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Welcome To Squadhelp Review!

If you are creative and you know how to pick a good name for a business?

How to create a logo and tagline then you can easily make $100 a day only helping companies and business owners.

Squadhelp Review

Start a contest in squad help give your best name, logo, tagline if you win then you are ready to get paid.

Hey guys what’s going on Sipon with you.

Welcome to my blog, today I am going to talk about how to earn $100 – $500 by typing a name.

Actually I am going to reveal the true fact that you should know!

Are you really going to make money or it’s a waste of time to start a contest in squad help?

I already watch video on YouTube people are making a video about squadhelp.Com they are giving their video title like earn $300 to $500 help of squad help just typing a name. It could be a business name, a name for an app, name for a product, name for a company, brand, website, services, books.

Basically squad help is a community they help business owners and companies to develop a perfect name they are looking for. They have the largest community of naming experts also unique communication of crowdsourcing and smart technology that give the best result so that business owners learn the quality scoring name, logo to use. Also, business owners can start work with squad help branding consultant support team to get the best result as possible.

Their disruptive process used by 20,000 customers from early-stage up to big corporations like nestle & dell.

This is all good information to learn about the squad help website and they are providing the best service. But in my personal opinion, you cannot make good money from this website and there is no guarantee that you will win it’s like a giveaway contest you can earn $100 to $300 1 time in a month or years.

My Recommendation

What Is Squadhelp?

  • For business owners

Let’s say you want to start an eCommerce business and you came here on squadhelp.Com with all of your plans, because you are struggling to find a great name for your eCommerce business, you don’t know which logo will be best for you, do you like [.Net] website domain name? Or [.com?] Or [.Io?] Which tagline will be perfect for your e-commerce website? You are now out of your mind?

Not to worry! Squadhelp will help you to find all of this just first you have to pay for a membership. They have 4 membership plans

  1. Bronze $199 (branding on a budget)
  2. Gold $399 (more privacy and trademark support)
  3. Platinum $699 (work with top-level creatives and test your favorite names)
  4. Managed $999 (an agency experience without the agency price tag)

So now if you need a great result for your business? Then you have to choose any of this plan to get started. Then you will find a creative community who will be working on your contest to find the best result for your business.

Basically, if you choose a plan then you are paying someone who will provide you the name of your company, logo, tagline and some others helps are also included.

For more details, you can watch this video.

  • For freelancers

Now, squad help also needs creative people who are expert in designing logo, providing a good business name. I also saw in different Google advertising squad help claiming that they are world number 1 naming platform.

So to start making money you have to click on Step 1 Start Contest. Then you have to select the type of Contest that you would like to launch then they will share with you 4 options like name, logo, tagline or slogan, packaging design. Now let’s say you have a business name so choose the “Name option” then they will redirect to another page to sign up. After sign up, you have to complete a forum & some additional information to finish the steps.

Then you will find lots of options where you can submit name, domain name, logo, to the marketplace so that business owners can learn that you are already in contest. Then from the thousands of contest people, they will choose one or two names that they are looking for and if you are lucky then you have the opportunity to win & earn money.

To be honest now inside they already have lots of people who are better than each other to provide the name and other services. So there is only a 1% chance that you have the opportunity to win the contest and 99% you will lose.

Let me give you another example so that you can understand it better way.

A YouTuber want to give away an Xbox game now the rules are you have to like the video & put the best comment in the video & like this way thousands of people will comment on the video to win the giveaway games then the YouTuber with randomly pick a person & giveaway the Xbox game.

Squadhelp Review Quick Summary:

Name: Squadhelp
Site: Https://www.squadhelp.com
Owner: Darpan Munjal
Category: Crowdsourcing Naming Platform
Price: Free For Freelancer & Paid For The Business Owner
Best For: Who Want To Start A Big Brand Business
Rating : 3 / 5
Recommended: No


Big companies who want to take their business far beyond and they want their outreach to reach the whole world for this they come to this squadhelp.Com website to get a good quality name, brand, and tag line ideas. Because who wants to start a small local business? Will never pay $200 – $900 for a name. If they need a logo, taglines or website? They will definitely outsource people from freelancers or fiverr.Com at cheap price.

Darpan Munjal is the owner of the squad help website

Darpan Munjal is from New Delhi. He is passionate about disruptive, e-commerce, internet focus business. He already has 25 years of experience in digital and tech focus business.

Darpan Munjal started his site squad help in 2011 for an experiment and the first time they got 500 name submissions in their company, a few years later their company is famous to worldwide and now helping to find the perfect name for business owners & selling the name then paying freelance for the contest.

However, Darpan Munjal got the idea of her website’s name “Squadhelp” from interacting with her friends and family.

In forbes.Com Darpan Munjal already gives an interview in detail about his site you can read more if you want.

So to show you more details that freelancers are making money after starting a contest in this? they are really happy or not?

I found This Comment on another review website.

Name Jodi said ” She just contracted with this website to help and find a brand name. She can’t imagine anyone actually can making money helping find a name. Cash prize $300 and she got 2000 rapid-fire suggestions from over 170 contributors. But she feels bad being too critical. It was like an overwhelming experience and he is recommending that if you want to do this for fun then this is great just you will know what you are getting into and she waste several days of his time.

Squadhelp real user name Jodi give bad review
She feels bad being too critical

Here another person said: “Deciding on a winner was the hardest part”

So after reviewing real people’s opinions and reviews, I think this website is perfect for owners who are looking for a name and more help so that they can start their business with confidence. but it’s not good for a freelancer who wants to make money with start contest and providing name, other services.

Squadhelp another real user share her opinion

If you are new, it will take you a long time to understand the whole thing And after learning all thing then if you publish a service in the marketplace one after the another? Then you have to wait more time to learn who is the lucky winner. So you cannot expect to earn $100 instantly from this website.

If you win a contest then you need a verified Paypal account to get paid & they have some process where you have to submit some valid information before they send the money.

However, business owners are giving good reviews in the squad help testimonials page and they are recommending that this service is great that helps them to get the best guide and pick the right decision.

What Is Inside Squad Help?

If you try to sign up with your email address then fast you have to provide the valid information then when you click the update information button then they will redirect to another page where you will see 3 options.

  • Participate in naming contests ($5 signup fee)
  • Participate in logo contests
  • Submit names for sale in the domain marketplace
inside squad help dashboard1
Inside squad help dashboard

Now you have to pick an option you like to get it started…After picking up an option you will redirect to the dashboard.

Inside the dashboard, you will see more option that helps you and guide you step by step.

  • Marketplace – In this option, you will see all the statistics like currently live & premium, totally sold contest likes, expected commission, total portfolio value. Also, you can submit your domain name to the marketplace to sell and make a profit. Also, you can add a portfolio in detail to sell easily.
  • Contest – In this option, you will see all of your entries. Also, you will see what kind of categories, name, logo, taglines company is looking for total participation number of people, total time & day left to close the contest + guaranteed prize $ details. After the end of time, the company will choose 1 name & service they are looking for & give the guaranteed prize to 1 winner from the participation company choose. But the bad part is every time you join in naming contests you have to pay $5 [fee] for participating in the contest. But the logo and domain contest is for free.
  • Earnings & Payouts – You will see all of your transaction type, contest id, amount, account balance, transaction date. If you win!
  • Messages & Activity – To communicate with companies & provide more value
  • Affiliate Dashboard – Basically in this option, you can earn more exact commission referrals to others.

3 Ways You Can Earn Rewards!

  1. You can earn $30 for every customer who launches a contest on squad help
  2. You can earn $35 for every customer who purchases a domain from squad help marketplace
  3. Earn points if someone creates an account on squad help

Earn $30 Rewards From Squad Help

After sharing your affiliate link on social media like the Facebook page, Facebook group, Pinterest, email, blog, twitter, Linkedin, on YouTube videos description, if someone clicks your affiliate link and buys within 30 days you will earn a commission.

You will get an instant notification every time someone buys from your link and the affiliate amount will be deposited instantly into your account and you can withdraw anytime you want the help of PayPal or Payoneer.

Do I Recommend Squadhelp Affiliate Program?

Make money with squad help affiliate program? Do you have the opportunity to earn $35 per sale? It’s like a money imagination because you still don’t know who will buy from your affiliate link. Why anyone will show interest to buy from your link? If you don’t provide value? If people don’t know who you are? Then why anyone will invest & purchase something from your affiliate link. Squadhelp just makes an affiliate program so that people share their content in social media and they get more fans, followers.

Because without learning properly about what is affiliate marketing? & how does it work? You cannot promote the link and make money. First, you have to learn and educated that who is the right audience who will buy something from the squad help marketplace.

So I don’t recommend squad help affiliate program & you cannot make money.

But if you have interested in affiliate marketing and you want to learn how everything works to promote in the right audience & make money? Then I will show you a proven road map in few points later where you can learn How John Crestani is making $10k per day doing affiliate marketing all work from home.

Do I Like Squadhelp.com Website?

If you visit the website instantly you will see 2 options in clearly [1 start a contest option] [2 view names for sale options] and if you scroll down a little bit then you will see all categories, business, names, logos, and background photo. Then if you scroll drown a little bit then you will see premium names for sale + all the logo design, URL, and tagline

Squadhelp website is looking for professional and they have an animated title where you will see the text are changing in a few seconds like “Find the perfect name for [company]” then it will change automatically with different text like brands, website, etc. If you want to connect with them instantly? Then they already provide their phone number on their website (887) 355-3585 that makes them more trustful. If you scroll down a little bit more then you will see their customer reviews and all the update they already feature in some famous websites like forbes.Com, Thenextweb.Com, Chicagotribune.Com.

But if you need more details information then they already have another blog page where you can read their all latest stories & helpful post.

You will find more helpful resources here

Yes, I like this website because they have all quality guideline & support.

Squadhelp.Com Alternative Site To Make Money?

Namingforce.Com is another good site paying money to people who know how to choose a good name. In the business name contest, just give a great name and earn $200 after the end of the contest.

In Namingforce.Com contest page I saw an easy simple contest like they are awarding for a product name + domain name, they are a cannabis company they are starting chocolates they make 100mg chocolates for the California cannabis industry they are small 14g chocolates that pack a very strong punch, so they would like to name that is short and sweet and if you join this contest and give a name then end of the contest they will pick a winner and if you win then you are the lucky person who will get paid $200 instantly.

Who Is Perfect For Making Money With Squadhelp?

  • If you know how to pick a good name for your Facebook profile, Instagram profile, Snapchat and you have some idea to pick an awesome name with small, short and sweet then you are perfect to start this contest to make some extra cash.
  • You like to join in different educational events, webinars, the free contest to learn then you can create a free account to learn and there is a good chance to earn cash because in squad help you can join multiple contests.
  • Also, anyone who has an interest in a contest to win gift and award!

Any Free Tools To Generate An Unlimited Business Name For Squadhelp?

Yes let me share with you a website name Oberlo.Com/tools/business-name-generator in here you can choose a simple name then it will generate for you 100 different names for any business totally for free. So if you want to join in multiple contests then just learn which category named they needed then add keywords in the tools that it will help you to generate different names for free after that you can choose the best name and provide to the contest.

Squadhelp Is A SCAM?

Squadhelp website definitely not a scam just you have to understand how the process work and how to win a contest to make money. Sometime you will try again and again but after giving the proper and good name you will not win any contest because the business owner has the right to pick the right name for their business and give the award to the winner.

So you just have to be patient and see the result that what business owner really likes and what kind of name they like for their business.

Once you try 2 – 3 contests you will have an idea. Then of course if you stay with it then you can easily win the contest and make money. People who are already working on this website and providing good names are actually making money if they are not making money then why they will waste their valuable time here, that’s why squad help website is a legal website.


So hope you learn details about Squadhelp and how to make money. But I didn’t recommend Squadhelp because they have no passive income opportunity.

I will recommend you to learn affiliate marketing properly to start passive income with confident.

In affiliate marketing, you have the opportunity to build a business in 1 month all work from home and you can make your own product, offer and provide a service to others to make requiring income again and again.


Share your Squadhelp experience!

Write a few words in the comments below.

Thanks for stay in my blog.

Have an awesome day! 😃

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