Welcome to my Slogan Slingers Review!

If you know how to write a few words with your keyboard or smartphone?

Then you can easily make a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $999 totally for free as a writer.

Slogan Slingers Review Earn $999 Typing A TagLine Or SCAM

You don’t have to write anything advance just you have to write memorable taglines or titles to make money.

But who will pay you money for this work?

And is this work really legal to do?

The true answer is it’s legal and you can make money.

Slogan Slingers is a platform providing a service to clients who are looking for a slogan or tagline, titles that can be memorized easily and they want to use this for their service, product, company, websites, event or something else.

If you visit my website homepage then you will see a tagline “Learn the truth! Be patient 🙂 you will achieve success”

I write this based on my choice that fits with my website and I like this tagline to memorize it and whoever reads my blog if they read the tagline they will feel motivated.

Like this way different entrepreneur who wants to make their business famous in worldwide they are looking for something that can change their value and become famous in a short time. Because they want to start a business or a company investing thousands of dollars and for this, they are ready to invest $100, $200 even $999 for a memorable slogan or tagline.

My Recommendation

A Real Example Of Big Brands Slogan!

Kitkat is a famous chocolate company they are doing millions of dollar business only selling chocolate and if you focus you will see they also have a slogan “Have a break, have a KitKat”

To write these words it will take a few minutes just you have to understand the client’s choice and provide a name that is cute, short and memorable.

What Is The Slogan Slingers?

For Clients:

Clients are from worldwide they come to this website sloganslingers.Com because they need a catchy, memorable slogan or taglines for their works.

Let’s say you are a client and you need a tagline so what you have to do to find the best and profitable slogan that can make your business famous in the future so that you get more targeted customers to sell your product.

Now you have to create an account and run a contest so that you get a slogan or tagline based on your choice. To run a contest you have to invest a little as a minimum of $50 to start.

Basically this amount you have to pay a writer as a reward because he or she will do work for you and provide you the best slogans. After you pay this bill slogan slingers company will collect all of your requirements that you looking for then they will start a contest for you where hundred of advanced & creative writers will start work for you to provide slogans and taglines.

The contest will end after 14 days

So in these 14 days, you will see lots of collection of slogans that writers are publishing for you in a contest then you have to choose one of the slogans that you like and then give the reward to the writer.

Remember once you run a contest you cannot stop it or re-edit it and your paying amount is not refundable because lots of writer will start work instantly and you have to choose a slogan in under 14 days and pick a winner.

For some reason, if you don’t pick a slogan then slogan slingers company will pick a winner writer based on the best slogan submission that will match with your requirement.

I will recommend you to read this client code of conduct before you run a contest.

For Writers:

Now the good part is slogan slingers is also providing a solution to freelancer who is interested to make money as a writer. So if you have good creativity and you know how to provide a good slogan and tagline for clients then you are ready to start work as a writer.

If any clients like your work then you will make money with a guarantee because clients will pay the contest prize advance.

So if you win a contest you will get the prize just you have to pay 15% administration costs to slogan slingers.

And remember you have to provide a unique original slogan any kind of duplicate, illegal, copyright slogan will not be submitted because the company will verify your work then you can submit the slogan in the contest but it’s easy if you use your creativity and provide good work.

To learn more benefits & rules I will suggest you read this writer code of conduct.

Slogan Slingers Review Quick Summary:

Name: Slogan Slingers
Site: Https://www.sloganslingers.com
Owner: Rich Davis
Category: Crowdsourcing Slogans Platform
Price: For Writers $2.99 And $0.75 For Entry / Paid For Clients A Minimum $50 With A Fee To Start A Contest
Best For: Entrepreneur, Business Owners, Company
Refund: No
Rating: 2 / 5
Recommended: No For Writers / Yes For Clint’s


Slogan slingers is a trustful and secure website already features in different high authority sites like Entrepreneur Magazine, CNBC, Yahoo finance, Killerstartups. So you can feel free to invest your money to launch a contest there is no worry about scams.

You will get a best creative slogans for your needs because when slogan slingers will launch a contest for you you will see almost 500, even more, people will join in the same contest to provide you the best slogans or taglines that you are looking for then you can step-by-step read all of writers slogans and pick any 1 that perfect with your plans.

But, I have said news for writers because not everyone will win a contest and earn the reward. Let me clear you so that you get a deep knowledge.

What Is The Slogan Slingers Contest?

A contest means slogan slingers are ready to pay a guaranteed amount of money as a reward they have a different contest based on the client’s requirement but most of the contest will run with this amount $50, $100, $200, $300, $500 even $999.

Now if you join as a writer then you just have to join a contest and provide a slogans but as like you to make money almost 500 to 800 people will join in the same contest and they will provide their unique slogans and all the power only have to the clients hand because they can choose any one of the slogans for their needs.

That’s why there is a low chance that you will win a contest immediately. It will take more time and you have to try one by another contest and if your lucky then you will win a contest and accept rewards amount by PayPal.

Slogan slingers already have thousands of writers who are already advance and they are providing the best slogans and taglines for clients. So if you try now it’s sure that you will not win any contest because you need some experience to learn how to do it in the right way, what’re clients really like for their business.

So there is no way to waste your valuable time in a “Slogan” money imagination because you can spend the same time to learn new skills and make money. I will suggest you learn affiliate marketing where you have an opportunity to grow a business and start passive income in a month.

However to show you some proof that clients are getting their slogan & people who are providing slogans and taglines their making money without any hard work.

Slogan Slingers Ended Contest And Winners
Slogan Slingers Contest Winners
  • True Village Naturals / Prize $200 / Entries 146
  • Wagler Metal Sales / Prize $300 / Entries 176
  • Mommy Juice / Prize $100 / Entries 97

What Is Inside The Slogan Slingers Dashboard?

I create a demo account to learn what is inside but after signup, slogan slingers send me an email with no subject but the email I found in my spam box. However, after login to my account, they instantly show me 3 open contest with the prize.

Slogan Slingers Inside Dashboard

  1. Cleansky Energy | Ends 04 Days | Prize $350
  2. Mount Meru Group | Ends 03 Days| Prize $100
  3. Redmont Construction | Ends 03 Days | $75

Also, you will see 5 options view open contests, contests I’ve entered, my contest entries, contests I’ve won, account settings.

  • View open contests:

This is the main option where you will see all upcoming contests to join to provide a slogan they just add a new option that’s why now you have to pay to enter slogans for just $2.99 and $0.75 for entry. Every time you join a contest you have to pay this amount to provide your slogans and win the contest prize money.

  • Contests I’ve entered:

A details description with contests names and group details you will see.

  • Contests I’ve won:

After the end of 14 days if you win you will see a notification and you will receive the rewards money.

  • Private messages:

After paying the entry fee you can connect with other writers, clients for additional questions but you have to talk with respectfully! Any kind of insulting, vulgar or bad behavior, as a result, your account will be suspended.

And same for clients they can also send private messages to users when the contest is live.

  • Account settings:

Update your account, change your user name or PayPal email address or for some reason if you don’t like you have access to delete your own account.

If you need some idea that how to write a slogan for business, tourism slogans, insurance agent, catchy, political, law firm, the real estate then you read the blog post.

Slogan Slingers Alternative Site To Make Money?

As you know slogan slingers writers who are joining in the same contest to win a reward. That’s mean in a contest almost 100 to 500 even more people join and they already know only 1 person will win. All of these writers have experience and they know how to provide perfect slogans and taglines for clients.

So if your one of them who just wins a contest or trying to win for the next contest because it a fun task to make money like a lottery? Then let me share with you more alternatives so that you can apply and win in the future.


Doing the same easy work you can make $200 winning a contest in naming force but you don’t have to provide any kind of slogan or tagline. Just you have to provide a name in under 3,5,8 words. The good part is you don’t have to pay any kind of fee to join a contest.

Just click to become a namer option and create your account to get started.

I will recommend you to learn from the naming force FAQ so that you get a details idea.


Provide a book name, company name, brand name, product name, website name and make $200, $500 even more. Also, you can sell a domain name, logo, tagline in the squad help marketplace. Squad help is a trust full website and giving the best service to clients and already featured in Forbes magazines.

Do I Like The Slogan Slingers Site?

To be honest when I visit I feel amazing after saw their website because their website background color is deep orange that makes their website look more beautiful. They have a short video that will clear any beginners who want to learn what is slogan slingers.

To show them more valuable they already share their features website and they internal linking to provide the proof that they are real and doing work in a legal way.

If you scroll down you will see “How it works” lines they share this thing in 3 steps that anyone will understand easily.

Slogan slingers also share some examples so that a new writer and client can get an idea about the perfect slogan.

Here 3 example:

Client Slogans & Taglines
Zozzo’s Burger Bar Picasso Used A Canvas, We Use A Bun
Freester Frozen Entrees The Best Portions Of Your Day
Blue Ape Pc Gaming Center Click Ass

To give a deep knowledge so that anyone can understand they have some awesome article that they write in their site you can learn more from.

Slogan Slingers Is A Scam?

After review the slogan slingers website properly I find all the informative information that will help a client and a writer to get the solution. They are doing real business providing a service based on their own terms and condition.

Slogan slingers, not pushing anyone to buy slogan from their website they are just helping people to find the best recommended. So who is like ok to get the solution from them? They just paying an amount to get the work done.

And a writer has the opportunity to earn a maximum of $999 for 1 slogan, so in total slogan slingers website is not a scam and you can trust this website if you need a slogan for your business.


So I share all I know

Now you can make the right decision to save your valuable time

However, if you want to learn how to grow a business in 1 month that will generate $5k – $10 for you? Do all automatically work from home?

Then I will invite you to learn from John Crestani Free Training

Also, share your Slogan Slingers experience

Write a few words in the comments below.


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