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Honestinvest.net Review Earn 45% Monthly ROI $100 Or a SCAM

Based on my research this website honestinvest.Net is risky and they can do fraud anytime.

People are investing in different types of websites to make money online so that they can earn more money in less time. However, it is important for you to know that easy income can deceive you and you may lose your money.

Because fraudsters are showing their lucrative income through new websites where you can make a lot of money just by investing and if you invest later you will see that they have cut your pockets and started cheating with you.

So always check the website and join
Otherwise, you may be cheated.

Now let me show you some proof.

Number 1: showing you the high-income opportunity

When you visit their website instantly you will see their investment plan where they are showing 11% weekly, 45% monthly, and 10% weekly investment plant.

So that you make a deposit and earn this kind of profit in a short time and if you create an account and invest your money to their website? Then you should know, your money is gone forever.

Because there is no business that can give you this kind of big earning opportunity.

Just think deeply?? If they have this kind of big earning opportunity? Then why not they are earning unlimited money investing in their own website? Why they are promoting their website to you? Because they want to cut innocent people’s pockets showing this kind of big earning opportunity.

There is no way you will learn how they are making money, there are no real people who get paid, so they are showing you this kind of fake earning opportunity to make you fool.

Number 2: honestinvest.Net added fake bio in their about option

If you go there about page? Then you will see they say that they are a group of people and they have experience 15 years in gambling.

Also, they are successful in casinos so my question is if they have 15 years of experience? Then why not share their real face on this website? Why not there sharing how they are working and making money? There is no way you will find any real people photos there is no way you will find their real location.

Because experience people don’t make this kind of mistake and they didn’t share their social profile so they are only adding this kind of fake bio so that innocent people who are new online? They easily believe them and invest money to their website and they cut their pocket and make them victims of scams.

So do not believe them.

Number 3: website founder information is missing

Someone maintaining this website and someone maintaining this business but if you don’t know who is behind this business? Then there is no way you can report them in the future

Because after doing research I don’t find who is the real founder of this website

So there is a big risk that they can easily do a scam.

Number 4: they don’t have any social profile

They have lots of time to give you a big earning but they don’t have any social profile like Facebook page youtube channel. So that you can connect with them and follow their updates, do not believe them because real people always share their updates using social profiles so that people can connect with them and learn from them but they don’t have any kind of social profile.

So they are smartly making you fool hiding their social identity.

Number 5: honestinvest.Net want to catch you like a fish giving you a free bonus

On the free bonus page, they will give you this 0.0002 BTC amount so that you create an account and they add this kind of amount into your investment plan basically it’s one kind of food so that they can easily make you a fool as like people catch fish showing good food.

Like this way they want to show you this kind of fake BTC bonus so that they can easily catch you like a fish because if they give this kind of bonus to every single person? Then they have to give almost millions of dollars every month because more people will join their website.

But they don’t have any kind of bank and they don’t have any kind of money tree to provide you this kind of bonus for free.

So do not believe them this honestinvest.Net website is really really risky you should avoid them instantly.

Sipon Dawyen

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