money at least $1000 every single month.

I am going to share with you a money-making method & a website where you can create amazing videos with few clicks without even show your face and voice.

So follow these important steps

Content samurai it’s a video marketing software and you have the power to create an unlimited video with confidence all will be professional and amazing.

Clickbank is a famous affiliate marketplace where you can create your account for free and you will instantly get thousands of affiliate products to earn 75% commission for every single sale you made.

  • Step 3: Create a YouTube channel

Now how this 3 step will work to make money? Let me give you a clear idea so that you learn the main point.

Step 1 will help you to provide a solution so that people give value to your video and trust on you.

Step 2 is like monetization because people will buy from you after watching the video and you will earn commission help of the Clickbank account. Clickbank has a great system where you can get paid in a week.

Step 3 YouTube channel you can send millions of traffic to your videos so that people watch your video know who you are and learn this solution then take action.

Now the most important thing is,

  • Which product you have to promote?
  • How to make a video

It’s really easy and simple.

What you have to do is go to the website [cbsnooper.Com/reports/top-clickbank-products] and follow all of the top Clickbank product lists you will see 15 products on 1 page, like this way you will see page 2, page 3 + more.

So this top-rated product big affiliate marketer is promoting and they are making thousands and millions of dollar every single month promoting this product and every single individual product have an individual payout commission rate where you can earn $100 – $500 only selling 1 product.

So what I mean to you is that you promote every product together

Because in your YouTube channel you can upload unlimited videos for free just you have to make a review video upload onto your YouTube channel.

Then go to your Clickbank account copy the affiliate link short the affiliate link help of this website called Tinyurl.Com then add the link into your YouTube video description now share this video to the related Facebook group.

Let’s say you are promoting a health-related product and now search on Facebook with this keywords health, diet, weight loss you will see thousands of Facebook group which group have already 100k plus members or let’s say you want to promote make money related product now upload your video on YouTube and share on Facebook make money related groups.

This is just a simple idea that I share but if you learn SEO then you can drive millions of targeted traffic on your YouTube channel for free. And it will take a few months to learn SEO and all about it.

You can learn SEO from the Ultimate YouTube SEO cheat-sheet and drive more traffic to your video to earn an affiliate commission. Also, you can promote your video in Pinterest groups where already have millions of active traffic.

So if you share a health eBook in your video and explain that how this eBook will help them to burn fat then upload a video on your channel and share the video in Pinterest groups then there is a good chance that people will learn & educated from the video and take action.

This is the best way to start making money providing value with good YouTube videos.

So now when you will go to Clickbank marketplace and see a product in the down below you will see an affiliate option site link if you visit the link you will have access to use all the tools, articles, banners, pictures and this all is going to help you to make a video in a few minutes.

Just re-edit the text add some valuable like

  • What Is It [Product Name]
  • [Product Name] How Does It Work
  • Benefits Of [Product Name]

And go to the video editing software content samurai then paste the text into content samurai software step by step content samurai will make your text into a professional-looking video in a minute. Then download and upload the video in YouTube

For some keyword research help, you can use these tools https://keywordtool.Io/

Let me give you a quick example showing my real YouTube channel video that how I am promoting this manifestation magic Clickbank product you can see my video title text description and you can create a landing page in five minutes if you read me again.

These free tools will help you more

Like this way practice again and again, then you will have the perfect video and once you learn this then you have the opportunity to make unlimited video help of the software after that simply upload on YouTube and start sharing in different social media to get views so that you earn your fast ClickBank commission in a week.

8. Create Online Courses And Money As A Teacher On Skillshare

Make money online as a teacher will also help you to get it started as a job.

You have to share your experience so that your students can learn something that is important. Let me give you a quick example let’s say I am a blogger I know how to create a blog and write articles, so I have to make an 8 to 10 video tutorials that how to launch the first blog in under 7 days.

Now what I have to do is create a free account in skillshare and then I have to choose this option called become a teacher to submit my tutorials step by step and set a course selling price.

Skillshare has millions of site visitors who are interested in learning and educating in different categories like designs, business, technology, photo and film, entrepreneurship, writing, and lots of categories.

If you visit the skillshare official website you will see top teachers make $100,000+ a year also how they are creating their personal course.

Students start learning in skillshare like a library. You know when you read in your school or college you go to your library to pick a book and start reading. In this way, there are lots of students from worldwide who are interested to learn in different categories so they come to this website and pick a course start learning.

If students start learning from your course you will definitely make money teaching online as a part-time side job. Then add more courses to increase more students to make big profits.

To give you a quick guideline with proof I will recommend you to read this case study and apply into your work

9. Make Money Writing On Medium

When I start blogging for the first time I chose medium free membership to write articles and rank in google. Because medium already has high domain authority. My 3-4 article was on google page number 2 and 3 position but for some reason, they suspended my account. But if you are happy to make money writing then medium partner program really going to help you to get it started.

To become a medium member it will cost $5/month or $50/years, where you have to write that you love or good at and when someone reads your post and gives you a clap then you will make money for this. To give you an example that how much money medium will pay you it’s like when your article will get 100 times read for this you will earn $5.

10. Make $1,000 Or More Giving Your Advice

You learn from my blog or from different videos, podcasts, books, social media, learning from school & college that helps you to gain knowledge that is valuable.

This is important that what you know can change somebody’s life. People are looking for you and they are looking for your message.

CEO of Google “Sundar Pichai” he never knows in the past that he has a knowledge that he will be CEO of Google and handle a website that is number #1

Founder of click funnels softwareRussell Brunson” he never knows that at a time he will grow a million-dollar company and handle thousands of entrepreneurs and help them to build their funnel and make a profit.

In this way, if you want to know that what you are good at and why people will pay you thousands even millions of dollars for your advice then you can read this expert secret free book and change your mind to become more successful like them.

This will be the best job to make money giving people your valuable advice that they only need from you.

11. Sell Photos Online

Photography can be a good side job for you to make few extra money and you already have experience on it just what you have to do is provide quality and add some filter effect to make the photo looking more professional. So that people like and attract with your photo and buy with a high price like $100 even $500 from 1 photo.

If you check your last 1 years photography in your Facebook profile then you will be amazed at you already take lots of photos that are looking awesome and sometimes you used those photos with different mobile apps to make it more colorful so that your friends family like it and share it and make a good comments that make you feel more comfortable and happy

So now just you have to know which companies will pay you to take photos and give you the right amount of money.

Foap it’s a trustful app available for both android and ios almost have 1 million-plus install. So how to make money with it? Let’s say you go on vacation and take photos of different places, different locations, that you like. Then you can use these photos for your personal use or if you want to make money then what you can do is create a free account in Foap and set the selling price of the photos.

Now different big companies, brands, bloggers, website owners need high-quality photography for their needs that’s why they come to this website and buy the photo from simple people like you who are interested to sell and make money.

So let’s say you upload a photo in Foap and set the price $100 now if someone buys these photos one time then you will make 50% commission. This means you will instantly earn $50. Now if 10 people buy the same photo from you?

  • You will earn 10 x 50 = $500 for 1 single photos.

Foap already features in ABC news video you will get a more clear idea and get a confidant that how people are making money just using some creativity and taking simple photos.

12. Become A Bluehost Affiliate

Everyone has a Facebook account, Instagram account but if you want to show a portfolio you need a website so that you get more value. If you focus you will see that now every single business have a website to do marketing online and sell product online without going to in a physical location.

If you want to learn anything about “How to” then you search on google then fast that will come it’s a website.

Suppose you are ill, your doctor has given you many drugs that will make you feel better. If you want to know how these drugs work and what are the benefits, you search simply google, you can find details about the drugs through a website. It is understood that a website plays a very important role.

So there are millions of people who need a website for their needs. So if you can provide a service to them then you can make a good profit without any kind of hard work and you can take it as a side job.

  • Earn $65 per Bluehost referral

As you know to make a website fast needs a domain and hosting so people can buy a domain name with only $10 from a different marketplace like Namecheap, Hostgator or GoDaddy but hosting is important and it helps to make a website more speed faster.

So that people can visit from worldwide with under 2-3 seconds. If people buy bad hosting then it will take more time to see a website but if you search on Google and YouTube that “top 5 hosting company” then always you will see Bluehost they are the best and giving people the best opportunity, benefits and support so that they can build their website from scratch and get the higher benefit from it.

So refer people who are planning for a website and invite them by email or by Facebook message if they buy the hosting then you will earn $65 per referral.

And you can start promoting your referral link to targeted traffic you can start blogging, start social media marketing, Pinterest marketing, Instagram marketing and there are lots of others free traffic source are available to promote. But if you need a more high-quality audience that converts like a cake then I will suggest you learn from John Crestani who has a proven traffic solution to sell any affiliate product with confidence.

13. Make $100 – $500 Promoting Markethealth.com Beauty Product

Market health is an affiliate market place where you will get lots of health-related products like skincare, weight loss, skin brightening cream, eye cream, hair treatment and much more perfect for women. So you are a mom you already have lots of experience on these products

Big companies are investing millions of dollars to make a good product for women like skin care, beauty, brightness. So that they feel more comfortable and confident. I think you already used one of them & you already have the experience to share which product is good to use. In market health, you will get affiliate links of every single individual product. You can choose an eye cream that will make looking more beautiful. So if you want you can promote this product to others who are interested in it, if the try to buy from your affiliate link or get a trial product, then you will earn $50 to $100 for every single people take action.

You can simply create a Facebook page and start sharing helpful tips, a guideline to grow your audience and in the different occasion, you can recommend people offers the help of your referral link so that people get some value, trust you and buy the beauty product.

Manychat is a messenger automation tools that will help you to grow your audience and you can set a campaign that helps you to your audience in different good time send attractive offers. This chatbot will help you to send a message based on your own schedule time and you can use these tools totally for free. You can take this free course to learn and add the tools on your Facebook page to grow the audience and make money promoting affiliate offers.

14. Make Money Providing A Service On Peopleperhour.com

Peopleperhour is a freelancer marketplace where millions of buyers come into buying different categories of business needs like logos, videos, office manager, website designer and many more others think. So if you have skills that you want to sell over again and again then people per hour will help you to get your target client and make your fast profit all work from home.

Now if you don’t have any skills let me share with you a creative idea so that you can create your fast service on peopleperhour.Com in few days.

  • Sell YouTube Thumbnail Service

As you know you already have a YouTube channel like this way almost millions of people are creating their personal YouTube channel so that they share their personal lifestyle, vlogging that what they do this weekend or how they feel when they are on vacation. They just want to share the video to communicate with their family and friends.

But not everyone has experience in creating professional YouTube thumbnail. So if you want you can provide this thumbnail service in peopleperhour where almost lots of clients are interested to buy this professional thumbnail to use in their video.

If you don’t have any experience that how to create a pro thumbnail?

Then not to worry let me share with you the “YouTube starter kit” help of it you can re-edit and provide a service in under 5 minutes.

You will get

  • Advanced YouTube thumbnail packs (70+psd templates)
  • YouTube channel artwork templates(PSD templates)
  • YouTube end card templates ( PSD templates)
  • YouTube lower thirds templates (PSD templates)
  • YouTube live stream template pack (PSD templates)
  • Best royalty-free background music resource list
  • 100+ free font list w/ direct downloads
  • 100+ ideas for YouTube videos
  • Dozens of Canva assets for non-photoshop users
  • + New updates!

So now you can also provide another service like YouTube channel art templates so I recommend you to buy this small pack and try to re-edit with adobe Photoshop. You can learn it in a few hours just search on YouTube and type “How to edit PSD template in Photoshop”

15. Rakuten.com Refer & Earn $25+

Every single month you buy something online and offline for your daily needs, you need different cloth, digital products, books, food and many more all you buy with real cash but you didn’t get it back and didn’t make money doing this easy friendly work.

Rakuten is giving an opportunity to online shoppers who will earn $25+per refer

Let say your friends want to buy something from online just invite him by email with your referral link if he or she create a free account and order anything online? You will instantly make $25 and if you buy a different product from the online help of the Rakuten website? Then you will get 40% + more cashback for every single purchase.

  • $10 you will earn for the signup bonus
  • Earn cashback from 2500+ store

16. Clickfunnels

Clickfunnel is a software that will help you to create a fully automatic business in few clicks. Already have thousands of entrepreneurs who are now become a millionaire & providing their service to others and they are already teaching people how to start from zero, without any experience and change your life to millionaire.

Ladyboss is one of them she already wins Clickfunnels dream cars and helping women to move forward.

To get your jobs easy and make money with confident you should see LadyBoss story and follow him to make extra cash like a successful entrepreneur.

17. Make Money Just Typing A Company Name

Make an extra $200 typing company names, brand names, website names, agency names, book names, business names.

Squadhelp.Com is the website they are paying simple people who will pick a good name for their clients.

What you have to do is join a contest and give a name based on clients’ needs than the end of the contest clients will pick 1 winner and give $200 as a bonus.

You have the opportunity to join multiple contests also if you want you can sell a premium domain name, brand logos, taglines in the Squadhelp marketplace where lots of clients are happy to buy a name.

My Recommendation

So hope you get some idea to start work with this proven and tested work from home jobs that perfect for you. To be honest, is like a simple job for simple moms that you have to do all from home as like 2 hours every day 3 hours every day even more based on your skills and knowledge.

But if you want an automated system that will help you to make money then I would like to share with you another proven system where beginners are starting their business from scratch and making a good amount of money every single week and months with confidence. It’s true & called affiliate marketing where you can grow your own business in a month and start requiring passive income.

I will recommend you to start learning from John Crestani who already making millions of dollars every single year using the money-making system called affiliate marketing.

John Crestani already shared his techniques, case study, tools and helpful guidelines that already help his student to make almost 6-figure – 7 figure income easily.

First, you have to learn all the important lessons from his free training then just apply to your work and follow his proven road map to generate your own commission system

After starting the work then John Crestani shows you that how you can multiply your income and do all work with an automated system so that you can enjoy your life and become freedom you will be your own boss.

If you don’t believe then here is proof to make you believe in it that if you try if you practice if you motivate then you can do the same.

John Crestani share his income proof
John Crestani shares his income proof


Now it’s time to take action and start work to make some money

Remember in online there is no money-making magic method that will help you to make millions of dollar in a few months

If someone claiming that you can make lots of money with a few clicks then they are claiming false words to sell there fake money-making system & only showing you big mindset and imagination.

Always focus on background and behind who is doing it, who is the owner, what you will learn inside then step by step checkout reviews on YouTube and Google then you will get a deep idea and I already have lots of helpful article for you where you can also learn 7 steps to make $1000 and I shared different working method so that you can use your creativity, work less time but make good money.

That’s it for now if this article help you then you can share with your friends you can follow me on Instagram or Pinterest and if you need any guideline that you can connect with me by Facebook

Thanks for spending your valuable time have a great day.

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