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Can You Really Make Money With Postloop Or Scam [2020]

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Social media is a good platform to communicate with people and if you have a Facebook account or a Reddit account and if you are already connected with your friends then sometimes if you saw an amazing thing then you post a comment based on your personal opinion.

But doing these comments you didn’t make any money because Facebook and Reddit is a social media platform that made to help people to be happy with friends & family, learning news information and all updates.

Like this same way post loop website made to earn points doing the same commenting on other people post. You can easily make $0.08 per post I read some of the real people testimonials who are still working on post loop one person profile name “Zhen25” said “I made $10 in just 4 days”

PostLoop user Zhen25 said I made $10 in just 4 days

And in the last words, he said “Love with post loop” but let me ask you are you satisfied with only $10?

If I give you my personal opinion you can make little money from this post loop website but if you have a big mindset? Then I will request you to avoid this website & invest your valuable time gaining knowledge and growing skills.

What Is Postloop?

Postloop is an exchange marketplace for blog owners & forum owners and who are interested to make money as content writers. Let me give you an example suppose you are a blog owner so you can use the post loop to attract more real comments + visitors to your blog. That helps you to get rank on google and help you to learn people really liking your post or not.

Like this same way forum owners can attract more posts to their forum.

So that they can help many people to read, learn, educated from their helpful information.

Postloop monitors automatically all the exchange of posts and comment so that blog owners and forum owners get the best benefit they are looking for.

If you have a blog and you want more visitors who will love your blog post and published valuable comments that help your site to get top one google? So that you make more money? Then the post loop will help you to achieve your goals quickly.

If you are interested to make money then you can join the post loop as a content writer. What you have to do is you will see lots of different blog post and forums just go to a post read the post properly and write a good comment or go to a forum chose a topic write few words & tips that’s it for this you will earn money.

Postloop has requirements if you want to earn money as a writer you have to be good in English grammar. You can join anytime from anywhere in the world all countries are accepted.

Just help people to build their audience and get cash in your pocket. All of your post loop earning money you will get paid via PayPal you must have to earn at least $5 to request for a withdrawal.

Postloop Review Quick Summary:

Name: Postloop
Site: Https://www.postloop.com
Owner: Not Found
Category: Traffic Exchange Site
Price: Free To Join As A Writer
Best For: Who Are Interested To Make Money Writing And Commenting On Their Personal Opinion
Rating : 1 / 5
Recommended: No


Postloop site creation date 2010 they are helping website owners & forums owners to increase traffic engagement and writers are making money sharing an opinion. But you have to learn the truth that is you really going to make money or you are wasting your time for a penny. To give you original source of proof I research and find real users review that will help you to understand to take better action.

“Kaka135” a real user said he got a payment from post loop and it’s good to know but how much time he sped to make this amount?

Kaka135 a real user of PostLoop share his $10 payments proof
PostLoop User “Kaka135” Share $10 Payments Proof

It almost takes 13 days to make $10 this means he makes $1 a day no way very low earning

Another real user comments I found in YouTube post loop review video name: “Finn Resnick” share his opinion that he is really disappointed he post 10 comments that were required to qualify. Postloop sends him a short message after 2 days and telling him that he failed to qualify because his post is too short. At a time didn’t qualify him and immediately deactivated his account then he tries to send a message to complain about this is unfair treatment. But they didn’t allow him to send them a message and he is now recommended to stay away from this site.

PostLoop user Finn Resnick share his opinion said stay away from this site
PostLoop user “Finn Resnick,” said: Stay away from this site

Now as you know post loop is paying a little amount of money and sometimes they are taking action and avoiding users because they need more quality and good content.

Which this means the post loop has all the power to do what they want they need all good quality users, need good in English, you need to qualify for post comments but they are paying only a few $ cents for hard work. This is totally rubbish & unfair.

You cannot expect to earn $200 from this site, because post loop smartly using innocent people to make money from blog owners and forums owners.

What Is Inside Postloop?

Here is the inside look of the post loop after creating your account you will see some options in your dashboard.

Postloop Inside look
Postloop Inside look

Some important options are…

  • Your user dashboard

You can deposit funds, you can see all receive points, your subscription, withdraw funds = where you can see your points and you can exchange these points into money. You must have at least 100 points in your account to withdraw money. Amount per point: $0.05 what this means 100 point x $0.05 = $5 USD

But if you earn $5 then you have to complete another step where you have to be good in user rating to withdraw the amount. Your user rating mast has to be 3.71 if not you can’t cash out.

If you are a website owner or forum site owner then you can add your site to increase more traffic, for this, you have to buy points and deposit funds.

To earn more money they have a referral option where you can invite your friends who are interested in commenting, writing work & interested to make money? Then you can invite them and you will earn 20% of the commission of all the points they earn.

  • Content

If you need a good article for your website then you can buy from this post loop site because they have the option to “Get articles and content for your site” also you can write quality content for others website and make money and deposit fund option also available if you want to buy points for content.

  • Ratings

In rating option, you can give other people ratings just go to the option add their post loop username and comments then click reply and go button that’s it. The same way you can earn ratings from ratings received options.

  • Statistics

From site owner summary options you can see post received, points lost, $ spent, daily, weekly, monthly statistics

  • Writer summary

From writer summary options you can see a post made, points earned, total earning, daily, weekly, monthly statistics

And in the Postloop portal options, you will see forum categories to start writing in a topic & make money

Categories are:

  • Entertainment
  • Technology & internet
  • Forum admin
  • Writing & freelancing
  • Miscellaneous
  • Lighter things

If you are an expert writing any of this topic then you can start writing in the forum and earn points to make money.

But honest part is I didn’t like the post loop website inside look they have old look it’s looking like you are interested in making money with a website that 30 years old.

If you go to their testimonials page you will see they didn’t update new people’s testimonials and all the testimonials are too old 2014, 2015, and last update testimonials are 2016 which means people are not interested in this site and they are avoiding it.

If you have a good mindset then I will recommend you to learn affiliate marketing and invest your time in gaining knowledge.

My Recommendation

Is There Any Support?

In the post loop official website homepage, they already have 2 support options where you can directly connect with them by email: [email protected] or you can send a message to Postloop contact if you face any problems.

Postloop said they already have over 100,000 freelance writers are available to complete your project quickly as soon as possible if you need real traffic & comments for website its good information but still, they are not updating their website.

If you have an interest in this post loop site? Then I will recommend you created a demo account like me and view their website from inside properly then you will understand that this website is not going to make you happy you will feel old & boring.

Postloop Alternative Site To Make Money?

I know lots of people have interested in this post loop website or they are looking for an alternative for some reason some people get suspended from post loop and some of the people didn’t qualify to post comments. If you are one of them then not to worry I am going to show you an idea that proven to make money doing the same work over and over again.

Fiverr.Com is the best alternative site to make good money.

Let me show you a proof she is making $5 only posting 10 positive comments in a YouTube video

A Fiverr user making $5 only posting 10 positive comments in a youtube

Almost 6 orders she complected and 2 orders in the queue so let’s calculate 6 x 5 = 30$ she earns only commenting on YouTube and it’s an easy work anyone can comments on YouTube without facing the problem.

So create a gig on Fiverr and start work.

And if you are good at English and you can at least write 500 words then I have the idea of another gig for you where are you can make more money only writing articles for blogs.

Here she is making $175 only for 500 words almost 84 orders complected lets calculated 84 x 175 = $14,700 earn doing this lazy work… Why you are waiting for my friends take action!

A Fiverr user making $175 only for 500 words

Look if you saw your last 1-week Facebook chat history then you will see that you almost write more then 2000 words with your friends with a different topic.

But for this writing work, you have to write 500 words for 1 topic and it’s easy just practice 2 – 3 times you can easily write more than 1000 words.

Who Is Perfect For Postloop?

  • If you are a website/forum owner who is interested to send more traffic, engagement, comments to make the site more profitable then you can use this post loop website.
  • If you are struggling with your blog because after doing hard work you are not getting anything then you can use post loop site to boost blog to get google or other search engine traffic.
  • If you want to make a few dollars everyday commenting on other people think then you can use this post loop site.

Who Is Not Perfect For Postloop?

  • You want to make $500 a day or more? And you want to grow your skills than avoid this site and stay with your mindset to move forward for something big.
  • If you are already a good content writer who can write a thousand words a day then I will recommend you go on fiverr.Com and create your gigs because in the post loop they will pay you a penny for your hard work.
  • If you are new & want to be a good freelance writer you are here in the post loop to make money? Then avoid this site because of other big market places like PeoplePerHour.com, Upwork.Com, Freelancer.com will pay you more.

Postloop Is A Scam?

If I give you an honest answer then this post loop website is not a scam but I already share real user payment proof that how he is making $1 every single day. But I don’t know why this user doing hard work only for $1 I think he is a lazy person who doesn’t want to learn new things.

No matter which works you choose to make money once you have some experience then you must have to focus to earn more money step by step. But after doing hard work over and over again if there is no chance to make more? Then it’s like a car running at high speed without fuel & you don’t have the opportunity to increase earning in the post loop.


Money is an important part of life so make a change in your life to make good money with value.

Start affiliate marketing, learn, grow skills, and take action to make more over and over again.

In affiliate marketing, you have the opportunity to make $100, $1000 even more with confidence.

Just you have to understand how to do everything in the right way.

Ok that’s it for now

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