Welcome to my iWriter Honest Review!

If you are good at English and you know how to write thousands of words on one topic?

Then you are perfect and ready to make some money.

A professional article writer can make 50 to 100 dollars only writing a 500-word article.


iWriter Honest Review Earn Up To $80 Per 500 Words or SCAM

If you are a beginner and you know how to write 300 to 500 words in one topic? Also, you want to make some money? Then iwriter.Com will give you an opportunity where you can provide your service to clients.

But before you take any action in this article I am going to share some true facts that you don’t know yet.

Who Will Pay High For Writing Articles?

Big companies, website owners, brands, magazines, and different small business owners need quality content for their business. If you know how to write a quality SEO optimized article then you will get a high payout for your work. Also to make good amount of money you can use an SEO optimized article into your own blog. If you have confidence and you know how to rank a blog on Google then you can easily make big amounts of money easily.

What Is SEO Optimized Article?

SEO means [Search Engine Optimization] SEO is a technique that allows a website post to rank at search engines like Google’s top 10. When people need something they search on google and start finding their solution, then they click on a website from the top 10 google results to learn, educated that they are looking for. So if you know how to write quality content that people are searching for? If you have a good skill in writing and you can write something that easy to read? Then you can easily rank number 1 in any search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

That’s why SEO article has lots of value and people are buying this article from a different website and iwriter is one of them they provide service to client so that writers can make some money & clients can use this SEO optimized article for their website & other work.

What Is iwriter?

Iwriter is a website that helps any beginners who are interested to make money writing articles. Iwriter have some easy solution that helps beginners to learn, educated, also make money providing the writing service for the client. Because now anyone can write 150 words on any topic & only for these 150 words, iwriter will pay you $1.40.

They have some more advantages because step by step if you increase your writing skills and upgrade your iwriter account into premium then you will make $3 writing the same 150 words.

If you are confident and clients really need your content badly? Then you can make more money doing the same work because iwriter has 2 more option elite, elite plus just upgrade your iwriter account into elite plus that will help you to earn $13 for only 150-word writing. Are you happy? Let me share with you more benefits.

Step by step when you will increase your skills and you have more knowledge & you can write more words that’s why they have an option for elite plus members. Just complete writing a 7000 words eBooks, kindle books and make $760.

iwriter writing jobs paying rates
iwriter writing jobs paying rates

So the information I shared with you so far about iwriter is all true and you can earn money.

However, it is good to know that everyone will say that their brand & own company is good and they provide good service.

But you will know the truth when iwriter real members will tell you the correct information. How you react? If you know that real members who work in iwriter are now saying negative thinks & giving negative reviews for iwriter?

I will show you all the proof and give you the true information that this site is a scam or legit.

Iwriter Review Quick Summary:

Product Name: Iwriter
Site: Https://www.iwriter.com
Founder: Brad Callen
Category: Content Writing
Price: Free To Join + Paid Membership
Best For: Who Wants To Make Money Writing 150 Words Or More
Rating : 1 / 5
Recommended: No


Whois.Net real data said iwriter website creation date: 2001 and they start their business 2011. It’s an online writing site that helps clients with SEO optimized articles. If you want to rank your website? Or your company in top #1 then you need special content that will increase your website visibility in search engines so that you can rank fast and get traffic for your product or offers. That’s why lots of clients come here on iwriter.Com from all over the world and invest in the article and buy it from this website so that they can use this unique content to get more benefits. And who wants to make money they start as a writer in iwriter.Com but there is no real money inside.

Let me show you some real writer’s reviews that what they are saying about this site.

Name: “Shavel” said – this website is a waste of time because the banned a day before payday. So after doing work if your account is banned then there is no trust left.

iwriter real user Shavel said - This website is a waste of time
iwriter Real User Shavel Said…

Inside they have lots of scam clients who are smartly using writers to make money and paying nothing. What they do is when a writer complected the project and submits it into clients then the scam clients make an image copy with the snipping tool then one by one rejects all the work.

Here another real user name “Ryan” said- after smartly copy the content with image tools then the client use this content on their website or sometimes sale in different marketplace to make good cash. For the rejected, you will get a low rating that will lose your rank in iwriter.

Iwriter Another Real User Name Ryan Said Client Are Doing SCAM!
iwriter Client Are Smartly Doing Scam!

You can write as many as little you want there is no limit on iwriter.

You know lots of people have interested and they like to write and provide their hard work to clients but if clients not approved their work, reject after reject then how writers will think about this website? Which this means that iwriter is providing the writer service to good scam clients who are not interested to pay for the good work.

Another real member said he is working on this site for more than a year. This site is a jock & do not sign up for their affiliate program or fast track program because they will rip you off he sign up for their FastTrack program and paid $195 for the elite status but did not get the value and their management system is like a garbage you will not get the right support in right time.

Iwriter Another Real Member Said This Site Is A Jock

However, not all writer is facing problems some of them are making good amount of money writing on iwriter and they are getting paid every week. If you want to join and want to make money & get paid then you must have to earn a minimum of $20 to get paid Thursday of each week.

Advice For Iwriter Honest Clients

If you want to buy a good quality article from this website then you need to be very careful first. As you know iwriter website is too old and currently, they have many writers working on this website but some of them are a fraud who will try to cheat on you. Because when you will create a project and submit the work on top writers then some of them will smartly play with you with the re-write article. What they do is they will copy article from the different websites then re-write them with the help of some article spinner and make it unique then provide you the article. Plagiarism & re-write article not going to benefit you in anything.

So used these tools to check the writer’s writing quality before you approved them.

What Is Inside Iwriter?

Inside Iwriter dashboard

A years ago iwriter approve writers from all over the world who are interested to work with them, but now if you like to create your account then you have to fill up their application and they are now only approving writers from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

What you have to do if you want to complete this application? Basically they will give you 2 topic and you have to write 200 words on each topic in English.

Your article must have to be 100% original content and if they find any kind of plagiarism then they will reject your application. But if you write the quality content then they will review your application and email you within 2 weeks.

After login into your account, you will see some option like write content, get content

  • Write content – in this option, you will see the client’s project summary that what kind of content they are looking for and how much they will pay you for the project complected.

The summery will be like this demo

Subject: 3 articles for the tractor dealer

Category: others
Writer type: elite
Word count: 500
Writer earning: $30
Time to complete: 3 day

There are different categories and different client’s requirements if you are fit in make money related categories then you can choose this category. Then you will see all client’s projects that what they want, you can see their article subject, how much they will pay you, which time you have to complete the work and how much words they need for their content.

So if you think you can write one the topic then you have to send them a request that you are ready to write on their project if the client approves you then you can start your work.

  • Get content – if you need an article for your work in this option you can submit your project to the writer who will work for you. If you continue then you have to fill up a short forum where you have to submit all of your information so that a writer can learn what you exactly need for your project.

The forum will be like this demo

Project type: 4 options you will see [1] have articles written [2]article re-written [3] have a kindle book written [4] have any book written

Project description: how to make $100 a day while sleeping

Category: Internet and business online

Article length: 1000 words

Article language: English

Submit to :

Basic [all new & old writers will see your post]

Premium [4.1-star good writer will see your post]

Elite [5-star good writer will see your post]

Elite plus [professional writer will see your post]

Total project cost: $50

Do you want a good writer? Professional? Then submit to the elite. As good as you want no problem but you have to pay high.

+Few more option…

So after submitting your project writer will send you a request once you approve, then they will start writing and give you the project in time. But if you are not satisfied after verify their writing then you can reject it and you don’t have to pay for it.

I know lots of people come here on this website because they need an SEO optimized article that’s why they pay high to elite members so that they can get good quality content.

But do you really get an SEO optimized article from iwriter? Or you are wasting money in the sky?

This video will clear you all Honest Review Is iWriter.com Really Worth It for SEO Content?

If you want to make more money? need more benefits? then iwriter has a Fast track program that will help you to become an iwriter Elite members little as one day and you can earn more money but you have to follow 4 steps and you have to pay $197 to iwriter as a one-time application fee.

And they have an affiliate program to earn 50 / 50 so if anyone joins with your link and takes any action you will earn 50%.

Do I Like Iwriter Website?

On the first home page of the iwriter website, you can see some slide shares where they say their high-quality content for you with very little money like $1.40 and you don’t have to pay any money if you don’t satisfy. So for those who write articles at such a low cost, you can understand how good the writing quality is. This kind of article not going to help you with anything because you cannot use this article for your blog SEO.

At the very beginning of the website home page, you will see iwriter is promoting another website name thehoth.Com they are pushing a notification over and over again so that you visit and buy a guest post from the site.

I don’t like this at all because if your content is not SEO friendly? The guest post and backlink can not help you to rank in Google or other search engines.

If you scroll down a little bit more then you will see how I write work with 5 easy steps this is looking good and they have a good call to action, easily anyone can understand following the 5 steps how to create an account and last download content easily.

And in the pricing options, you can see how much money you can make writing content for clients but this option is like a money imagination, they share their 4 plans and how much money you will get paid as a writer.

After seeing this kind of money pages plans anyone will happy to start work in iwriter but as you know inside they have problems & users & writers are not satisfied.

So I like their website because they make their website looking beautiful & share all with steps so that people can understand easily.

Iwriter Website Alternative To Make Money?

If you are already working on iwriter website but you didn’t get the right values that you are looking for or if you are new & interested to work in iwriter but they are not accepting the new application?

Then fiverr.Com is the best alternative that pays you the most money for your valuable content.

And if you can provide good quality SEO content? Then you can make a lot of money from Fiverr and you do not have to pay for update your account like iwriter.

Because in fiverr you can create your own gigs with your own choice and you can set your service price as much as you want.

As you can see this writer is charging $40 for 400 words and he will write branded SEO blog articles to grow clients business

You can see he already get five-star rating and complete 281 orders & currently working on 6 project

So let’s calculate how much money he earns from these gigs

Iwriter Website Alternative Site Fiverr.com Make Money Idea

  • [ 281 orders x price$40]
  • [ 281 x 40 ] = $11,240 almost earn

And if you visit the Fiverr website and search with this keyword “article writer” then you will see almost thousands of people are giving writing service for clients, businesses. so if you create an account on Fiverr and published your gigs then you can make more money compared to iwriter.

Who Is Perfect For Iwriter?

  • If you are a business owner and you want to provide your service with great content then you can use iwriter site to buy an article with cheap price.
  • If you know email marketing and you want to email a good article to your all customers then you can order your project based on your product list.
  • If you are satisfied making $5-$10 dollars a day writing article then you can start work in iwriter.

Also, you can use iwriter for eBooks, Plr PDF, rewrite an article, amazon product description, Facebook group description, YouTube video description, etc.

Who Is Not Perfect For Iwriter?

  • If you are looking for SEO related content? Then you should be careful because sometime they will provide you a re-write SEO content.
  • If you are an advanced SEO writer then you should avoid it. Because you can now share your experience & sell course in skillshare or Udemy to make good money.
  • If you need professional content for your business then publish your project in freelancer & Upwork because iwriter not provide you the value you are looking for

Iwriter Is A Scam?

Iwriter providing content writing services for a long time and they have lots of users who are making money as a writer working one iwriter website.

And if you watch YouTube videos, you will find that many people have appreciated and recommended their website. Now many users are making money through their affiliate program.

But some people give negative reviews about their website due to some internal issues.

However, iwriter website is not a scam

And they are now not approving users instantly that’s why lot’s of spam users are not getting approved.

Only they are accepting those users who are completing their application and following their terms.


As you already know not everyone will get accepted from iwriter, that’s why for some reason if you get accepted and start work then you will get pretty much order to start writing and make money. But there is no chance to earn passive income from this website because if you don’t get orders from client then you have no work to do.

And I already show you the alternative so that you can make money doing the same work.


If you are interested to earn passive income every single month? Then you should join in affiliate marketing.

Where you have the opportunity to make passive income with confident and you can grow your skills to make more money for the future.

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