Minex.world Payment Proof Withdraw Is Minex A SCAMM ((Honest Review))

Minex.World is a scam website. Do not invest in this website to make quick money because it’s a fake website to cut your pocket.

Make money online investing in a plan and get double money in few days? It’s an easy job for beginners.

But before you lose your valuable time and money I want to warn you that this minex. World website is risky to invest.

If you are thinking to invest in a website you will make money quickly then you must be experienced to review a website deeply because no one wants to lose their hard-earned money.

First of all minex.World it’s not a trust full website to earn money.

Now let me reveal the truth

Number 1: fake investing plan

If you scroll down and check out all of the investment plans? Then you will be shocked because they are giving you the very big opportunity to make quick money they are giving 3%, 4%, 7%, even more, to earn money if you invest in their website which is totally an imagination so that you invest money and they cut your pocket because there is no quick way to make quick money investing in a website.

Just think deeply if they had a system? That can help you to make double money? Then why not they are investing in their own system to make money for them why not they are using their own system to make for themselves? Because there is no system that can help you to make quick money and they are promoting this kind of fake plan to you so that they can easily cut your pocket.

Number 2: website founder and owner information is missing.

No matter how the good looking website you see online and no matter how big earning opportunity a website giving you before you do any action always check out who is the real owner or founder of this website you always have to check out who is maintaining the website and you always have to know the team members real identity so that you can trust the website and if you think the website founder is missing and owner is missing and if you don’t find any team members photos & real identity? Then there is no way you can trust a website.

Number 3: bad reviews on Trustpilot.

Real people, who try this website to make money? They are now giving bad reviews on Trustpilot here you see.

Lots of people are saying they are not getting paid from this website lots of people are saying their account is suspended lots of people are saying they cannot log in to their account.

All of these people are claiming that this website is a scam and they are using a fake mining boat inside to make people fool and all of their plans are fake to cut your pocket because they are not paying anyone.

Number 4: fake payment proof.

Showing fake payment proof is another smart idea for bad people because showing fake payment proof they cut innocent people pocket because when you will see their payout history then you will see lots of people username and amount but there is no way you can verify and all of this users are hidden so you don’t have opportunity to connect with them and talk to them to learn the real truth and you will not find any social profile of them so this means all of this payment proof can be fake to achieve your trust.

Number 5: no good support.

If you invest in this website then you will realize and learn the truth because they will not give you any good support they don’t have any contact phone numbers only providing support using an email which is not professional as you know the professional company will always give you support and their personal assistant will help you to understand all of their company plans but and you don’t know what they will do with your money and how they are making money so all of this information is missing and there is no real photo of a working team member who is making money.

So based on my research minex. World website is a scam.

Sipon Dawyen

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