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IS Clipwatching.com A SCAM Can You Really Make Money

Upload a video share with your friend and make money without doing any hard work.

This may seem true, but you must know that Clipwatching.com will actually pay you for your work or cheat with you??

I want to congratulation you that you are here to learn from the research

That helps you to know about clip watching site that is really is a scam or legit?

You take a good decision

Everyone does not have the right experience to review a website properly

So I am here to help you and guide you.

What Is Clipwatching.com?

Clipwatching.com website providing a free service to anyone who is interested to make money uploading a video online.

They will offer you online storage so that you can use clip watching video streaming tools to upload any video you have.

You don’t have to worry about any space because they say that they will take care of all of your videos.

Now after uploading a video to their site if you want to make money as like $70 for every 10,000 thousand views?

Then you can monetize your videos help of clip watching options called “Ads mode” “Full ads (3 pops), 100% money”.

  • But why you will trust their money-making system?
  • If you don’t know who is the owner or admin of this clipwatching.Com website?
  • What are the privacy policy and terms and conditions?

So focus on my article and learn the truth step by step.

How Does Clipwatching.com Really Work?

When you will visit their official website clipwatching.Com you cannot understand what is this website all about.

If you scroll down then you will see some options like home, FAQ, make money.

When you will click this make money option then it will redirect you to another page

Where they will try to show you that you can make money following their requirement

As like they have an amazing affiliate program where you can join totally for free and upload your video to make money

To make you happy they will show you that get paid $70 per 10,000 views

Also, show you a list of profit rates and their plans

Just you have to follow their rules and condition your video must have to upload 1 minute longer to start earning using ads.

Pay you 24 hours once you make a minimum of $20 and you can receive payment by WebMoney, PayPal, perfect money, Alipay, Bitcoin.

Here is the plant that how much money you can make if you get views from those countries.

Clipwatching.com make money views Profit rates

But if you think deeply then you will understand how they are making money using you

Because they will monetize your video using their ads

So that you make money but to be honest they will make a good amount of money and give you a penny to work with them

Because when you will upload your video and monetize with their ads?

Then you have to share this video to different social media or on your website to get views and when visitors will watch the videos then clipwatching.Com will show them ads this is how this system really works.

How Much Money Clipwatching.com Can Make Using You?

Clipwatching only giving you an opportunity to make a certain amount of money for every 10,000 views but all of their ads system power is in their hand so if only they promote CPA offer they can make $200 – $500 from these 10,000 views.

Let me explain how

Cpa means cost per action

Cpa company will give you their survey affiliate link to promote and make money.

Cpagrip.Com is a good CPA company

So when people will complete a survey using their valid email, zip code, or phone number or buy anything then you can make a minimum $1.70 maximum $100+ promoting the offers.

So when this 10,000 people will watch the video then definitely clipwatching.Com will show them the CPA offers to promote by ads.

As you know everyone will not follow the ads most of them will skip and continue to watch the video.

But a few amounts of people will click the ads and try to complete an action.

Now here is the big profit clip watching making using you.

Because they can do anything now as they can sell an “Antivirus membership plan” to viewers, or a PC cleaner software, they can sale make money online “Video course” or “Health insurance plan” many more other offers to make money.

I know it’s a smart idea if you don’t have deep experience & knowledge that you cannot catch this.

But they can also do scam with you and I will explain it to you in a few seconds.

Clip Watching Review Quick Summary:

Name: Clip Watching
Site: Clipwatching.com
Owner: Not Found
Founded: 2017
Category: Video Hosting Provider
Price: Free
Best For: Beginners Want To Make Money Using Videos
Rating: 1 / 5
Recommended: No


I don’t find any positive things from social networks, YouTube review videos, events in the forum and it confirms that clipwatching.Com website can do anything wrong with you if you work hard to make money.

Why Clipwatching.com Can Do Scam?

You have the right to learn about who is the real owner of the clipwatching.Com website

  • Who is the admin?
  • Who is maintaining the website?
  • There are no people photos
  • No real testimonials
  • No payment proof available on the site
  • They have no social profile like Facebook, YouTube to follow and learn more updates.
  • Their terms and condition page only a demo to achieve your trust
  • They have no beginners friendly guidelines
  • No video tutorials

What Is Inside Clipwatching.com?

I created a demo account to verify their inside design and all of their system that how they are providing a service to a user who is interested to make money uploading a video.

I am sure that clipwatching.Com is not a professional site because after creating an account with my Gmail address they didn’t send me any verification link or code to verify.

As you know verification is a process to avoid any kind of scam or fake email but they don’t have this system.

They are using 5 option to provide a service

  • Upload files

In this option you can upload a video directly from your PC or mobile also they have other options to upload a video using URL upload, FTP upload, clone upload.

Before you upload a video they will show you a notification that “Please go to my account and set up your PPV for make money”

  • My account

You will see your email address username your referral link to promote and make the referral commission.

Also, they have an option to set up your pay-per-view mod just click the ads mode full ads (3 pops), 100% money to start earning.

They also have another option to make money from viewers “Extend premium account”

  • 30 days 4.99 USD
  • 90 days 9.99 USD
  • 365 days 29.99 USD

If any viewers purchase one of the plans they can watch the video without ads. Also, you can set up your video thumbnail and enable a security lock option.

Account balance option to request a payout once you make a minimum $20

  • My videos

All of your uploaded video list

  • Reseller

I didn’t understand this option well but they are selling one of their options

  • Reports

Give you a report of how many views you got in your video, popular country views you are getting

Their support option is not strong only have 2 email addresses to connect with them.

There is no trust score I found my recommendation is to stay away because you can be a victim of cheating.

Clipwatching.com Alternative Site To Make Money?

If you use your mind you can make a double income of uploading a video on the internet

Just to give you support here is the best alternative.


It’s a proven strategy that will help you to make money using video

You can expect to earn $99 or more just by uploading a video on YouTube.

You have the opportunity to build a passive income stream from scratch

And you will learn how to to create a professional video in just a few clicks

That will generate money for you month after month with confidence.

Just go to the site, download the guideline, read and apply to make $ action.

Clipwatching.com Has Any Payment Proof?


No one talking about their earning proof.

Do I Like The Clipwatching.com Website?

I don’t like this website at all because after visiting the site I don’t find anything important to learn

They only show you their logo into the homepage and when you will click the logo

It will redirect you to the upload page

Now if any beginners don’t know how this website really works? Then what they will understand? Nothing!

Also, they didn’t update their copyright sign it still shows you 2017.

Now years 2020 so they don’t have enough time for it

Then why you will invest your valuable time to make money with them

In the Clipwatching.Com FAQ page, they have only 7 questions answer and that not help you to anything important.

If you want to check out this website deeply then you can create an account because it’s free to start and try out for a few days and learn what they are doing inside.

You can become a secret agent and learn the truth.

IS Clipwatching.com A SCAM?

Right now this website is available on the internet and providing a service to make money using their video hosting platform.

I don’t work on this site that’s why I don’t have the right to say that they are doing scam.

And I don’t find any real users opinion in different forum site, there is no payment proof available

I Just want to say be aware and don’t waste your time in lazy work.


Your mind is valuable, use it to make something big.

Grow your skills
Be motivated
Be positive
Become your own boss

However, if you want to learn how to grow a business in 1 month that will generate $5k – $10 for you?

Do all automatically work from home?

Then I will invite you to learn from John Crestani Free Training.

Also, share your clipwatching.com experience!

Write a few words in the comments below.


Have a good day😃

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