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Welcome to Roselinlin Clothing Review!

Before you buy anything from roselinlin?

First, you have to read what real customers are saying!

Roselinlin Review Scam Or Legit Read What Customers Are Saying!

Roselinlin shop is driving traffic help of google display ads to sell their products. So if you find a great product with lots of advantages and you visited their website to purchase?

But now you want to learn the truth that this website is legit or a scam? Then you came to the right place.

I am going to explain to you so that you can make the right decision to move forward!

First, think first their official facebook page now not working when I visit I saw “This content isn’t available right now”

Roselinlin facebook page now not working

What Is Roselinlin? How Do They Work?

Roselinlin is an online e-commerce website and they are selling all of their product with a 10% discount,

Yes, when you visit their website instantly you will see a notification that 10% off for all order coupons (code: sale10) and free shipping over $79 so shop now with feeling the happiness that you like to buy.

And it’s a great deal for a new customer who is interested to buy a good product with cheap price and if you look at their product, pricing list, categories, designs, then you will be happy because all are looking professional and attractive! Anyone will be happy to buy from them.

The good thing is when I start writing about their website I recently saw that they are re-targeting me with google advertising because I visit 4-5 times their website to research that is this website really helping people with the right product or not.

I found this address from roselinlin about us page: BUMPERR LTD G36 Stokenchurch Business Park ibstone Road, Stokenchurch, High Wycombe, United kingdom, Hp14 3FE

Email: [email protected]

But I did not find the location on google map

The important part is they are acting like they are providing lots of good product but they didn’t add a customer service phone number to provide live support or they didn’t have any live chat option so that customers can communicate with them.

They only add an email to make the connection with them this is not professional.

When you are staying on their website instantly you will see some popup notification that recently 1 person just purchase something from this website but, this is totally fake because they are using a WordPress plugin for this popup notification to achieve trust.

Roselinlin Using Fake Notification
Using Fake Notification

What Is Inside Roselinlin?

I sign up a demo account to learn that inside they are providing value or not, but the real thing is inside they have nothing that helps to learn. if you create an account they will redirect you to their contact page so that you order something – pay the bill and wait for shipping.

There is no option I found to delete my account.

After checking my email address I found the welcome offer “10% off to my next purchase” and this email I received in my spam box.

Roselinlin Send Spam Email

But one thing I noticed that they emailed me through a site name called Shopify.com


What is Shopify?

Shopify is an online eCommerce platform where anyone can create and build their own business with drag and drop help of their advanced tools and guideline. All the support, product shipping, customer Data Analytics Shopify will take care if business owner interested to join their paid plan $29 months.

You can learn more details about Shopify from FAQ

So now it’s clear that roselinlin.com it’s a third-party website and they are using Shopify service so that they can build their business and make money selling product to the customer.

What Real Customers Saying About Roselinlin?

In Sitejabber roselinlin review, 520 people already share their opinion and 298 reviews are negative

In Trustpilot roselinlin review, 324 people already share their opinion and 292 reviews are negative

Roselinlin Customer real opinion 1
Lee shares his real opinion.

Here one of the real customers share his review name: “Lee” said

Please do not buy from this company”

The clothes are not the same as they share on ads but a very cheap version made of thin material.

And in the last, she said the cloth is not the same as pictures.

So now what you learn?

In my personal opinion, they just add a list of professional clothes photos to their website so that customer feels happy and trust them to buy but when the order and after shipping customers experience the truth the cloth are not same as like they have seen on the website.

Roselinlin Customer real opinion 2

Another real customer name: Margo” said what you will receive it’s not the same picture on their site and they are providing very poor quality, cheap clothes and directly said that its a complete fraud.

Roselinlin Customer real opinion 3

Here Another customer: “Lloyd Feldman” Said he has no choice that’s why he gives 0 star

What Is My Personal Opinion About Roselinlin?

If I tell you my personal opinion, I would first like to clarify that I have reviewed lots of binary trading websites where they are cheating on people with glamorous & money imagination.

And of course you know to buy a product you have to invest the money first, but if you do not get that material and the same product? Then you will waste both time and money.

Third-party websites like roselinlin refund policy you will never find it good.

Must remember before you take any action

  • First, you have to learn who is the founder of the website
  • Are they have any team? And they share all the member’s photos? Did you see this website founder’s photos? So that you can learn more about their profession
  • They have no live support, no phone call support only have an email to contact
  • They don’t share any pictures of their shop physical location
  • Their Facebook page already errors and doesn’t have any YouTube channel no social proof
  • So the customer doesn’t have the opportunity to comments and shares their problems to get the solution

Roselinlin Site Is A Scam?

To be honest I am not the customer of their website and I didn’t buy any of their products. But to my research, I found 80% of people are giving negative reviews to their website that they are not getting the right support, product, refund and some of them are directly claiming that they are doing is a scam.

I want to be with the customer’s opinion because they are paying the money and didn’t get the product they order.

I will recommend you to purchase a product and try yourself you will learn the truth or connect with them to their email & get their phone number for live communication.


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I share all that I know! So Now you can make your own decision.

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And last but not least share your roselinlin shop experience so that more new customers know the real truth!

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  1. emily chatham

    Roselinlin is a SCAM company! I ordered 6 dresses from them Aug. 2020 and now the email address I used for Customer Service is bouncing back. I paid $43.00 to ship them back to China since they were so awful and now I have no response from them, no Credit Card refund( $200.00) and no clothes I paid for!!
    Caveat Emptor!!

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