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Looking for the best-proven side jobs that pay extra money in a short time?

IF you are ready to grow your skills and follow the road-map?

Then, of course, you will make money with confidence.

17 Proven Side Jobs That Pay Extra Money [$100, $500, $1000]

Hey, what’s going on Sipon Dawyen with you…

Today I am going to show you all the tested working method & creative ways that will help you and guide you to take your fast action so that you can make your first paychecks in a week and grow your income step by step.

However, it is good to know that if you do not read my full post?

And if you take action?

Then you will not get a complete idea

So, first of all, I would say read every step of my blog post and then start working with a cold head.

To be honest there is no magic way you can start making money within a few seconds.

All the proven side jobs that pay extra money? resource? and a case study? I will share that will take a few days to understand and you have to work manually to try out.

Then you will have some experience to go next with your own decision.

You can set a goal and start work to make money as much as you need and if you don’t reach your goals in time?

Then you can start thinking deeply and grow your skills more so that you can start continuously make money again.

I already revealed lots of scam websites that are making people fool with their money imagination, what they are doing is cracking people’s minds with big money thinks.

So you should always avoid scams! To save your valuable time and knowledge,

All I share with you can easily make $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000 fast some of them will take few weeks and some of them will take few months based on your skills to grow up & learning capability and don’t be overconfident that you can make millions of dollar using this side jobs idea because it will take time, experienced, investing, hard work.

So after learning from this article, the side jobs could help with some benefit like.

  • You can work in your own schedule and start a side business under $100
  • You don’t have to be an employee or work in an office 9 – 5
  • You will know how to make money with your own creativity to be your own boss
  • People will respect your idea and pay you money for your advice
  • You can set up all of your work in an automation system that works for you 24 hours day after day months after months continuously
  • You don’t have to worry about how to generate money because now you will learn how to make it double again and again
  • You will get all the right tools, tricks, real case study that will save you time and help you to be motivated
  • You will learn how to avoid a mistake & scams money imagination so that you can move forward with your own working skills and make money

1. Start A Blog And Make Passive Income

If you visit the different websites to learn about blogging then you will see that they will fast say that you can make thousands of dollars doing blogging and show you some money proof this is the truth.

But behind it they have lots of hard work to do and some of the blogger will help you to start a blog and give you guideline step by step because they are helping you & promote their affiliate hosting offer and making money this is good business to help people to start their own blog & make money.

I am going to show you a resource that will help you to be motivated to start a blog for a long time and make money continuously.

Cassidy Tuttle” owner of Succulentsandsunshine.Com blog making $200k per year teaching people how to grow succulents whatever they live.

To be honest I already growing my blog with helping people about making money online & my goals are earning $1 million in 2-3 years.

After doing lots of hard work and study now I can write 2k words article every single day in making money online topic that’s take few months to educated my “Brain” but now I have the “Asset” and I can do the same work, again and again, to apply in my blog to reach more people, provide a service, and make money.

You have to dream big and work hard in a smart way.

Remember without dreaming big there is no hope!

If you dream big there is a hope that you can achieve it, at least you can build assets and learn something that is valuable.

“Cassidy Tuttle” shares his success story in income school interview video and shares how she works and grow his blog and making big money helping people who are interested in succulents and want to grow in their garden.

She have 7 years’ experience of succulents when she was in school started with 3 succulents on his tiny window then step by step learn to grow up and she knows the best deal to share the resource with people that help to grow succulents.

She has only 80 articles in blog & now making $200k this is totally amazing to get some experience you can visit his blog Succulentsandsunshine.Com

Now Cassidy is selling his own online course price $127 name “Successfully growing succulents online course” lots of people buying this course and learning from him and giving positive reviews.

So now if you have interested in blogging and if you want to grow a blog that will help you to start passive income?

Then you can follow my recommendation $$$ Wealthy Affiliate !!!

Inside Wealthy Affiliate has the powerful proven side jobs that pay extra money.

In wealthy affiliate, you will see 10 secrets video will help you to start making money with your own blog & you will learn all about blogging, you will get all of your questions answers with 24/7 support.

Side jobs for extra money

More Recommendation For You…

2. Promote High Ticket Affiliate Offers To Make Big Profit

Promoting a high ticket affiliate offer can be your best side jobs that pay you good money in a short time.

People are making thousands of dollars every single day promoting affiliate offers what they do is starting a YouTube channel for free and make a video with different resources and share informative information to people.

They make a video like “Top 10 social media tools that will schedule your all social media account post in 1 click, 15 best free video editing software (must need).

In this way, YouTubers target audiences who are interesting in tools and software and end of the video they share the free information and say that follow my number one recommendation if you want to make $1,000 a day.

This is the trick to help people with helpful tools and resources and recommend them to a money-making system and in this way, lots of people follow their recommendation and join the system and pay a membership to learn how to make money.

So if you want you can start a YouTube channel and share helpful tips and tricks and end of the video recommend a high ticket affiliate offer to make money.

But I will tell you first to learn affiliate marketing properly from CB University that will give you passive income opportunities.

Make Money With CB University?

If you want to learn how to make money with confidence? If you need support, tools, resource, the real success story?

Then Clickbank University is already hiring people who want to learn affiliate marketing and want to start their own business online from scratch.

  • Beginner peoples like you who are looking for a job?
  • Who wants to learn how to make money?\
  • Who wants to be an entrepreneur?

They are Joining Clickbank University to learn educated.

The good part is Clickbank is a million-dollar affiliate marketplace they have thousands of affiliate products to promote and they have thousands of 7 figure affiliate marketers who make at least 10k dollars every single day promoting the affiliate products.

But Clickbank wants to change this system because they want to explore a system so that any beginner can learn affiliate marketing and make their fast paycheck in a month.

That’s why started their journey with the Clickbank university course.

If you watch their promo video then you will see that they are claiming that if you can promote 1 product and make 1 sale? Then you can do the same to make thousands of dollars a day without any fair without any hard skills and this truth!

Because I personally review their student’s case studies that how they work and I find they are making money promoting Clickbank products and share their payment proof screenshot.

If you want you can also promote this CB university course to make $160 per referral easily.

That’s why I will recommend you to Join this course and learn fast then you can take action to make money using one single system again and again and you have the opportunity to build your own online business from home + if you continue learning then you will get the idea how big affiliates are making 6 figure 7 figure $ from Clickbank.

Super Affiliate System By John Crestani

Now if you are interested to make a big profit in one day?

Then the super affiliate system is the best option you can choose.

Because insight John Crestani will help you to learn how you can make $502 selling one product at a time and it’s a very high payout affiliate product you can promote to make money with confidence.

John Crestani is known as an affiliate marketer after getting fired from his job doing lots of struggle he breaks the code of affiliate marketing.

Now helping business owners & million dollar companies to advertise in the right way and promote their product to earn a commission.

I personally complete his free affiliate marketing training and if you visit my blog press page then you will see that I already partner with him and promoting his affiliate product to earn a big affiliate commission.

Inside the free training, you will learn [a to z] about affiliate marketing and all the traffic solution so that in future you can promote any affiliate offer you want without any problem.

The honest part is John Crestani shares his student’s case studies after learning from his course how they are making 7 figure income and living with their dreaming life. In his YouTube channel already have 200k plus subscribers and he is teaching people how to make money in the right way without wasting valuable time.

John Crestani is focusing on a beginner so that they can grow their skills fast and avoid the money imagination because without skills and creative mindset you cannot make big money and play the affiliate marketing business for a long time.

That’s why John Crestani teach his student how to be creative, grow skills and continue making money in affiliate marketing passively for a long time.

Let me share with you why you should follow John Crestani’s affiliate marketing strategy.

John Crestani has a resource and trust.

There are lots of affiliate marketers online who are selling their product with only showing money imagination and after learning from their course beginners never make money. Because this is a tricky way to show people a good car, a good house and some cash to sell their product.

But if people don’t learn how to set up a business properly? Or drive the right traffic?

Then there are no goals they can make, they don’t have the opportunity to reach the goals.

As I already share I have a goal to reach 1 million into 2-3 years. Now if you are here to learn about side job that helps you to make money that means you already have a goal to earn at least $1,000.

And you know that John Crestani teaches affiliate marketing so that people can promote high ticket products and make good money after learning from his course you can easily promote his big affiliate product to earn $502 from 1 sale.

So to make $1,000 you have to sell the product only 2 times to reach your goals.

Trust is important no matter how good the product you have, and how good looking business you have. If you don’t provide value & trust?

Then people not listen to you and give you always negative reviews.

I recently revealed some third party eCommerce website what they are doing is showing good looking photos in advertising and when people go to their website to shop something then they share again some discount coupons but when people purchase the product then they realize that all of the product is duplicate and made in china.

Like this way some of the clothing brands doing wrong with innocent people showing professional photos and coupons code imagination.

That’s why people are now not recommending this website anymore.

If I say the truth about John Crestani? Then when you will visit his YouTube channel then you will see 200k subscribers.

So why lots of people subscribe to him? Because they find value & trust and following him to learn more and educated.

John Crestani share his income proof
John Crestani share his income proof

So If you want to learn affiliate marketing and start passive income then you can follow John Crestani’s Free Training without any fear and make money with your own creativity and skills and all the support, guidelines, tools you will get instant access to when you will take action.

3. Make Extra [$100 – $500] Just By Typing Names

If you can type with your fingers on the keyboard and choose a perfect name for business, website, logos, tagline, company then you can easily make 100 to 500 dollars for every single contest you win.

Currently, many new entrepreneurs have created some very good plans to promote their business and their products can generate huge profits by selling very well if they want, but their main goal is to create a brand that everyone will recognize the business will always help move forward.

If you notice then you must have eaten KitKat chocolate but there are lots’ of chocolates in the market that you have never heard of, but those chocolates are made in the same way but why KitKat chocolate is bought by people and why people love this chocolate.

Because KitKat chocolate makes its own brand with a good name called “KitKat” and their advertising is very awesome from young, children to middle-aged and older people who also like to eat this chocolate.

So like this way different big companies, business owners, website owners is looking for a good quality name that will help them to grow their business for future that’s why they are paying simple people like you who are interested to join in a contest and provide a name that you like.

After the end of the contest time, owners will pick 1 -2 names and give the award money and if you are lucky and if business owners like your name then you will earn this award.

You have the opportunity to join multiple contests and provide a name to make money.

So how you will find this contest and start your site job?

Squadhelp is a website where almost millions of people visit every day for their business names, taglines, and many more.

Lots of simple users also visit this website to make money just typing a simple name so that the owner picks a name and the user makes money without doing any hard work.

It’s a good website helping a business owner to find their best name and giving the opportunity to freelancer who wants to make money fast they already feature in Forbes, Chicagotribune, Thenextweb, Mashable.

How To Start Making Money With

4 Way You Can Make Money With Squadhelp

  • Participate In A Logo Contest

In this contest, you can provide a logo for business owners and start making money if you win a contest.

  • Submit Domain Names

You can buy a domain with $10 and submit in the squad help marketplace if any owners like it then you will make a good profit like $1,000.

  • Participant In A Naming Contest

This is the easiest way to make money just type a quality name that you like for the business and enter the contest to begin winning.

  • Affiliate Program

Now if you know about new entrepreneurs and business owners who are facing problems to find a solution for their business names, logo, tagline? Then you can just invite them to join in squadhelp.Com help of your affiliate link and if they join and choose a membership plan then you will earn affiliate commission without doing any hard work.

3 Way You Can Earn A Commission From Squad Help Affiliate Program

  • You will earn 30 for every customer who launches a contest on squad help marketplace
  • You will earn $35 for every customer who purchased a domain name for the marketplace
  • Earn points when someone creates an account in squad help

Now let me share with you another website that is paying people doing the same work.

Namingforce is another website and paying people for naming a business. They have lots of contests to win so if you join in a contest it will take only 7 days to end and after 7 days if owners like your name you will win the contest & earn $200 or more.

There are lots of people who win the contest and make money only provide some simple name for motor garage company, social media app, cryptocurrency trading program, toys for kids, fresh fruit product and lots of different categories are also available.

Let me give you a free tool that will help you to generate unlimited business names in any category for free.

4. Create A Store For Free And Sell An Unlimited T-shirt

Selling a t-shirt online and make money is the best opportunity to start a side job, only you have to work 1 or 2 hours a day to make a good profit.

But the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about the t-shirt business is that you do not know-how to design a t-shirt and why people will buy t-shirts from you?

I am going to give you some solution points so that you can start with confidence without any fear.

The pain point will no more like…

  1. You don’t have to design a t-shirt
  2. You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer
  3. You don’t have to invest thousands of dollar to start this side jobs
  4. You don’t need any kind of advanced skills or learn from the course

All you have to do is use the creative idea that I share and apply to your work to make your first sale and then follow the trend to make a big profit over again and again

The solution point is

  • You will have an unlimited t-shirt design access that is selling the most
  • Create an unlimited store for free if you have a big plan
  • Follow upcoming occasion to sell 1 viral t-shirt more than thousands of time to make big money a day
  • The re-targeting solution so that your customer will purchase your next t-shirt designs again & again


Teespring is an online website where you can easily add your custom designs to create your first campaign or store to start selling & make a profit.

How Teespring Help You To Make Extra Money?

You can create your free account into Teespring and sell over 20 kinds of different products without any monthly requiring bills or paying for any kind of service.

You can add your custom designs or create your own designs help of Teespring text tools then choose your categories, add product list you want like t-shirt, hoodies, phone case, tank tops, mugs and many more after that publish design and copy your destination URL to start selling.

Now you don’t have to worry about product creation, printing, shipping and customer service all will handle Teespring websites for you totally free of cost.

Just upload new designs and fulfill your store and sell online to make a profit.

Now let me introduce to you another website that will help you to download unlimited professional t-shirt design within one click.


Placeit it’s an online platform where you will get unlimited mock-up, designs, logos, videos, t-shirt designs, YouTube profile pictures, YouTube template, Facebook post, Instagram posts, business card, and many more other categories all you can download only paying $14 a month to cheaper.

When I visited last time in placeit I saw 1,596 t-shirt designs are available and all trending and upcoming new t-shirt designs are adding in the website day-by-day all are created and designed by professional designers just you have to download the best design you like then upload into Teespring website and publish your store.

Also, you can outsource a professional t-shirt design from fiverr.Com & upwork.Com it will cost $10 – $20 per designs.

  • Promote your store & make money!

Now I am going to show you the paid method and free method so that you can promote your t-shirt store and make money.

A few points later, I will show you another alternative website where you can start a t-shirt selling jobs without any investment you don’t have to buy or upload any designs. Just you have to join their affiliate program then you can start promoting thousands trending t-shirt to earn 80% commission from each sale you made.

Facebook Ads Paid Method

Let’s say you are a cat lover & want to sell a t-shirt to the audience who like a kitty. Now create a Facebook page with a clothing brand & you can give a name like a cat lover, kitty lovers.

Then complete your FB page profile upload few photos of the cat, few videos so that your page looks natural and invite your friend so that they can like few posts.

For a live source who are making money doing the same you can follow these 2 Facebook pages they are sharing different t-shirt designs and run Facebook ads so that people start buying from them

As you can see cat lover’s Facebook page already has [103,803 like] this means people are liking their page content & they already share their t-shirt design to their page audience to make a profit.

So Step By Step follow this 3 videos & grow your skills

FB Group Free Traffic

Facebook group marketing will be the best method to share your store link and get some sales to make a profit. I will recommend you create your own group and add your friends and try to to make your group bigger so that more people joined in your group. Then step by step post different cat photos, viral cat videos also share your store link.

I am only showing cats examples so that you understand and copy the same idea to start with your categories.


If you want you can start a design or outsource cat t-shirt because you can sell this t-shirt in any month you want.

Now search with these keywords “Cat lovers” “Kitty lovers” “Kitty” on Facebook and try to find some big groups

Here a few groups I found you can join and feel free to share store link if anyone buys you will earn commissions.

This groups already have lots of targeted audience who like cats so there is a big chance that you will earn your fast commission selling cat designs t-shirt

Now here is proof that how Dreamcloud makes $70,000 With Viral Videos And Teespring you can also follow this free method to make money.

Now if you want to start a t-shirt selling job for free without any investment, without any designs then here is the next best option for you to start.

Teezily already has thousands of awesome designs with different categories just you have to promo to earn your fast commission and all the shipping, printing, customer service they will provide for you totally free of cost. But to start making commission first you have to [Join Teezily affiliate program] where you can earn 80% of the profit from the sale if a customer buys a product with your affiliate link and also if you get some sales your commission earning it will be transferred quickly in under 5 days.

You have now the opportunity to start for free with thousands of latest trending t-shirt designs and if you want to start with cat categories? Then here lot’s of cat’s amazing design.

Side jobs from home

5. Get Paid $50 – $100 Doing Multiple Survey Jobs

Now make money online taking the survey is the easiest job to do but get paid $50 – $100 doing multiple surveys? How does it work? Let me give you an idea so that you know clearly how to make money doing the same work again and again.

There are thousands of survey websites that are paying simple people for spending a few minutes to complete simple tasks and make money. Some of them are paying directly by PayPal in a week and some of them will pay you in different gift cards like Amazon, Google gift card, Walmart gift card and many more.

Some of the survey work will make you happier because where you will get 40% cashback for every single purchase you made.

Also downloading apps, watching videos, answer a few questions, sign up on a website, try the free products, testing websites, watching movie trailers and more than lots of simple tasks available in the survey site to complete.

But you can make money doing the same thing focusing on 1 important point. You just have to expert in 1 of them and do the same work, again and again, to make money with different survey sites.

Let me give you a clean example

You like to watch videos on YouTube so now in this survey site you will see a simple task that completes watching this 10-minute video and earn $3 to complete the task. Now you can do this task easily.

In this way, you will find lots of other survey websites where they have the same survey task where you have to watch videos on different websites. So you can complete this tasks in 10 different websites in 1 time just logging multiple survey site account in a time and start watching all together then after complete you will make [ 3 x 10 ] = $30 in just 10 minutes and there is no problem for doing this work together and survey site will never warn you for anything.

Because you have the right to do multiple works at the same time you can log into your Facebook account, twitter account, Instagram account, YouTube account, Snapchat account from your desktop at the same time with the click of a mouse button.

You can work together at the same time because all of these are social media platform where you can communicate with your friends, watch videos, share different status, photos, like this way if you create multiple accounts in different survey sites then you will make quick money & get paid per weeks.

Let me share with you some survey websites they are paying millions of dollars in cash, gift, and rewards to people to completing simple tasks.

Send earnings website is already paid over $9 million to their members for doing some online activities help of the website. You have the opportunity to earn real cash play simple games, sharing your personal opinion, watching videos, earn money all work from home.

Send earnings already features in ABC news, Good morning America, Yahoo finance and big brand already partner with them like Walmart, Target many more.

Earn your fast $5 simply creating your account.

Mypoints is another trustful website already features in different big brand, I am not going to share with you the whole details skipping to save your time. Just show you few points so that you get the idea that how my mypoints really gonna help you to make money completing simple tasks.

If you sign up instantly you will get $10 as a bonus and they have categories to earn money in a different way.

The best way you can earn money watching videos in this option you will see different news videos, trending videos just you have to click on the website they will redirect you to the watch page and after complete watching follow the guideline to earn money for every single video you watch.

If you want to build a community to make money referral others than my point will give you 10% extra earning opportunity for every single active referral you made.

People are earning over $1,000 a year and saving this money to their savings list and all of this income comes from instagc sites. Complete surveys, watch videos, shop online, search the web to earn points for every single task you just completed.

You can redeem your points for the gift card or get paid directly by PayPal as you want.

Its an old website paying people for many years and inside has lots of different categories to make money in a few minutes.

Here almost thousands of people getting paid in time click here to see the proof!

6. Get Fast Cash In Hand Drive With Uber

Almost thousands of people doing driving the help of uber apps in their local area and making money as a part-time job. Uber app is now famous and millions of people from worldwide giving a simple ride and making money with respectfully way and enjoying their moment.

You can easily make $20 – $30 per hour if complete 3 – 4 ride.

If you probably have a car then you can actually give people a lift as a kind of freelance taxi driver just thinking like you are completing a task. You can work on your own schedule when you want. You can get paid very well if you are close to a big city where have lots of people.

You will achieve some experience & you can do a very good job and you can also make money referral other driver help of your uber apps.

Lyft website is similar to uber where you can apply to become a driver and help people to go to their destination and make money completing like a simple survey task.

The good part is if you have bikes & scooters then you can also do this job to make money without any strong terms and conditions.

I have introduced to you a few survey sites a while back where you can earn money by completing some small tasks through and I have introduced you to mypoints.Com website.

Inside mypoints.Com I see a task where you can earn $80 or more completing the same task what you have to do you have to download the uber app help of my points website then install the app and complete your fast ride to earn $80 dollar instantly.

So if you are really interested to take action then fast I will recommend you to start with uber then you can try lyft.

When you have some experience then you will have some idea to choose which app will be perfect for you to earn the most money.

7. Re-sell Video Games On Craigslist To Make Extra Profit

Make money selling video games it will be a local side business for you if you know how to work properly and make a profit in 24 hours. Just you have to invest some money to get it started and make a profit, again and again, using a creative idea.

Now there are lots of people who are interesting in playing different games online, On twitch TV.

You will see lots of people go to live stream and play games like this way on Facebook you will see lots of crazy gamers always like to go live and this kind of video already has more than thousands of views, shares, likes, comments.

Which this means there are lots of gamers who watch there video and they also play these games and enjoy their day.

So now if you target this group of people who likes to play games then you can make a good profit selling Xbox & ps4 to them.

Use Honey Coupon Google Chrome Extension

First of all, you have to buy 2 – 3 Xbox & ps4 from online using a Google Chrome extension called honey. Honey is already famous lots of big YouTubers like Mr beast already promoting this honey coupon google chrome extension that help millions of people to save their money clicking 1-time mouse off button.

So let’s say you want to shop online using a website called amazon or Walmart now you want to buy the latest ps4 that price is $300 now add to card & click the honey extension before purchase now honey will search for you the best deals and give you a coupon code to save automatically $40, $50 even $80 per purchase.

Or let’s say you want to buy a laptop from Walmart that is price $200 now click the add to cart button and before purchase clicks the honey coupon extension it will give you the best saving deals coupon instantly and save you almost $40 $50 instantly.

You can watch this video to learn more about how to use honey chrome extension

So now if you buy 3 ps4 then you will save almost $40 x 3 = $120 now in a few days you will get all of this in your hand.

Now let’s start a side business go to craigslist create a free account and post 3-4 ad in for sale video gaming option. Now give your post title “Ps4 for sale one-day-old price $300” give a free bonus of 2-3 games so that people happy to buy & pick it up from your local area.

So where is the trick to make a profit?

As you know the ps4 price is $300 but using honey coupon code you get $40 off in every single purchase this means you save $120 so now you can sale this ps4 in craigslist the same price $300 because it’s new and if you sale you will make $120 in profit only selling 3 games.

You can do this work as a side job to make money re-selling on craigslist.

Lot’s of people making thousands of dollars per day doing it what they do is buy lot’s of stuff in black Friday, cyber Monday & in a different time when they see the 40% or %50 off then they buy & re-sale with bonus and make a profit without any hard work.

However, if you don’t have interested to invest in a re-selling business right now for some reason and you want to start with free then let me share with you another idea that helps you to grow up.

Pick Up Free Stuff And Sale Again On Craigslist Or eBay

In craigslist for sale option you will see a subcategory called “Free” where you can pick up free stuff without paying a penny, people are giving away old free trailer, tv, sofa set, books, furniture items many more thinks just pick up and post an add on craigslist or eBay to make money.

In fact, shopping is a medium that lets you understand what people need, so whenever you publish ads on classified sites, you will get a sale easily.

Picking up free stuff will take some time which means you are investing your valuable time to get something so you have the right to re-sell the stuff in price like $20 $50 to make some extra profit.

8. Sell Your Services To A Freelance Client

If you have good skills and you know how to provide value? Then the client will happy to pay you for your work. Freelancing can be your side job to get started and you can make money part-time when you want.

There are many types of businesses today, and business owners work with freelancers to save their time because business owners are skilled at just one thing and managing a business requires a lot of things, like creating a website for a business or creating a logo or need an article to promote their product.

That’s why business owners looking for creative people who can provide them a service and they will pay them for the work

Freelancer.Com is one of the worldwide marketplaces where millions of clients are available!

So you can create an account and provide a service to make money per hour.

I already write an article where I share some important resources that will help any beginners & advanced people to learn and grow skills in a week.

Not the end you have the opportunity to grow multiple skills because I share 10 creative ways that will help you to make 50 to 100 dollars a day with freelancer.Com.

I will share with you a few points later but let me discuss with you how much money people are making providing a service.

A freelancer name: “Slavisa” who is making 20 dollars per hour designing a logo, he already has 6 years of experience in graphic design and already completed more than 300 clients’ work.

But in the article, I share some resources that will save your time & you can do this same work and provide your first service in a week and make money.

Like this way another freelancer name: “Chandrasekhar” data entry expert and doing data entry work for a long time and making $50 per hour already complete 900 clients work in time & making good money and loving this freelancing job.

So in my article, I share the resource that how he is doing work and I also share some tools that will help you to complete data entry work in 10 – 15 minutes to complete your fast project.

Like this way, you will find more creative ideas in my article, Now you can choose which skills you want to grow & take action to make money by providing your own service in freelancer.

9. Sell Books On Amazon

Selling books on Amazon is a good business if you are interested in it. Some people make this a full-time side job and publishing 3 to 5 books every single week and making good money from kindle direct publishing.

As you know amazon already has millions of targeted traffic.

People are buying lots of product every single day for their needs.

Like this way people are also buy different books from amazon to learn and educated so if you have experience in something that you would like to share with people and want to make some extra cash then you can write a book and publish directly in amazon for free and you will make 70% commission for every single sell when anyone buy from amazon.

I know you need something that will help you to take action with confidence. Let me share with you a real case study where “Stefan James” is making $8k to $10k monthly simply publishing kindle books on amazon and all he is doing autopilot.

“Stefan James” is a millionaire & big Youtuber almost he has 800k subscribers in his YouTube channel and has multiple businesses to make money.

That’s why he shares a real case study in his kindle money mastery course that how anyone can make extra money publishing books on amazon without even writing a book.

In his promotional video, you will learn the truth! “Stefan” will explain that he is not a fake guru & not a fake mentor who are only hiding behind the computer and teach people without any payment proof, or real case studies.

Stefan a real person and making real money and show you the proof so that you get motivation & avoid the scam gurus.

In kindle money mastery website, you will see real people testimonials who are making money doing the same & recommending to start and learn from him so that you get the right support, tools, resource to save your time and make money fast from today.

side jobs near me

10. Apps & Website Testing Side Jobs

Give your honest opinion and make $20 – $30 completing a simple test.

There are thousands of company and brand who interested to learn what real audience think about their product, website, offers so that they can upgrade it for the future. For this testing purpose, they pay an amount of money to the honest tester who is interested in testing a website and giving them the right data based on their question.

The company will give you a few questions like go to this website and share your opinion on how you feel about the website interface.

Then simply you have to record a simple screen video and share your honest opinion like…

  • How do you feel about the website?
  • Is there anything grabbing your attention?
  • On the website is there anything needs to change?
  • Did you like website background colors?
  • The website search option is looking is small or big?

Just give them an idea so that they can learn your honest opinions.

In this way, they are giving the same work thousands of people who are interested to review a website or apps.

Company collecting data based on real people opinion and after completing the job they will pay you for your work and then they will review your video and update their website for future so that more customer feel user-friendly and happy to connect with them over again and again this is their main goals to make their brand more famous online and start making the business more profitable.

So Where To Start Work And How To Get Paid?

User testing is a trustful website and paying people for a long time.

You can make up to $60 per test what you have to do is when you are completing a test you have to record a screen video and say what is in your mind in loudly so that after complete your work a review team can hear what you say in the video and they can provide this real data to the company and for this completing user testing will pay you instantly.

A big website like Nytimes.Com and Lifehacker.Com already recommend the user testing website to start making money.

For more details guideline & how to get paid, you can read my full User Testing Review post and take action.

Trymyui is a similar website like user testing and they are also paying you $10 for a test you take and complete.

The good part is they have example videos that will help you to learn how real peoples are completing their tests so watching their videos you will get advance knowledge so that when you start work you can complete the test in the right way and get the payout instantly.

You will get paid every Friday through PayPal

Trymyui have few tools that will make your work easier and help you to get more experienced so that you can do this testing work for a long time like a side job

11. Become A Diet Food Expert And Make $150 Per Referral

To become a diet food expert you don’t have to study for a long time because all you have to do is read, learn and share the food benefits.

So that people attract on the tasty diet food and start their diet eating plan without any fear.

If you notice that people are investing almost thousands of bucks on their diet food plan every day, they are still unable to get their health under control despite the right amount of healthy foods and diet plans or they are boring filing to eating their diet plan food for some time.

That they are moving away from the diet plan within a few days.

But what can you do if you have the access hundred of real success stories that they are losing their weight and become a healthy fit person in a few months eating food like: hamburger, grilled chicken sandwich, double chocolate caramel bar, pepperoni pizza melt, Italian sausage, and turkey pepperoni pizza, ice cream sandwich 100 + more yes this is the food that makes people overweight and unhealthy but people are still like this food that’s why you have the access all of this food that people can eat again without gaining their weight.

Because all are diet food with the same test and that looking delicious anyone would like to start the diet food eating plan and become a healthy fit person in a month.

What you have to do is find those people who are interested in eating delicious food but they also want to lose weight just invite them with your referral link and you will make $150 for every single people who start plan so how to do it.

Nutrisystem is providing this awesome diet food plan so that people can lose their weight in under 28 days they are providing varieties of delicious food like fruits, vegetables, nuts, fresh meat for breakfast, lunch, dinner so that people feel the same taste and eat the tasty food again and again but end of the month they will lose weight with confident.

You can start making money to become their affiliate.

So create a free account in affiliate marketplace Linkshare.Com or Cpafull.Com after creating an account search this keyword “Nutrisystem” and get your referral link to start making money.

So now simply log into your Facebook account and search group with this keyword “Diet food” “Healthy food”

Then you will see lots of groups in which groups already have 100k, 500k + members who are sharing their daily lifestyle, recipes, and food list.

So joint 5 to 10 groups so that you can start sharing your referral link to get real peoples like comments, share and when somebody joins with you link you will earn $150 instantly.

Also, in the Pinterest group, you can promote your link in the best way that’s why I will say learn how to create a landing page in under 5 minutes + how to create pins that go viral and start promoting in Pinterest and search the group board in the same way as Facebook.

12. Become A Freelance Writer

Almost everyone has some knowledge about writing because when you studied as a kid then you had to read a book and next one by one-word writing you have increased your knowledge.

As you know I am sharing with you make money ideas that help you to start a side job I personally not a good writer and English is not my first language.

When I was in high school I always passed in English with the low grade but to be honest if you have the motivation that you can do it?

Then you can beat anything.

When I start writing in the fast its feels like OK I can not do it, there are lots of grammar error, lots of mistakes I made but step by step when I take this writing as a study, that I passed or fail I have to continue writing in something that can help me more to grow knowledge.

I start learning YouTube and Google how to become an expert writer step by step I start using Google translator to translate my language into English then I start using Grammarly extinction that helps me to correct my Grammarly mistakes step by step I complete 600-word article in a week.

After doing lots of hard work and practice over again and again now I can write 2k words article in one day with confidence.

If you go to Fiverr.Com, Peopleperhour.Com then you will see almost millions of big companies, brands, owners looking for a writer who will write only 500 to 600 articles for their business promotion or in a topic.

They are ready to pay $10 to $15 dollar for it.

And some professional Fiverr pro writers make $100 to $500 only writing 500 to 100-word articles.

So if you try to start writing there is a big chance that you can make money become a freelance writer or you can start your own blog to earn passive income.

13. Star Transcription As A Side Job

Transcription job is really easy where you don’t need any kind of experience or advanced skills.

So What You Have To Do To Make Money?

Some companies will give you a video to watch then you have to convert the video into a text file.

Just listen to the audio and write what you are listening in a text file then submit the work to the company and get paid for your transcription job.

Rev is a good website where different companies, video markets come with their audio and video file so that rev company helps them to convert the files into a text.

Who are interested to make money as a freelancer they join in rev.Com/freelancers and apply for the job.

So there is a great chance to make money because already they have lots of clients who are continuously like to work with rev.Com

But how much money you can make?

And how to get it to start for free? For more, you can read my details Review

If you want to make $5 to $25 per hour doing this transcription job then transcribe anywhere will care you more

If you are serious to take action? Start this mini-course to get a details idea!

14. Earn Money By Sharing Your Honest Opinion

Now different companies and brands are looking for the user who will review their product and give them honest feedback and for this, they are ready to pay money.

A company have lots of different product but if user doesn’t like the product then it’s not going to help them to make profit that’s why to find them the best product that can sale more or how they can improve their product for future for this they need real user who can help them to find every single detail and share an honest opinion for a good solution.

If you want to do the same then you can join totally for free in mind swarms.

Mindswarms is a product research website that pays you $50 $100 for completing a 40 – 50-second video and share your opinion.

Basically mind swarms are providing a service to their clients who want to test their product help of a real user.

Mindswarms also looking for freelancers who can help them to review a product and share an honest opinion help of a video because when you will record a video and share your honest opinion, The client will see your video reaction that how you react, what you said, what to upgrade, your emotion, etc.

After creating an account you will always get notified by email with survey price details when a new job is available to start.

15. Teach English Online

You can make up to $25 to $30 per hour only teaching kids online. You can work on your own schedule when you like to teach kids English and give them a proper class to get paid by PayPal.


Go to the VIPKID site click become a teacher create your free account and start making money. Features in Forbes, CNBC, Business Insider.

16. Earn $999 Providing A Slogan

A memorable name is easy to remember for a long time that’s why if you know how to write a memorable tagline or a slogan then you can make a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $999 only for providing a slogan to business owners, clients, company, brands.


Slogan slingers is a platform providing a service to different clients and they are looking for writers who can write a short slogan like…

  • Look like a million bucks. Save Like A Hundred Bucks.
  • The Best Portions Of Your Day.
  • Go Fourth & Rock

Features in Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur Magazine

17. Make Money Watching Videos

Last but not least every day you invest some of your time watching videos and enjoying movies that’s why it’s a friendly job for you that you can do the same to earn extra money.


Earn points watching videos and get paid by PayPal, free to join, As seen on BuzzFeed, ABC.


Give you $5 for sing up bonus different simple tasks available to earn money. Trustful & secure website to earn extra money every single month.


I like to spend my time to grow knowledge!

I just complected my writing about side jobs that pay extra money.

However, if you want to learn how to grow a business in 1 month that will generate $5k – $10 for you? Do all automatically work from home?

Then I will invite you to learn from John Crestani Free Training

If you find the best options for you?

Then let me know write in the comments below!

Be happy😃!😃


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