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Hey, what’s going on Sipon Dawyen here with you😃

In this article, I am going to teach you how you can earn $500 in an hour automatically and this is the simple way to make money online you ever have seen before.

9 Underground Website To Earn $500 In 1 Hour AUTOMATICALLY!!

So stay with me until the end of my article.

To make you confident let me say again that this is the super and easiest way that you can make up to $200 to $500 and anyone can do this. If you have no experience of making money online and if you don’t know how to take action then you should not worry. I am here to show you and guide you and give you the exact method that helps you to make money.

When you will start work you will have really good fun. Actually you don’t have to work 5 to 10 hours to make this amount of money just you have to choose a name then join in a contest and wait for the end.

It’s nothing like 9 to 5 job, it is completely flexible and you can do this in your home anytime you want. You can do multiple times just set a schedule and start work but before I continue I want to share my Number 1 recommendation where you have the opportunity to start affiliate marketing and grow a business in under 1 month.

You will learn how to promote the high ticket affiliate products and make $500 to $1000 every single day with a proven method. You will get all the tools, video training and the important is support because no matter how good money making ways you have if you don’t get 1 o 1 support then you cannot learn the proven road-map.

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So the first website I am going to share with you the name is naming force.

1. Namingforce.Com

Namingforce it’s a website where they are paying people $200 to $500 even more only for giving a perfect name that is really simple, sweet, short and cute.

Basically every single day there are lots of entrepreneurs who are starting their business they have thousands of dollars in their pocket but they are looking for a perfect name that will make their company, website, logo looking professionals so that they can attract more customers and sell more product easily.

If I give you a short example of KitKat chocolate in the marketplace there are thousands of different chocolates available but people only like to eat KitKat chocolate because they know how to advertising their brand and name in a good way so that people buy their chocolate and they make a profit. Because if you think deeply to make chocolate all of the companies just use the same ingredients but they just change some flavor and taste so that people feel yummy after eating it.

If I give another example of McDonald’s

Mcdonald’s it’s a fast-food company selling tasty burgers, coffee, juice that people like order online or want to eat with their friends together. To be honest, to make a burger it’s needed the same ingredients, that other companies are selling and doing the same fast-food business. But why people buy from McDonald’s because they like their food and their brand and people trust the help of their “Name” day by day they are increasing their customers and making more profit only doing the same work making burgers and providing a good service this is how a business grows up.

So like this way, there are thousands of new companies are coming to the naming force so that they get a good name for their business and they are ready to pay thousands of dollars only for a great name. If you create an account and go to the contest option of naming force then you will see an active name contest where the business owner is giving their requirement that which kind of business they are starting and what name they are looking for. You will see on the left side that end of the contest they will give rewards of $200 just only for a name that only takes 2-3 minutes to provide.

Yes, I already said you can do this multiple time so you will see a list of contest where different business owner looking for their name let me give you a quick example: a business owner is looking for a name that is short and sweet because he had a business of a chocolate company so he needs a name that is cute so that people like to visit their website, company, and brand to buy again and again.

Now you have to understand in a deep way that how the business owner looking for the name then just pick a name and submit into the contest and end of the contest business owner will automatically choose a good name for his business and give the prize award to the winner who provide the name and help them to start their company and brand.

So like this way just providing a name with only 5 to 6 words you can make money easily and there is no work hard you have to do why this system is work because business owner already has the money to pay a member who will provide name, so you don’t have to worry about money because already it’s in the marketplace just provide a good name and win rewards.

If you don’t believe then you can see the money proof in yourself that how simple people who don’t have any idea of making money online, who are only work from home and spend their time doing nothing they just join in the contest and win $100, $200, $700 even $1,000 only providing a name.

So follow all of this contest winners profile that how they provide name and learn from their case study so that you get a good idea and start to make money with confidence.

To be honest in a few hours later when I open my laptop I show another website that are providing the same service and giving beginners rewards only for a name here is another website name called squad help.

2. Squadhelp.Com

Squadhelp is the number one naming platform and providing a name for business, company, books, apps, brand, shop, website, service so there is a change that you can easily win a contest and make $100 $150, $200, $500 even $600 automatically just submitting a simple name. Squadhelp almost has millions of monthly visitors and most of them are business owners who are looking for a perfect name for their business.

So lots of buyers and clients join their website create an account and start a contest and set their rewards price so that people who are interested to make money only providing a name they can win the rewards easily submitting a simple name.

And squad helps also have the other 2 options to make more money where you have to provide a domain name and tagline.

When you will visit squad help website in the middle section you will see premium names for sale options then you will see lots of different categories names are available what people are doing is buying a domain, logo with only investing $50 to $100 and publishing the domain name in the squad help marketplace to sale almost $1500, $2,000 $3,000 even more.

If you want you can also do the same just what you have to do is choose a category that you like then go to namesilo.Com where you can buy a domain name for 1 year only $10 and you have the opportunity to buy multiple domains within one click. Then you can outsource a good looking logo from fiverr.Com investing only $5. After that what you have to do is create an account in squad help and publish your domain name and set the price you want as like $1000, $500 all done. Now if any buyers interested to buy this domain name for their business then you can make a good profit from it.

Squad helps also have an affiliate program where you can earn money without investing any money. 1st you have to do create a free account then go to their affiliate option where you will see 3-way you can earn money promoting affiliate link.

  • Lets you invite 100 people via email who are a business owner and interested to start a business but they are looking for a name so now if they join with your affiliate link and launch a contest on squad helps then you will instantly earn $30 for every single customer.
  • Now a day everyone is creative in choosing a name, everyone knows how to use social accounts, Facebook page but they want something that will make them a more professional look. That’s why lots of people sharing their videos on YouTube and some of them are making a blog and sharing their daily life.

So they need a great name, now if you do some research then you can easily help them to choice a perfect domain name, like this way if you invite people who are looking for a domain name for their website and they like your choice and purchase the domain from squad help marketplace with your affiliate link you will make $35.00 from every single customer.

  • If anyone only creates a free account you will earn points.

Now you have to know how to promote this affiliate link and make money in a proper way you can follow my article where I share how you can make money promoting big affiliate offers.

Here is a proof of squad help winners that simple people are winning and making good money only providing a simple logo, name, tagline, domain name.

3. Vindale.Com

Vindale research this is the highest paid online survey you can make almost $30 per survey event $50 – $100 completing a simple task. All will take 20 to 30 minutes to complete some types of survey will take a little bit longer. You can literally start any survey that matches with you so that you can complete it in a comfortable way.

It’s a free website so you don’t have to worry about paying any kind of monthly payment for claiming new surveys work. When you will create your account instantly you will get $1 for a signup bonus anyone who wants to earn money online they can easily start work and make some money with automatically answering some question, taking a simple fun task, sharing an honest opinion, sign up for trails, etc.

You know a lot of people now think about the survey in a negative way that they just waste their time. Some people are claiming to complete the survey properly they didn’t get paid or the survey company said that you are not following the trams and condition, some time survey website suspends their account without any previous notification.

Lots of people not interested in taking the survey and making money online but to be honest vindale research survey website legal & trustful and almost they have millions of visitors who visited their website every single month just checkout in similar web traffic statistics you will get the real data.

The good news is they are adding hundreds of new survey on their website so that people who are a beginner and joining to their website they get the right survey to complete and make money.

They already paid over 7 million dollars in cash to their members. So if you are ready then you can join.

2 step you have to follow to get your first paycheck in your hand step

  1. Take the paid survey: You have to share some demographic information about yourself so that the company finds the best service that is available for you. To see a live demo you can click here to see recent service examples.
  2. Redeem you’re earning by PayPal: Choose payment by PayPal and you spend your earning. However, you like it’s easy to get paid after completing some survey that you will instantly get the payout amount adding into your account.

When you will complete survey instantly all the details you will see that how much time it will take to complete and how much they will pay you then if you start the survey to complete then instantly you will get paid amount into your account then select your payment option PayPal and you spend your money whatever you want to do. Because it’s easy to get paid once you make at least $50 in your account.

Why should you trust this website because in the trustpilot.Com vindale research have almost lots of positive reviews and people are recommending to start work with them another trustful part is when you will scroll down vindale research official website you will see a real user’s reviews with live photo that she is working science 2015 and vindale research paid him $100 by PayPal and she is recommending this is the best survey site, fun to work & comfortable to take survey and make money.

To make you more trustful so that you don’t afraid they have a security system they will don’t share your personal information and all are protected you can cancel your account anytime you want and they will never ask you for your credit card or bank payment information, all are highly secure with SSL encryption, verified by Norton Symantec.

And if you are not satisfied yet then they have another option for you where you can make money referring others. Yes, the referral earning program to make $5 referring to each of your friends & family members or inviting other people who would like to make money taking the survey online.

So not to worry all of these value they are providing so that you take the survey and make money and when you will complete some survey they will get the right data that they are looking for then they will provide this data to the company who is paying them based on their requirement this is how everything work.

4. Surveysavvy.Com

Survey savvy it’s a website where you can take a survey and you can earn a lot of money. When you visit the website you will instantly see a big title like your opinion matters that is all about different companies, clients, business owners are looking for your opinion and pay you lots of money completing some simple task based on their requirement.

They just want to hear your honest opinion about their product and service. So that they can improve the product for more user-friendly and they are willing to pay so much money for this.

You can create a free account and you can start work help of their mobile apps both available for android and apple store. If you go to there another option name how does it work then you will see survey savvy just share in short line that they are looking for consumer opinion from people like you after you join and complete your member profile they will invite you to participate.

A great point I notice is that if you are VIP then survey savvy is paying $5 only installing their “Savvyconnect app” on your smartphone, desktop, and tablet and earn $5 for each device every single month.

So if you have a multiple devices you can earn $5 you know that simple easy so if you have a phone, computer, tablet whatever and you know lots of people have different devices you can use some of your family devices just connected the app and you can earn $5 each month for this simple work.

I think survey savvy add this kind of extra money making points so that beginners like to work with more comfortable and make money per month without any kind of hard work because they will pay you $5 not just for one time you connected device install their app they are paying for this one connection every single month which is great.

You know lots of survey company will pay you $5 only for signup bonus and this is one time but survey savvy is giving every single month just you have to be a VIP member so it’s a great opportunity so that you can work with them for a long time and make more money and be happy.

Also to boost your income they have a referral program to earn more extra money and when you will make at least 1 USD in your account instantly you can request for payout

And they have a good service to connect with them where you can ask them any question about your account information, referrals, registration, survey, and others but if you want directly connect you can call to there contact phone number: [ 1-888-588-4258 ] 8 am – 4 pm pacific time, Monday through Friday

This is great because they add phone number into their website that provides more value and trust and your personal information is protected so nobody can access without your permission

So I will recommend you to learn, join and participate in some survey then you will get a real-life idea that how they are working with the company. If you think that the company is paying a good amount then you can stay and complete more survey but if you think that they are paying a low amount then I will say avoid. Because lots of survey websites are available to make money don’t waste your time for a penny

Let me share with you an awesome survey website that will pay you good money.

5. Foap.Com

Foap is an online photo and video selling app, with the help of this foap you can make money just by taking pictures. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to do this. I am going to show you how to get pictures and I am going to share with you 1 website so that you can get pictures for completely free and use them. But if you know how to take pictures in different places, foods, natures, then you can make good money with confidence.

Also, you can record simple videos to earn more extra money from this platform completely for free. Different companies looking for unique and awesome photos and videos and they are ready to pay $500 $700 even $1,000 for a photo.

Just take a pic & upload it in foap tell your story then you will start getting different companies, clients, business owners messages and their recommendation. If anyone likes they will instantly buy from you based on your requirement.

So let’s say you go to a vacation in a mountain and take some awesome pictures that are looking so amazing now what you have to do is create a free account in foap then add your information and complete your profile then upload the pictures and set a selling price that you like that’s it all done. When some clients will like your photo then you will see they will purchase this photo from you to use for business, website, in their promotional video, Facebook page or for other’s work.

You know business owners make millions of dollar and they like to promote their product with different techniques, tips, and tricks that’s why they need this kind of real photography and video to make them more trustful and valuable.

The good part is you can take a photo and upload the help of foap mobile app device but if you want you can sign up the help of their website on desktop and upload multiple photos one by one. If you pay attention to this work and research more you can make so much money, but faster it will take some time to understand the client’s choice that which kind of photo looking to pay. If you go to the foap website brand photo missions then you will see simple people are charging almost $900 for 1 single photo.

But where is the trust and why people buy a photo from you and why you should use this app to make money?

If you visit again “Go to sale your content option” you will instantly understand that foap already has 2.9 million creators and if you scroll down you will see a report video on ABC news.

Just simply watch this news video you will get a clear idea that how the power of using smartphones taking a simple photo making cash right into the pocket.

All the earning commission will be divided into 50 – 50 this means you will earn 50% for every single photo & video selling. Because foap is helping you with all for free and driving clients, agencies so that they buy your photo and you make money.

And it’s really cheap for the agency and company because they can buy a good quality photo from foap. Because they don’t have to hire a professional photographer to go to a physical location to make a video for them or take a photo. They just search for their needs in foap and start buying one by one and simple people get paid for their photos.

It’s the real deal and real money

So to give you a idea which kind of photo you should take and use visit pixabay.Com where you will get lots of pictures ideas and you can also use this kind of photos in your foap account because Pixabay giving you millions of pictures to use for free just download some photo add some effect and re-upload in foap to make money.

And you will make money automatically because you have to upload 1 photo just 1 time and you can sell this photo thousands of times to different companies, buyers, and clients.

6. Provide Video Editing Service In Freelancer

Video editing is a profitable way to earn good money online. Because business owners looking for video editor you will edit their promotional video for their business so that they can promote to attract more customers in a short time and make more profit and they are always ready to pay $500 to $1000 for every single video you edit.

That’s why if you know and have some experience in video editing? Then you can easily complete service in freelancers.

Because in this marketplace almost millions of clients visit every single month and give a job to freelancers who will help them to complete their job based on their requirements and get paid for complected.

You can read my case study where I share how you can make $30 per hour editing video on freelancers also you will get more resources to make money totally for free.

7. Usertesting.Com

Usertesting is providing a good service to their client so that business owners, brands, companies get real data based on real user experience. So that clients can learn what they really like and how to change their website & apps and improve more for the future. So that more customers and people like their apps and website and interested to connect with them and for this data they are ready to pay a user who is interested in review and tests their website and apps and complete a short survey.

You have the opportunity to earn $60 per test just visit a website or an app then you will see some requirement to complete then record a 10 to 20-minute video then speak and share your opinion and complete it to get paid.

You can watch this 2-minute presentation video that how simple people like you who don’t have any experience to review a website are making money completing tests.

The honest part is you will get a real experience when you will take to 1-2 test and they are paying money to their users in time.

Trustful think is they are already seen on different high authority websites like nytimes.Com, huffpost.Com, lifehacker.Com.

You will get paid after 7 days of completing a test.

The amazing thing is you can work on your own schedule when you want just login to your account help of PC or Mac and they also had apps available so that you can use your smartphone to make money in a comfortable way and user-testing apps available in both android and Ios.

If you need any kind of support then you can connect or call [1 (888) 877โ€’1882]

8. Sendearnings.Com

Send earnings already paid over 9 million in cash and rewards to their real members who are still working on their website and completing simple tasks to make money.

Send earnings is a trustful and valuable website because already seen on ABC news, good morning America, yahoo finance.

If you get a strong reference then yes, of course, anyone would like to work with them to make money with confidence because there is no worry they will do any kind of fraud in the future.

A very simple way you can make money helps in sending earnings like completing the survey, playing games, search the web, easy cash, latest offer, coupon, deals, shopping, 10% referral earning, gold membership more.

The good party is when you will sign up your free account to start war instantly you will get $5 is a bonus.

Why not you just try and get paid from Send earnings investing your free time and hope this Member Guide will help you.

9. ClickBank University Earn Your First Check$

Clickbank university will help you to make your fast income online work from home also help you to build a business with an automation system to make the passive income every single month.

Clickbank university has a proven step-by-step video tutorial that helps you to learn how to make money promoting affiliate offers and if you search on Google or YouTube you will get the trust because Clickbank is already famous and they have millions of visitors and affiliates who are making almost 6 figure 7 figure income every single month.

In Clickbank university, you will also learn how simple people are getting paid every single week after completing their tutorial and following there step by step working method.

You can expect to earn $500, $1,000, $5,000 every single month with confident but first you have to know how everything works in the right way.

Already famous in Forbes magazine, NBC, Business Insider!

My Recommendation

Make money online is a way where you have the opportunity to do work all from home and there are lots of benefits that will help you to become successful in a year or in a few months depends on your working skills.

Because if you know how to grow your skills fast and provide people value and good service then you can make good money following the affiliate marketing model.

In affiliate marketing, you can promote thousands of other people product in a second all of the product is tested and who is the owner of the product they are almost making thousands of dollars from each product. So you don’t have to invest anything & products are ready to take action just you have to learn how to promote in the right way so that customer attracts and ready to pay for it.

That’s why I always recommend you to start affiliate marketing so that you can make a good profit in a few months.

The good part is you can build your own business in a month and set up an automatic system that will take care of your business 24/7 day after day years after years.

You will generate auto commission while sleeping. Yes, this is right.

To show you a real-life example let me introduce to you John Crestani who is making almost $5k – 10k dollars every single day doing affiliate marketing.

John Crestani share his income proof
John Crestani shares his income proof

But if you learn his previous history he gets fired from his job then struggles and learns how to make money online help of affiliate marketing. After that build a business that is now generating for him almost 3$ – $5 millions dollar every single year alone!

All of his students are making 5/6 figure income every single month so if you want to learn how to do it in a right way then I will suggest you join Johns Free Training and get some experience so that you can start work with step by step support and following a proven road map.


So that’s it, for now, hope all of this website will help you to get started

Let me know what you choose to make money

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