Hey, what’s going on in this article I am going to show you!

How to make quick money in one-day online free method.

Quick money means is going to be a big deal.

I am not going to show you 5 or 10 dollar survey work or any kind of quick rich scam.

I am going to show you how you can make big money legitimate way

And I am going to show you exactly what you have to do step by step.

Before I start after reading my article if you don’t follow my steps? and don’t practice?

Then you are now still wasting your time.

So let’s get it.

How To Make Quick Money In One Day Online (Free Method)

Fast you don’t have to learn any kind of new skills to start work


You don’t have time to figure out some sort of complex setup.

We are not going to set up any kind of website

We need something fast and you need something big$

Because you need real money something big in one day

The only way to actually get paid money in one day is if you get paid cash.

But to get cash in hand in 1 day it’s only possible in real life if you work for somebody or work in a restaurant or store.

You can make money in one day online but to get paid in cash in your hand? It takes a few days to get the money in your PayPal account or bank account.

The PayPal and bank all of this way receiving money through the internet that takes verification.

You know they going to have to verify you! To send the money,

They have to do international processing and all of this thing are going to take a few days actually to pay out the money.

Now what I am going to share with you is a good method where you can earn $100 even $1000 of dollar if you work properly and follow the steps.

Step 1: Clickbank.com Account

So let’s go to Clickbank.Com and create a free affiliate account.

Clickbank is the best affiliate marketing site which will pay you 90% of commission on the product sold.

It’s an affiliate network but it’s very good and they paid over 3 billion dollars to internet people and others who work with Clickbank.

Now if you are looking to make quick money I recommend you go on Clickbank & create an account simple as Facebook.

So let’s go to Clickbank and then click the marketplace option right now and click the search button.

Clickbank marketplace option

Now there are lots of product to promote but you need big money that’s why you will promote high ticket product to make big money in one day.

If you want to make small money like $5 you can go to some survey site or in Fiverr or if you want to sell your skills and make 20 to 30 dollar an hour you can go to Upwork or any kind of freelancer site.

But if you want to make $100 even $1000 per day using something?

The only you have to do once.

Then you have to follow me and promote this good product name “Super affiliate system by John Crestani”

What you have to do is now promote this product which payout over $450 dollar as a commission.

Which this means you will almost make $400 for 1 product sold in one time.

So now search with these keywords: “Super affiliate system by John Crestani” or “John Crestani”

Clickbank good product $450 dollar as a commission.

Now click the promote button and click generate link then copy the link and save in a notepad.

generate clickbank hoplink

Now what you have to do is you have to create a landing page and promote it in any one of your social networks.

Step 2: Create A Landing Page In 5 Minutes

So let’s create a landing page in 5 minutes

Point 1:

Go to https://sites.Google.Com/ and Sign in to your Gmail account.

You can use google site with a free Google account to create a high-quality website and landing page easily for free.

Point 2:

sites.Google.Com dashboard interface plus button

Then you will see the dashboard interface like this then click this plus button to create your first website in a few clicks.

Now all drag and drop.

Now we are promoting super affiliate system by John Crestani offers so we need some photos and info to make our landing page awesome.

So all of the photo and tools, videos you will find in the offers JV page link https://johncrestani.Com/jvs/

Now I add a title, pic and 1 call to action button you can make this call to action button online help of this website called http://buttonoptimizer.Com/

You Can Used This 2 Photo For FREE!

Click The Pic To Download Now

Now add the affiliate link into the call to action button. So if anyone clicks the button they will go to the main site.

I create a beautiful landing page with site.google.com
I Create This Demo Landing Page To Show You How It’s Look

Now published your site and copy the landing page link.

Now you have to promote the landing page in social media to get traffic and make commissions.

Step 3: Traffic Solution

Now take this link and go over any one of the social networks that you want to share and invite people to learn from free training.

Post On Facebook Like This Way To Get Traffic Solution
You Can Post On Facebook Like This Way

You can create a Facebook page and invite your friends also, you can search make money related group and post your link in the group.

You can say hey here is the free training which teaches you how to make money online check this out: link

Now you can do this every single social media you have

Also, go to your Gmail account and sent an email to 200 people or 500 people or text them and invite them to learn and join this training.

So this is the way you can make quick money and make money online very very fast and its work with confidence.

If you are interested to learn how to make more money fast and how to get more traffic then you can also join in this training and learn from John Crestani

He already shares lots of video tutorials that help you to promote Clickbank & other affiliate offer and make big income.

If you get 1 sale you will make $400 then if you need more traffic you can try Facebook ads, YouTube ads to promote and make more money fast.

So that’s it, for now, hope you learn something informative if this article helps you then share with your friends

And follow these 3 steps, practice, work and promote to make money.

Step 4: Facebook Group Traffic Hack

If you follow my first 3-step and apply in your work and practice properly?

Then you will get sales and make a commission.

So now let me show you how you can get more traffic fast! all for free.

Facebook Group Traffic:

Almost many people use Facebook just for fun. Ask your friend a question like, hey do you have a Facebook? They will say yes!

If you know how to drive Facebook group traffic to your landing page?

Then you can hack Facebook group traffic.

So how it’s possible?

Yes it’s possible and I am going to help you to learn

First of all, you have to join a big Facebook group which group have more than 100k + member.

So here is the Facebook group list you should join








This group already has 100k, 200k even 500k + members who are all interest in making money online.

So if you promote the offer in this group you can get your fast sale very easily, so join all of the Facebook group.

The good part is Facebook will also help you to join more groups because when you join this big group’s Facebook will know your interest than a few minutes later, Facebook will suggest you join bigger make money related groups you will see all Facebook suggestion in the right columns here photo proof

facebook suggestion

Then click the see all button and join the suggestion groups. Once you join 5 to 10 big groups now it’s time to promote.

Now in the JV page, you will see more promotional tools like videos, photos, email swipe, banners, Facebook ads copy text, now you can share Facebook ads copy the text in the Facebook groups.

JV page tools

So write a few words and share your landing page link.

The best way you can promote with video.

So if you click YouTube ads button then you will see some videos in the google drive so download and publish the video in a Facebook group with your landing page link.

To make your landing page link short you can use https://bitly.com/ or https://tinyurl.com/ so that you can use the short link to post in the more big Facebook group.

Comments On Facebook Group Post:

In the big FB group, you will see many posts have more than 100 even 500+ comments and lots of links

Fb Comments

So you can also comment in this post to get more traffic into your landing page and if someone like your comments or reply in your comments then send them a message and invite them to join the free training.

So like this way join new groups and post + commons to get more traffic.

But john Crestani has the best traffic solution. So I will suggest you join his training and learn Facebook ads, YouTube ads for big traffic solution.

John Crestani already making $10,000 a day and millions in a year doing affiliate marketing. And his many traffic solution is ads he is a growth hacker in Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google ads, Bing ads with this means he drives millions of traffic and makes commission promoting affiliate products.

Here is a video how much money he makes in 24 hours

Start John Crestani Free Training

Step 5: Instagram Traffic

Instagram is one of the best mobile traffic solutions for business.

Every day people share their story and watch video on Instagram.

So you can promote your affiliate product on Instagram and I will show you the best way to promote your landing page in Instagram.

Point 1:

Create an Instagram account and verify the account with your phone number

Point 2:

Do not post anything in 7 days just add some info in bio and complete the profile like this way

complete instagram profile bio idea

and add your landing page link in bio.

Point 3:

After 7 days later post make money related photo with hashtags.

And to get make money related #hashtags you can follow this website.



But to get update make money related photo and hashtag you can search on Instagram with this keyword #money #cash #wealth #makemoney

Then click the search button then Instagram will show you lots of new post with the hashtag.

Now take a screenshot and post the photo in your Instagram account.

To better understand how everything really works I will suggest you follow this Instagram account to get some marketing idea how the other people are promoting

follow this Instagram account to get some marketing idea




This Instagram account has lots of followers more than 50k plus if they post one photo a day?

They get almost thousands plus like and views who are interested to make money

so you can grow an Instagram account to get quality mobile traffic for your business and affiliate product promotion.

Point 4:

Daily Post Rules

My recommendation is to post 5 times a day and follows 150 people every day because you have a new Instagram account.

If you post more in your Instagram account then there is a chance your Instagram account will be suspended.

Once you have 1000 followers in your Instagram account? and your Instagram account is at least 1 month old?

Then you can follow 300 people 400 people a day and you can post 10 to 20 time a day without facing any problem,

also, you will get likes, share and comments then you will see you are getting many followers fast in your account.

Point 5:

Comments And Text Your Followers

If you grow your Instagram account with patience then you will see the engagement.

When you will post a photo in your account?

You will see people are liking and commenting on your post

Then who like your post and comments

Directly message them to learn from the free training.

Don’t send any links in the message always be real send a simple message like this example: hey, thanks for like my post. You have interest with make money online? Then follow my bio and start the free training click here to learn more @username.

In the last, of the text, you have to give your @username like this way because, when people will read then they will click your @username and they will redirect to your profile fast.

Like this way, you can get free targeted traffic from Instagram but if you need more shortcut?

Then I will suggest you use an automatic tool for all in one free traffic solution.

Step 6: Jarvee

Jarvee is the best social media automation tools to drive traffic into your product.

>>Read My Jarvee Review

Just set up your campaign 1 time then all of your hard work Jarvee will handle alone.

The best part is you can now schedule your post in social account in 1 time.

It will help you to grow your all social account in 1 place.

But first, you have to know how to use Jarvee software properly.

Once you learn from their tutorials then take action to make some cash.

Just rapid growth your all social account first 24/7 automatic without any kind of error and all of your social media will be safe.

How Jarvee Will Help You?

Business owners have lots of social accounts to promote their product and make a big brand but it’s impossible to post 5 to 6 time daily in different social account with update content.

That’s why Jarvee has the solution you can schedule an automatic post in your social accounts with few clicks.

Best for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube automation watch this video for more details.

So now you can do social media scheduling, target your real audience, growth account fast and easy, manage multiple accounts, increased engagement rates.

My Advice To You!

Look once you know how to drive traffic to your affiliate product properly and when you will get your fast sale?

Then you will be happy.

So, first of all, follow my all steps properly and apply it to your work to make big money.

As you can see I am doing blogging and driving traffic to my affiliate offers to make money and I already make few sells from ClickBank

I already make few sells from ClickBank

What I do is share helpful guideline, tips, ebook, informative information that people are looking for.

And I make money and give the right thing that people needed.

I will recommend you learn from john Crestani affiliate marketing training and follow all in one (A to Z) affiliate marketing solution.

So that’s it for now

Stay with me

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