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Smartmine.Digital Review EARN $500 DogeCoin Or A JUNK SCAM

Based on my research this smartmine.Digital is a scam website they are not paying you cannot withdraw your dogecoin.

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that is really increasing day by day and people are now making money mining dogecoin that’s why lots of people have interested to make money investing in dogecoin.

However, some of the fake websites are now claiming that they will help you to mind dogecoin if invest a few and they will give you lots of big profit in a few days.

Doing these fake people are putting innocent people’s pockets because of people who are new to online? They don’t know how to review a website properly and they are now a victim of a scam.

So always you have to review a website properly so that you can learn the real truth.

Now let me share with you the real truth so that you can make the right decision.

Number 1: using fake security site logo to receive your trust

When you will visit smartmine.Digital website you will see they add a video animation in their website background and if you scroll down? You will see they already use some security side logo like sitelock, avg, norton secured, people use this security so that they can safe from hackers.

But this website only adds some demo logon image in their website because if they really add all of this security site logo in their website? Then after clicking on the security site logo it will redirect you to another website, and show you a verified green status that this website is secured by the company.

But there is no option to click this means they only add some demo logo to achieve your trust. And if you think deeply? 1 security site company is enough to secure a website but they almost used 6 different companies’ site logos in their website. Which is really a trick so that they can receive your trust and make you a fool.

Number 2: giving you a 100 mh/s signup bonus to catch you like you fish

Now they also give you a 30-day free mining power so that you can try their platform. Basically, they are giving you this kind of free mining power so that they can easily catch you like to fish.

Like people catch good fish showing good food like this way they are giving you some fake-free mining power so that you invest money and they cut your pocket.

Just think properly if they give this 100 mh/s amount of mining power to every single person for free? Then end of the month they have to give millions of dollars to mining power for free.

Because if they are really legal websites? Lots of people will join their website to make money mining dogecoin.

Now how they will give this amount of mining power totally for free?

Because they don’t have magic mining machines
They don’t have a magic mining tree

That will give you this kind of mining power for free so it’s a trick so that they can easily achieve your trust by giving you some free fake mining power.

Number 3: using a fake company license number

On the website, they are also using a company house license number so that you believe they have a company and they are legally registered but after searching their company number to find the truth you will see their company number is not matching with their name if you don’t believe? You can search their company license number 11124585 on google to find out the truth.

Number 4: using others companies mining room photos to make you fool

I notice that smartmine.Digital also used mining room photos on their website also they use their logo in the photos but after searching the photos in google advanced image search? I find that this mining room photo is not the real photo of them.

Because it’s a mining room photo that is available in the different photo is the stock site to use for free, also others company use this photos as well as, so they are using this kind of others companies mining photos so that you believe they are really mining dogecoin and giving people profit which is totally fake.

Number 5: inside dashboard selling a fake mining zone contract to cut your pocket.

Inside the dashboard, they have a mining zone where they are selling their mining plant they will say you have a 120-day contract if you invest $100? Then you will earn $500 after 120 days later.

Like this way showing you some good earning opportunity and contract, they want to cut your pocket.

Because there is no way you will find their refund policy

They don’t have any writing agreement so you should stay safe.

Number 6: no real people payment proof available

After doing research on google, youtube, and different from I don’t find any real people saying that they get paid from their website.

There are no real people testimonials

No real video proof and you will not find how they are mining

They don’t have any mining room photos or videos

Number 7: you cannot withdraw your balance

The free mining power they are giving? If you mine free with the mining power for few days? Then you will make some to dogecoin for free in few days.

But when you will try to withdraw the balance?

Then they will say you cannot withdraw the amount

Because you have to invest money in order to withdraw the balance so they are smartly pushing you to invest in their website and not paying you the dogecoin you mine for free.

So based on my evidence and proof this smartmine.Digital website is a scam.

You should save your valuable time and money to learn something good do something good.

Sipon Dawyen

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