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I am going to share with you 26 tested apps that pay you free PayPal money with lots of amazing bonuses.

So if you always want to make PayPal money?

Then you are in the right place

After learning from me if you apply!

Then you will get free money into your PayPal account weeks after weeks.

26 Tested Apps Pay You Free PayPal Money [Earn $10, $20, $100 Instantly]

The crazy part is to get this money you can use your smartphone and only PayPal email to receive.

Because you will now use these apps in your smartphone to receive the money and enjoy and do whatever you want.

No one will ask you what you should do with your earning money.

Because if you are wanting money this means you already have a plan for it.

So let’s go to the real PayPal money point…

Hi, Sipon with you owner of my own blog that you just start reading…

Wake up in the morning at 6 am, I try to wake up early in the morning but you know sometimes, when I open my eyes it’s already 11 am…


To feel the morning fresh moment you should wake up early.

I share money-making solutions & review different websites so that you and my readers can learn the real truth.

I always research to go to in the deep section and share my opinion following real user’s experience.

That’s why before starting showing you PayPal money let me warn you so that you can avoid any kind of fraud in the future.

After complete reading my article, you will get proper knowledge to use apps to make $5, $10, $20, $50 even $100 PayPal money instantly and some of them will pay you in 7 days.

But to be honest

To make you fool lots of scam people will show you money imagination so that you follow in the trap.


You will find lots of YouTube videos and website who are sharing that add your email account to this software and start receiving $100 instantly this is totally fake

Because some smart scam people make fake PayPal generating software and apps so that they can achieve your trust and when you will see that they are receiving the money in the PayPal account that you will trust them and you will try to do the same.

This is the main point that they are looking for.

Step-by-step they will say add your PayPal account and add your valid PayPal information and sometime they will email you with a link like this.

scam people send fake PayPal money to my Gmail account
Be aware of the SCAM!

My Gmail account I don’t even create my PayPal with this email but scam people want to make me fool

Push you with money imagination that you receive a PayPal payment login to your account to receive the money.

So like this way, if you give your PayPal information to the fake software or click the link to login into your account then you should know that your PayPal account already got hacked and they will transfer money from your account.

Let’s go to the main point so that you use the apps that pay you free PayPal money

1. Cash For Apps

Make money for free downloading mobile apps will be the best opportunity.

Every day in google play store almost lots of new apps just launched and you will see lots of people download this app and share their personal reviews that how they feel after using the app.

Because it’s totally free and sometimes you download different gaming app that is viral and everyone would like to play the game overall at a time we spend a few moments in google play store so that we can find the best benefit that we are looking for.

Sometimes you download some photo editing apps so that you can edit your photo to make it more looking professional or crop it to make fit in your Facebook or Instagram account.

However, you don’t have to do anything just what you have to do is create a free account in cash for apps then starts downloading one by one new app and try for 30 second then you will earn points that you can turn into free PayPal cash out or gift card.

How To Earn Free PayPal Cash Using Cash For Apps?

Almost 10 million people download this app from google play store and more than 364,108 people share their opinion also 4.5 ratings this means people are making money using these apps.

Google play store has strong terms and conditions if this cash for apps is not paying to the users then the users will definitely report the app then the app will be suspended.

Still, people are downloading this app and making money and users sharing their payment proof in different videos and blog posts.

So using this app when you will earn 300 points then you can get paid = $1

If you need $5 – $10 dollars in PayPal account in 24 hours?

Then you just have to download 10 to 15 apps and get the PayPal cash out and you can do this over again and again.

If you need a $10 amazon gift card then just save 3000 points into your account.

Also, get rewards in.

  • Starbucks
  • Best Buy
  • Walmart
  • Google Play
  • Itunes
  • eBay
  • Gamestop
  • Target

+ More

If you need faster points?

Then start to invite your friends.

When they will sign up using your referral code?

You will earn 90 points instantly and they will earn 20 points after complete the 1st task.

If you need more personal support the learn from

  • FAQ
  • Email: Team@getcashforapps.com

2. Dailyrewards.Com

Daily rewards is a trustful website you can complete your work from your smartphone but the best benefit you can make work from your desktop.

They didn’t launch their app yet but they have some good opportunity to make money and get paid by PayPal.

Because when you will sign up they will give you $5 as a bonus so that you continue working with them.

Daily rewards have lots of sample surveys & tasks available inside their dashboard.

Just do simple online activities and earn real cash and in their offer option they have lots of quick work that you can complete in 2-5 minutes that will pay you $1.75, $3.50, $15 even $20 for complete.

You will get the best benefit when you will visit there is an easy cash option where you will get lots of freebies to complete and earn money.

How Much Money You Can Get Paid By Paypal Using Daily Rewards?

Before I share how much money you can make first you have to know that daily rewards seen on BBC news and yahoo finance so you have no worry about any kind of missing earning problem.


Because some survey apps and websites are doing fraud when users make good amounts of points and try to cash out then the company cheats with them what they do is suspended account.

Sometimes users when login they don’t see the actual earnings amounts in the account.

Daily rewards minimum payout amount is $30 and you can make this amount daily only completing 10 to 15 simple survey work.

But the first time it will take some time for you because you have to understand how to complete a survey properly and when you have some experience you can reach your goals in a short time.

The fastest way to make money is by referring others you have the opportunity to make a 10% commission from each individual user who will create an account and continue work to make money.

Let’s say you have 5 referrals users

So if these 5 users every one cash out $50 dollars per week?

Then you will earn 10% of them so $50 x 10% = $5 form 1 user

So from 5 users 5 x 5 = you will earn $25 every week referral commission without any work for life.

For personal support

3. CashApp – Cash Rewards App

After installing the app into your mobile phone in the dashboard you will find an option called “Fantastic office wall” if you click this option you will see all upcoming + new offers that are available to complete and earn a good amount of points.

Let’s say you see apps called “Myntra online shopping” so if you download this application into your mobile phone and sign up and create a free account then you will receive 1800 points then turn this point into PayPal cash.

The good part is you will earn 30 points only for joining.

Cashapp has an option where you can get paid to watch videos by PayPal.

How Many Points You Have To Make Using Cashapp To Get Paid By PayPal?

Cash app has more 2 options name

  • Awesome offer wall
  • Wow offer wall

Where you will get some games like lords mobile, star trek 2 installs, play, complete a task and earn credits.

Basically 1,000 points = $1 and the minimum payout are $5 so you have to earn at least 5000 points to receive your 1st PayPal money.

To make more easy money you can use a cash app referral code to invite your friends and if anyone joins complete 2 tasks?

You will earn 100 credits.

People who are investing a long time in this app are getting paid in 24 hours.

As you know it’s totally a free way to make money.

I saw a video on YouTube a person making $50, $100 event more money only using this kind of apps and I saw he already has 6+ mobile phones in his table.

I think he just installs new apps day by day and gets money enjoying time playing games, surveys, tasks, etc.

  • Cashapp email support if have any questions: Support@cashapp.Io

4. Inboxdollars.Com

Inbox dollars is a trust full and old apps that will help you to make money with confidence.

You can get paid for taking the survey, reading emails, complete offers, playing games, shopping online, watching videos, completing the task, downloading mobile apps and many more other ways to earn money.

Once you make $30 into your account then you are ready to get paid by PayPal.

The good part is inbox dollars already have partnered with lots of gift card companies so if you need a gift card you can turn your money into a gift card and do whatever you want.

Just create your free account confirm your email address and you will instantly receive $5 as a bonus.

Already features in Forbes magazine and paid over 59 million in cash to their members.

So if you are interested to make money doing some online activities? in your free time?

Then the inbox dollars app is a good and free source to get your income.

  • Contact: Mobilesupport@inboxdollars.Com
  • App size: 24m
  • Installs: 5 million

Game apps that pay you through paypal

5. Surveys On The Go

Your personal opinion is valuable to the companies that’s why they are ready to pay you only when you will answer them a few questions in an individual topic it will take only to 2 – 5 minutes to complete and get the payout for this work.

As you know the company has made millions of dollars and they don’t care to payout this little money to the real user who is helping them to find a solution so that they can upgrade their business for the future.

How Much Money You Will Get Paid By PayPal From Surveys On The Go?

Fast when you will go to the google play store and see surveys on the go apps reviews most of the users are saying that this app is excellent and absolutely recommend to make extra money in a short time and this is a good sign because if users are making money this means this app is legal.

Just only completing your profile about me, lifestyle, and say about the entertainment you will earn $3 instantly and you can get paid after earning a minimum of $10 to your surveys on the go account.

As you know surveys on the go app are totally free to start earning that’s why it will take time to generate your fast earning completing the survey work.

  • Contact: Support@surveysonthego.Net
  • App size 21mb
  • Installs 1 million

The App is available in both the Apple & play store.

6. Dosh: Save Money & Get Cashback

Dosh app is now viral on social media platforms I am in a Facebook group name “Doshreferrers” where every day new users are sharing there screenshot that how they get cashback using the dosh app.

How Much Money You Can Save & Cash Into PayPal Using Dosh?

You will save money in every single purchase you do online using dosh and you have the opportunity to get 40% cashback in your dosh wallet that’s why people loving this app.

So go to your favorite shop, brands, buy clothes, foods or do whatever you want using this app and get the money cashback and transfer to your bank account or PayPal account as you want.

If you refer your friend you will earn $5 every person who joins the help of your link.

  • App size: 43mb
  • Installs: 1 million
  • Contact: Doshsupport@dosh.Cash

7. Slidejoy – Lock Screen Cash

Slidejoy is a lock screen system that will update you with different news, videos, notification and you will learn all the trending topics every single day.

When you will lock your mobile phone screen? and open it?

Slide joy will show you different ads, As you saw in different YouTube videos or Facebook and for this, they are ready to pay you…

Then you can get paid by PayPal or gift card or donate as you want.

How Many Points You Have To Make In Slidejoy For PayPal Payout?

Basically slide joy using a smart idea so that people can make money doing the same work they do every day.

Did you count how much time you lock your mobile screen and open it a day? And did you get anything for it?

That’s why if you install the app in your smartphone when you will lock your screen or slide up, right, left, down and for this, you will start earning carats.

1,000 carats = $1.00. To get paid you have to earn 2,000 carats in your slide joy account.

  • Installs: 1 Million
  • App Size: 17mb
  • Contact: App@getslidejoy.com

8. Feature Points

Since 2012 feature points already paid over 5.8 million dollars to their users who are working with them and making money completing simple tasks all from using a smartphone.

You have to do some simple activity to earn points as they will say download this Instagram application and you will get 300 points or download this clash of clan in your mobile and play for 30 seconds to make 500 points instantly.

Then you can redeem your point into PayPal cash-out, bitcoin, gift card.

You can work using your mobile phone also you can work on desktop as you want.

They have lots of simple surveys offers to complete and earn points.

Also if you want to earn big points like 50,000 in a short time then you can re-invest your points into their “Win” options where lots of users already earn these big amounts points in a short time winning a lottery.

To earn forever unlimited points feature points will give you an opportunity to refer your friend and earn 50% points every time they download apps, complete surveys, or shop online.

600 points = $1.00 to get paid you have to earn a minimum of 3000 points into your feature points account in order to request a $5 PayPal Cashout.

  • App size 9.7mb
  • Installs 5 million
  • Personal support
  • Contact: Support@featurepoints.com

9. Cashpirate – Make & Earn Money

Cashpirate has a great option where you can get everyday mobile recharge to redeem your coins.

They already added 120 countries to cash out coins into mobile recharge and this is really amazing to invest free time and get paid money into your mobile.

1000 coins = 1$ and once you earn 2500 points into your cash pirate account you can request a $2.5 PayPal payment.

You can earn coins watching short ads videos, try free product trials, playing games, download free apps, completing the survey and earn 10% coins from every referral you make.

Cashpirate is a strong name and company giving an opportunity to users who want to earn free money investing their time to earn coins with cash pirate apps.

They have some good sponsors who pay cash pirate with different offers wall. Some of them are archy, Trialpay, RadiumOne.

  • Size: 1.3mb
  • Installs: 1 Million
  • Support: Cashpirate@ayetstudios.com

Earn money by watching ads paypal

10. Money App – Cash For Free Apps

You will earn credit completing a task the more task you will complete the more money you can make help of money app.

Get paid under 2 – 3 days only by PayPal hand cash, any kind of gift card not available inside.

How To Make PayPal Money Using Money App?

You can earn money easily complete your profile, Facebook task, watch the video, supper offer wall, awesome offer wall.

5000 credit = $5.00

I like money app rules because in google play store description money app have some important point that will always help to earn credit to the honest user and in instantly kick out to scammers who want to do wrong.

If anyone tries to create multiple fake accounts to earn fast money? Or use any kind of VPN or proxy?

Also, do spam with referral code?

The money app team suspended their account.

You know some smart people always try to make money fast doing illegal work and they never follow the rules, that’s why no faker promote, money app already shares their rules that all user must have to follow in order to get paid.

  • Contact: Support@moneyapp.org
  • App Size: 8.8mb
  • Installs: 1 Million

11. App Karma Rewards & Gift Cards

App karma will give you karma points just only playing with their apps. Download a game app like “Kill shot bravo” using app karma and earn 200 points.

Welcome bonus 500 points, invite friends to earn more 200 points.

App karma has a new option when you will try to redeem your point by gift card then they will give you 5% cashback points in your account.

30% referral commission inviting your friends and when they will install an app to earn points? You will also make a commission without any work.

They have a special option to earn bonus points, what you have to do is installing 20 apps, invite a friend, and complete some simple karma Quizzes.

Make 6000 points to get $5 by PayPal & amazon gift card.

  • Contact: Support@appkarma.io
  • App Size: 15mb
  • Installs: 5 Million

12. Ibotta: Cash Back Savings, Rewards & Coupons App

Ibotta is one of the most popular cashback app and trustful to get back your money doing shopping online.

Ibotta will give you a chance to earn $20 instantly as a welcome bonus if you download their app and install it on your smartphone.

As you know every month you have to purchase something for your daily needs that’s why for this work you will get cashback for every single purchase from your favorite store like…

  • Best Buy
  • eBay Walmart
  • Uber
  • Safeway
  • Drizly
  • Hotels.com
  • Cvs
  • Target
  • Kroger
  • Doordash
  • Groupon
  • Minibar
  • AMC Tickets

+ more available I just share with you the famous brand that everyone likes.

The good part is when you like to buy a product instantly Ibotta will show you cashback amount that how much money you will get back for it, For example, you want to buy a “chocolate pack” so before purchase, you will see that $5 cashback if you purchase now.

It’s a free way to make money they will pay you by PayPal or gift card anything you want.

Not end Ibotta always will notify you with the upcoming coupon, deals, so that you can purchase a product at a low price.

If you need fast money then I would say join the Ibotta affiliate program they have a great platform you can join for free and once you approved get your affiliate link to promote in Social Media, YouTube channel or in a blog to earn $2.00 per referral who register a free account.

  • App Size: 69 Mb
  • Installs: 10 Million
  • Contact: Support@ibotta.com

13. Appnana – Free Gift Cards

Appnana real users already earn over 10 million dollars in games and gift card credits.

You will earn free 400 points every single day just opening the app nana app to work.

How To Make PayPal Money Using Appnana App?

Just play their games install in your mobile and have some fun.

They have PayPal, gift card, Xbox, FIFA, PlayStation to receive your earning.

It will take 2 minutes to earn 2000 appnana points just install “Clash of the king, clash of lords 2, in your mobile and open it to complete.

Appnana has a referral system where you can send emails to your friend using the app & earn points to get a $5 amazon gift card.

Also turn your point into cash $2, $5, $50 or more to get paid by PayPal.

  • Installs: 10 Million
  • Size: Varies With Device
  • Contact: Support@appnana.com

14. Prizerebel – Paid Surveys For PayPal Money

You can claim your $5 PayPal cash out in just 10 minutes completing some survey in prize rebel.

If you don’t believe then you will see 100 + real people testimonials in their official website all users record videos and share the proof of the payment.

It’s like a money proof task that’s why day by day prize rebel adding more new users videos into their testimonials page and people are making money only recording review video that prize rebel is legal.

As seen on Survey Police, Trustpilot, Sitejabber I read real user comments in Sitejabber name “Emily e” said: after spending only a week in prize rebel received a brand-new set of Crayola colored pencils and over $20 of amazon e-gift cards.

If you want to build a passive income using a prize rebel referral program?

Then read their helpful blog post “All about prize rebel referral program

  • Founded: 2007
  • Paid To Users: $20 Million In Cash, Gift Card, Rewards
  • Contact

Apps that pay you through paypal

15. Checkpoints Rewards App

Checkpoints as seen on My times, CNN and USA today using this app you can earn points only checkout products without even purchase anything.

How To Make PayPal Money Using Checkpoints?

Let’s say you go to a store to buy some food now pick up a biscuit packet now just scan barcodes help of checkpoints you will instantly earn points.

Or you are sitting in a chair and enjoying your drink coca-cola now open your app and scan barcodes. In this way, you will earn points every time you take action.

You have the opportunity to earn a $25 gift card if you invite your friend’s help of your referral code.

The good part is if you purchase something then you will earn 2 ways 1st you will get cashback and 2nd earn free points.

To create a free account in the checkpoints reward app you must have to verify with a valid phone number.

However, it’s a great way to earn free points without doing any kind of hard work then you can redeem this point into Amazon or Walmart gift card and the best options PayPal cash-out also available.

After completing earning points a day if you think you have lots of extra time?

Then checkpoints have the survey work + you can play the game to enjoy the time and earn more points.

  • Contact: Support@checkpoints.com
  • App Size: 34mb
  • Installs: 1 Million

16. App Trailers

Watch upcoming movie trailers, celebrity videos, carton trailers and earn points for free.

Once you earn 3000 = $3 get paid by PayPal, gift card.

  • App Size 13mb
  • Installs: 1 Million
  • Contact: Support@perk.com

17. Field Agent

Field agent already paid over $20 million to their user who is working with them.

Go to shopping and take a picture of 2 – 3 product and submit into the field agent app all of your work is done for this you will earn money.

Field agent generally pays between $3-$20 per job you complected.

  • App Size 11mb
  • Installs: 500 Thousand
  • Contact: Agent@fieldagent.net

18. Showbox

Just by playing fun games and download apps Showbox active members earn $25 per week.

So if you are looking to make fun in your free time then you can use this app to earn points and convert into PayPal money.

  • Contact: Contact@goshowbox.co
  • App Size: 17mb
  • Installs: 5 Million

19. Cashout – Earn Rewards & Gift Cards

Just open the app daily to earn your 10 coins totally for the free and complete survey or watch the video they have some good offers provider to earn coins like AdsCendMedia, Supersonic, Vungle, Applovin.

  • Contact: Rewardscashout@gmail.com
  • App Size: 12mb
  • Installs: 500 Thousand

Earn paypal cash by watching ads

20. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the most powerful source to earn money by PayPal for completing surveys, shopping online, discovering online new deals.

Members already earn 550 million in a gift card from Swagbucks.

If you need PayPal money every week or a gift card then Swagbucks will be my highly recommended site to generate income investing your free time.

  • App Size: 27mb
  • Installs: 1 Million
  • Support

21. Viggle

Using viggle app you can watch entertainment videos the same as a TV then earn free points to get paid by PayPal.

  • Size: 19mb
  • Installs: 1 million

22. InstaGC

After completing a task you can easily receive a digital gift card instantly.

The good part is you can easily get paid once you make a minimum of $1 into your account.

23. Pointsprizes

Same as instagc make PayPal money completing a simple task, watching video ads.

Also, you can earn free daily bonus into your pointsprizes account.

24. Giftloop – Earn Real Money Today

Watch fun videos, discovery ads to earn points.

Giftloop is a good app to turn your phone into a money tree because when you will lock your mobile screen, swipe or in charge mode?

You will see different news update news, articles, cool ads that will give you free money while sleeping.

  • Size: 23mb
  • Contact: Support@giftloop.Co
  • Installs: 1 million

25. Vindale research

You can easily make $1.50 completing 1 survey in 5 minutes.

Vindale Research has lots of surveys between $1 to $20 all for free & easy to complete.

The good part is the help of their referral system you can make $5 for is every individual people signup & complete their profile survey.


To provide you the value Vindale research will give you $1 as a signup bonus.

26. InboxPays

Last but not the least for free registration to the InboxPays website, you will earn a $5 welcome bonus then you can complete a trial offer, read emails, play different fun games to get free cash into your PayPal account.

Celebrate Your Day Earning Free PayPal Money!

All of this app is ready for you just try out one by one and made PayPal cash every single day.

You can easily make $50 to $100 the more time you spend the more money you can earn.

Day by day in google play store & in the apple store you will see similar apps they are ready to pay PayPal money.

You have to be aware because when you will sign up to get it started the scam app will be asked you that add your credit card number and information do not give it.

The legal apps will ask you only for your “PayPal email” so that after earning they can send you the money.

My Recommendation!

When you will have some experience and make some good cash trying this app then you will feel that it’s like a job because you have to do something in order to make money

In the apps, there is no automatic system that will generate a commission for you every single day.

So if you want to grow your knowledge and want to know how to start a business?

Then I will recommend you to learn affiliate marketing and generate $5k to $10k commission every single day that John Crestani is right now making with confidence.

So join this free training if you want to make some good cash and if you feel comfortable you can make the right decision to move forward.


I write in my blog and share different money-making opportunities that will help any beginners and advance people to grow and update their skills.

I hope now you find apps that pay you free PayPal money.

So you can check out my other post to learn

Share your experience which app already helps you to earn PayPal money?

Write a few words in the comments below!


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Tested Apps That Pay You Free Paypal Money Earn 10 20 100 Instantly

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