Tradehawk.Co Payment Proof Withdraw IS Tradehawk A SCAM OR LEGIT (Honest Review)

Based on my research tradehawk.Co is a scam website and they are cutting innocent people’s pockets.

If you think tradehawk.Co us UK investment company? Then you are wrong because they are a fraud.

As you know beginners people like to make money investing in a little and that’s why lots of fake websites are now launching every day to make beginners fool the fake website will be designed very good and they will give you big earning opportunity and they will give you high-income promise they will say if you invest in their website? They will make your money double in 24 hours like this way saying false pick up lines they are cutting innocent people pockets because beginners people don’t have enough knowledge to review a website deeply that’s why they are now a victim of cheating always you have to review a website deeply so that you can easily avoid any kind of scam and no one wants to lose their hard-earned money.

Now let me reveal the truth.

Number 1: they are giving very big earning opportunity to do fraud with you.

When you will visit their website instantly you will see a big clock is running and step-by-step if you scroll down then you will see they have investment plans where they are sharing with you that they will give you hourly profit daily profit like this way they are giving you really shocking earning opportunity because as you can see they are giving 6%, 300%, 2000%, even more earning opportunity.

Now how is it possible? How they will give you this kind of big earning opportunity? Because there is no business that can give you this kind of big profit.

Just think deeply if they have this kind of big earning opportunity? Then why not their earnings unlimited money for them? Why not they are using their own system to make money? Why not they are investing in their own plan to make money? Why are promoting they are fake plans to you? Because it’s easy to make people fool by showing this kind of fake earning opportunity.

Because beginners don’t have enough knowledge and after seeing this kind of big earning opportunity they start thinking inside their mind that they are now going to make big money using this website which is false because if you invest in this website they will definitely cut your pocket because you’re still don’t know how they are making money there are no real people testimonials there are no real team members photos and real identity you will find this means showing this kind of big earning opportunity this website wants to cut your pocket.

Number 2: fake payment proof to make you fool.

As you can see they always share lots of payment proof on their website but all of these payment proof you can see all are fake because there is no way you can verify all of this payment proof they just only add some fake number and some dollar icon so that you believe they are paying to people which is false.

Because if you research and search in the different platform? Then you will not find any real people testimonials and no people recommending this website because this kind of quick earning opportunity website is a scam.

Number 3: no real founder and team members.

If you think deeply? Then you should know someone maintaining this website and someone running this business so you have the right to learn about who is the real founder and owner of this website you have the right to learn about their real team members who are working for this company but if you research deeply? Then you will not find any real person you will not find who is the real founder or owner of this website you will not find who is maintaining this website all of their real identity is hidden now if you think deeply? They have lots of time to show you big earning opportunity but there is no one is showing their real face no one saying how they are making money this means only using their website they are making people fool and all of their real identity is hidden so that after cutting lots of people pocket they will gone forever and there is no way you will get any help from them because all of are made to do scam.

Number 4: do not promote their referral program.

On the right side, you will see they are giving you an 8% referral commission this means if you invite more people? And if more people invest in this website then you will earn an 8% referral commission but this website is made for doing a scam so if you invite more people? Then more people will the victim of a scam so do not help scam people to grow they are a fake website.

Number 5: no social profile.

They don’t have any social profile like the Facebook page, youtube channel so that you can follow them and learn more.

If they are a professional company then always they will fast take care of their users who are investing in their plan.

But there is no social profile so that you can connect with them this means they are smartly making you fool.

So based on my research tradehawk.Co website is a scam.


Sipon Dawyen

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