Robotiqs.Io Payment Proof Withdraw Is Robotiqs Io A SCAMM ( Honest Review )

Based on my research robotiqs.Io is a scam website and they have no real founder.

If you are interested to make money investing in a website? Then always you have to be aware because fake people creating a different earning website to cut your pocket fraud people will show you big earning opportunity so that you start investing in their website and fraud people will show you their good looking website so that they can attract you to their website so that you invest and they make you fool that’s why always you have to review a website properly to avoid any kind of fraud because no one was to lose their hard-earned money.

Now let me reveal the truth.

Number 1: real people comments on youtube that they are a scam.

If you visit their youtube channel? Then you will say they have only one video and using their video they are promoting the fake website because if you think deeply? A professional company will always share with you different learning video so that you can learn how to use their website a professional company will always share a video that how they will support you how to create an account how to use their website how to complete a profile like this way they will share different learning video so that you learn but if you focus on their youtube channel then you will see they have only one video but if you open the video?

And play it? And go to the comments option then you will see a person already comment that this website is a scam here you can see the comments and following real people comments it’s really really important because they are a victim of cheating and they help others by commenting so that other people be aware from this kind of fake website.

Number 2: fake inside dashboard.

I create a demo account to see that how they are using their website to make people fool inside the dashboard you will see they have an option like make a deposit total profit total returned and they have lots of option but all of these options you can see all are fake demo option to make you fool because after investing in this website you cannot make money and there is no way they will give you any kind of profit they just make this kind of dashboard to make you fool that they are real which is not true because still you don’t know any of their team members and you didn’t see their office location and you didn’t go to their office physically so without learning their real identity real information if you believe on this website?

Then you are going to a victim of the next scam so you should stay safe and avoid this website.

Number 3: fake investment opportunity.

On their website you will see a big title robotic technology then you will see they are giving you 6.4% daily profit, for 35 days, this means if you invest few dollars? 35 days later you will earn 6.4 % profit totally for free now this kind of profit is like a big imagination if you think deeply? Why they will give you this kind of big profit? Without showing how they will make money? Why they are hiding all of their real identity?

And you still don’t know what they will do with your money? And who are real people making money from this website? You will not find any of their team members you will not find who start this business you will not see any of their team members photos and what they are doing all of their real identity is hidden and they are using this website as a fishing net as like people catch fish because their website is looking good but they are hiding all of they are really information if you invest in this website?

Then there is a big risk because if this website shut down? Then you have no option to connect with them because you don’t know who is the real founder of this website you don’t say any of their real team members and there is no way you can connect with their physical location because all are hidden this means using their website they are cutting people’s pocket showing big earning opportunity.

Number 4: website founder information is missing.

After doing research I didn’t find who is the real founder of this website and there is no way to connect with their team members just think deeply someone creates this website to do business and someone has a plan to provide a service to people but if you don’t know who is starting this business?

And if you don’t know who is create this website? Or who is maintaining this website? Then why you will trust? Because they are hiding their real identity and if you think deeply? If they have a system? That can help you to make money? Then why not they are earning money for themselves? Why not they are using their own system to earn a profit every day?

Why they are promoting you? Because it is easy to make people fool showing big money imagination like this way they are sharing with you big earning opportunity to cut your pocket.

So based on my research, this robotiqs.Io website is a scam and you should always stay safe from this kind of fake website.

Sipon Dawyen

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