IS CoinAdster.Com A SCAM Can You Really Earn Free Bitcoin & Satoshis

Bitcoin is now a famous money making method.

When people learn about bitcoin is increasing day by day they feel happy

Because lots of people already invest thousands even millions of dollars in bitcoin

To make money without any work.

They buy bitcoin and wait for the new update news because it will increase in a few days

This is the main imagination to earn more bitcoin fast.

When a beginner learns about earning free bitcoin clicking ads they get really excited!

Scam people using this free bitcoin earning imagination and cutting people’s pockets and making them fool.

But I want to congratulation you because you come here to learn the truth about coinadster that is it really a scam? or legit?

No matter how smart you are.

Scam people will always try their new ideas to make you fool with different techniques

So always review a website deeply so that you can avoid any kind of mistake.

What Is Coinadster?

Coinadster is a website that helps beginners to earn free bitcoin completing some simple tasks like watching ads, visit in short links, creating an account on another website.

After completing a task you will earn 25 bits, 10 bits, 30 bits based on the work requirement.

As you know on a different website when you will complete a task then they will give you points.

Coinadster name it bits & satoshi.

1 bit means 1 satoshi

And coinadster minimum payout is 1,000 satoshi less than $1 get paid by faucetpay, bitcoin wallet.

No matter how hard work you do on coinadster website you cannot make at least 1 dollar doing hard work.

If you want to make 1000 satoshi then it will take almost 3 to 4 hours or more.

It’s really a waste of time to earn free bitcoin.

How Does Coinadster Really Work?

Honestly, coinadster website is using beginners to earn money and beginners don’t know this secret.

Coinadster paying little bits so that people stay with them and attract to their membership plan.

I will clear the membership secrets in a few points later but fast learn how they are acting with innocent people.

Do you know when you hear about this coinadster website in different forums or social media?

You just feel happy that now you have a chance to earn free bitcoin without investing a penny

But no one will give you money unless you work for them

That’s why after creating an account in coinadster free membership plan you have access to complete some work like “View pts ads”

Where they will give you 20 ads or more so that you visit the ads and earn free bits.

In this way, they have more options like faucet, visits short links, jobs, CPU mining all of these options have the same work completing a task.

They will give you some points so that you get paid and be happy with little amounts.

After getting paid 2-3 time you will start trusting this website but you know people always hungry for big money that’s why you will attract with their membership plan.

To be honest this membership plan is only an imagination because they will say now you have more opportunity to earn big money doing the same work

If you subscribe to their plan then you have to pay a certain amount of money every single month to coinadster.

This is their main plan using you to make money.

If you have lots of referrals? If you join there best membership plan?

If you work hard at least 6 to 7 hours a day?

Doing all of these you cannot expect to earn at least $100 per month from this coinadster website and this is the truth.

Your time is very valuable and you do not spend this valuable time on someone else’s work to make a penny.

Why I Am So Confident?

Because still, you don’t know who is the owner of this website?

What is their plan?

And why they are paying people free bitcoins?

Not to worry I am here to help you and guide you so that you can make the right decision and invest your knowledge and time in the right place.

Coinadster Review Quick Summary:

Name: Coinadster
Founded: 2019
Owner: Not Found
Category: Ptc
Bonus: Yes
Price: Free / Paid Membership Plan
Best For: No One
Rating: 1 / 5
Recommended: No


I just confirm that coinadster.Com is only a free bitcoin earning imagination technique to use your mind and hard work to earn good money for them.

When you will visit their official website you will instantly see “Claim code “50bitsfree” and get 50 free bits” that will push your brain to sign up and get this free earning opportunity.

Then to make you happier they will say “Earn free satoshi every 5 minutes” and that is not possible

Because when you complete some task they will say you are limited and next work you will get 24 hours later and they will show you a timer counting.

“Give you a 20% referral commission”

If you work hard you cannot make at least $1 in 24 hours, so what you will do with a 20% referral commission?

It’s a game plan so that you invite more people and they start work to help coinadster to make money.

Also, you will see they have an option for advertisers where they ad pickup lines like “Advertise for as low as 5 satoshi per view!”

So that those who interested in advertisers their sites or referral link they invest and coinadster make money for free.

I will recommend you do not invest in their membership plan.

Inside coinadster have 4 plan available

How Coinadster Membership Plan Really Work?

Anyone would like to invest in their membership plan to make fast bitcoin in a short time

But it’s another smart idea of money making imagination.

  • Basic Plan = Free
  • Silver = 0.00010 Btc = $0.50 Cent You Have To Pay Per Months
  • Gold = 0.00050 Btc = $2.99 You Have To Pay Per Months
  • Diamond = 0.00100 Btc = $5.99 You Have To Pay Per Months

Now each of these membership plans has different good benefits.

Some of them will give you a 5% commission some of them will give you 10% even more.

But why you have to pay every single month?

To get this benefit?

Why they are not giving you this in the basic free plan?

It’s clear they need more targeted audiences who will join their website and do the same work to earn free bitcoin.

Because when you will join one of their plan to make more free bitcoin?

Then it sure that you will also invite more people to join with your referral link to earn a good commission.

This is a way to make their website viral to achieve their goals

Because when thousands of people visited their website every single day they can earn more benefit monetization their website

As an example.

  • They can invite their users to another partner program to make money.
  • They can sell make money related affiliate products or training to earn a commission.
  • They can easily get sponsorship from different owners who are ready to pay them thousands of dollars.
  • They can add more membership plans in the future to their site to make money.

Coinadster Can Do Scam?

Yes they can do is scam anytime they want because

  • You don’t know who is the admin or owner of the website
  • You don’t see their real face or what their background
  • You don’t know their physical location or where they are living right now
  • They don’t have any Facebook page or YouTube to follow them to learn more updates

Coinadster is not professional, because they already start advertising to make money when you will be visited in their website you will instantly see some popup ads coming to you so that you click and redirect to another website and create a free account to make more money.

A professional website always gives you at least 30 days refund option but in coinadster if you pay for advertisements, banner ads, membership upgrade your paying amount is non-refundable.

Do not expect that you can make $1,000 using this website because it’s not going to happen so always be aware.

The truth is they are paying very low so at a time you feel bored and avoid this website.

Remember smart people never work hard for a penny they will grow their knowledge and make a good amount of money with confidence.

What Is The Inside Coinadster Dashboard?

Inside they have lots of different options where they will try to push you.

So that you connect with all of this option and try to make more free bitcoin totally for free and this is good but they are not paying a good amount for hard work.

This way, they will try to achieve your trust so that they can convert you to their paid membership plan, however, let me share with you the options.

“Earn Bits” Has 8 Options

  • 1. Faucet

I don’t know how this option work I only see some lucky number to earn a reward.

  • 2. Visit the link

They have a list of the other website link to visit and earn bits like 20, 40, 30 when you will click to visit 1st you have to complete the following captcha then it will redirect you to the site.

  • 3. PTC ads

When you will click ads it will redirect to another website then you have to wait for 8 seconds some of the ads will say you have to wait 10 seconds and after the end of the time complete a captcha to claim your rewards.

  • 4. Jobs

In this option you will see different website referral link so you have to visit clicking the referral link and create a valid account then submit the user name coinadster then they will verify and give you rewards.

Just use your mind why coinadster gives you rewards to join another website even you don’t know about the site they recommend you.

  • 5. Achievement

It will show you your previous history that how much bites you earn.

  • 6. Investment game

In this option, they will show you the trending bitcoin current value that will up and down every 5 minutes.

The minimum investment is 10 bits to play it.

So if you think the bitcoin price will increase then you can click the “Call option” if you think it will go down then you can click the “Put option” if you win you will get multiple incomes based on your investment. And if you lose they will cut the amount.

  • 7. Redeem coupon

Use a coupon to get rewards.

  • 8. Referrals

Invite your friends to earn a penny.

Coinadster Alternative Site To Make Money!

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Do I Like Coinadster Website?

To be honest I don’t like their website. They add a black color to their website background and this website is not looking gorgeous, just add a simple template, and then just change the title to make this website workable.

However, if you are smart, if you know how to work a smart way then you will not use your valuable time to earn a few cents.

Because coinadster has no passive income opportunity.

Every day you have to do the same boring work.

IS CoinAdster.Com A SCAM?

Coinadster.Com website is not a scam, they are using people showing bitcoin imagination.

But let me ask you

If you are online to make money? Then why little?

Why not you grow your knowledge & skill? And earn big money?


Your mind is valuable, use it to make something big.

Grow your skills
Be motivated
Be positive
Become your own boss

However, if you want to learn how to grow a business in 1 month that will generate $5k – $10 for you?

Do all automatically work from home?

Then I will invite you to learn from John Crestani Free Training.

Also, share your CoinAdster experience!

Write a few words in the comments below.


Have a good day😃

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