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Welcome to Jullymart Review!

Jullymart is a fashion clothing, shoes & accessories online website

They are selling their product to the right audience and making a good amount of money every single month.

Jullymart Review Scam Or Legit Customers Exposed Truth

Jullymart website creation date is 2018 and their main focus is selling the product to women who are interested in sandals, shoes, bags, tops, dresses, coats, bottoms, slippers, etc you will find their best selling trending product from here https://www.jullymart.com/collections/best-sellers

But before you click the purchase button first you have to learn the true fact that is this website is really providing the right product or not? They are really legally selling their product or doing a scam with people?

So I am going to clear you so that you can make your own decisions and do not a victim of cheating.

What Is Jullymart? How Do They Work?

Jullymart it’s a virtual small company providing a clothing service to women in different categories and making money.

If you visit their about page then you will see they said Jullymart.Com is an online destination for modern & affordable chic items.

They are always providing the best trending available cloth & shoes at the best price so that customer can buy at the right price

And of course, if you visit their website you will like their products and you will take action to purchase but, to be honest, if you don’t read real customer reviews then there is a chance that you will lose your money.

Because when you will stay in their website instantly you will see a popup notification they will say “Get $5 off over $59( code: jully5), get $10 off over $99( code: jully10)” this is a trick to grab your attention so that you purchase much product and get 5% & %10 discount easily.

But if you don’t get the right materials, products, or not the same as the picture you have seen? Then you just waste your money on poor quality service.

To promote their business they are using google ads service by showing professional photos & cheap deals so that customer visits their website and make a purchase.

They are already famous on Pinterest almost getting 10 million + monthly views to their website help of Jullymart Pinterest also has 30 board and every day they are sharing their new clothing pictures as 50% off to grab Pinterest user attention so that they can sell more product easily.

This is all good to run a business but if the customer didn’t receive the right product? Then there is a management problem or trying to make people fool selling cheap china products showing professional photos.

Jullymart Customer’s Reports?

In Trustpilot, Jullymart already has 146 reviews and 98% reviews are bad.

Here jullymart real customer name “Patricia Longobardi” said: They advertise a picture and send scam products. The product is very cheap and not the same as she saw in the picture.

jullymart real customer name Patricia Longobardi said they are sending scam product
Real Customer Patricia Longobardi Said The TRUTH!

I think they export these products from china because these products are available in China at very cheap prices. Which they have added to their website through professional photography in various ways.

As a result, they are getting the right price from the customer and sending them the cheapest price product to earn the profit.

Here is another customer name: “Renetta Meddick” said: Do not use this site, she is glad looked at the review before placing an order and didn’t get the refund and 3 products did not receive yet.

jullymart another customer name Renetta Meddick 3 products did not receive yet

Jullymart only has a skype phone number +852-8193-2902 and email address: [email protected] to connect with them there is no phone call live support so that customer can communicate 1 o 1 and share their problem to get the solution and they don’t have even have any social profiles like a facebook page, youtube channel. Only they are using a Pinterest account for promoting their business.

Another customer name: “Diane Young” said: If there was an option then she will press the zero button after placing order it takes almost 1 month to receive and she is saying sorry because she didn’t read the review fast, she just recommend that don’t waste your time and money on this scam site and you can read the last word what she said “throwing it”

Another jullymart customer name Diane Young

You can read their legal Returns & Exchanges policy

In their policy, they said a refund or exchange within 30 days after delivery + exchange for any reason. This is a good line to achieve customer trust but they didn’t follow their own rules.

“Charlotte Newson” Said: After seen their return address she realized that she will never get a refund!

Charlotte Newson did not get the refund from the scam jullymart

What Is Inside Jullymart?

I create a demo account to see that what they have inside they have nothing that impresses you to stay login to the account. Because they will only redirect to their shop so that you buy some stuff and pay the bill and they send me an email so that I confirm my account. But they are doing the same as Roselinlin because jullymart using Shopify to build their business now it’s confirmed that it’s a third-party website.

Jullymart Send Me An Email Help Of Shopify

Shopify is an eCommerce marketplace and they help the business owner to build a business online help of their tools and support & jullymart using their paid service to manage their business but jullymart is not professional & giving bad service to the customers.

Do I Like Jullymart Website?

Their website is very nice to see and people who go shopping online will want to buy a lot of things.

However, the truth is that customers have tried to buy something from their website

Or when they found out that they didn’t get the right product after the purchase, that’s why they are currently calling it a scam.

That’s why I agree with customer & I don’t like this website

Some Important Point You Should Know!

  • No matter how good looking the website is must check out who is behind it and who is the founder of this website and I didn’t found anyone.
  • If they are providing a service which means they should have a physical shop to work with their team, but I didn’t find any picture of their physical shop or location.
  • No Facebook page, No YouTube channel, now a day everyone has these social profiles and every business wants to reach more audience help of social profile but they are not doing it.

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I share the truth with you so that you can make a decision

There is no hidden secret behind this website they are only doing business help of Shopify

But customers are not getting the right value & trust


Let me know your jullymart experience

Write a few words in comments below


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See you again!!

Have a great day 🙂

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