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App trailers earn money? or Fake App?

You can make real money from your smartphone while sleeping.

People are making $10, $50 even $100 every week playing games, watching videos, completing simple tasks.

App Trailers Honest Review Earn $50 PayPal Money Or Scam

If you are ready to do the same then you just have to download 1 app

Then try this app every day at a time then you will see the next $50 PayPal payment is coming to your account within a few days.

I recently saw a few YouTube videos they are reviewing apps like this way and claiming that you can make good money using an app called “Apptrailers”

But to be honest, only make $1 using the app trailers app it will take 3 – 5 days even a week and it’s not possible to make $50 a day using app trailers.

  • Why YouTubers are claiming this?

First of all app trailers is legal and you can make few dollars just doing fun but not too much and YouTubers are sharing this information in a wrong way so that they get views to their video and more people watch and they make money help of Google Adsense.

Some of the YouTubers will invite you to their personal money-making system using the trust of money because you already watched their video that they are sharing. They will share different money-making shortcut methods so that you try to do…

But you will feel frustrated and follow their paid training to start making money and this is what they want.

That’s why to give you a details guideline I am here to guide you that what you should do and what not.

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What Is App Trailers?

Basically app trailer is a normal app like others but they add some attraction to their app so that people like to make money using it over and over again. What they do is they will say that preview video trailers, celebrity gossip, upcoming new movie trailers, you can watch and make money without any hard work. They will say get paid by PayPal cash or Amazon gift card & this app is totally free to make 5 to 10 dollars a day.

But you will learn the truth when you will use this app and you will be shocked because it’s not possible to make this amount of money quickly it’s a waste of time if you make a big dream that yes you can make money with confidence.

They have apps available in both Google play store and Apple store and if you read real user’s opinion you will learn the truth.

Because when I go to the apple store to see some real user reviews I find this user name: “Pizzareviews” said “Points deleted”

App Trailers User Complaints 1 Points deleted
Points deleted

This person uses the app trailers app for a long time and it takes lots of time to earn points.

You know when beginners learn that this app can make money they get excited and invest their time over again and again and he try few days and redeem the point but after busy with school when he comes back and logging into his account he sees that all of his 20,000 points are gone. So it’s super annoying and if you see he said he will delete the app from his phone.

Because the company only wants to rip you off and give you a very little and sometimes in return you will get nothing and their customer service is not working.

App Trailers Review Quick Summary:

Name: App Trailers
Founded: 2010
Category: Mobile Application
Size: 13mb
Bonus: Available
Price: Free
Best For: No-one
Rating: 1 / 5
Recommended: No


App trailers is an old app that pays people points for completing a simple task when the app first launches by “Appredeem, inc 2010” they do lots of good work. In the time they pay well to their user and all the offers, preview video tailors are available to watch and earn more points. Users easily complete work and get the reward into PayPal cash out and gift cards.

Step by step in few years this app get viral lots of YouTubers, blogger always say positive and they recommend this app to use and make money but right now they have lots of users and they are not giving them the same service and support like old days.

People are now facing a problem, getting error and sometimes they don’t find the points that they make in their account that’s why you will always now see negative comments that people don’t recommend this app anymore.

Let me show you some real proof

App Trailers Real Users Opinion!

User name: “Deborah Wade” said: “Perk just officially shut down” she just shares the truth that now you can’t earn points and redeem.

App Trailers Real Users Opinion name Deborah wade

Another user: “Canadian Canuck”

The first time this app works great for him but suddenly when he login to his account his see all of his points are gone and he is now unable to redeem any points and his current balance is 0 and he likes to uninstall and not recommended.

5000 points = $5 but now to make this amount of point it will make you like older dad then you will feel oh man I am now old doing this old stuff every day.

If you are smart then you can spend the same time to develop your own apps that people would like to use again and again.

However, if you are really interested to make money then I will recommend you to learn Affiliate Marketing so that you get a cure knowledge that can help you make money automatically with a proven system.

Because in Google play store or Apple store you will not find any app that can help you to make $500 a day or no apps will promise you that you can grow a business with confidence.

When you install an app in your smartphone to use it then the app company starts making money providing you service. Sometimes they show you pop-up ads, different coupons, a product and try to sell.

Like this way, different companies, brands, advertisers, developers invest money, ideas, and a requirement to app trailers and based on their requirement “App trailers” smartly make some simple tasks that users like to complete and earn money.

So when you are doing some tasks the company and apps trailers will get the benefit fast, then they will pay you a penny because you help them to do some task. This is how they are showing you money imagination so that you step-by-step watch videos, play games, and complete surveys to make more money and invest your valuable time for a little.

What Is Inside App Trailers?

Sign up with your email to get it started then complete your profile and add your PayPal email in-app trailers account to get paid for redeeming your point into PayPal cash.

Inside the dashboard of the app, you will see 5 options to earn points play daily quiz, watch the video, play apps & games trivia, play general trivia, try more games.

  • Watch the video:

This is the option where you will make the most points the more you watch the more points will be added to your account. But there is a daily limit that is hidden because some times you will earn points but after spending a few more time after watching videos no points will add for the limit.

You can see the video in different categories like games videos, celebifed, top videos, sports videos, funny videos, DIY videos.

Some video examples are MTV movies & TV awards winners, Disney channel ads, celebrity new trending news

  • Play apps & games trivia:

In this option, you will see some simple questions to answer and earn points like…

  • In video game what colors is Pac-man?
  • What is the currency of Colombia?
  • Who was the first president of FIFA?

Then simply go to your account profile and check out the history you will see all your earning points just added.

And if you want to invite your friends for referral income then you can earn up to $10 per teammate who will join with your referral code.

But to make money help of referral it’s too hard, let me show you the math

When your friends earn

  1. 2000 points, you both earn only $1
  2. 6000 points, you both earn only $2
  3. 15000 points, you both earn only $3

Now it’s clear to you because you will not waste your time for referrals.

After 2019 new updates of app trailers to turn your point into PayPal cash you can’t get paid directly using the app trailers apps. Now when you will click to get paid on the app it will link to you another website called perk.Com

I try to visit this website then I saw this message…

perk applications is now shut down

For changes in the company direction, all perk applications are now shut down for more support: [email protected]

And their privacy policy page is already as same there is no legal notice or anything, all gone.

I know still lots of new users installing this app to their smartphone to make money but they still don’t know that their privacy is now at risk.

App trailers already have 4.2 ratings in google play store and they have lots of reviews but all of the users will now step by step uninstall this app from their mobile phone. Because if they are not adding new updates and if people don’t get paid at the right time then why they will waste their time only using the app.

As I already share with you that their website is now currently shut down and in the play store, the only have this 3 old updates

  • Performance upgrades
  • Bug fixes
  • Updated 3rd party SDKs to new versions

App Trailers Alternative Apps To Earn Money?

In Google Play store app trailers already have 1 million-plus install lots of users try this app but for some reason, they uninstall or don’t like to continue making money help of this app. If you are one of them and you know the truth then I am here to help you with the best alternatives that you can try.

1. Cashpirate

You can make money in cash pirate playing free games, watching videos, trying free products, completing a survey and many more. You have the opportunity to earn 10% referral commission when someone will join with your referral link you will earn 500 points instantly.

1000 points = $1

Get paid by PayPal and gift card.

2. Inboxdollars.Com

Inbox dollars is a trustful company for many years. You can start work help of using their mobile apps or in a desktop browser on their website. Already paid 30 million dollars to their users who like to do a simple task like install a game app and play for 30 seconds to earn $1 instantly.

Also, they have some zip code submit survey offer where you will earn $3 – $4 for complete.

Play candy crush games, sign up to a website, watch a movie trailer – to make more money quickly.

The good part is when you will sign up your free account you will instantly make $5 as a bonus.

3. Feature Points

Feature point is another similar app like app trailers where you can do the same work to earn points they have 4.3 ratings in google play store.

Almost paid over 5.8 million us dollars in rewards science 2012 and you have opportunity to work from your smartphone or from desktop help of their website the good part is feature points already have lots of gift card partners like Best Buy, PlayStation, App Store & iTunes, Amazon.com, Google Play, Xbox, Starbucks, Adidas.com, eBay.com, GameStop, Target, You can redeem your point into a $5, $10, $25 gift card and do what you want.

But the help of these apps you cannot expect to make a full-time income because all of these are for invest your free time to do some fun and earn extra income to pay your mobile recharge bill or get a good gift card to use online.

Do I Like App Trailers App?

Frankly, you can no longer earn through these apps because it is old and does not work as before because whenever you try to do any work to earn points you will see error & still the old version the new version not been updated yet.

I don’t like this app because making people dream of big money they will pay only a small amount of money after completing a task based on their requirement.

App Trailers Earn Money? Or A Scam?

If you know how to work hard in a smart way? Then you will not waste your time for a penny don’t follow their money imagination Only install apps, play games, completing the survey, you will make lots of money using this app? Not at all.

They still have this app in google play store that’s why it’s now legal but they can do scam in the future because there is no trust left you should read the update all google play store user reviews you will see the truth.

People are now sharing their opinion that this app needs to fix, lots of options not working and people are not earning any points at all.


App Trailers not worth it! A down vote from me.

However, if you want to learn how to grow a business in 1 month that will generate $5k – $10 for you? Do all automatically work from home?

Then I will invite you to learn from John Crestani Free Training

Also, share your app trailers experience!

Write a few words in the comments below.


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