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Make money online uploading video to gounlimited.To site?

Is it really possible or not?

IS Gounlimited.to A SCAM Can You Really Make Money

First of all, I want to congratulation you

Because you are doing research to learn about this website that is it really a scam or legit?

After doing hard work how much money you can expect to make?

They will really be going to pay you at the right time or not?

I will give you all the answers step by step.

What Is Gounlimited.to?

Gounlimited.To is a free storage website that will help you to upload unlimited videos totally for free.

If you want to make money then you can monetize your video help of their ads

They will pay you for every 10,000 views the minimum you can make $6 and the maximum they will pay you $30 if you send traffic from TR1 countries.

Here is a list that will clear you how much money you can make if you got views from these countries.

Gounlimited.to Profit Rates For Each 10000 Views
Profit Rates For Each 10000 Views

How Does Gounlimited.to Really Work?

Basically it’s a money-making system and they are using ads to make money

If you are thinking that uploading video and sharing in a different place you are making money using this website?

Then you are wrong

Because they are using you to make money for them then they will pay you a certain amount of money based on the profit list that I just share.

When you will upload a video they will monetize the video with different ads so let’s say if 10,000 people view the videos then they also see different ads and sometime they will click the ads and try to take action.

Like this way, the gounlimited.To website will make money fast and they will make double money that they are paying you

Because they have the power to promote any offers using the ads system they can easily promote a make money related product that cost $100 or they can promoter survey offers that pay them $2 for completing the only 1 survey

They can promote any antivirus software to the viewers so it’s sure that they are making good money using you.

Gounlimited.to Review Quick Summary

Name: Go Unlimited
Site: Gounlimited.to
Owner: Not Found
Category: Free Video Hosting Service
Bonus: No
Price: Free To Join
Best For: Who Wants To Make Money With Videos
Refund: No
Rating: 1 / 5
Recommended: No


I don’t find any guideline in gounlimited.To that how much money they will pay for referral

They don’t share how to make money using their website.

Just share a list that helps you only learn how much money they will pay you if you sent views from those countries and this is not enough information to get start work.

The important part is they don’t have any privacy policy page so they have the right to do anything with you.

If they want they can also do fraud and you don’t have the right to report them.

Because you have to work on risk there is no way to accept the privacy policy and follow the legal ways to create an account.

You know when you will create an account on a professional website like Facebook or Gmail you have to accept their terms and condition so that you don’t break any of the rules.

But gounlimited.To have no rules they just want to help you to make money.

Such a smart plan to used people to make good money for them.

Is There Any Way To Make Double Money As Like Gounlimited.to?

If you are smart and you want to get paid good money for your hard work?

Then let me share with you some working method

Look after getting 10,000 views then you will get paid but if you use your mind then you can make money instantly from this 10,000 people who watched your video.

Just you have to work smartly in a different way.

I recommend you to promote affiliate offers using video to make good money in a short time.

Here is the deal you have to follow this 5 step

1. Create A Free Account In Clickbank.com

Clickbank is a trustful affiliate marketplace and paying to their affiliates every single week who are promoting offers and making money.

You don’t have to invest a penny to start work what you have to do is promote the affiliate link using your video.

2. Go to Cbsnooper Top Clickbank Products List

Cbsnooper.Com it’s a website that will help you to learn the best selling product of Clickbank.

3. Choose 1 Product To Get It Started

Learn about it, get tools from the affiliate page and make 1 – 2 video.

The good part is you can generate 75% commission selling 1 product.

Most of the Clickbank product average selling price is $37 to $47.

So if you make 1 sale you will get 75% commission, at least $27 to $35.25.

I am sharing with you a product so that you can get a deep idea that how this affiliate page will help you with different marketing tools.

Here is the pic

1st, click the promote button to get your affiliate link & save in a notepad

2nd go to the link https://destinymiracle.Com/go/afflinks here is the pic

You can see lots of free resources you can use to promote this product and make a commission.

You can use this all the best way you can.

But let me share with you how you can make a cool video using the articles click on the articles and copy text

4. Create A Free Account In Contentsamurai.com

Contentsamurai it’s an awesome video making tool that will help you to make a video online within a few clicks.

What you have to do is create a free account then choose a template and paste the article that you copy.

Then it will automatically create an attractive video for you and if the 10,000 people watch the video you can make your first profit.

How Contentsamurai Help You?

  • Contentsamurai will generate automatically video background for you
  • Professional voice
  • Inside video text
  • A good background music

All in a few minutes.

Now download the video and upload it on YouTube, Vimeo.Com, Dailymotion.Com, as you want, just add the affiliate link in the video description so that after watching the video if people like to take action they can follow the video description link.

Before you, past the link in the video description, I will recommend you to short your affiliate link using tinyurl.Com

The best recommendation is to learn how to create a landing page in 5 minutes

5. Now Promote The Video And Make Money.

If you need details guidelines? traffic solution?

that help you to make fast?

Then you can read my post. << IMPORTANT

What Is Inside Gounlimited.to?

I always research a website properly that’s why I just created a demo account to learn that inside how they are providing a service to a user

Who wants to make money using them they have 4 options that will give you value.

So that you upload videos and share in different traffic sources to make money.

  • Video file upload:

Max file size that you can upload is [50600 MB] you can directly upload from your desktop or using a mobile phone.

Also upload by URL, FTP, clone options included.

  • My account option:

This option will help you to configuration your playlist you can add your payment address, you can see referral link, API URL to generate an API key.

But you still don’t know how much they will pay for referral as I already said in the previous they don’t have any user guidelines.

To get paid they have 3 option Paypal, WebMoney, and bitcoin but when you will click my account option they will show you a notification that you are not trusted user.

Give you a solution just you have to buy the membership plan

So if you want to become a trusted member then you have to connect with their support team so that they help you to upgrade your account paying a monthly bill.

If you upgrade your account? they will give you this benefit.

  • Video encoding (very fast).
  • Fast and priority support.
  • 60 days before deleting any videos due to any inactivity.

There is no contact support page to write a problem to them

They have 2 email addresses so what you have to do is manually log into your email account and send them a mail if you face any problem or want to upgrade your account.

No FAQ page and they don’t have any social profile to follow them and learn about their upcoming updates.

  • My video:

You can see all of your uploaded videos, you can create a folder, you can move a video to another folder if you want you can update your video tags, re-name a video if you want.

  • Reports:

All countries view history.

I think they don’t even have time to upgrade their website because their copyright sign says @ 2016-2019 go unlimited. All right reserved.

But as you know the current years.

Do I Like Gounlimited.to Site?

I just like their smart idea that how they are using beginners to make money for them.

They are also providing a service to beginners to make money and if I say it about the website design then it’s a basic website design that they buy a script from sonijs.Com.

If you want you can also make the same website with the same design just you have to buy a script and upload it to your hosting.

If you think deeply then it’s not a passive income idea because you have to work hard to make little money and getting 10,000 views is not so easy.

So you have to learn, practice and need the patience to make money

But if you invest the same time to grow knowledge then you can make double as I already share the method with you.

Following the same way you can, promote multiple affiliate products using videos, and Clickbank has almost thousands of digital products that ready to pay you money.

Gounlimited.to Have Any Payments Proof?

I don’t find any payment proof videos on YouTube, forums, and other social networks.

Also In gounlimited.To official site, they don’t share any user’s payment proof.

Is Gounlimited.to A Scam?

As you know anyone from any country can join this gounlimited.To website totally for free.

They have lots of missing information and you will not find who is maintaining this website + who is providing this money-making service.

I didn’t work on gounlimited.To website that’s why I can’t say that this website is a scam.

But I find a real user opinion in Beer money forum

Name: Sijhono said: “Please mark gounlimited.To as scam”

You can read

Sijhono said Please mark gounlimited.To as scam
What do You think?


However, if you want to learn how to grow a business in 1 month that will generate $5k – $10 for you?

Do all automatically work from home?

Then I will invite you to learn from John Crestani Free Training

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