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After doing the deep research I am here to share with you the main point that you should know about clicks genie.

That is this website is really helping people to make money reading emails?

Or doing smart scam?

IS ClicksGenie A SCAM Can You Really Make Money (Ugly Truth)

Hi, Sipon Dawyen with you…

Make money online is the key to success for beginners who are satisfied to make only $1 to $5 a day.

Also, they are really happy if they get paid in 24 hours or a week.

Because beginners have lots of energy they have enough time to give online to make money.

But the honest part is they don’t have any experience to review a site properly.

That’s why smart people build their websites targeting beginners, so that they can get their work done at a very low cost.

Make money reading emails it’s just a smart idea to make people fool.

Everyone knows how to open an email account and how to use an email account, and it’s a user-friendly way to grab people’s attention because everyone uses an email account in their mobile phone for Google play store, sign up Facebook or others.

After learning from me your mind will change because I will share with you everything that how this clicks genie system is working to make money from you.

If you are thinking that you are making money reading emails from clicks genie?

Then you are wrong!

Because you are paying them and helping them to make money working on this site and I will explain this in few points later.

What Is Clicks Genie?

It’s a gold website for beginners who are interested to make little money reading emails.

Clicks genie claiming that you can make up to $0.042 for every email you read.

Now, this is the trick to attract people’s attention because when beginners will see this amount they will start calculating that how much money they can earn reading 50 emails, as a result, they will think that wow I can make almost $2 reading 50 emails.

Now $2 is a good income who never makes a penny online and they are ready to invest 2-3 hours for reading emails in the clicks genie website and this is the truth.

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How Did I Know This?

Because most of the clicks genie users are from Asian countries like… Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Colombia and many more.

Now if you convert this $2 into their local currency then it’s a good amount of money to pay their internet bill, mobile recharge, even you can buy a big pizza.

Just let me give you 1 example

$2 USD = [101.93 philippine peso] lots of money.

So if you are from an Asian country then you will happily work to their site without knowing that they can do a scam in the future.

How Does Clicks Genie Work?

Basically clicks genie is promoting a different affiliate offer, CPA offers, ads help of their website using a smart idea of reading emails.

Because if you say to 100 people that you can make $1000 every week working 5 hours a day in a car factory then only 5 to 10 people will be interested in this job.

Because it takes time, needs experience, skills, patience.

Now if you use the smart idea and say to 100 people that hey you can make money reading emails then 99% of people who are a beginner will say let’s try and they will start to sign up into the clicks genie website because it’s free to start making money.

They have a good referral system where you have the opportunity to make $0.15 per referral as a bonus.

Just invite people if they join with your referral you will make money without any work.

How To Start Work In Clicks Genie?

Inside you will see an option called summary and latest work with details payout like $0.0022 now click read email and earn this amount instantly.

After clicking an email it will open in a new tab then you will see a timer option that will load 100% then click the verify options called “I am not a robot” after verifying click the “Send” button to complete and receive few cents into your clicks genie account.

Clicks Genie Review Quick Summary:

Name: Clicks Genie
Site: Https://clicksgenie.com
Owner: Not Found
Founded: 2017
Category: Ptc Ads
Bonus: Yes
Price: Free To Join
Best For: Beginners
Rating : 1 / 5
Recommended: No


Clicks genie website is now getting viral because of their payment system

After completing some work if you only make a minimum of $0.01 you will get paid by faucethub.


  • Perfect money minimum payout $2
  • Bitcoin wallet minimum payout $0.01

In Clicks Genie Faq Page They Have A Question-answer!

  • How Much Money You Can Make?

Clicks genie said:

There is no limit. The more you refer the more you will earn.

But this is totally false you cannot expect to make passive income working on this site.

Because they are only paying a few like $0.0033 for reading emails and after hard work even if you have 100 + referral you cannot expect to make $100 a month.

A maximum you can earn $10 to $20 and for this, you have to invest lots of time and effort.

They will pay you as soon as they get benefits using you and you will learn the truth because a few times later this site will be shut down.

I know lots of people are joining the clicks genie website and I saw few philippine YouTubers are recommending this website showing their referral income.

But still, if I ask you do you know who is the owner of this site? Your answer will be I don’t know.

How Clicks Genie Can Do A Scam?

Right now clicks genie paying to their users who are working and referring their friends to make money.

But to be honest I already review lots of websites who do scam when they get lots of users.

Here is one of the sites “Cloud pay” lots of users earn $100, $500 in their account but they don’t get paid because they are now doing scam with users and suspended their account without any notification.

The focus point you should know is

  • You don’t know who is the owner of this website and you will never find them
  • A professional website will always share their team member’s photos and details so that users trust them but in clicks genie not available any team members photos and working details.
  • You cannot follow them by social media they don’t have any Facebook, twitter on their site.
  • I found a weak point in clicks genie website when I click they’re about options it’s totally a demo blank page.

clicks genie about options it's totally a demo blank page

  • Terms of service options also a demo to achieve your trust.
  • In clicks genie official website they have a live status of payment proof and total members who are available online but I reload the website 2-3 time and I saw the same status 420 members only the same number no change.

They just add some time and it will be changed automatically in a few hours later.

This means this live status is only a demo to make people fool.

If you don’t believe go to their website and reload to see the proof.

I know this because I know how to create a website and this kind of status you can also add on your website based on your own choice just you have to add WordPress plugins.

Also, you can add a popup notification to a website.

I review lots of binary scam website they use this kind of plugins to grab people attention because when you will visit this kind of scam site always you will see recently a user just make $10, then in few second letters you will see again a new user make $15 working on this site.

It’s a trick to make beginners excited so that they sign up and start work.

Clicks Genie Payments Proof Are Legit?

Right now clicks genie paying to their uses and they have a payment proof option in their site.

If you click the option it will redirect you to their recent payout history page.

Where you can see the country, amount they paid, payment methods.

But I don’t trust it because I don’t find any real user payment proof to their website or any kind of testimonials.

What Is Inside The Clicks Genie?

First of all, when you will create an account you will see some error because they will say that they don’t allow any kind of VPN or the proxy.

However, if you create an account they will send you an email to verify then you will receive another email where they are promoting an affiliate offer.

You will see the email inbox as “How I make over 50000 in passive income”

Then after clicking the link, it will redirect you to a landing page so that you join the system and learn from it.

Inside you will see 4 options summary, referrals, money, people, statistic.

  • Summary:

This option will show you all of your working details that which email you read and how much money you earn, last time when you log in to your account. It’s like an old history collecting option.

  • Referrals:

You will see some tools so that you can track your referral and promote it to earn a commission.

  • Money: You will see another 3 option deposit, transfer, withdrawal.

Deposit option is basically for an advertiser who wants to pay a clicks genie users so that they complete their work based on their requirements.

If you try to create multiple accounts to earn fast then they will ban your account.

Now inside the dashboard, there is no email available to read and make money this means.

They will send you an email in your email inbox so that you manually read different emails to earn money every day.

In this way, they will imagine you big money dreams so that they can sell their course and money-making system to you.

Because you will receive lots of attractive emails like

  • “How James make $1000 a week from YouTube free training”
  • “Invest $5 to bitcoin and earn $10 every week”

Like this way, they will send you an email so that you make money but the smart part is people are hungry to make big money that’s why some of the users will follow this email create an account and invest or buy a course to learn more and this is what they plan to make money using you to their system.

Let’s say clicks genie has a course which price is $100 that will teach you how to make $1000 per month if you buy.

So they need target traffic who are interested to make money that’s why they make their website and paying to their users reading emails and how much money they are paying is very low.

Let me give you a quick example so that you understand deeply

Now if 1000 users read emails then clicks genie have to pay only $10 $20 dollars but if only 1 people buy the course after reading emails and following their money imagination then clicks genie will earn $100 did you got the point now? how clicks genie is making money using you?

Clicks Genie Alternative Site To Make Money?

I know you are interested in easy work that will help you to make extra money.

To help you let me share with you some alternative

1. Sendearnings.Com

Send earnings is a trustful website already features in ABC news, good morning America.

Paid over 9 million dollars to their user.

The good part is you don’t have to worry about money and payout scams.

Because it’s a legal site where you can do simple online activities to earn money.

They have lots of easy work to do like watching videos, taking a survey, giving your opinion, playing games, downloading apps and many more.

Give you $5 only to sign up so that you start work with them.

2. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is an online survey website where you can take an online survey to get paid work from home.

You can expect to earn a minimum of $2 and a maximum of $100 for completing a simple survey.

After creating an account you will receive a $1 dollar as a signup bonus.

In trustpilot.Com thousands of people give positive reviews to this survey website so you don’t have to worry about any money scam.

Inside the vindale research dashboard, you will get lots of surveys and most of the survey will pay you between $1 – $2 because this survey is easy to complete that takes only 5 to 10 minutes.

Do I Like Clicks Genie Website?

I know this website is made for selling a different money-making product to beginners.

They are paying a little piece of cake to beginners so that they stay with this website.

If I talk about clicks genie website design then I will say it will really good to see and any beginners will attract with their website because when you will visit the homepage instantly you will see a big headline like “Get paid to read emails” they add a green and blue mixing background color that makes this website look more colorful.

If you scroll down to achieve your trust they will share another title called “Secure” that “Clicks genie uses 256-bit SSL encryption to protect your personal data” it’s really great.

As you know you cannot expect to earn passive income using this website that’s why I would say I don’t like it.

Is Clicks Genie A Scam?

Clicks genie paying to their user that’s why they are legal.

But don’t be happy

Because you know the bullet point that I share with you in the previous that how they can do SCAM in the future.

So always be aware!


You have to choose what you want.

You are looking for passive income or you need a short term income that will help you to make a little money for a few days all up to you.

However, if you want to learn how to grow a business in 1 month that will generate $5k – $10 for you? Do all automatically work from home?

Then I will invite you to learn from John Crestani Free Training

Also, share your Clicks Genie experience!

Write a few words in the comments below.


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