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Nowadays we spend time to do something good online.

You will find very attractive ads on Facebook, Instagram and on different websites where different brands are trying to sell their products.

Noracora Clothing Review [Noracora.com] SCAM Or Legit

Like this way Noracora.Com is a website & selling dresses, shoes, sweaters, sandals, pants, jewelry to their customers.

Through online advertising, they come up with ideas about the customer, then they show them the product they value according to the customer’s choice. Which they would love to buy online and as a result, many of us pay the bills online and easily buy the product we need.

  • But you have to learn the truth that the product you will receive is it really made with real materials?
  • You will really get the right product or not?

That’s why I am going to reveal the truth that helps you to avoid online shopping scams.

What Is Noracora? How Do They Work?

Noracora is a fashion brand for women, their company located in the UK. Noracora claiming that they are an international B2C fashion shopping destination founded in 2016. Selling their product to a global customer and most of them are from America, Europe, Australia their company main focus is sale quality product to customer that they would like to buy and all the trending product will be available based on customer choice if customers happy buy from them then they are also happy, their main focus is customer satisfaction so that they can buy the right product, right design, get the professional service.

Now online there are lots of competitors and every single company or shopping is trying to provide them that they are best, and they will provide the best product and customer service. So that customer doesn’t get any problem and always they will recommend them they are the number one recommended company. You should buy from them they will give you lots of discount and coupon code.

When you will visit noracora website instantly you will see get “Happy new year discount” here is the coupon code [20% off Code: NY20].

Then a few days later when you will visit then you will see more discount offers like purchase $100 and gate 20% discount shop now from noracora.

You will get free shipping if you purchase $200 product and in a different way, they are advertising on Facebook, Google to show you different product ads so that you attract and click to add to cart button and make a purchase.

  • But the honest thing is still you will not find who is the owner of this Noracora.Com website
  • You will not find the contact phone number
  • You can’t connect with them directly phone calls and learn more about their company background.

If noracora is a good company then they should have phone numbers on their website, live online support, so that customers can connect with them.

When I try to find their social profile saw they have a Facebook page & Apps in Google play store and find a phone number: +54 9 260 463-3654 on their Facebook page about section but still there is the confusion they will be not available! Because they are not active on the Facebook page and the last post they published on 3 august 2018 it is too old.

Noracora has multiple Facebook pages to make people fool because when I read customer comments they just reveal the real truth here are you can read.

Noracora customers post comments on their facebook page
Customers Revealed The Truth!

If you want you can check out yourself here

Customers recommending that please do not ever shop with this company’s biggest rip-off and cutting customers’ pockets showing expensive photography companies should be removed from doing business.

Honesty noracora has no company even they don’t have any team to work together and provide customers’ good service, they don’t have any physical shop in any location because they are doing all online and I am going to show you the proof in few points later.

Noracora Review Quick Summary:

Site: Noracora.com
Owner: Not Found
Shop Location: Not Found
Product For: Women
Refund: 15 Days
Contact: [email protected]
Coupon Code: Available
Rating : 0 / 5
Recommended: No


Shopping online reduces your hassle and makes it easier for you to find your favorite product at home. However, if you are cheated, there is definitely a matter of verification.

Noracora said they are providing the latest quality product to their customer this is totally false pick up line, they are only providing some good looking professional editing photos to grab customer trust & attention so that they purchase the product.

Then what happened here is the proof of details.

When I trying to find real customer reviews then I saw a recent review that a customer just published 4 hours ago.

  • Name “Faby madrigal”: What the hell is going on?

As you know to get the product in your home first you have to pay the bills then add your shipping information after doing the same she didn’t receive the product and it has been more than two month she didn’t receive anything, now she never again going to order anything, just waste hard-earned money.

Faby madrigal Noracora customer said she just waste just hard-earned money

So if you order your product and do not get it on time, then, of course, you will not have any trust in this website. Because when they behave with you that they will easily send your product to the right place? and you trust this website to take a decision of purchasing.

That means you have to understand that they are in such a position & make you trust fully to them to sell their product. You get the real results that they are actually cheating when you don’t get your product timely.

Noracora Customer Reports!

  • Customer name: “Terry” Do not buy anything from this or any similar company

The picture in noracora side is looking great but the actual clothes are terrible and don’t look anything the same as the picture she has seen. She ordered 5 items and receive 4 of them but she decides to refund the ugly product. She sent it back to the return address on the label and don’t get a refund because it did not go to China.

Terry Noracora customer said Do not buy anything from this company

Now focus on his reports on why she tried to return to the China address? as you know noracora.com they are from the UK, which this means help of their website they are only showing a good picture to provide value & good quality product but actually they are making people fool because people are purchasing the product seen the picture and paying high price and after receiving customer order they provide them cheap China products with same design. This is a big scam and breaking people’s trust giving a duplicate product.

More customers are sharing their reviews that you cannot return anything they are using an illegal disclaimer on their website, the cloth is poor quality and when the product arrived they look nothing like the picture and if you try to the email they will directly ignore you.

Noracora their main plan shows people cheap deals and discount like 46% off 69% off for your next purchase. In this way they are advertising on the different websites then when you will click and visit the website they will show you more coupon code to crack your brain. Then show you some expensive, luxury dress that anyone will be happy to buy at a lower price but in reality when you will order they will send you to duplicate product making from china.

What Is Noracora Return Policy?

If you visit noracora website return and exchange page then they will welcome you with thank you for shopping.

Then again pickup lines “Noracora online shop provide unique fashion, products, from independent designer back by high-quality material” this pick-up line is totally fake that I already share with real customer evidence.

Now they will show you another option


  • Easy exchanges

Need a different size or colors then you have no hassle-free exchange as long as in stock. Which this means if you want you can exchange colors or size but that is not happening with real customers.

  • Fast refund option

They said they will refund you the original payment method within a week this is totally false because still, you don’t know their shop location address how you will refund and return the product to their address?

Within 15 days from the delivery date product can be returned or exchanged, the buyer responsible for return shipping cost this is all going to learn and provide value to the customer.

Still, they didn’t provide the details address or how to refund to their shop end of the page they just add an email address that for more question, issue please don’t hate to connect with this email.

The Truth Revealed!

  • Here “Renee” said “I PAID SHIPPING TO CHINA” now it’s clear that the product is coming from China and if you want to return then you have to send it in the same address

Noracora customers Renee also get china product

What Is Inside Noracora.com?

After creating a free account to learn the real truth they just email me a welcome email with the title: welcome to noracora! Enjoy 10% off your 1st order now! They are providing some latest, best-selling products that people already purchased from them and I learned the truth that they are also using Shopify to manage their business.

Which this means noracora is a third party website and providing service to the customer using expensive cloth imagination because all of this product is made in China with cheap price and all the support, store management they get the help of Shopify. Anyone can start an eCommerce business help of Shopify just they have to pay some monthly bill and all product listing, designs, categories, Shopify will handle that’s why noracora just using Shopify to manage their business and make money

Shopify is legal e-commerce service provider but noracora is doing wrong because the way they are acting that they are a big company and providing lots of value but they are not showing their face, social profiles, youtube channels still don’t share who is the owner of the website, they don’t share their phone number, and this is clear that if customer doesn’t get the right product paying bills then they will report and say again and again that they are doing fraud and scam.

Here some websites are doing the same business and all of the customers are reporting the same way.

Noracora Is A Scam?

After doing research and reading customer reports I think noracora is providing low-quality products. Many customers don’t realize that they just order a duplicate material product. Some of the customers are directly pointing them that noracora is doing scam.

Also didn’t accept returned and refund and customer who is trying to send the product they don’t find the real return address and after connecting with the email they return the product in the same address that comes from china that cost some money to return the product. So when they connect with noracora customer support again after that they say that we didn’t receive the returned yet.

If they don’t receive the product they will not refund the money so in total this website is doing bad that customers cannot expect before buying from online & the real experience is really disgusting.


  • Re-targeting people with paid ads
  • Good looking website


  • Showing professional dress photos & sending cheap made product
  • Product photos & received product are not the same
  • Very poor quality customer service
  • Some customer wait over 3 weeks to the received product
  • In noracora product buy options, you will see some recent purchase customer good reviews which are fake
  • They have no company, shop, teams, employee-only doing business online
  • In sitejabber.Com 1,048 people submit a review about noracora site but 784 people share the negative reviews.
  • In trustpilot.com 1,187 people submit a review about noracora site but 91% of people share the negative reviews.


Now you know the real truth and you have the evidence to believe that noracora doing wrong with their customers.

So there is no chance to you waste your money on the duplicate products.

And I have an alternative for you where you will get 40% cashback for every single purchase

You can do shopping online in any category that you like

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And share your noracora experience so that new people know the truth!

Write a few words in the comments below.

Thanks for staying on my blog.

Have a great day!!!

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Avatar
    Loren Matrisu

    This is definitely a scam. I was also scammed by these evil guys from china. Please stay away from it and keep your money safe!

  2. Avatar
    Rachael Fielding

    Today is 6/18/20: I have an open dispute with Noracora via PayPal currently. I placed an order in 5/5/20 and they immediately withdrew money from my account but to date I still have no solid evidence that my items have actually shipped.

    I made purchases 6 weeks in advance for a vacation which has now come and gone. Once I started to become suspicious I began trying to contact customer service for information – no reply. I sent multiple emails to customer service for support but never received a response until I involved a 3rd party for mediation. Initially the emails I received were not specific to my issue and listed a wide variety of vague excuses for why shipping was delayed, however once the mediation process began rolling with PayPal I was finally given tracking numbers (one for in China, and another for once it arrived at U.S. customs) that don’t work or tell me where the package is in transit – just where it is not: it hasn’t reached customs in San Francisco as of 5/18/20 and hasn’t been updated to date).

    Because PayPal encouraged me to try to mediate with the seller to settle this matter I tried to be reasonable and followed this advice: big mistake because it gave the company more time to delay and utilize unnecessary delay tactics. The only response I kept receiving from this company was to tell me to be patient, and they continued to send the useless tracking numbers until I realized this could drag on for a very long time without resolution and me out $115.00.

    I didn’t realize until after my problems began that Noracora lists a 10 business day processing window (i.e. 12 days provided there are no holidays in that particular line up of days) and a 25 business day shipping window (31 days, again provided there are no holidays in the line up, which there was) bringing expected arrival to 43 days, however we are now on day #48 currently and no items in sight.

    I officially elevated the case to a dispute on 6/13/20 requesting a full refund but now the company has initiated radio silence (they have until 7/2/20 to respond to PayPal and I believe they intend to continue to delay and take every day available to them).

    Today while looking at my order on the Noracora website (which still says processing by the way on day #48) I realized that the review section is nonfunctional and thus has zero ratings for their clothing (how did I miss that?).

    I wish I bothered to research this company before doing business with them but honestly I never expected this to happen. No one appreciates being ripped off or deceived, as a result of this rather unfortunate experience I will no doubt be researching online companies I have never done business with in future before considering entrusting them with payment – including how long shipping is expected to be. How sad is it that people can’t just be honest in their business practices and dishonest companies that don’t readily reveal that they are in another country and therefore not subject to sanction can continue to rip off plenty of people every single day.

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