Indigoymining.Com Withdraw Payments Proof Indigoymining Is A [SCAM] (BAD Reviews)

Welcome to My Indigoymining Review.

Based on my research this indigoymining.Com website is a scam and they are trying to making you fool by showing big earning opportunities.

Make money online by investing in a website? This is what people like to do, that’s why lazy people who want to make quick money? They are now a victim of a scam.

Because people are cutting their pockets showing easy earning opportunity and there is no way you can earn big money investing in a website and no one wants to lose their hard-earned money

Now let me help you to learn the truth.

Number 1: showing you big earning opportunity to catch you like a fish

When you will visit their website you will see their website is looking really beautiful and on the right side of the website, you will find a laptop photo is zooming out and zooming in which make their website looking really professional.

If you scroll down to the signup option? Then you will realize that they are giving you a $10 welcome bonus this means if you sign up to their website? They will give you a $10, so that you believe them and start investing in their website.

Now if you focus and think deeply? If they are giving every single person $10 as a signup bonus? Then they have to give almost millions of dollars every single month totally for free.

Because lots of people will start creating accounts on their website, now how is it possible? Why they will give you this kind of money totally for free? Because they don’t have any bank and they don’t have any money tree… And if you think deeply? You will not find how they are making money, there is no way you will found any of the team members photos, and they are giving you this kind of virtual fake $10 as a signup bonus, so that they can easily achieve your trust giving you this fake money so that you create an account invest money and they cut your pocket.

So they are showing you good food so that they can catch you like a fish as like people catch fish showing good food.

Number 2: they are sharing with you the fake investment plan

Now if you check out their investment plan then you will be shocked!! Because they are giving you a very big earning opportunity they are giving you 5%, 22% even 30% earning opportunity.

So that you invest money and they cut your pocket just think deeply if they have this kind of big earning opportunity? Then why not they are investing in their own websites?

If they have this kind of big opportunity? Why do they need to promote their website to you? Because it’s a way to make people fool showing big hope & imagination. So that innocent people invest money and they easily cut their pocket. So do not believe them and there is no business that can give you this kind of quick money.

If you research properly? You will not find how they are making money, there are no mining room photos, there is no mining video and you will not find any of their real locations you will not find any real people payment proof so they are claiming false and showing you fake investment and earning opportunity to make your fool.

You should avoid this website.

Number 3: website founder information is missing

This website is online to do business and someone maintaining this business and maintaining this website but after doing research I don’t find who is the founder of this website. There is no way you can learn who is behind this business so it’s a high risk, because without trusting a website founder if you do any action? you will be the next victim of bad people.

Number 4: do not promote their affiliate program

They have an affiliate referral program where they are giving you a 7% referral commission so that you invite more people, and they cut more people’s pockets and they will never pay you anything because they want to use you so that you invite more people and they make more people fool.

Number 5: you should follow an expert and learn more skills to make money.

Indigoymining.Com this kind of website basically using virtual cryptocurrency imagination to cut people’s pockets and there is no way you can make quick money online.

You must have to learn skills you must have to do some good work to make money that’s why you have to follow a good person, who will guide you & help you.

As like,,, a teacher helps a student so that the student build the knowledge and follow a proven road map like this way when you will follow a good person and learn some skills you will definitely make money online.

So based on my research, this indigoymining.Com website is a scam.

Sipon Dawyen

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