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Welcome to Lalamira Review!

At present online websites, you can see a very attractive dress which is an upcoming trend and your choice.

For any special moment, you will definitely like the best quality and best dress that makes you look perfect.

Like this way lalamira.Com website providing a wedding dress for a special person.

Lalamira Review SCAM Or legit [Lalamira.com Wedding Dress]

When you will visit lalamira website instantly you will see some coupon codes and discount offers for the first purchase you. This is a good formula to sell more product to a customer but you have to learn the truth that they are providing the right product or not, their product quality is good or not, that’s why in this article I am going to reveal that this lalamira shop is real or a scam.

I am going to show you some proof that will make you believe and take the right decision so that you don’t waste your money again.

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What Is Lalamira? How Do They Work?

Lalamira.Com it’s an e-commerce website and providing wedding dress in different categories like prom dresses, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, evening dresses, flower girl dresses, mother of the bride dresses, homecoming dresses. They are claiming that they offer a variety of fashionable dresses with high quality based on customer choice. All of their products are uniquely stylish and made by tailor design. Their dress will make you attractive to any special moment when you want to feel happy.

If you share your look in the testimonial page then you will get a 15% discount that’s why in testimonials page lots of people upload their real photos.

All of the collection of dress up and attractive photos will make any new customers feel happy and they will like to purchase from their website because they are providing a discount imagination to grab people’s attention in a short time.

It is true that everyone wants their business to spread to the people and to make their own business reputation so that new customers like their service & buy more from their website.

However, you will know the truth from the real customer who ordered from this website and did not get the desired dress.

Here real customer name “Marissa” said: Do not buy

She orders the dress but after receiving the dress is not the same as the picture. The quality of the dress is not very good that’s why she asks for a refund but didn’t get the right positive answer from them.

Now after paying the bills if you didn’t receive the same dress that you order in the special moment there are lots of problems. A professional brand will care customer 1st and provide them a satisfying service but she didn’t get the right service from them they just push him that “There is nothing wrong with the dress itself”

Real Customer Name Marissa Said Do Not Buy From Lalamira.com
“Marissa” Said Do Not Buy From Lalamira.com

Now customers are not here to make a jock with the company how they know that there is nothing wrong? This means pushing so that she did not get a refund! Marissa already shares 2 photo proof you can review.

Now if lalamira did not receive a refund and don’t value customer opinion? Then it’s easy customer will always give them bad reviews.

Lalamira Review Quick Summary:

Site: Lalamira.com
Owner: Not Found
Shop Location: Office A, Unit 13, Court Farm, Stutton Road, Brantham, Manningtree, England, Co11 1pw
Product For: Women
Refund: 7 Days
Contact: Phone: +852 81990784 Email: [email protected]
Coupon Code: Available
Rating : 0 / 5
Recommended: No


Lalamira provides hundred of different dresses for global buyers and for their clients, their online shop is for worldwide over 100 country people can purchase and get the product in the right shipping address most of their clients are from USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

They said their company established a date for more than 10 years and you can trust them in shopping secure, product quality and good customer service. But I don’t agree with that because they are saying something that is not true! I am going to show you real proof of that in seconds.

If you visit their website then scroll down to the last option, then you will see a copyright sign like [copyright © 2010 – 2019 lalamira.Com]

Now let me show you the real proof that which time lalamira.Com create their website and start their business online

Whois.Net real data said Lalamira.com website creation date is 2017

As you can see Whois.Net real data said that their website creation date is 2017 which means they start their business online for the last 3 years but in the website copyright section they add 2010 and in their about section they say their company established more than 10 years. Now there is a big gap between what they say and the real data I share

But if they are doing local business for a long time then they are saying the truth! But I didn’t find their shop location on google map, you can see on their website there are no photos of their company or any of their team members or owner photos.

Also in the last option of their website they already add two protection logos of security company name Norton secure and DMCA protected but these two options only a demo logo and you cannot click to see the real status and details. I already have a DMCA protection logo on my website on the left of the last option. If you click the DMCA protected then you will see that DMCA will redirect my website and show you the real proof that my website is protection duration: 65 days or more and protection status: active.

I already review lots of binary trading and bitcoin scam website they use this kind of logo to make them well and provide people value that they are doing right and their website is good to go but if you check out manually then you will see that they just add a demo logo to show trusted to people but inside they are doing scam.

Lalamira Customer Reports!

Recently Elizabeth Perkins daughter order a dress online help of their website it looked beautiful and well but when the dress arrived at their home they realize that the dress was absolutely worst ever and the dress does not match as same as the picture they saw in the website the color was not the same and the material is cheap.

Elizabeth Perkins Daughter Order A Dress From Lalamira.com But Dress Was Absolutely Worst

Agree with lalamira.Com 7-day return policy when they try to refund the dress they just refused to accept the returned. Said to, “Sell to a friend”

As you know Lalamira said they are providing goods service to their customer now here is a real proof of customer that how they behave and tell the truth that their company & the online shop is doing something that is not good.

Another customer name “Christine” said: “Takes no responsibility” she ordered a size 8 then order confirmation is 8 already have the proof of confirmations but she received size 6. And the same they don’t give a return and don’t agree with their own return policy.

Another Customer Name Christine Said Lalamira.com Takes No Responsibility
Lalamira.com Takes No Responsibility

Now it’s a trick to sell product to customer showing good looking photos that they edit help of professional photographer then add this kind of photo in their website to started drive traffic to their website so that customers like to buy seen their discount and cheap deal but when customer received product then they realize that what they are doing is totally fraud.

Their main business plan is sale a product to innocent people who are satisfied with their cheap product. Because they buy this kind of product from china with cheap price and sale people at a high rate to make big profits.

When did people start sharing the real reviews that they are doing a scam? Then they will do the same again with another new website with a new name and they will use the same mindset. If you don’t believe then here is the same website with another name: ellamira.Com

lalamira.com & ellamira.Com These two website design are same and their homepage design dress up categories exactly the same and if you visit the testimonial page then you will see all of their customers photos are same which this means these customers are not really they just use wedding dress up photos randomly from google and upload in their website to show people that customer, like their dress and here in the testimonial page they upload it, this is totally fake to make them trust full if they are legal then why they need another website.

I think ellamira.Com is a backup website because they are already getting lots of negative reviews, that’s why when they want they will move into this website start business again.

What Is Inside Lalamira.com?

After creating a demo account to learn how they are driving people inside and what they are doing? I receive a popup notification with 5% off coupon code for purchase then they just redirect me to their testimonial page where they already have lots of random proof of fake testimonials then just receive another email in my spam box with their latest and trending offers with new new coupon code.

Now all of their product is showing 60% off 75% off now a good company will only give this big discount in a special day like Black Friday, Halloween but they are giving 85% off for every single purchase this is total rubbish.

The best way to connect with them is the only email because if you try to call them they will always busy!

When you will choose a dress to purchase instantly in the down below you will see lots of reviews and all of these are fake if you read you will see all are positive and they are saying that dress arrived in the right moment, great dress, I will buy again, I will buy another because the price is very low. They just use some random fake reviews so that people trust and buy their products.

Lalamira Is A Scam?

Definitely lalamira is doing scam with some customers who want to exchange dress, return or looking for a refund because the customer who faces a problem they didn’t get the right solution following their terms & condition and return policy. They didn’t respect them and email them with some garbage reply like sale to a friend or send a gift to others if they don’t follow their own rules this means all of their privacy policy, rules they used in their website this is only for a demo body to show people that they are trustful, innocent and doing good with customer but when customer face problem then they show their real face and do fraud.

I have also revealed the truth about some of the similar website’s names: Jullymart, Roselinlin they are already those who are involved in e-commerce marketing and they are cheating on people in the same way and their products are not good & made with cheap materials.

  • Lot’s of attractive photos, coupon & discount
  • Website pictures and shipping product are not matching
  • The store gives false advertisement
  • You will not get a refund
  • If you order 10 sizes they are giving 12, 6, size so not matching
  • Poor quality dresses
  • Poor customer service
  • Poor company
  1. In trustpilot.Com they have 186 customers reviews 83% give bad experience
  2. In sitejabber.Com they have 574 customers reviews 228 people give bad experience
  3. In mamma.Com they have 272 customers reviews, 138 people give bad experience


Now you are confirming that lalamira website can do something wrong with you.

You don’t want to pay for the duplicate product


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Share lalamira experience! Write a few words in the comments below…

Thanks for stay with me!

Have an amazing day…

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