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Make money online totally for free?

Clicking ads, watching videos and completing some tasks?

This is the best opportunity for beginners.

Because they have lots of time to invest online And make money.

But they don’t have enough experience

To review a website properly.

IS Offersbux A SCAM Payment Proof Earn Money Viewing ADS

Beginners focusing on money and when they learn about a new PTC site they got excited and create an account to start work.

I am here to warn you so that you never make a mistake and don’t follow money imagination.

So if you are thinking about starting work in offersbux?

If you already have an account but you are thinking that this site really going to stay online for a long time or they can do is a scam?

Then you are in the right place

I am going to reveal the truth that will help you to know how offersbux can do scam with you.

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What Is Offersbux?

Offersbux is a new PTC site helping beginners to make few cents like 0.01, 0.0022 after viewing ads, completing surveys, playing games, downloading apps and many more.

To be honest the maximum amount you can earn from offersbux site after doing hard work is only $1 even less.

To make $5 -$10 it will take 2 to 3 months even more and 10% referral income does not help you anymore because they are paying cents so how much money you can expect from referral income?

You will get paid when you will minimum earn $0.10

But there is a condition because you will not directly earn dollars first you will earn points then you have to exchange into cashout

Offersbux system work like this way

If you click on ads to earn? They will give you $0.0001 = 1 cash out point

So you have to earn at least 1000 cashout points to request your 1st payments.

How Does Offersbux.com Really Work?

Offersbux website monetized their website with different ads partners some of them are adgem, clixwall, offer daddy, adworkmedia, adscendmedia, moretvtime, quiz time + more day by day they are adding new offer wall so that people spend more time to their website and help offersbux to make money.

If you think you are making money then you are wrong because you are helping them to make money and they are using you smartly with paying a little.

I will explain to you in a few point letters.

When you will visit the official website you will see the member opportunities

These points basically they added to attract your attention because they say

  • Free To Join! = True
  • No Minimum Payout = False = You Must Have To Make At Least 0.10 To Get Paid
  • High Offerwall Earnings = False = Because The Best Offer Will Pay You Only $0.01
  • International Members Accepted! = True

All of their bonus ads? Sucks!!

And they have lots of third party advertisements, pop-ads on their home page this means they already pushing you so that you join and create a free account with their referral and they make money.

Offersbux Review Quick Summary:

Name: Offersbux
Site: Offersbux.com
Owner: Not Found
Founded: 2018
Category: Ptc Site
Bonus: Yes
Price: Free To Join
Best For: No One
Rating: 0 / 5
Recommended: No


Offersbux has no option where you can expect to make a good amount of money all of the offer wall, bonus option, monthly contest, the referral system is only to provide value.

All of this option is not going to help you to make at least $1 dollar a day.

Then why you will invest your valuable time for a penny?

I know they are legally paying to their users, I saw one of the user is really happy and shared with payment proof he already gets 3-time payment but when I see his payment amount I was shocked how he can be happy only receiving payment as little as $0.16, $0.28, $0.30 it’s totally garbage.

Offersbux Payments Proof!

To little amount.

Offersbux Payments Proof!
Very Low Amounts

So How Offersbux Can Do Scam With You?

What you know that it is a PTC site to earn little money but you don’t know who is the owner of the website or who is behind this plan?

You are now in my blog and you are reading my article if you go to my about page you will learn about me and you can see my photo that is all for trustiness.

  • This way offersbux is a website and someone managing this website so do you know any of them?
  • Who is their team member?
  • Did you saw their photos?
  • So that you can believe them in real life?

It’s sure that they are hidden and all doing from behind the computer.

Now to learn more if you go to their FAQ page then you will see they have 12 payment options to give you a payout.

  • Perfect money
  • Payeer
  • Paypal
  • Airtm
  • Advcash
  • Coinbase
  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin
  • Skrill
  • Papara
  • Turkish bank

Remember a professional survey and PTC website will always give you 3 payment option

  1. PayPal
  2. Bank transfer
  3. Bitcoin

But offersbux have lots of options to make you fool and achieve your trust because what you will do with so many payout options?

  • If they are paying you a penny after doing hard work?
  • Why they are not upgrading their offer wall?
  • Why they are not paying you $1, $2 for completing a survey?

Because they are making a good profit 1st when you are complete a task and giving you a little so that you follow their money imagination and work for them for a long time.

Look I am not sharing any negative thought about this site, all you have to think deeply because you have the right to make good money and you can spend the same time to make at least $10 to $50 a day completing survey in different high authority site and I will show you the alternative in a few minutes.

What Is Inside Offersbux?

I create an account so that I can learn more about offersbux than how they are doing everything and helping people to make money.

I sign up with my email address and they just welcome me I don’t have to verify my email address clicking a link.

As you know if you sign up on Facebook or another website you must have to verify your identity by using a code or clicking a link. But in offersbux I didn’t get anything.

Inside the dashboard, they have more than 9 + different options to provide a good service to their uses like global, earn money, ptp, settings, referral, logs, leaderboard, advertise, forum and all of this option have different subcategories.

  • Global

This option basically gives access to take action to change anything with the help of more subcategories.

  • Account summary – You can see all of your referral statuses, your username, current date when you join to this website, cash-out points you make + more details.
  • Message system – Connect with others to have some conversation.
  • Add funds – You can deposit funds to upgrade your account into premium membership.
  • Upgrade – Only investing $10 you will get a premium membership for 90 days then they will give you benefits like if you click ads you will make 200% more money. Basically they will increase your working value. Doing the same work you will make double income.
  • Withdraw – After earning minimum points they will give access to get paid.
  • Banners – You will get offersbux different banners with the different sizes to share in blogs, social media.
  • Forum – You can connect with other users to communicate and learn their success story, how much money they are making, how they working.
  • Support – You can create a support ticket to get a solution to your problem.
  • Earn money – Basically, in this option, you will get a different offer wall, tasks, surveys, games to earn points.
  • View advertisements – You will see a list of ads to earn points.

What you have to do is click the website then it will open in a new tab then after few seconds loading you have to click the right button to complete but they are paying very very low the maximum you can earn only $0.00051.

  • Offerwalls – A different small task like play games, watch videos, download mobile ads.
  • Offerwalls contest – This option basically for an active user who is working continuously.

So if you join this contest after the end of 30-day offersbux will give a small amount of prize to the top 10 users who making good amounts of money.

  • Games – They have lots of kid games to play online some of them are plumber, ranger vs zombies, car rush, gummy blocks, ninja ran, zombie vs Halloween, zombie road.

To be honest inside the dashboard I feel very frustrated because a few seconds later some pop-up ads are coming and saying click me this is totally unprofessional they just want to invite you to another platform so that you sign up using their referral and waste your valuable time.

The bad part is in the contest I saw the top user his user name is “Brazilijus” earn $23 from the last 30 days and if he wins the contest he will earn only $7 winning a prize.

Offersbux Alternative Site To Earn Money?

If you are looking for a similar site like offersbux that will pay you the money doing the simple task?

Or you are already working in offersbux for a long time but you want to move to a good site that will pay you high?

Then let me share with you the best alternative that will help you to earn more extra cash work from home.

1. Inboxdollars.Com

Inbox dollars is the most trustful website on the internet and paying for a long time to their users who are completing a simple 2 minutes survey.

They have lots of different tasks to complete you can make money watching tv, clicking ads, taking a survey, shopping, cash offers, sharing your opinion, playing games and many more

So what is the difference between offersbux and inboxdollars?

As you know offersbux has lots of offers to complete in a few minutes but all of the offers will pay you a little $0.005 cent but doing the same work in inboxdollars you can make $1, $2 completing the same survey.

The trustful part is inboxdollars paid 59 million dollars in cash & rewards all of their uses.

They have lots of positive reviews in trustpilot.Com

If you don’t believe it? Then you will get paid $5 only for creating your account as a signup bonus.

Inside their offerwall you will get lots of different easy work that will pay you money in a short time and they already have paid to read email option to earn more extra money.

2. Prizerebel.Com

If you need money for your PayPal account in the next 15 minutes?

Then the prize rebel website is ready to help you.

Just create an account complete your profile and you will get paid survey to complete and earn instant income without investing anything.

Do I Like Offersbux Website?

When you will visit the offersbux website instantly they will push you with different ads.

They just want to attract you with different advertising so that you create an account to make more money.

Offersbux website background is not so good they just have one slide show that will load in a few seconds and show you that they have lots of offers walls, ads, blah blahh to make money.

Remember professional websites will never recommend another website to go visit and make money with them.

Because they will try to give you a money-making solution so that you stick with them.

That’s why I don’t like their website at all and you know they are paying very low and they are also promoting their membership plan inside so that you make little money and invest again in their membership plan to make more money fast.

However, after buying their plan there is no way to earn passive income from this junk website.

Is Offersbux A Scam?

Offersbux paying to their users and doing all legal.

But don’t be happy always be aware of money imagination.


If you like to work hard?

If you have a great mindset then you will always try to earn big money.

You have to take the right decision to change your mind about what you want.

Do you need a short term income? or a long term income?

However, if you want to learn how to grow a business in 1 month that will generate $5k – $10 for you?

Do all automatically work from home?

Then I will invite you to learn from John Crestani Free Training

Also, share your Offersbux experience!

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