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Majestyhash.com Review 8% Daily Earnings $800 A Day OR SCAM

Based on my research this majestyhash.Com website is risky because they are not paying. Real people are now giving bad reviews that’s why they can do scams.

Making money online through bitcoin mining is now almost famous and new websites are creating huge income opportunities for bitcoin income but most of the websites are cheating and cutting people’s pockets so you have to be careful and check a website well so that you do not cheat. Save your money and time.

Now let me reveal the truth.

Number 1: a fake 8% daily earning opportunity.

It seems very good to people to earn income through bitcoin mining now. But no mining company can guarantee you they can give you 1 % income because day by day the price of bitcoin will go up and down again.

So it will depend on mining how much bitcoin income you have.

And professional bitcoin mining companies cannot guarantee you 1% or 2% income, but if you notice majestyhash.Com they have the option of 8% daily income which is nothing but a hoax.

Because if they really earned 8% bitcoin mining income, they would not need an investor, they would have become very rich by investing in their own mining company in a very short time.

Number 2: free 900 gh/s fake mining power bonus to catch you like a fish.

If you notice that by joining their website they will give you 900 GH / s mining power through which you can earn bitcoin income by mining for free.

But the most important thing is if they give every man this 900 GH / s mining power for free?

Then at the end of the month, they will have to pay millions of dollars for mining power for free

Because every day new people will join their website

And if you notice, they don’t have a bank and they don’t have a magic money tree

Which will give you free mining power

So this is a hoax and with this free mining power, they will fool you just like people use good food for fishing.

Number 3: they will not pay you in 24 hours.

If you create a free account with the free mining power? Then after 24 hours later if you try to withdraw? Then you will see they will not give you any payments.

But there claiming that you can get paid in 24 hours basically they are giving the free mining power so that you think you will make more money faster investing in the site and when you will invest more money? They will easily cut your pocket and they will never pay you anything.

Number 4: they are using mining machines’ photos to achieve your trust.

They have edited the images of mining machining in Photoshop and put their logo and they really don’t have any mining machines.

They set it up to get your attention so that you see a mining machining like the one you invest in

Because if you check their complete website, you will not see any video of any mining room and you will not find any team members or support team photos.

Number 5: they don’t have any real mining machines and companies.

Majestyhash.Com doesn’t have any company and they don’t have any mining location because if you try to physically go to their office to see? How they are mining? Then you will never find them again.

If you connect with them to learn about their location? They will not tell you they will just give you a fake location where you will not find any of them.

Number 6: showing your high-income opportunity to cut your pocket.

Basically, they are using a pricing calculator so that you can easily calculate that how much money you can earn. They will try to show you a very big income opportunity and try to sell their mining plan,

  • But they don’t have an agreement,
  • They don’t have any refund policy
  • And you will not find any real assistant photos who will guide you and help you to understand about their mining company

So showing very big earning opportunities and fake calculators they want to achieve your trust so that you invest and they cut your pocket.

Number 7: bad reviews on Trustpilot.

Now if you don’t believe my words? Then you can go to Trustpilot and check out real people’s reviews.

People, who invest $20, $50 event $1000 are now giving bad reviews that after investing in their website? They didn’t get any reply from the support team and when did they try to withdraw their money? They didn’t get paid.

Most of the people are now claiming that they are is smartly doing a scam.

Number 8: founder and team member information is missing.

You will not find who is the real founder of this website because they hide their founder information and there are no team members’ photos.

You will not find who is the CEO of this website and if you focus they want to give you an 8% income opportunity every day but still

  • You will not find any YouTube channel them
  • You will not find any Facebook page and
  • There is no way you can connect with them by social media

Now my question is to you? If they have lots of time to give you a big profit? Then why not they are sharing their Facebook page and YouTube channel why not there giving you any kind of video guidelines? So that you can understand them a better way.

Because this website will be shut down after cutting lots of innocent people’s pockets.

So based on my research, this majestyhash.Com website is now doing scams you should save your valuable time and money.

Sipon Dawyen

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