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Beginners looking for different easy techniques that help them to earn money quickly.

That’s why they fined some of the websites like shorten.Sh that helps them to short a link and earn money for inviting friends or others.

IS Shorten.sh A SCAM Can You Really Make Money

If you are here to learn deep resources that shorten.Sh really going to help you to make money? Or a scam?

Then you come to the right place…

Because I am going to reveal the truth that you should know before you waste your valuable time in shorten.Sh.

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What Is Shorten.sh?

For publisher:

Shorten.Sh is a link shortener website that will help you to short any link and promote in different traffic sources like share in Facebook groups, Pinterest group, YouTube video comments, YouTube video description, share in your blog.

Now if anyone clicks on the short link you will earn money for it.

It’s a simple job like data entry that helps you to earn $5 to $10 a day.

If you have good quality visitors who are from the USA, Finland, Germany?

Then you will get a high payout.

To start earning you have to create a free account in shorten.Sh and verify your email address that’s all then you have access to the short unlimited link and share to make money.

For visitors:

Let’s say you are in a WhatsApp group and talking to your friend now at a time you see that your friend sent you a link to watch a video.

Now when you will click the link it will show you ads and a few seconds later it will redirect you to the video that your friend invites you to watch.

As you know that you click the link to watch the video but for a few seconds you saw an ads for this your friend just earns money help of shorten.Sh.

How To Bypass Shorten.sh?

Basically this kind of link is monetized with lots of pop up ads when you will click the link it will show you some games, videos, coupons, ads.

To bypass you have to wait for 3 seconds then click the continue button or skip it then it will redirect you to the original website that you are looking for.

For a fast bypass technique if you click the link from your desktop then press your keyboard “Esc” button then click continue.

For a mobile phone, you have to wait 3 seconds and there is no other way you can bypass this system because this kind of link is made to show people ads for a few seconds then it will bypass automatically.

But to block the ads you can use google chrome extension getadblock.Com

How Does Shorten.sh Work?

Shorten.Sh is a beginner-friendly work to make money short a link.

You know beginners don’t have enough patience and they need fast money that’s why this kind of website make based on beginner choice so that they do the lazy work and make money.

When you will create an account they will give you an option to short your link and show you the payout rates that how much money you will earn if anyone clicks your short link.

Shorten.Sh will pay you a minimum of $3 and a maximum of $11 for every 1000 views.

You will get the highest payout if your link gets the view from these countries.

  • Finland: $11
  • United States: $10
  • Germany: $9
  • Canada: $9
  • Sweden: $8
  • United Kingdom: $7
  • Netherlands: $7
  • France: $7

You can visit shorten.Sh payout page to see all country’s publisher rates.

It’s one kind of money-making imagination because after seen the payout list beginners get excited and create a free account and start short their link and share in different places.

But to be honest, I will share with you some evidence that will help you to learn that shorten.Sh can do scam with you.

If you work hard to get paid $10 a day? Without knowing the truth?

Then there is a chance that you will not get paid from shorten.Sh.

Shorten.sh Review Quick Summary:

Site: Shorten.sh
Founded: 23 Oct 2019
Owner: Not Found
Account Manager: Soheil
Category: Url Shortening Tool
Bonus: No
Price: Free To Join
Best For: Beginners
Rating: 2 / 5
Recommended: No


I know how to verify a website and I will explain to you so that you can change your mind. Look don’t follow shorten.Sh easy shortcut method to make money.

Because when I visit shorten.Sh official website and click on their terms and condition page and privacy policy page I just shocked.

This 2 page is totally blank they don’t have anything to read it’s a demo page to show you that they have their own legal rights.

Just go to their website and check out yourself you will see the same.

Now if you create an account in shorten.Sh with your email address and personal information? Not safe.

They can’t do anything they want.

You know when you signup an account on Facebook or a Gmail account you always click accept terms & conditions.

This means you will follow their legal rights and use the website good way and if you break any of their promises then they will take action.

But in shorten.Sh they don’t have any kind of policy this means they can do anything they want and you don’t have any power.

Another missing part is on their website they have 3 social icons Facebook, Google plus, Twitter to connect with them into social media so that you can follow and become of their fan but when I click? It redirects me to example.Com

They don’t add their own social profile this means this 3 icon is just a demo to achieve your trust.

To be honest you cannot expect to earn a good amount of money using shorten.Sh. And it’s clear now that they can do scam in the future.

Shorten.sh Have Any Payment Proof?

It’s a new website and I don’t find who is the owner of this shorten.Sh. But in beermoneyforum some user shares their payments screenshot.

And some of the users claiming that they are getting paid.

Shorten.sh Payment Proof
I Find This Payment Proof On Beermoneyforum

What Is Inside Shorten.sh?

I create an account to learn how they design their website from inside.

As you know it’s a basic site that will only help you to short any link so they don’t have any advance design inside.

I only found 7 option which is a statistic, manage links, withdraw, tools, referral, setting, and support.

  • Statistic:

These options help you to learn total views, total earnings, referral earnings, average CPM, available balance.

  • Manage links:

You can short as many links as you want for some reason if you want to change the link redirect destination?

Then manage links help you edit and save the change.

  • Withdraw:

Minimum payout is $10 earn it then you can request for payment to get paid by PayPal, WebMoney.

  • Tools:

You will see some advanced options like mass shrinker that helps you to short link faster.

If you are ready for the truth then let me show you the exact same website, same design, with another new name shortenbuddy.Com

And same again you will not find who is the owner of the website, no team members photos and details, no social links, they just want to pay you money if you send them to click to their links.

Shorten.sh Alternative Site To Make Money?

1. Shorte.St

Shorte.St is the trustful alternative website better then shorten.Sh.

Shorte.St on the marketplace for a long time and from over 100 countries people join their website and they are earning money shortener links.

Minimum payout is $5 and you can get paid by PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney.

To make some extra income without any work? You can join shorte.St referral program they will give you a 20% lifetime commission without any limit.

Shorte.St payout rates

  • United States: $14
  • United kingdom: $10
  • Australia: $8

2. Adf.Ly

If you send 1000 clicks in 24 hours? Then you are ready to get paid your fast payments. Get paid by PayPal and Payoneer

Adf.Ly have different payout rates

Country / Interstitial / Banner / Popads

  • The United States / $108 / $0.81 / $28.74
  • Canada / $90.95 / $0.76 / $23.75
  • United Kingdom / $75.46 / $0.75 / $11.98

I am not sharing my referral link to make money from you and I have no connection with this shortener website.

Just sharing with you because you don’t fall in love with a scam site.

Do I Like Shorten.sh Site?

In shorten.Sh official website you will see their website design background color is blue and they ad an option where you can short link without creating an account.

However, if you scroll down a little bit then you will see they are sharing 3 options that will help you how to get started. Then a little bit down they will show you why you should join and give you details guidelines so that you attract to their website and follow their marketing plan.

To boost your mind they will now show you one by one there eating plan as like show you 20% referral bonus that you can receive lifetime income if anyone joins with your referral link.

They are talking about lifetime earning with referral income imagination but they don’t have enough time to fulfill their terms and condition page because there is no word to read.

That’s why I don’t like their website and all their plan.

How you can believe it? That if you start work on this website? They will help you to make money for the next 5 to 10 years?

You should use your mind and don’t follow their eating plan if you have enough time to waste then you can continue.

But if you want to move forward? Then I will invite you to learn affiliate marketing where you have a good career for the future.

So that at a time you can build your own business, own service, product and make passive income.

IS Shorten.sh A SCAM?

Shorten.Sh has a big problem because on the sign-in page when you will try to log in using your user name and password it will load more than 5 to 10 minutes. They will not redirect you to the dashboard you have to manually visit again shorten.Sh then you can see the dashboard to do work.

This is totally unprofessional because beginners will not understand how to logging and sometime it will load for a long time.

To be honest I saw some real users payment proof and they are getting paid working hard. That’s why shorten.Sh right now legit.

But I have a doubt that they can do something wrong when they will get lots of workers who will work for them to promote the short link and make money.

So I want you to warn you to be aware.


I think now you can make the right decision because all of my evidence help you to learn deep about Shorten.Sh.

Start making money for the short term or long term as you wish.

However, if you want to learn how to grow a business in 1 month that will generate $5k – $10 for you? Do all automatically work from home?

Then I will invite you to learn from John Crestani Free Training

Also, share your shorten.Sh experience!

Write a few words in the comments below.


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