Welcome to Kolotibablo Review IT’s a work from home data entry work Good for beginners & Advance people stay away from it.

If you are interested to do a real job and make some quick cash?

Then you can start captcha work it’s simple and easy to start what you have to do is

Complete some imaged text like ( W R T s f 7 8 S )

Then write this same text in a captcha box and hit the enter button all done you will be paid 0.002 or 0.01 as an example to complete 1 captcha.

Kolotibablo is the site they will pay you for this kind of small data entry jobs.

All work from home you can do when you want there is no time limit for this simple work.

Kolotibablo Good for beginners & Advance people stay away from it.

You can easily make 10 to 15 dollar every week if you work 5 to 10 minutes a day.

You will get paid when you will reach $1 in your account and you will make $1 for every 1000 captcha work you did. But if you try more you can make more money easily because it’s a simple job and you don’t need any experience for it.

Kolotibablo Bullet Point You Should Know!

Here is a 6 bullet point that will help you to know is it perfect for you or not!

  • You Can Not Make $50 Per Day
  • kolotibablo Website Have Real People Testimonials
  • kolotibablo Site Is Too Old & No New UPDATES!
  • I Did Not Find Who Is The Real Founder Of kolotibablo
  • The FAQ Page Is Like A Demo Page Don’t Have Enough Information
  • Low Security.


If you are interested to make $50 a day doing captcha work in kolotibablo then it’s not possible because it’s small jobs site you can expect to earn a minimum 1 – 5 dollar every day.


In this kolotibablo site, I saw a person real testimonials his name is “Md.Sakil rahman limon” and I read his full history he said he starts work in this site 5 years ago and he is making money doing this work.

kolotibablo real testimonials


The kolotibablo captcha site creation date: 2007-10-10 and hosting provided by gigenet.Com


I didn’t find who is the founder of these kolotibablo websites so there is a change that this site can do scam think.


This site is not professional and they don’t have any terms & condition page and when I click the FAQ page I didn’t see anything because they redirect me to this sign up page.


I already saw that some people are using some software and bot to complete captcha which is illegal this mean they have low security.

 Kolotibablo Review Quick Summary: 

Name: Kolotibablo
Site: Https://kolotibablo.com/main/home
Owner: Unknown
Category: Data Entry Captcha Job
Bonus: No
Price: Free
Best For: Completely Beginners
Refund: No
Rating: 1 / 5
Recommended: No
Real people are making a few dollars doing captcha work in kolotibablo. It’s an online typing data entry job. This job is really simple to do and anyone can do it but in my opinion, it’s a waste of time if you want to make more than $100 to $500 a day.

You Are Not Lazy!

Who are beginners and have lots of time to waste they only do capture data entry work.

End of the months they only earned a few dollars with this work.

They don’t have the right creativity to learn something important and valuable to make real money online.

And after doing this captcha typing you will feel boring, you will realize that this is not perfect for you.

Because typing after typing so much time & complete 1000 captcha you will only make a little amount of this $. Only lazy people do this continuously day after day month after month.

They have lots of time waste and they don’t want to learn something good and important and they also don’t know how to start a passive income online.

If you want to change your mindset?

and want to make big money?

Then you have to do work with creativity, you have to learn how people are exactly making passive income from online.

My recommendation is to learn affiliate marketing where you can make a big amount of money every single day and it will be your passive income.

Inside Kolotibablo?

After registration inside you will see your kolotibablo dashboard like this work via the website, work via the app, send money, more jobs and lots of buttons that will help you start work and much more.

And on the right side, you will see your work status, top workers reports. And you can withdraw money from finance options.

But that bad thing is when I click how much they pay for current 1000 captcha complete? then I feel bad because after complete work you will make only $0.42 waste of time.

kolotibablo work is waste of time

And for lazy work they have more simple work to make few 0.02 cents.

kolotibablo payout too low


If you want to make money without any work then referral program is for you where you have monthly clicks, monthly registrations, active referrals, earning referrals, monthly earnings but how much money you can make doing monthly?

Because they pay only $0.42 for 1000 captcha and if someone joins with your referral and work then they will make few dollars and you will get referral commissions = $100? No way.


So hope you understand that kolotibablo is a simple data entry job.

And now you know well is it perfect for you or not


If you are interested you can create an account and try I kolotibablo work for few times

But this is not for big money future.

To make big money? You can start your own business online

Affiliate marketing will be better for you

That’s it for now and if you are already working in kolotibablo?

Then share your experience just write few words in comments below.


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