Welcome to my Naming Force Review!

Grow a business online for passive income is the best choice for a smart person.

It takes some time to understand and do all thing in the right way.

That’s why doing some simple task online to make money as like typing a name and earn $200 could be a good choice who are interested to make little money.

Naming Force Review Earn $200 Typing A Business Name Or Scam

Today I am going to share with you that how simple people like you who are interested to make money without any hard work without investing long hours can also make money with their creative ideas that are ready to sell at a high price.

Yes, this is true because business owners and clients are looking for their targeted and dream names that can make them more famous in the future.

That’s why they are ready to pay $200 even $1,000 only for a name.

As you know a business has lots of money and they don’t care for this amounts to pay.

Naming force is the website providing a service to clients who need a name and helping freelancers to earn money who are interested to win a contest.

But to be honest,

Can You Really Make $200 Only Typing A Name In The Naming Force?

Or it’s just an imagination to make people fool?

To show you the proof I am going to share all the evidence so that you can make the right decision and move forward without wasting your valuable time.


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What Is The Naming Force?

For Freelancer:

Naming force is a website that is collecting different business names, brand names, website names help of freelancers. Let’s say you want to make quick money in 7 days doing nothing just you have to type a unique name like KitKat, Snickers then submit this name to naming force & your work is done you have to wait for the contest-winning result.

To do this work you don’t have to invest in any kind of membership plan and you can create your account for free to submit a name. After the end of 7 days, business owners will choose a perfect name for their business and give the winning prize to the freelancer who types the name for them this is how you will make money from providing a name to the business owner’s help of naming force.

For Business Owner:

As you know to start a business there are lots of investing inside. A business owner had to invest thousands of dollars for product materials and other business equipment but the important is they want to make a brand that will be famous in the whole world. That’s why they are looking for a creative name that will be easy for spelling and everyone will remember the name in a short time so that they can sell their product more in the future and make a good profit.

For this solution, they come to the website naming force and start a contest with $200 investing and if they need more features and benefit they invest more money.

When naming force received the order from business owner then they just start a contest based on their requirement to give you an example: let’s say business owner wants to start a chocolate company so he needs a name that will be short and perfect for him so now naming force take his needs and give the requirement to the freelancers so that they understand that which kind of name the business owner really looking for then the 7-day contest just start.

In this 7 day, lots of freelancers join in the same contest and provide their unique name one by one and end of the contest naming force collect lots of name for the business owner then business owner choose a name based on high rating and give the reward to the winning person.

My Recommendation

Naming Force Review Quick Summary:

Name: Naming Force
Site: Https://www.namingforce.com
Owner: Robert Bosch
Category: Crowdsourcing
Service: Business Name Provider
Price: Free For Freelancer / Start Contest With $200 For A Business Owner
Best For: Who Are Looking For A Perfect Name For Their Business
Refund: No
Rating: 2 / 5
Recommended: No


If you’re interested to start a business and you have lots of money to make a brand like KitKat and you are looking for a perfect creative name? Then I will definitely say naming force will help you 100% because when you will start a contest with $200 only you will get a hundred plus ideas of name with a different freelancer from worldwide.

Who is typing this unique name for you so that you like on of them and give the reward price so there is a good chance that you will get a perfect name that can be famous in the future and you will get lots of targeted traffic in your business with confident…

But to be honest, if you are a freelancer who is interested to make money provided name then I would say this is not going to help you to make good money in quickly because in a contest almost hundred of people join and provide a name to make happy the business owner but all the power, all the benefit, all the legal right only have in business owner hand because he has the right to choose 1 name and provide the money to 1 person.

That means let say in a contest 100 people join so the business owner will only choose 1 name and give the $200 as a price and 199 people will not make any money. This means if you join in a contest then you have only a 1% chance to win and make money but the good part is it’s totally free and fun task to provide name and make money and you have multiple options to join others contest and become a winner if you are lucky.

You can win but this is not a serious matter that yes definitely you will make money because I share you the truth that only a 1% chance to win it.

But there is a question why people are recommending this website to make money then let me show you some proof that how simple people are winning a contest and making money so that you feel good.

Naming Force Real Users Opinion!

  • Here is a real user name: “Sassykat” Who wins $100 providing a name for “Leadership development and executive coaching”
Naming Force Real User Name Sassykat Wins $100 Providing A Name
“Sassykat” Wins $100 Providing A Name
  • Another user name: “Willow” Win $100 providing a name for “Short term vacation rental service”

Naming Force Another User Name Willow Wins $100 Providing A Name

Step by step you will see lots of people who are winning a contest easily but the main fact is to win a contest with confidence? You have to learn what business owner really looking for, learn how to provide a name that a business owner will like to pick.

That’s why you need some experience when you will join 2 – 3 contests then you will have some good knowledge that can help you in the future to win a contest without investing any money and totally for free. It’s like a lottery that you submitted name and end of the week there is a chance that you can win so if you take it easy then yes at a time you can win the money as like other people are winning.

But I don’t like this winning imagination because it’s not a good opportunity to make money and most of the time you lose the contest & waste valuable time.

No matter how easy your work but why you will waste 10 minutes for it if you did not get anything? Your time is valuable and you can gain more knowledge that can help you to start passive income online with the continent.

What Is The Inside Naming Force Dashboard?

After creating an account you will see your account dashboard like this where you will instantly see 3 optioned called namer tutorial, system message, logo designer.

Inside Naming Force Dashboard

  • Namer Tutorial

When you click on the namer tutorial option then you will see some text where they are showing what to do or not. So that you understand how this option really work when you will click next option step-by-step they will show you more text and in the last, they will warn you that if you don’t follow they will ban you and show you some example like: if you use duplicate name, use multiple accounts or if you do to bad comment in the client message. Also, if you get high volume rejected from clients over and over again your account will be banned.

  • System Message

If you are thinking that system message is like an option to message a client then it’s not because when I click then I see a popup notification like “Admin message” fast they said to follow their terms and do not do anything bypass or duplicate and doing anything wrong will be definitely against to their rules.

And after clicking the next option they said they will continue to use voting grade and if any client for some reason doesn’t choose a winner the voting grade will help to pick a winner name instantly so that 1 person wins the rewards.

As you know lots of people submit a name in the same contest that’s why they have a voting grade option so that business owners can see high-quality grade help of the grade A, B or C and there is a good chance to win if your name gets a high-quality voting grade.

Next, if you want to become a part of the naming force army then they will show you their t-shirt to buy with $20 and $3 for shipping cost. In this way, they will show you more messages so that you understand what to do next.

And when you will try to start a contest then they will show you that you are new that’s why there is no contest available and if any new contest is started they will email you.

  • Leaderboard

In this option naming force will show all-time winners names their profiles and winning amount money.

  • My Grade

After submitting your name in a contest you can see the number of likes you are getting the more like you get the more grade you will have that will help you to win a contest easily.

In my personal opinion naming force is not the best platform to make money because inside they have lots of high terms that will only demotivate you because they have all the power to do. You are here on the platform to make money without getting any value without learning anything goods. Because I don’t find any kind of video tutorials or blog posts that help you to get better knowledge.

Naming Force Alternative Site To Make Money?

I know lots of people already have an interest in this website because it’s easy to make money only providing a name and they don’t care they win or lose if they win they feel lucky and they happy with it. Lots of naming force users already interested in to join another same website so that they have more chance to win a contest in short time and lots of users already win but they want to enjoy same contest to make more money that’s why let me introduce to you another good website that is providing the same service to business owners and helping freelancers to make money.


Squad help is a famous website and number 1 to provide a good name for business, website, books, service, brands and many more they already feature in Forbes, Chicagotribune.Com, Mashable.Com

Inside squad help dashboard they have more features where you can sell a domain name, a logo, a tagline to the squad help marketplace.

Also, they have an affiliate program where you can make money only referral others who are interested to launch a contest or want to buy a domain name for this you will earn an extra $30 for each new people join and take action.

Still now in Sitejabber.Com squad help have 2,692 reviews and 90% people are happy and giving 5 stars to squad help website.

They have lots of different categories to make money doing the same work that’s why lots of people are joining their website and giving positive reviews and of course, if freelancer makes money then it’s sure that lots of new business owners are getting a solution from squad help.

If you click squadhelp.Com website for one time then you will see different advertising in your Facebook, YouTube or others website they are re-targeting so that you join and get benefit from them and this is good because the brand company always invest their money in advertising so that more people learn educated and take action to make some change.

For some helpful resources, you can read their upcoming blog post and read this free ebook.


Crowdspring is another smart solution for clients who are looking for logos, name, tagline, infographics, poster, banner ads and many more. You can provide the same service here they already feature in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal.


Provided slogans or taglines that are memorable and earn $100 $300 even $999 for a slogan. Featured in CNBC.Com, Entrepreneur magazine


Easily make a simple design based on your choice and sell it to big brands, websites, book owners who are looking for a unique design that will make them perfect.

Do I Like The Naming Force Site?

Let me share with you my deep knowledge so that you know what I really like and what I don’t like about the naming force website when you will visit the website instantly you will see the really good attractive background photo that looks professional.

Then you will see 4 stars 1,420 client ratings and they will share with you whole about naming force in 3 steps that really help any beginners to understand easily.

But it’s really good for business owners who are looking for a name but don’t have any extra opportunity to make money with confidence because they will only pick 1 winner from hundreds of freelancers.

But all of the website design is good and they already share real people profile who is winning a contest.

So they are sharing all the real portfolios and resources that are really good and trustful.

But overall naming force is not good for new freelancers.

So if you need more information you can follow their FAQ so that you get deep knowledge and make the right decision.

I will recommend you to create a free account and try yourself so that you get real-life experience and know what they are doing inside and you have no worry because it’s free to join.

Naming Force Is A Scam?

Naming force definitely not a scam because they are providing a solution to business owners, clients who are looking for a name for their business and for this they are paying in a legal way following naming force terms and conditions.

Business owners, clients have lots of opportunities to choose a perfect name for them they get hundreds of ideas and creative names that freelancer is providing for them.

There is no worry about any kind of duplicate or copyright name because the naming force maintains all the illegal issues so that clients get the real work that they are looking for.

Also, the naming force shares all of their winner’s results and portfolios in their site, so it’s trustful because they don’t hide anything.


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  • Good for finding the profitable name in cheap price
  • Have a grade point to learn the best name based on creative people’s choice
  • Free to join for freelancers
  • It’s like a lottery system to the freelancer to win a contest
  • Sometimes you will provide a good name but you can’t win
  • Only clients will pick a winner based on their choice


Now you can make a good decision that will save you valuable time.

However, if you want to learn how to grow a business in 1 month that will generate $5k – $10 for you? Do all automatically work from home?

Then I will invite you to learn from John Crestani Free Training

Also, share your naming force experience

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