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Like daily, I spend some of my time on YouTube to learn something different.

In this way, I saw a YouTuber video and he is claiming that only investing 10 to 20 minutes a day anyone can make $50 $100 only testing website and apps.

Userfeel Review Can You Make $50 For A Test Or SCAM

Now lots of people watch the video and excited to start work but they still don’t know user feel will really pay them for their work or they are doing any kind of wrong inside.

That’s why to reveal the truth and save your time I am here to show you deep resources so that you can make the right decision.

In my blog, I review lots of websites who are claiming and offering people different benefits so that they sign up and start work with them but to be honest when beginners follow their make money imagination and spend their valuable time step by step when the time to get paid website owners just do fraud with them.

Some SCAM Site You Should Avoid Bitcoin Formula, Bitcoin Traders Pro, 50K A Week.

Because this kind of website made to makes people food with different money’s imagination.

So always research a website properly before you take any action.

My Recommendation

What Is User Feel?

For Clients

If you have a website or apps and you want to test it help of real users who will give you real information that what to change, how to improve your website, how to add more materials so that for future you get more usability and more customer, clients would like to connect with you and you can sale more product easily.

Basically different big brands, business owners come to this user feel website to test their website & apps so that they get the real user’s data that help them to improve more for the future. Userfeel is providing a service to the business owners so that they get the right data that they are paying for because user feel already have 40,000 testers who speak in 40 different languages so no matter where are you from anyone can test their website and apps help of user feel team.

So if you have something that you want to test then you have to buy credits and pay for it to get a 20 to 60 minutes video review for your website and apps that can change your business for the future.

The good part is you have to buy credit one time and there is no monthly fee inside and you don’t have to pay extra for the support.

The help of the user feel team you can get high-performance data with very low price and the help of their real user reviews you will get a solid proof of knowledge that can help your website and apps more profitable for the future.

If you don’t believe then you should know that user feel already trusted by big brands South Australia, Target, McKinsey, TripAdvisor, Rakuten, office depot

The famous brand “99designs” said: user feel is great and they help to get quick & helpful feedback on a new concept. It’s easy to use and their support is great.

For Tester:

Now you know how user feel provide a service to clients so now people who are interested to make money as a taster user feel giving them an opportunity to earn $10 per test that will take 10 to 20 minutes to complete from your home computer, smartphone or tablets.

So if you want to become a tester and make money then you have to follow some requirement

  • You have to speak loudly into a good microphone
  • Provide use full comments when you are testing a website or apps
  • Say your honest opinion that what confuses them and what needs to attract attention
  • When you are testing a website you should start work in a quiet place so that you can avoid background noise
  • When you will start performance you will get all the requirement that what to do next

Then follow and step-by-step check out the website and record a video so that you can submit to the server and once the user feel team review your work you will get paid for the test.

If you are a good English speaker then you can easily apply for a test but if you are not then not to worry just connect with the support team and say which language will perfect for you to test a website then they will help you so that you can start your work with your own language and make money doing the same testing work.

When you will create an account first you have to give them a qualification test so that they can learn you are perfect to work because you know lots of people are interested to work and make money but they don’t provide the right work based on their requirement.

So this qualification will help anyone to learn and have some experience to move forward with the test work.

But You Will Really Make Money After Completing A Test?? They Will Pay You Or Not?

User Feel Review Quick Summary:

Name: User Feel
Site: Https://www.userfeel.com
Owner: Yannis Karampelas
Founded: 2010
Category: Usability Testing Tool
Price: Free For Tester / Client Have To Buy Credits
Best For: Who Wants To Test A Website Or Apps To Get Real User Data
Rating : 2 / 5
Recommended: No For Tester / Yes For Clints


Userfeel website is only good for clients who are looking for usability testing tools so that they can get real data for their website and apps. But if you want to become a tester to make money then I would say you have to work hard to complete a task and make money and sometime you will not get approved for a test.

If you are a beginner then it will take 1 – 2 weeks only to get approved for a test. Because user feel already have lots of testers who are still working for a long time with them and they are getting the most benefit from them because they know how to properly review a website and give clients the real data based on their requirements.

I know this because I already review exactly the same website name UserTesting.

User testing already has lots of testers who are work with them for more than 1 years and they share there pros and cons that how they face problems inside. But if you have patience and want to work hard you can apply for a test in User feel.

If you visit the user feel official website in the last option you will see lots of video tutorials in a different language that testers share how they are working. I will recommend you watch some of the examples to get a proper idea before you create your account for a test.

Userfeel Real Users Opinion!

I find some of the real user’s reviews

  • User name: “Christopher” said sometimes it will take day even month to find a website to test and when you will work with your phone and record the video then it will not automatically be uploaded to the server for this problem you have to upload it manually from user feel dashboard.
Userfeel Real User Name Christopher Opinion
Userfeel Real User Opinion!

Another user share review in glassdoor.Com he is working on user feel part-time for less than a year. But it’s hard to get a website to review and he just recommends to the management that after answering the question, again and again, he did not get qualified for a test there should be a system that can match qualification quickly to start work.

But overall most of the users share positive reviews and they are good working in user feel.

What Is Inside Userfeel.com?

Inside Userfeel.com Deshboard

When you will try to create an account to become a tester to earn $10 per test then you have to fill up a forum with your personal information and PayPal email address. After that choose options like which device available for testing. You can choose an android phone, iPhone, tablet or desktop based on your choice.

Then you have to tell them why you qualify as a tester?

So in this option, you have to write something that can attract their attention so that you can get approved easily for work because if you are here to waste their time then they will not approve you and you will not get any kind of work.

Quick tricks to get fast approved is you have to say that most of the time I visit different websites to shop online and I know how to choose a product and review a website properly based on my personal honest opinion.

You have to say something valuable so that user feel can learn that you are serious to start work.

Then after following their terms and condition when you will apply, they will give you their user feel app to start work and record a test to earn money.

So inside the dashboard, you will see some testing website and apps are available so click on the website that you want to test instantly the user feel software will be a pop up with timer like 10 minutes start to continue work then if you click the started button. The software will record a video then you have to you say about the website that what you like and what you don’t like what to improve speak out your voice in clearly so that after complete recording user feel review team can learn that you provide an honest opinion that clients are looking for after complete recording submit the work and wait for approval to get paid $10 for a test.

The best way to review a website or apps that you have to say something that can help to learn clients that yes we can change our website background color. So you can say that the website background color green will be a little better.

In this way, you can say that the website search button needs more detail black color so that beginners can understand. In this way, clients will understand that yes it’s true if we improve our search button then it will be more user-friendly and more customers can search their product in the right way.

Important is do not say something that ok this is good, it’s alright, you can continue with this, because if it’s ok then why client will pay you for the work because they already have their website and they know what to do but they need more details so that they can improve for better that’s why always share informative little thing in details so that client like your work.

Userfeel Alternative Site To Make Money?

Day by day more beginners are interested in website and apps testing work. I know lots of people try to apply in user feel to get approved for a test work for some reason they didn’t get qualify for the work and this is true.

You know all website owners and team members looking for the right person who will work hard for them.

If you have a website? If you do need some employees then what you will do? You will always choose a person who has a great skill, good mindset so that he or she can help to improve your website so that you can make more profit.

So if you try but fail then not to worry you can try again with another alternative site.


Userlytics is the best alternative website and better than user feel because when you will search with this keyword in Google “User feel” you will see a ads 1st in search of userlytics because they are paying more amount to show their brand to the world so that more people join with them to start work.

You can make $15 to $20 for completing a 20-minute userlytics testing work.

Just create an account and complete your profile and in the dashboard, you will see available test which you can apply to get started.

Userlytics have the same similar requirement you need a good microphone to speak out and start work in a good place so that background noise did not make any problem.

I would recommend you watch these 2 videos where you will get a quick idea that how other people are completing tests from desktop and mobile.

But if you need another alternative that will pay you the most then you can try…


You can earn up to $60 per test and get paid by PayPal. I already share the user testing review on my blog and share my personal opinion. Inside they have some problems because sometimes real user work and complete a record and submit to the server but the review team didn’t pay for the work and for qualification it takes a very long time.

But it’s a trustful website because they are already featured in nytimes.Com, lifehacker.Com.

Do I Like User Feel Site?

In the user feel official website, homepage they have a video that is shown how they will help to test a website and get the best usability test so that clients get real data based on their requirements. Step by step share some trusted sites who recommended users feel that their work is great.

User feel share all updates in their blog so it’s helpful for clients and freelancers to learn what is new coming.

Their website designs are simple they are the UK and Greece based teams in their about page they share all of their team members’ photos and it’s a trustful point to believe their work.

Overall I like their website because clients get good benefits from them.

Userfeel Is A Scam?

I know how to deeply review a website properly + I reveal lots of binary scams and find they’re smart scam ideas.


To be honest user feel is a legal website because on their home page in the last section they already share all of their real user’s video records that how they are still working to test clients websites.

If you need direct support you can book a demo call for an online 30-minute meeting to discuss the help of zoom.Us software.


Now, if you think that Userfeel can help you then you can join.

I share all of my opinions that I feel good and also share with you the real proof.

However, if you want to learn how to grow a business in 1 month that will generate $5k – $10 for you? Do all automatically work from home?

Then I will invite you to learn from John Crestani Free Training

Also, share your User feel experience

Write a few words in the comments below.

Have a great day


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