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If you are already interested in this website?

To start making money?

You want to learn the truth that links4earn really paying people or not?

Then you come to the right place.

I want to congratulation you that you make the right decision to research fast then take action.

Now a day scam people all around making people fool with money imagination.

What I am going to share with you about links4earn.Com you will definitely be going shocked.

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What Is Links4earn.com?

Basically links4earn it’s a simple website that will help you to short any link you want.

But links4earn is claiming that they are “Free tools” where you can easily create short links to make money.

To be honest, it’s a money-making system if you start work on this website you will make a little money sharing your short link.

But most of the money will make the links4earn company using you.

Because when you will create an account and short a link and share in a Facebook group or different social media to get some click?

Then they will show an ad for 5 seconds for this the company will make money fast and pay you a little later.

Let me give you a quick example so that you can understand deeply.

If you read links4earn home page description then they are attracting you saying that help of their website you can short link and if someone clicks this link you will make money.

So this is totally a money-making imagination because clicking the link there is no way to make money.

The company smartly adding some ads on the link and for these ads, they are making money using you.

Because when you will share the link in different places the ads will be shown to the people who are clicking the link and for this ads company is making money as like $50 for 1000 views this amount of money links4earn is earning.

But they are paying to their users only $17 for 1000 views.

What a smart idea to use innocent people to make money for them.

I will give you more details in a few moments later.

How Does Links4earn.com Really Work?

To promote their company so that more users join links4earn.Com

They will say that they are helping people to make money using their website

Because if anyone short a link and share then they will pay you doing nothing and it’s a free job to make money from home.

But this is totally a creative idea to believe people that they are a legal company and helping people to make money.

Now let me share with you the resource that what they are doing to make money using innocent people.

First of all, links4earn.Com it’s a third-party website and they buy a script to develop a link shortener website.

Inside links4earn website they have 3 options to add advertising to make money.

They are using Google Adsense, adcash.Com, clicksor.Com, bidvertiser.Com, popmyads.Com

All of this website will pay you money for advertising this way links4earn.Com using this website and add ads to make money.

Focus on my words.

Now it’s clear that links4earn.Com have their own website and advertising system to make money but without sending traffic to their website they cannot earn money.

That’s why they need some publishers who will work for them and send traffic to a short link.

To attract innocent people’s minds like you.. they are now showing money-making imagination that’s why in their payout rate page they will show you that how much money you can make if you send 1000 traffic here is a list.

  • United States – $17
  • Kuwait – $15
  • United Kingdom – $13
  • Canada – $12
  • Qatar – $10
  • Australia – $9

This payout rate is a way to believe people that how much money you can make if you send traffic from this country and people follow this system and send traffic to make money without knowing that company using them and making a good amount of money and paying them in little.

I will blow your mind showing you that I recently review the exit same website that can do scam.

Links4earn Review Quick Summary:

Name: Links4earn
Site: Https://links4earn.com
Owner: Not Found
Site Creation Date: 2018
Category: Ptc
Bonus: Yes
Price: Free To Join
Best For: Newbie
Rating : 0 / 5
Recommended: No


Links4earn is a completely free tool to attract people in money-making imagination so that they work and make money short links.

The minimum payout is $5 and you can get paid by PayPal, WebMoney and Paytm cash.

Let me show you this exact same website name shorten.Sh.

Now if you read these 2 website descriptions all are exactly the same there is no change.

Links4earn and shorten exact same website
Exact same site

Only the difference is colors and you can focus on the icon the icons are as like same and match with each other.

But they are smartly just changed their referral bonus and minimum payout.

  • Links4earn.Com give you a 15% referral bonus minimum payout $5
  • Shorten.Sh give you a 20% referral bonus minimum payout $10

A referral system is another smart idea to use you.

Because they show you a 15% extra money-making imagination so that you invite your friends and they join and do the same work to make money.

But if I ask you how much money you can make from referral income?

They are paying very low if you send 1000 traffic from the united states they will only pay you $11 and if you do work hard you cannot expect to make $100 a month.

Because it will take lots of time to make this amount so if you have at least 100 referrals?

Then you can expect to make only $10 – $20 a day.

And making 100 referrals also requires a lot of time because not everyone can do the same hard work.

You know people always give importance to the “Privacy policy” and “Terms of use” because if a website legally wants to stay on the internet then they must have to show their legal rights.

So that their user can follow and do not break any rules but you don’t believe my words when you will click to see links4earn.Com website terms of use and privacy policy page?

You will see a blank page, there are no words, they have no rights and it’s clear that if they don’t have any time to fill up their own privacy policy then how they will give you privacy and pay money in the right time? Where is the trust?

Let me give you an example.

When you will create a YouTube account you must have to read YouTube community guidelines because there are lots of rules that show you that if you copy other people’s videos, music or do anything wrong?

YouTube has the right to terminate your channel.

That’s why following their guidelines you have to create your YouTube account and follow the important rules so that you don’t do anything illegal.

But not all people are good some bad people will always break YouTube rules that’s why YouTube has the right to terminate their account.

Now if you focus on links4earn.Com privacy policy then they don’t have anything this means they don’t follow their own legal rights so they can easily do scam in the future and there is no doubt.

Why Links4earn.com Can Do Scam?

Let me share with you some pain points so that you can understand how links4earn.Com can smartly make you fool in the future.

Links4earn.Com it’s a website and all website have an owner.

You are reading my article in my blog so you can learn more about me if you visit mine about page you can see my photos and more detail.

But if I ask you a question that do you know who is the owner of this links4earn.Com website?

Your answer will be no

  • Because the owner of the website is hidden, no photos and you will not find him
  • If you go links4earn.Com official and scroll down, at last, you will see 3 social media icon Facebook, twitter, google plus so that you click on this icon and follow them in their social media but the bad part is they don’t have anything because when I click to checkouts it redirects me to this blank example.Com domain
  • Privacy policy and terms & condition page have no rules
  • If you create an account using your email then they can sell your email to the third-party website to promote other products
  • You always see in your email spam box that there are lots of attractive offers like”Buy this 90% off price” “You receive $1000 PayPal money” this is one kind of promotion email
  • You have no legal right to report a problem

As an example let’s say you make $50 in your account and your next payday is Friday.

So you have been waiting for the money but did not get it at the right time, now who would you report it to?

Because their email support is not trustful, you will find no Skype, no phone number.

All this is my personal opinion that I share with you.

But you know scam people have lots of smart ideas because when I reveal some of the binary trading websites I gain lots of advanced experience because innocent people almost invest $250 to $1,000 in a trading system without knowing there is a scam inside.

Links4earn.com Has Any Payment Proof?

The more user signs up to the website the more benefit they will earn.

That’s why they will pay people to believe in them so that they work, invite people, follow their referral system and make their website more famous.

However, in beermoneyforum I find a real person payment proof.

Links4earn.com Payment Proof

What Is Inside Links4earn.com?

Inside links4earn has 8 options to help you to make money.

I mean this is what beginners people think.

  • Statistics

Basically they will share all of their updates and notify you so that you stay with them and continue your work.

They will share some helpful resources and invite you to join their telegram group to get more help but this is all is for you so that you stay with this website and invite you to another same site with different names called: “Wplink.Online” to start work again.

So why they are using multiple websites for doing the same work?

Because they are making you fool showing a little piece of money cake.

  • Manage links

You can edit your previous short link and change the redirect destination.

  • Withdraw
  1. Bitcoin $3.00
  2. Web money $5.00
  3. Payeer $15.00
  4. Paytm or UPI cash $1.00
  • Tools

Have more options to a short mass link faster

  • Settings

To change your email address your profile name

  • Referrals
  • Invoices
  • Support

I just create an account to learn how inside they are helping people with all of this option.

But when I saw they have another website then I confirm that they are using people in the wrong way.

Because a professional website will never say that join to another website and make money doing the same.

As you know Google, Bing, Yahoo all of this are a search engine and they are both competitors of each other.

But people always like to use google because google is giving people the most value and solution.

Google will never recommend you hey go to the yahoo search engine if you don’t find your solution in google.

So it’s sure that links4earn recommending another website to make a profit.

Links4earn.com Alternative Site To Make Money?

If you want to do the same work to make money on a trustful website that has no risk of money scams and give you the high payout for views then you should follow my alternative recommendation.

1. Adf.Ly

Once you make $5 into your Adf.Ly account you are ready to get paid by PayPal, Payoneer also other payment methods available.

Top country payout rates

  • The United States $21.36
  • Canada $6.83
  • The United Kingdom $11.54
  • Australia $4.86

2. Shorte.St

Shorte.St is a trustable & old website they have over 300,000 users who are continuously earning money.

I personally check their user’s review most of them are earning almost $100, $200+ every month.

Top country payout rates

  • The united states $14,04
  • United kingdom $10,75
  • Canada $5,81
  • Australia $8,61

Do I Like Links4earn.com?

If I want I can also create the same website using a script however this website is made for using beginners to make money with online advertising.

Links4earn website home page is simple so that anyone can understand how to short a link and how to work.

There is no advance design I found.

If you click the blog option then you will only see 1 post that “Top 10 best hosting” and this is definitely not a good sign.

Because to get traffic using a blog you have to post at least 100 plus articles on your website so that more people connect with you and learn something well.

So it’s clear that their blog page is only a demo to provide value.

For all of this reason, I don’t like this website at all.

Is Links4earn.com A Scam?

Links4earn is not doing any kind of illegal work.

I saw some real users getting paid after working

That’s why it’s now legal.

But don’t be happy links4earn can change their mind anytime

So always be aware.


If you think deeply then you will understand this kind of website will only pay you a short time income.

There is no way to start a passive income with confidence.

You cannot grow your knowledge because you have to do the same work short link & share and make money.

But if you want to build a career you have to learn something that can help you to start a business from scratch.

That’s why if you have a great mindset?

If you want to change your habits to a big-money thing?

Then you have to choose a long term income opportunity.

However, if you want to learn how to grow a business in 1 month that will generate $5k – $10 for you?

Do all automatically work from home?

Then I will invite you to learn from John Crestani Free Training

Also, share your Links4earn experience!

Write a few words in the comments below.


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