IS A SCAM Can You Make Money Investing in Ronex

If someone wants to help you to make money online?

Giving your suggestion that if you join the ronex.Io website you will instantly make $20 without doing work?

Also crypto bonus “80 RX coin”?

Then you will feel happy because why not it’s free money.

But to make money when the time to invest in a plan?

Then I have a problem with this investment think.

That’s why first of all I want to be aware you from online fraud

Always research a website deeply before you take any wrong action.

Sipon Dawyen here to help you

I already reveal lots of binary trading system and share people the truth that how scam people using bitcoin mining imagination to make people fool.

Here some of the websites doing wrong with people.

Bitcoin-formula, Crypto-wealth, Crypto-revolt

What they do is they are using CNN, BBC news video illegally to their website to promote a fake auto trading software

And claiming that if you invest $250 to the software it will help you to generate bitcoin and passive income every single day

The scam people also claiming that you have the opportunity to earn $1000 without doing any work

Because all of their team member, expert, and the automatic software will help them to make money

Like this way they use lots of attracting ideas so that people invest money and start to follow them

But to be honest when people start investing then they feel that they are now a victim of cheating.

That’s why I am here to explain to you about ronex.Io

So that you can make the right decision.

What Is

First of all, ronex.Io is an investing system and they are trying to explain that they will help you to start passive income if you invest one of their plants

To make you believe that they are legal they will say they are cryptocurrency mining system

They will say they have a cryptocurrency online trading option where you can also make money

They have an app, they have an expert team, analysis system that helps you to make money with confidence.

Like this way, they will show you different attracting pick up lines so that they can convert you into their investment plans

Where they will show you different benefits like if you invest $100 in the basic plan for 50 days?

Then you can earn 1% investment returns every single day which is $1 USD.

So if you invest $100 in the ronex.Io basic plan, you can earn $ 1 a day for next 50 days.

As a result, after 50 days later you will receive $50 profit and you can withdraw your deposit $100.

So in total $150, you will have in your pocket and to make you happy they will give you some bonus RX coin.

Like this way, ronex.Io have total 5 plan and that will make your brain happy that you can make thousands of dollar every single month investing in their plan

And this is their main plan so that you think big and invest big money and in return, they will help you to make a big profit.

But this is totally wrong imagination you should kick out this money-making thing and lazy mindset

I will reveal the truth and prove to you that you can be a victim of cheating if you invest money in ronex.Io.

How Does Really Work?

If you go and read ronex.Io about section then you will see they are claiming that they are a group of leading expert who is good in online trading on cryptocurrency exchange and in their group, they have first-class traders, analytics, engineers, risk management specialist and they are a successful online trader to make money on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Let me clear you that what they want to say in simple words so that you can understand them easily.

Basically ronex.Io want to say that they have experience in online trading to make money

They just start this company so that they can help investors who are beginners and advance and looking for making money without any risk

And they have their own RX coin that they want to increase day by day to help you to make more profit in cryptocurrency

Because this virtual coin will be valuable as like bitcoin in the future

To make you believe they also share their company information lots of paper screenshot

So that you believe that they are legit and doing all in a legal way.

If you invest they will help you to make a profit every day

Also, teach you how to trade online using cryptocurrency so that you can become a success in the future.

And they are running their own online trading platform that helps you to trade with cryptocurrency.

Let me ask you a few questions

  • If they are already successful?
  • And they have lots of experience?
  • Then why they need investment from you?
  • Why they are giving you free money only to sign up for their website?

Because this is a smart idea to make a website famous in short time

So that they get lots of visitors

And lots of visitor means lots of money

Because who doesn’t have any advanced experience with the online scam?

They will try to make quick money investing in their plans.

To be honest, when you sign up they don’t give you 20 USD they just give you a virtual 20 number in your account

So that you feel happy and the thing inside your mind that you just earn $20

Because if you have the experience that how to develop a website? Then you can easily catch this smartness.

And you know the truth that you cannot withdraw the money and the bonus RX coins they give you.

You can only re-invest the amount to make a profit. Review Quick Summary:

Name: Ronex
Owner: Scam People Always Used A Fake Name
Category: Cryptocurrency
Bonus: Yes! Fake Usd
Price: Free To Join / 4 Paid Plans Available To Invest And Make Profit
Best For: No One
Refund: Yes! But I Don’t Trust Them At All
Rating : 0 / 5
Recommended: No


Now it’s time to show you that they are fake

Because in their about options they also share their team members

They said to get to know the team here you can see in the pic a scam used fake photos in team members options team members pictures

The ronex.Io “Co-founder & exchange pm” his name is “Brain briggs”

And this photo and name are totally fake because when I advanced image search with this pic in google I found lots of results.

The same photo I saw on another website “Dental receptionist certificate program a scam used fake photos in team members picture proof 1
Picture Proof 1

Another team member name “Layla arias” working for “Customer support”

I found this same photo in LinkedIn 2 profile with others 2 names Jessica, Alexis. a scam used fake photos in team members picture proof 2

Now it’s sure that ronex.Io hidden behind the computer and using different stock photos so that people believe they have team members

Who is helping their user’s but as you know beginners don’t have enough knowledge that how to review a website deeply to find the truth.

That’s why they believe after seeing the fake name, photos.

In this way, they have a total of 6 photos in their about page and all of these photos are fake and they are claiming that he is project manager, community manager, co-founder all of this is only to provide value to innocent people.

So that scam people can grab people’s trust.

Because without trusting a website, without knowing who is the founder of the website why anyone will invest in their system to make money.

And they don’t have any “Rx coin” that will help you to exchange in cryptocurrency

They just add this imagination like a virtual coin because people know bitcoin is increasing day by day

So like this way they just add a new name RX coin and using the same imagination that it will increase in a few years and people can become rich investing in these fake plans.

 Is Company Using Real Address?

  • [4901a, 5 jewry st]
  • [london ec3n 2ex]

A legal company always shares team member’s real photos, testimonials videos, their company background information, how they are working and updates.

They don’t even have their own Facebook page to connect with them to learn more update

But they are sharing their fake company address so that people trust them

If you are from London? I will suggest you go and visit this address you will never find them again.

Why Can Do Scam?

Ronex.Io promoting their website showing lots of quick profit plants but they don’t have any user guidelines so that beginners learn and grow their knowledge in cryptocurrency.

On the home page, they add a video where they share that they have a mobile app but I search in google play store and apple play store I don’t find any app with ronex.Io name.

They share their company number and certificate this is good to learn but why they are using fake photos and names in their team member’s options.?

They have a partnership program where you can join to become an affiliate to promo the plants to earn a 15% commission.

But why anyone will join with your link if they don’t know who is the real founder of this site.?

I don’t find any payment proof, no users share their payment receive information some YouTubers only make review videos to referral others and showing only the bonus money they received.

A written agreement is important before investing money so that you read and give your signature to the legal way to work with them.

But ronex.Io don’t have any written argument

And I don’t find any personal assistant who will help you to learn more about their company as you know a professional company will connect with you and provide you the best service they can.


Based on my personal research I will say ronex.Io is a scam. And making people fool with cryptocurrency, bonus, and some free fake money.

So do not follow what they are saying, they will never help you to make thousands of dollar just investing in their plan.

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Do I Like Website?

Any beginners will like their website because their website is designed looking fabulous.

Ronex.Io used blue color in their background and add some animation that you will see when you will visit the website that a “B” and some blue diamonds are burning and extinguishing.

All of their plan and team members are not real and if you think that they are doing legal? Then I will recommend you review their site more deeply.

And I DON”T LIKE Ronex.Io.


Your mind is valuable, use it to make something big.

Grow your skills
Be motivated
Be positive
Become your own boss

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Also, share your Ronex.Io experience!

Write a few words in the comments below.


Have a good day😃

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