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When I was a beginner online lots of my Facebook friends say that

Hey, would you like to take some surveys to make money fast in your hand?

I say how to do it?

Mindspay Surveys Review Earn $50 [Fake Money Imagination]

They said what you have to do is complete a few surveys, giving your honest opinion, get paid $5 to $10 instantly.

I said wow it’s really awesome let me know how I can get started.

This is a way to make people excited because everyone likes money and if you know the short formula then always you would like to stick with it.

Mindspay survey company has an attractive way to make many people’s brains attract to their website. Because they make their website using different awesome money making giveaways.

They will say if you create your account you will get a $5 bonus and only for 1 to 2 minutes work you can easily make $50.

Not end, now in different website survey companies are adding new formal like reading emails and get paid.

To make you happy they will say if you looking for a coupon that will save your time and money then here click – printed- save the coupon and for this work, you will make money from home.

This is how beginners are getting fool by survey companies after sees their money imagination tricks.

That’s why today I am going to give you the deep resources that can help you to make the right decision that you should spend your time in mind pay or not.

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What Is Minds Pay?

Minds pay is a survey company like others to make them special they are claiming that they have lots of products, offers and different brand companies came to minds pay website based on their requirement so that they can get honest answer from members that help their product more user-friendly so that they can do more better for future.

Because of the help of a real member’s opinion the company will know what to change or not. They will get a better idea to make their product more profitable in the future.

Let me give you an example when you will see a new apps just published in play store so now you will see in a few weeks lots of people install the app and use it but you will get the real data when you will see google play store reviews and ratings that people are really liking the apps or not.

If people are not satisfied then they will always comment about the problem in the play store review option this is how a company gets real data that help their apps to improve.

Most of the minds pay surveys will pay you between 50 cents to $1. You can create a free account and start work if you are only from the USA, outside of this country you don’t have access to work and if you create an account without knowing this you will not find any kind of offers to complete.

The important part is how to get paid because after completing the survey work if you don’t get paid in the right way then you will not satisfy for the time you just spent.

The bad part is you must have to earn minimum $50 to get paid by PayPal and to make this amount into your minds pay account it will take more than 3 weeks or a month if you don’t believe then you can start work and count weeks after weeks to reach you’re $50 goals.

This is true because how the survey company will act with you like they will say you can reach this amount in 2-3 days. But when you will work practically you will get the idea that’s ohh maaann it will take more than a month.

Because if you create an account and complete 1 survey? Fast the benefit will earn the company then you will earn the payout amount which means it’s clear that you are working to make money and it takes time to complete a survey.

Mindspay Surveys Review Quick Summary:

Name: Minds Pay
Site: Mindspay.com
Founded: 2010
Category: Online Survey
Bonus: Yes
Price: Free To Join
Best For: Beginners Who Are Satisfied Only Making $50 A Month
Rating: 1 / 5
Recommended: No


Mindspay has a list of the available offers simply you can choose after seen the payout some of the surveys will pay you $1 for complete some of them will pay you $2 then click to continue. Spend few minutes to fulfill and share your honest opinion and after complete, the payout will be automatically added into your account.

The funny part is I read minds pay referral system that how they will pay you 10% commission if someone joins the help of your referral link. You know referral income is good to make money fast because the person will join he or she will work for himself but you will make 10% from them without any work.

The thing is after doing hard work and completed many surveys you will make the penny. So what you will do with referral income because who will join with a referral link they will make the same money. So you need almost 500 to 1000 people into your referral link to make a good amount of money in a short time, otherwise, it’s a waste of time and you will make only a few cents from referral income.

Do not get excited after seeing minds pay 10% referral income opportunities. It’s a trick to make people involved in their website so that they work and the company gets the benefit at a cheap price.

Mindspay Users Complaints!

I find some real user complaints you should know what they are claiming.

Here is a real user proof photo

One user said Mindspay company is fraudulent
This user said Mindspay is fraudulent

He believes this company is fraudulent. He signs up and work on free trial, try surveys and join with others members because minds pay promise to get paid for hard work and he is claiming that minds pay using their members to complete the task and after making hard-earned money when time to request he didn’t receive anything and there is no good way to connect. After sharing the problem help of support ticket he didn’t get the right answer and don’t find any solution.

Mindspay has billing issues because they are not paying to their members I shocked after reading these old member’s reviews.

Another minds pay old user complaints

He is members of minds pay 2014 or 2015 and he shares his problem on 01/26/2019 now he currently has $72 that is pending since 2016.

It’s clear that this person is really innocent because he just waste his valuable time for a penny and waiting for a long time to get paid but that is not possible because the company doing scam inside there is no way to get paid for the hard work.

What Is Inside Mindspay.com?

To create a free account you have to provide your valid information and you have to use your valid phone number so that they can verify that you are real.

Inside Mindspay.com Dashboard

Inside the member’s area, you will see 5 option my offers, studies, recommended, bonus offers, coupons.

  • My offers:

In this option, you will see a different partner offers that you can complete to earning dollars. This page is looking amazing they have some rating, dollar sign and you will think inside in your mind you have the opportunity to earn lots of money by completing the offers but this is not true.

When you will click an offer it will redirect to another page and show you some requirement then you will learn the real truth because you have to complete a task based on what they are saying there is no survey.

They will say go to the website and sign up an account to earn $1 this means minds pay sending you to their partner’s website that they are working to make money. So if you follow their command 1st minds pay will make money then they will give you a percent of it.

This is a third party marketing system using you to make money for them because they don’t have their own survey for members to work.

  • Studies:

When you will click the study option to learn what kind of work you have to do you will not understand. Because they will show you only a few simple studies that will pay only $0.10, $0.50 for complete. They will ask you some questions or sometime they will say what you think about their partner’s site fill the form to get paid.

  • Recommended:

As you know recommended means people will always give you the best opportunity to get started like this way minds pay will show some attractive offers like

  1. $150 games stop gift card view offers
  2. $100 Walmart gift card
  3. Money pop loans

This way shows you more so that you complete and they get the benefit for it. Now it’s clear to me and you that they are using people’s names of the survey and pushing people showing money imagination so that they complete other’s tasks.

I learn this because I already review some other survey website Bestreviewapp, Postloop, Myappaware and I have some experience to explain to you in deeply so that you understand. But beginners have no experience they follow this survey website to make money because they don’t know inside the survey company is doing some tricks so that beginners work following they are requirements and when the time to get paid survey company will use their trick again.

They will say you didn’t follow their requirement, sometime they will suspend your account without notification, sometime they will email you that you are not qualified for the survey.

You will feel frustrated when you will complete a survey and the company says it’s not done yet try again letter.

This is they want to show your problems after the problem so that at a time you quiet the website and they have no worries because more beginners will come to their website and spend the same time without getting paid.

Mindspay.com Alternative Site To Make Money?

You already learned that minds pay claiming that they are paying for their survey work but inside there is no survey there completing a task using their members and making people fool.

However, I know some of the alternatives that can help you to make money doing a survey and all of the sites I will share with you now? All are real and they are already features in different high authority websites.


Send earning is a legal website and doing legal with their members already features in Forbes, ABC News, yahoo finance, good morning America. Send earning pay over 9 million to their members. The good part is you will get a $5 sign up bonus and they have lots of offers to complete and make money quickly.

To get a quick idea of how much money you can make? You can visit their offers page.


Instagc has minimum payout advantages where you can get paid if you only earn $1 so not to worry about any kind of money scam. Completing some survey you will earn points and 100 points = $1 they have different survey opportunities like watching videos, search the web, play games, try new coupons, add walls.

Also if you need a gift card then you can turn your point into gift card instagc has more than 340+ gift card collection.

Do I Like Minds Pay Website?

Minds pay website is built for beginners so that they sign up a free account and start work. Beginners will easily trust their website because when you will visit their website you will see some famous brands logo on their website like Disney, Walmart, freecreditscore.Com, credit karma these websites already trustful and famous and how minds pay add this website logos, beginners will feel that… we have worked to give feedback on these brand products to make money.

Then to attract more they add top 3 offer 1st offer is called “Get paid to be heard” payout $1.50 and 2nd product is “Product report cards” payout $0.50 but inside dashboard, you will not find this because it’s one kind of attraction to make brain satisfy so that more people believe in them and work with them.

This way they add lots of thing to their website homepage to make them more valuable but what they are doing with users it’s not good and I already share some user did not get paid for their work.

So I don’t like this website at all. I will recommend you to create a free account and try a few tasks so that you get real-life experience.

Is Minds Pay Survey A Scam?

A website’s terms & conditions page is created to help people better understand. So that they can agree on legal information to use the website. Now just go to the mindspay terms and condition page you will see their website was last modified in 2013. If they follow users’ requirements and problems then they should upgrade their terms and condition, but it’s too old. They don’t even update their website it’s the same old look.

So I want to agree with real users who didn’t get paid. If you work to make money there is a chance minds pay do scam with you.


Make money doing easy work is a good imagination so that people can work with their site. After hard work, if they don’t pay to their users then this money imagination is totally to make people fool

That’s why you should avoid the minds pay website.

Spend your time to grow more knowledge so that you can learn something good to make a passive income work from home online.

However, if you want to learn how to grow a business in 1 month that will generate $5k – $10 for you? Do all automatically work from home?

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