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Welcome to Microworkers Review!

Everyone needs money so that they can do something they like.

Money is the key that helps you to open a secret box and achieve new presents.

In this way, if you want to make money doing a 1 –  5-minute simple task, then you can easily earn $2,$ 5, $10 $15 a day work on microworkers.

Microworkers Review 2020 - Can You Really Make Money Or SCAM

Then step by step you can use this little money as a key to open your presents box.

Microworkers already have thousands of simple jobs with different categories based, most of the job you can complete within a minute that’s why they called it “Micro job” there are lots of different jobs you can start most famous jobs are data entry, data providing, data matching, buyers requirement data collecting, transcription, survey, research, commenting on social media post, watch YouTube video and hit like button, etc. This the simple job you can do to earn extra money a day.

You don’t need any kind of advanced skills for the completed job. All you need a few minutes from your free time when you want to make money?

Login to your account start work as a freelancer then simply do your work complete the task and get paid.

If you search on google to recharge that how much time everyday people spend on Facebook? Then you will get the right answer that daily Facebook user spent almost 41 minutes per day on the Facebook app, and who love Facebook? The spent hours.

Now let me ask you how much time you spent on the last week on social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram?

Lots of time you spent I know and you like to communicate with your friends if you think that your friend uploads a new picture then definitely you liked it & put good comments. On YouTube you almost watch some creative video that makes you feel happy then you add a comment & some times you share the video on Facebook.

But doing this all you did not make any money? Right!

But now you have the opportunity to make money doing the same work that you do in the last week, yes! Employers will give you some tasks like: go to this video watch for 5 minutes and add a comment you will make 50 cents to $1 to complete this task. Really enjoyable & fun job.

Before you take any action, in this article I am going to share with you some true fact that you must need to know about Microworkers.Com

What Is Microworkers?

Microworker is an international online platform where you can join for free, anyone can join from any country and can be a member without paying for any kind of membership plans.

Choose your micro job from different categories, read employer requirement to complete the job, spend your free time to earn money over and over again.

Who Is The Employer?

Small business owners, YouTubers, apps developers, video makers, Facebook page owners, Instagram users and who want to pay money to workers so that they can help to complete their simple task.

Who Are The Workers?

Anyone who is interested to make money completing each simple task. You know good people always like to help others and they feel happy & proud to do this

Microworkers already have a success rate features where you have opportunity to get positive rates from the employer, that help you to instant approval for any work you apply to start. But if you get a negative success rate sometime you will not get approval for work. However, if you want to complete the jobs goodly? Want good rates?

Then must-read employer’s work details then apply for the work after completing the work if the employer satisfied with your work? You will easily achieve a positive success rate with confident.

My Recommendation To You!

Microworkers Review Quick Summary:

Site: Https://www.microworkers.com
Owner: Nhatvi Nguyen
Website Creation Date: 12-nov-2007
Start A Successful Journey: 2010
Category: Micro Job
Bonus: Yes!
Price: Free
Best For: Anyone
Rating : 2 / 5
Recommended: No


Microworkers most of the users who are still working on their platform they are basically like data entry kind of job that easy to do to make quick cash. They are adding new jobs day by day on their website. You will get all of the updates on their Facebook page because they share all the benefits, how to work, how much will earn all information they share in their blog and publish the post on Facebook. Recently published a blog post like “Good news for us and Canadian microworkers” they have the opportunity to start an online photo privacy research job. A worker can earn $7.50 it will take 15 – 20 minutes to completing the job.

Also, they have a video & audio transcription job where you will get a video then you have to listen to the audio then convert into the text to complete the work.

They Have Some Fun Simple Job Like

  • Subscribe to be YouTube channel earn $0.05
  • Share this post on Facebook earn $0.05
  • Sign up to this website earn $0.20
  • Comments on this blog – link to the site – share the screenshot earn $0.16
  • Create a Gmail account earn $0.10
  • Follow a music artist on Spotify music $0.11
  • Download this ios app – install – share the screenshot earn $0.41

But not everyone like there works here is a real user name: Temitope Balogun said microworker is a scam he is trying to withdraw money for 4 days and they are not paying him, tries to connect with them by email but they ignore him he is now recommended that stays away from this site because you will not get paid after doing right work.

Microworker User Temitope Balogun Said Microworker Is A Scam
“Temitope Balogun” Said Microworker Is A Scam!

Here is another real user name: Nina said; she is recommending that do not waste your time you will not get paid she have been members in micro workers science 2013 start work complete some easy task and almost earn $13 then request payout then microworkers send a message that she has to pins verify to get paid she did not receive any pin she already shares the review proof pictures.

Microworker User Nina Said Do Not Waste Your Time

So How To Get Paid From Microworkers?

To get paid you must have to earn at least $9

  • Skrill
  • Dwolla
  • Paypal
  • Local funds transfer via Transbay
  • Payoneer

In order to get paid by Payoneer, you have to earn at least $20

If you reach this balance then you have to verify pin in order to active withdrawal request the pin will mail to your home mailing address after placing your fast withdrawal request. Then it will take 1 to 4 weeks to receive in your hand. After completing the pin verification process then you can withdraw the money. But if you don’t get the pin to your address? Then you can request a new pin with a $2 fee, they will cut this fee from your account.

Also, you can use your money to start your own campaign. You can be an employer of the same account. If you want to get your work done? Then add work details, set paying the amount, add a work verification process and publish your campaign.

In my personal opinion if you work in a micro worker for a few days you will understand that you cannot make $50 $100 a day working hard. That’s why my recommendation is you should avoid this website, invest your time in the more valuable work to make good money. Working microworkers there is no chance that you can grow your knowledge & skills because you will get the same little, tiny, penny work over and over again.

What Is Inside Microworkers?

This is how you will view your dashboard when you open your account. On their website, they have set up a few options that will help you get to know the step by step how to work, what to do, how to withdraw money, etc.

Inside Microworkers
Inside Microworkers
  • Jobs – In this option, they have different categories like most paying, latest, best rates, also, have more subcategory line with details work like mobile application, testing, qualification, Facebook, Twitter, blog, website, search, google, YouTube, yahoo, comment on blog, download & install, write article,+ many more and even see all the job names, payment details, success rate, all of the lists inline 1 to 50 or more.
  • Task I finished – In this option, you will see which job you just complete and all the details and all previous work history.
  • My campaigns – It’s for employers to use this option to provide work to workers.
  • Deposit
  • Withdrawal
  • Account setting

Also, they add a new API option on their site Etc.

You will see many videos on YouTube about microworkers, people recommending to work on their site, but at the end of the video, they say that by working on this site you can only earn $2 to $5 a day that is very low.

Microworkers Alternative Site To Make Money?

Lots of people already have experience but they didn’t get paid from microworkers for some reason. Some of them don’t get the right support.

Also for those who are new to online, they are happy to work on small jobs like microworkers and make some money so I am sharing another good site if you are one of them.


Clickworker is a company that provides simple jobs to do so that you can earn money with them but do not try to create multiple accounts to make more money because they will suspend you instantly. After completed some simple jobs instantly payout balance will automatically be added into your account & to get paid by PayPal must have to earn 5 euro and 10 euro if want to get paid in your bank account or “Transferwise”.

Clickworker already has an app for android & apple user so now you can you spend your spare time in the app earn money anytime from anywhere.

This video will help you to create an account step by step & complete your first work to earn$

Who Is Perfect For Microworkers?

  • You have a great YouTube channel but you are looking for some real likes, comments, views, and social media shares? Then you can join in micro workers as an employer and pay little money for all of your needs it’s the best place where you will get workers who are happy to complete your jobs in a few minutes.
  • If you are an apps developer and you want to know what real users really think about your apps, and you need some google play store reviews? So that your apps are more accessible to people then microworkers will help you.
  • If you need Instagram followers, twitter followers, Facebook page likes, YouTube subscribers in cheap price?
  • If you know how to answer a question and complete a survey in under 5 to 10 minutes then you can start work in micro workers to make money doing survey work.
  • Data entry job almost everyone knows about this, so if you know how to list some specific company’s name, email, address, phone number in a file then you are welcome.
  • If you know how to write 200 to 300 words article in 1 topic? Then you can easily make $2 – $5 dollar for this work.
  • Do you have experience downloading apps from the play store? If you feel the app is good? You can write a short review and give 5 stars rating? Then you are perfect to complete some tasks.

Who Is Not Perfect For Microworkers?

  • If you have been working for a long time on another similar website like a micro worker & you are making good money? But you have enough time to do the same work in a micro worker then I would say that it would be good to not come here. Because you don’t want to waste your valuable time doing the same work again.
  • You have been working at microworkers for 1-2 years? And have made some money, then you know already that micro workers’ jobs are completely boring, you can now spend time learning for future good money.
  • If you hate to earn $5 to $10 a day then you are not fit for these jobs.

Do I Like Microworkers Site?

To be honest I know micro workers’ websites for a long time and I already meet with few people who already working on micro workers’ websites doing some simple tasks and getting paid.

Indifferent YouTube reviews video and website real people are sharing how they are doing work help of micro workers website they are only recommending beginners who are interested to make little money investing they’re part-time.

When you will visit their official website you will see some list of categories like data mining, research study, survey, categorization, content moderation, image quality rating, video transcription, data extraction like this way you will see almost 40 to 50 + categories then you can click “Use this” button to start work and this kind of works beginners really like to do, because it easy but when they spend some time they feel the payout rate $ is very low step by step they start investing more time to make more money. But smart people avoid and go for doing something good.

So I don’t like this website because there is no chance to make good money investing valuable time.

My Recommendation To You!

Microworkers Is A Scam?

Based on microworkers real user’s opinions and reviews, I found that many users worked on their website and made some money on the account, but could not withdraw the money for pin verification because the pin didn’t reach them in their location or mailing address. They are claiming this website is a scam.

If I give you my personal opinion then the micro workers are legit. And their website is too old and they are paying uses for many years but in order to avoid spam users who used VPN or multiple accounts? Microworker bans their account because it’s against their rules and policy.

I also read some comments from YouTube, people are saying that micro workers don’t work anymore, they have a very limited job.

Microworker User Said Micro Workers Have A Very Limited Job.

Microworkers is not a great source to earn some money with confidence. And you can not become rich earning 5 to 10 dollars a day. It’s SUCKS!


I share all the true facts that help you make the right decision that you should work on microworkers or not.

I am not forcing you to avoid this work I am just saying that after doing hard work if you don’t get the right amount of money then why should you spent your time for a penny.

I will recommend you to learn affiliate marketing where you have the opportunity to make big money.

You can start your own business in 1 month

Just fast you have to spend a few days to learn how affiliate marketing really works

And a step-by-step follow a proven roadmap that helps you to get motivated

That you can do it.

Share your microworkers experience!
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Have an amazing day 😃

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