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If you find new trending products at very low prices then no problem buying 2 – 3 products, you can wear them on various special days.

Lulamina Review (Lulamina.com Pros & Cons)

Lulamina.Com is the same website they are providing the latest dress that anyone would like to buy and they have worldwide shipping.

In lulamina website homepage they add a special offer that will attract any customer attention to buy 2 products in 1 time because if you do the same, buy 2 product they will give you 3rd product for free if you use this code [code:free1]

In the bestseller option, you will see all the upcoming latest dresses that customers are buying.

If you only look at goods, on their website then you will find that this web site is very nice designated and they have almost different types of clothing that any customer will like to buy.

However, if you find out that they have given you the product of the duplicate material or you have not received the size you ordered after purchasing the product, then you will certainly face a fraud.

So before buying a product from here, you must verify this website deeply and I will help you and give you some helpful points which will help you to make the right decision so that you can avoid fraud.

What Is Lulamina.com? How Do They Work?

Lulamina it’s an e-commerce site and they are doing business only online their main customer is women and selling product like jumpsuits, shoes, tops & outerwear, pants, jeans, skirts, many more others categories are available. If you read they’re about section they are claiming that they are a passionate branch of people passionate about fashion and latest trending clothing that customer will like to buy in budget without breaking the bank, also helping customer to find everything from an outfit for a special occasion all of their product is beautiful and unique trusted.

All of their pick up lines are great to listen and all of their website clothing pictures are looking so attractive and professional that any beginning customer is really happy to purchase from them.

But to be honest I already review exactly the same website with a different name and they are doing is a scam and providing cheap china products showing value and professional dress-up imagination.

Site name lalamira.Com you can read the details lalamira review to see the proof.

Lulamina Customers Report Are Legal Or Scam?

Now when you will click one of their products to see the details reviews size and colors if you scroll down you will see few reviews are available. You will see a person name and positive reviews like

  • “I like this shirt I will be ordering in a few more colors, it’s super soft and comfortable you will not be disappointed I purchase the medium it is nice looking great with shorts & jeans and I would highly recommend this to everybody”

Now, this kind of review opinion most of the time is fake they add to the website because when a customer tries to purchase after saw this kind of cool review they get motivated to buy without any fear.

If you notice this opinion

  • “I bought this product large to get a relaxed fit, and I love it. It looks like the picture.”
Lulamina Using Fake Customers Reviews Proof
Using Same Scam customers opinion

Then you will learn the truth that these two reviews are exactly the same with different two names.

What Is Inside Lulamina?

To purchase you have to create a free account in order to add your shipping address and for future purchasing, so that you can save your choice list. But I am sure that lulamina.Com is a third-party website because when I create a demo account they send me an email help of Shopify which means they are doing business to help Shopify service and providing customer china product.

How Lulamina & Shopify Working Together?

Shopify is an e-commerce software and helping business owners with different services like build an e-commerce business, product branding, creating a website, email marketing, trending product, support and many more. If you want to start an online e-commerce business and want to sell products online?

Then Shopify will easily help you to create a business within a few days just you have to pay some monthly bills to continue your business and make a profit every month.

I already revealed the same third-party website name Lalamira.

However I already revealed lots of third-party websites that they are using Shopify to grow their eCommerce business and most of them are doing wrong because customer are giving bad review that their product picture and receiving product are not the same, not getting the exact size if they are ordering size 8, they are getting 12, sometimes 6. Also product material is very low quality.

Here more you can check out this reviews Dresslim, AnnieCloth, Jullymart, Roselinlin

Learn more truth because they are doing exactly the same business and they don’t have any kind of physical location or shop, don’t have any team member, and you will not find customer service phone number in their website, you will not find who is the owner of the website, they are advertising in Google, YouTube, Facebook to drive traffic to their website to make profit and after receiving order from customer? They provide a china product that is not quality full at all.

Lulamina Is Doing A Scam?

I think this lulamina website is new and I didn’t find real customer reports and data but they can do fraud in the future with a customer if they received more orders from the customer.

Few Points You Should Learn To Beware.

  • No matter how the good looking website is fast checked out who is the owner of this website search in Google and find out their YouTube or social profile to learn about the background.
  • A professional brand always has a customer service phone number and team management live support. So if you saw this kind of information then always try to connect with them call and ask them where they are located and how they made their product because you are paying for the product you choose and you have the right to learn the details that how they make the product.
  • If they are advertising help of Facebook ads then always you will see that customer are commenting on their post and asking question or looking for some help if they are doing legal business then always they will reply instantly and help their customer and provide a quality full service, but if you see a post that has 100 + comments and there is no reply from the page? Then you have to understand that inside they are doing wrong.
  • If a good brand has an e-commerce business then always they will share their location in google map and show their shop pictures so that customer trust them more but if you don’t find the location then you have to understand that this website is only doing business online and they are not want to show their location real information.
  • Online quality brand service always give you 30 day 15-day return and refund options and you will get their real address to return your product if you are not satisfied but the illegal business owner will never give you the real return address and they will say sell the product to a friend or gift someone.

All of these important points I share with you, I learn all of this from real customer data they faced this kind of problem and never get a refund and completely waste their money in a duplicate product.


Based on my research I share some true facts that will help you to avoid any kind of mistake.

So that you do not pay a bill for your favorite cloth and do not receive any kind of duplicate china product.

Now you know about some real points that will help you to take action for your next purchase

So now it’s up to you to learn and verify the truth!


Share your lulamina experience so that more people can learn the truth! Based on your real opinion.

Write a few words in the comments below!

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    That site is a scam. Ordered my girl some things from there and the sizes were very wrong. The material was terrible and she didn’t even get all of the items I ordered. DO NOT ORDER FROM LULAMINA

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