Make money online reviewing mobile apps its a pretty cool job that helps you to make extra cash a day.

So if you have an interest and you want to make money?

Then when you will create your account in myappaware instantly you will get $2 reward for sign up a free account.

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MyAppAware Review Can You Really Make Money OR SCAM

Reviewing mobile apps is the most easy job that you can have because you don’t need any kind of experience complete your work and earn 2 – 5 dollars a day just submitting your opinion that you are thinking in your mind.

But before you take any action let me share with you some real thing that you really need to know fast. We sometimes see different types of news on TV that this company has created so much money. And if you read magazines and watch news websites regularly you will see how the rate of cheating is increasing day by day and they are cheating with simple people.

So if you find a website that says you can easily earn $ 100 to $ 500, then you should definitely read reviews and check the website.

Because many websites are now arranged in different ways to scam people, they will impress you with money imagination and later share with you some important money-making ideas and later say that if you want to earn money like this, invest $250 to get started.

What Is MyAppAware?

Myappaware is a website that provides service to apps developers because developers have many apps and they need some real people honest opinion so that they can learn what to improve and is there app people really liking or not. What they do is they set up camping in myappaware then reference their apps and choose how many reviews they want. They decided to promote their camping. After that myappaware give this reviewing work to the reviewer so that they can review them properly and give an honest review, like how they feel? Is this app is user-friendly or not? Is there any problem using the app? They like the apps logo or not? After reviewing 1 app you will get paid one $1 – $2 for every review action you take.

MyAppAware Review work details to get paid one $1 - $2

So to start this review work you need an iTunes account and a google play store account so that when you will get free apps instantly you can review it. Myappaware highly recommends that you must have to add a Facebook and twitter id in your account because some of the review actions you have to follow developers twitter and Facebook account to become a fan. All of the review work you have done + bonus rewards you will get paid directly to your PayPal account.

So now you know exactly how to work and how to get paid, however, by doing this you can actually do something good?

If I share my opinion, I would say that by doing these app reviews you can only earn a little money every day. Even this amount of money not going to help you to pay your internet bills.

10 Steps To Make $100 A Day With YouTube (Without Making Any Video)

Myappaware Review Quick Summary:

Name: Myappaware
Site: Https://
Owner: Not Found
Founded: 2010
Category: Mobile Advertising
Bonus: Yes!
Price: Free To Join
Best For: Who Are Satisfied With $5 – $10
Rating : 0 / 5
Recommended: No


Just review apps write 20 to 30 words and get paid that’s how you can make money with myappaware. We download some apps almost every day from the google play store and occasionally download some games that help us to play & learn something new. Now let me asked you what you do to download an app?

  • Step 1: You have a google id in your play store that’s why you are signing in to your account.
  • Step 2: Now you have your own choice that which kind of apps you like to install in your smartphone is it a game or social media apps?
  • Step 3: After taking a decision when you click the install button then you will see the app is downloading in your phone
  • Step 4: Now you open the app and check out how all of the settings, graphics, how all of this think working properly or not. If you feel comfortable then you use the app for a long time and sometimes you go to play store again and give a 5-star rating and write something that you feel good & interested to write.
  • Step 5: you published your opinion in google play store but you did not make any money

Doing this exact same work you will make $2 in myappaware. So easy right?

After publishing your opinion in play store myappaware will review your work and verify your opinion in 24 hours then you will get the payout.

To publish your opinion they will give you 36 hours but after the time end if you fail to write a review? Then you will lose your money so when you choose an app that you enjoy to review? Submit the opinion in a few hours.

If you don’t know how to write a review?

Then let me show you an example.

MyAppAware How to Write a review example
MyAppAware How to Write a review example

Choice any app from myappaware install

l in your smartphone, use the app and check out all the inside things that you like the app? Is there any problem when you try to open it? App moving faster or not? Then you have to write some important information that will help developers to improve their apps for the future.

Do not write any bad thing always give the 5 stars and write a review like a good friendly text.

So you download clash of clans so how to write a review?


“After downloading the app I really like the graphics and inside interface, the app is moving faster I really like level 2 and it will be better if I get more free coins but this game is free to play. Thanks, I enjoy it.”

That’s it so simple work.

To show you some real payments proof I research on google and find 1 user he shares that he received his payment from my myappaware.

MyAppAware Payments Proof
MyAppAware Payments Proof

What Is Inside Myappaware?

I tried to sign up for an account to show you what is inside. But in the signup page, myappaware did not accept new sign up at this moment, and if you want to to be on the waiting list then you can email [email protected]

MyAppAware Inside look

Not to worry I will show you an alternative in a few paragraphs later… So fast learn why they are not approving new members.

If you visit their official website then you scroll down a little bit doing so you will see their history they said they are providing a legit reviewing service for the past 7 years and they are continuously delivering high standard honest reviews for their clients. And they are still going strong.

You can see that myappaware launched in 2011 and 2012-13 they already provide 2000 reviews to the client and after one year later 2014 they provide 3000 campaigns and in 2015-16 they almost deliver 110k reviews in date.

In these 7 years, myappaware do a great job & help their clients to get the best reviews also help the reviewer to make money doing simple review work.

But if you focus on 2017 then you will not see any progress because they say they are still going strong which means the number of people they need there in their company for review work, already exist. So at this time, they are updating their all plans for the future so that they can add more reviewers at work.

So for more details, I search on YouTube and find one person old review video he shares her earning proof that he makes money working in myappaware

So when a user fast logs in then they will be on the page called the dashboard. It will show some features that the user might be able to download and they will remind the user how to acts on an app and tell them the summary about the apps that the user will review.

In the repository option where users can see available apps for reviewing and pending to be reviewed and apps that have been reviewed that are in waiting to complete an action. So when a user wants to review an apps from repository categories to make money they have to push the review button starts to work complete writing reviews, then it will be added into the pending review section and myappaware will say that user has 2 days to complete review work and after that, they will get paid by PayPal.

Also, they have a referral option if user want to make money referrals friends or others then it’s a good opportunity

In the payment option, myappaware will give the user access to add PayPal account and after scroll down a little bit, the user can see all the work history that how much money they make, all reviews, payout, etc.

I will recommend you to watch this details video so that you understand how to do everything & use the same experience in alternative review apps site.

Do I Like Myappaware Site?

When I saw their website, I liked it quite a bit because after visiting the website I could easily see some steps that clearing how to register an account and how to work. They have a good Slide-share photo option where I can go next and previous to see the simple steps they have some opportunity and resource for the developer and some guidelines for a reviewer.

To save time myappaware already add a Facebook sign-in button so that anyone can sign-in the account with Facebook.

And when I go to their service page I found some options like “High-quality apps for free” and they cleared everything step-by-step through some guidelines and some detail pictures.

The most amazing is the fact that whenever I mouse over a picture, it zooms in which helps to see the image in a more accurate and clean way.

If user-facing problems or if they have any kind of question then the FAQ + contact option ready to will help.

But now they are not taking any new users on their website so, you can not make money from here.

Updates! Account Suspended!

Last time when I visited their website I saw that their website now died. Account Suspended!
NOW You Can Not Make Money With

Myappaware Alternative Site To Make Money?

Yes, I will now introduce you to another site where you can earn up to $ 10 per review if you work.


User testing is a website where you can make money testing website and mobile app

What you have to do to make money?

After creating your account in the dashboard you will see some work details and summary then follow and apply for the qualification. Once you get approved then you can start a test. They will give you a screen record software then you have to record work screen and voice when you are testing website, apps. After that simply give your honest opinion and after complete work submit the recorded video in the server. The user-testing team will review your work and pay you $10 to $60 for each task you complete.

The good part is you can start work in your PC, Mac, or in your smartphone android, IOS work part-time when you want.

Get paid every week directly to your PayPal account.

I already write a review about user testing if you want you can read the full details.

UserTesting Review

Some qualification they need

  • You have to be good at English speaking
  • You have to give an honest review
  • You need to have a good internet connection

My Recommendation To You!

You cannot make good amount of money working on this kind of apps reviewing sites. But if you want to do something better, I have a proven road map.

You can start learning affiliate marketing. If you can do affiliate marketing well then you can make a lot of money at a time.

For the solution, I will invite you to in John Crestani Super Affiliate System and watch all of her affiliate marketing video tutorials that help you to make money with confidence.

Myappaware Is A Scam?

Myappaware not a scam because they are providing a good service to developers and their clients. When you will visit their official website instantly you can see all of their working progress and details and they already have 7 years of proof and confidence that they are providing service to the real human. They help developers and reviewers to grow their myappaware community so that both of them get the benefits they are looking for. Hope in the future they will approve more people to work on their site.

  • Myappaware is a trustable website
  • They have easy guidelines for both app reviewers & app developers
  • Pay you in 24 hours if you complete 1 review
  • Not approving new members
  • No new updates from them have been received since 2016


Myappaware website is now suspended and you cannot take any action until they share with you the updates. If you are an old user? Who works with them for a year? Then now you should choose an alternative to make money.


Share your myappaware experience

So that people can learn the truth

Write a few words in comments

Thanks for your time!✌🏻

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