Based on my research mytradeforex.Net is a scam website.

Fake people are now making a different good-looking website to cut innocent people’s pockets.

And if you are beginners? And if you are don’t know how to review a website deeply? Then you should know that without review a website properly if you invest then you can be the next victim of a scam.

That’s always you have to review a website deeply.

Now let me reveal the truth.

Number 1: website founder and owner information is missing.

No matter how the good looking website you see online and no matter how big earning opportunity a website giving you before you do any action always check out who is the real owner or founder of this website you always have to check out who is maintaining the website and you always have to know the team members real identity so that you can trust the website and if you think the website founder is missing and owner is missing and if you don’t find any team members photos & real identity? Then there is no way you can trust a website.

Number 2: fake investment plan.

In the middle of the website, you will see they have 3 investment plans where they are sharing with you a very shocking earning opportunity.

They are giving 120%, 125%, even 130% after 15 days this means if you invest you can make double money in 15 days later which is totally fake because there is no business that can give you this kind of double earning opportunity because showing you this kind of fake earning opportunity they want to cut your pocket just think deeply they didn’t share what they will do with your money they didn’t show who is the real team members of the website they are sharing fake team members photos and they didn’t share any of their team members photos and real identity this means showing you this kind of big earning opportunity they want to cut your pocket.

Number 3: showing you fake payment proof.

On the last of this website, you will see they are sharing real people payment proof which is fake because this kind of payment proof is not real because they are smartly adding this kind of fake payment proof to make you fool so that you believe in them and start investing which is fake because if you verify and think deeply? Then there is no way you can see all of this real person’s profile and there is no way you can verify their payment proof this means they are only adding some fake virtual number and some fake name to make people fool and all of this payment proof is totally fake.

Number 4: no social profile.

They don’t have any social profile like the Facebook page youtube channel so that you can follow them and learn more.

If they are a professional company then always they will fast take care of their users who are investing in their plan.

But there is no social profile so that you can connect with them this means they are smartly making you fool.

And they don’t have any video no real user testimonials and no one recommends this website so why you should trust them?

So based on my research mytradeforex.Net website is a scam.

Sipon Dawyen

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