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Hey, what is up to my friend’s Sipon Dawyen with you😃

You will learn Tested & Tried high paying surveys you can do comfort from your home

16 Tested & Tried High Paying Online Surveys [You Never Heard]

Recently before black Friday 1 week ago “Jon morrow” just email me with his new course that how to become a writer machine that professional writer uses to write up to 10k words a day.

I am just shocked because I already know how to write 2k words a day, so I was excited to learn how to grow it up, that’s why I joined with a Black Friday discount coupon and complete the course to learn and grow my skills.

However, in the past, I schedule my note that I will write beginner-friendly guidelines so that I can help you to learn high paying online surveys to make money.

Like “Jon morrow” email me to learn how to become a writer machine.

That’s why helping each other is the best way to grow knowledge and build trust.

That’s why for the trust 1st let me clear you so that you can avoid scam survey sites, and don’t waste your valuable time for a penny. Because now a day scam people are building their website with money imagination to attract your brain so that you start work and help them to make money following there rules and end of the week they will suspend your account without any notification or email you that you are doing something wrong that does not follow their terms and condition.

This is a trick to make people fool so that they can think inside their brains to learn what is missing.

To be honest, people work hard but the survey company is doing scam and sharing their smart idea so that beginners can not know the truth! And companies make money without paying them after doing hard work.

If you want to learn the truth then you can read my post “Cloutpay.Co & paid4clout.Com are [scam $661 not receive yet]” that I write a few weeks ago and reveal the truth that how companies making people fool with money imagination, multiple websites, and fake video testimonials.

However what I will share with you today

All the surveys site are trusted and legal and they are already featured on different high authority websites like Forbes magazine, ABC news, good morning America, yahoo finance, and many others.

And all of the legit survey websites are already paid more than millions of dollars in cash and rewards to their uses.

So you don’t have to worry about how to get paid by PayPal because once you complete some task & surveys your payout balance will be instantly added into your account and you will get paid in a week.

So here are some benefits and change will happen after you complete reading my full post.

  • You can use an amazon gift card and visa gift card any time you want
  • Completing some survey you can get paid multiple time a day
  • Every year you can add extra $1,000+ in your saving list
  • Completing some simple task you can earn $50 – $100 easily
  • You will have the right experience to move forward with good-paying survey
  • Work at home on your own schedule
  • You can share your knowledge & referral to friends to make more money without any work
  • You will have a confidant to complete survey fast and earn cash again & again

More Related Recommendation

1. Sendearnings.Com

Sendearnings.Com is a trustful website and rewarding people for completing simple tasks like taking surveys, watching a video, shopping, playing games and many more.

You can easily and $50 to $100 just completing 1 task a day. But if you are new, then I would suggest that you get a little experience by doing small survey work first, so that you can earn big amount of money by completing a larger task later.

Now to learn what kind of survey and task send earnings have available and how much money they are paying for completing each action then visit this offers page. Then you will see send earnings already have lots of categories like books, children, credit cards, games, entertainment, food, a home magazine, making money and many more.

Each one of these categories you will get an individual different survey and task work with different payouts but all of this category minimum pay you $0.50 cent and maximum $100+.

Let me share with you a high-paying survey task to make $100

If you choose a home business category then you will see a simple task of Airbnb.Com

You have a home or a room that you like to share so when you welcome a guest help of Airbnb you will instantly make a $100 reward.

So what is Airbnb? Is there any way to make $100 + more?

Airbnb is an online community helping a traveler to rent a home in any location that they are looking for.

People love to visit in a different place, people want to enjoy their life and want to go on vacation in a different country or in a different location. That’s why they always need a room or a home so that they stay safe at night and feel comfortable. For this, they are ready to pay good amounts of money if anyone interested to share their room or wants to welcome them for a few days. For this solution, Airbnb is helping travelers to find the correct location that they are looking for to stay.

So to make money what you have to do is create an account in Airbnb shares 2-3 photos of your room or home you want to host a guest and share your location then Airbnb will send travelers and you will get paid big money each time you provide this service.

Send earnings also have lots of small survey work where you have to fill up to 3 pages of the forum to earn $20- $5. You have to give a question-answer like which soda is better coke or Pepsi? Once you answer then you will get paid for completing the survey also you have the opportunity to earn a $100 gift card.

But if you need some experience that how to work properly then send earnings already have members guide for you to understand what should you have to do to complete a simple task and how to earn cash doing simple activities.

Others ways to earn

  • Watch short videos
  • Earn cash for reading the latest emails
  • Earn cash trying a new product, trials and shopping online
  • Earn cash playing your favorite games
  • Search anything help of send earnings search engine to earn extra money
  1. Send Earnings Minimum Payout: $30.00
  2. Payment Method: Paypal
  3. Founded: 2000
  4. Sign Up Bonus: $5

2. Mindswarms.Com

Mindswarms will help you to earn $50 – $100 every 10 minutes from 7 questions, then answer your opinion recording a 40 – 50-second video to complete and get paid.

Basically mind swarms is a high paying video survey for beginners who are interested to give their honest opinion and reviews a product recording a short video.

You can complete this survey work with your smartphone or help of your desktop webcam just record a short video and submit to the mind swarms company. Then once the review team sees your work then you will instantly get paid $50 by PayPal.

Mindswarms is working with big brands worldwide like top tech, sports, healthcare, travel, entertainment, software, food, beauty, fashion, brands and many more.

This different company needs real data and opinions for their products, that’s why they came to the mindswarms.Com website and submit their requirement questions to fill up with a short video and for this simple task they are ready to pay users who want to answer and make money.

So if you are comfortable to record a short video to complete a survey and make money? Then mind swarms is perfect for you because the company just need a real data that what you think about the product, your behavior, emotions, positive opinions that help them to improve their product for future so that more customer like it and follow their company.

If you create a free account inside you will see apply for a study then simply choose a study to start. But all of the time you will not get approved to start the survey work because sometime you will get rejected to study, you have to apply and follow their requirement and if the review team thinks that you are not perfect for this study then they will reject the work.

They will email you why they reject the application to learn and understand the work.

The good part is you will always get upcoming study details in your email they will email you like

  • “My family – us study that pays $50 please apply now”
  • “Wedding communications study that pays $20 please apply now”
  • “Family life 2 study that pays $20 please apply now”

Like this way in different categories, you will receive study survey work to apply and when the team will review your application that you are perfect to start then you will receive a notification to complete the survey and earn $50.

You know lots of people don’t have any experience recording a video that’s why sometimes they didn’t complete the requirement that the company looking for and if they record a video that has not enough information then the team will not accept the video survey. Because they need the exact information that the company wants.

So I will recommend you try few studies to learn that how it works and also gain some experience then you can apply the unlimited study to record a video complete the survey and get the payout cash in hand.

If you want to see how real members are recording their videos and answering the survey questions then go to the “Explorer researcher view” to have some idea and take action to start your work.

Also, learn from

  1. Mindswarms Minimum Payout: $50.00
  2. Payment Method: PayPal, Gift Cards
  3. Founder: Tom Bassett

3. Vindale.Com

One of the most popular and trustful survey sites is vindale research where you will get a high payout for completing a survey.

Instantly when you will sign up you will get 1 dollar as a bonus. To be honest, in the previous they give $2 for signup bonus but now for some reason, they are giving $1 signup and this is good to go.

Vindale.Com website is free to register to start work but to make sure that you do not follow the scam people mindset that’s why I will recommend you avoid survey websites who are first asking for your credit card number to create an account. Because this kind of site will do scam with you if you provide your valid card information.

You can easily make $10 to $15 per hour completing the survey but it depends on uses because beginners need more time to understand how to complete a survey. But once you have some experience then you can change the mindset and forward to make good money completing simple survey like baby food study, pet survey, fast-food study, car maintenance survey, Tampa radio study, grocery study, sports survey, homeowner survey, health survey and much more simple survey available.

Completing each indivisible survey you will get paid in different balance like $1.50, $3.57, $14.60, $0.75, $11.02, $5, $15.99 and many more when you will start a survey you will see the payout balance that how much money you can make completing the survey and how much time will take to finish and get paid.

The best way you can make money without any work is vindale research referral program where they will give you an opportunity to earn $5 per referral. Which this means if anyone interested to make money doing survey online just you have to recommend or invites them by email once he or she joins with your referral link you will instantly earn $5.

To get cash in your hand you have to earn a minimum of $50 to get paid by PayPal or cheeks. This means you have to work more than a month to complete the different surveys to make this balance in your account.

However, if you are new to this website then you will gain some experience that will help you to complete more surveys easily in a short time and start completing a short survey first because this survey will pay you $2 – $5 complete in 5 to 10-minute simply answering few questions. Once you make a few amounts in your account then step-by-step try to complete a big survey which will pay you good money completing an action.

Fast when you will apply for a few surveys sometimes you will not get instant approval because you have to answer a few pre-qualification questions. So that vindale research can learn what kind of survey will match with you that you can complete in the right way. You have to spend 30 seconds to 1 minute to answering these questions to qualify for the survey. It will make you a little bit frustrating but once you spend more time you will more friendly and make money.

To learn more about the upcoming high paying survey that is coming to vindale research you can read their daily blog post.

  1. Vindale research Minimum Payout: $50
  2. Payment Method: PayPal
  3. Founder: Nate Ehrich

More Related Recommendation

4. Squadhelp.Com

Squadhelp is a number 1 naming platform helping business owners, companies and entrepreneurs who are interested to start a business or want to grow a brand but they are looking for a perfect name that will make them more valuable.

That’s why they are providing a service so that their customer gets a perfect name, tagline, logo, domain name for their business to get it started without any frustration.

The good part is squad help is giving an opportunity to beginners who are interested to earn $100 winning a contest complete a simple task.

It’s like a simple survey task that you can complete in a few minutes. If you create an account in squad help inside you will see lots of contests are available where business owners share their requirements that which categories business they want to start, what is their product and how long or short they need their business name.

Now beginners who are interested to make money they have access to join this contest to provide a name based on business owner requirement. So let’s say you join a contest where the business owner wants to start a business like a chocolate company. So now you have to find a cute and useful name for this. So if you provide a name? Then you have a chance to win the contest after the end of the 5 – 7 days contest, because the business owner will pick a name for his business and give the reward $100, $200 or more to the person who helped them to find the perfect business name.

So if you know how to find a good name for a website, service, company, book, business, brand, app, the product then you can start a contest in squad help like a survey task to make few extra money.

To be honest not everyone will win a contest and earn the amount of the reward because it needs some time to understand how business owners looking for a name, tagline or logo for their business. You have to understand that what is their main goals to start the brand with a name. They will happy with a short name or long name for their business, or what is they are thinking that which kind of brand their recently like, based on their ideas you can provide a name in the contest and simply like you… more than 100-200 people will join in the same contest and they will also provide their unique name.

So the end of the contest business owner will choose only 1 name and give the reward. But you have the opportunity to win the contest because you can join another contest again it’s just a good way to earn a reward because you don’t have to do any kind of hard work. Once you try 2-3 contest then you will have some experience and real people are making money and recommend to start. Just provided a name and wait for the result it will only take 15 to 20 minutes to complete the task.

The valuable point is squad help already features in Forbes magazine, Mashable, Chicago tribune so there is no worry of scam or fraudster.

  1. Squadhelp Minimum Payout: $100
  2. Payment Method: Paypal, Payoneer
  3. Founder: Darpan Munjal

5. Inboxdollars.com

Inboxdollars is the good-paying survey website and they are paying their users for a long time and all of the users are satisfied with their behavior. The inside dashboard you will get lots of opportunities to start making money completing 1-3 minute simple survey work.

Frankly, when I was new to online and learning about different types of things from YouTube video and Google, I often saw reviews of inbox dollars on different websites. They always say good about inbox dollars. And still in this time if you search on Google or YouTube that what is the best trustful survey website then you will get inbox dollars in the top 5.

People who are working on this site are getting paid with confidence. Because when you will visit the inbox dollars website instantly you will see the real proof that since 2000 inbox dollars have paid over 56 million dollars in cash rewards to their members who are like to join and earn money completing simple tasks like watching videos, reading emails, taking online survey, sharing honest opinion, playing games, watching tv and many more.

Already inboxdollars have many survey work available in their sites and different new brands are now publishing their surveys in inboxdollars because their user does awesome work that other companies like to collect real data from them. Inboxdollars already partner with Netflix, Target, Walmart and you will always see their positive reviews in famous review websites like Trustpilot, Sitejabber so you have no worry about making money you can earn unlimited money from inbox dollars.

But the first time you need some patience to understand how to complete a survey, how to complete your profile to get withdraw your fast money by PayPal.

Once you feel comfortable working on this site then you can make more extra money help of referral program. Just invite your friends who are interested to make money doing the same survey work and if you want you can build your own team to make more money investing a few hours a day.

The awesome part is you will get a $5 instant bonus and this will make your brain satisfaction so that you start work in a relaxed way. Because you already earn $5 just for signing up the account.

Lots of people think that it’s a scam because why they will give you $5 only for sign up but, to be honest, they are paying their users in the right time because now they have lots of survey offers, that’s why they need more people who are interested to complete a survey. So that they take action and seriously work with them. That’s why they are paying the little $5 sign up bonus to make happy and work with them for a long time.

And inboxdollars already launch their 2 new same websites with the different name where they are doing the same work paying $5 for sign up bonus and inside you will get more new survey offers to complete and earn money and I will share with you the others 2 website name in few points later.

  1. Inboxdollars Minimum Payout: $30.00
  2. Payment Method: Paypal, Check, Prepaid Visa, Ecards, Gift Card
  3. Founder: Daren Cotter

6. Instagc.com

Redeem your point for a gift card or get paid for completing simple tasks like completing the survey, watching the video, shopping online, search the web. Instagc has more than 100 + different websites who are a partner to give a service to users. Where you can redeem your point to do whatever you want you can shop from amazon’s help of your earning. You can buy any apps from the apple store, buy any clothing from best buy, order any food from burger king to eat & satisfy do whatever you want the help of instagc.Com.

When you will complete some tasks instantly you will get paid in points and 100 points = $1. Lots of people asking the question that how long will it take to earn points working on instagc the correct answer is it depends on how much time you like to spend to reach your goals.

But when I read instagc support introduction article I learn that you can easily earn up to 100 points or more a day just completing a few simple offers. Old members who have lots of experience and still working with them are making up to 500 to 2,000 points every day because they grow their mindset and they know how to complete one by one to make more points and turn it into cash out.

Inside the dashboard, you will see different categories like apps, clicks, offers, tasks, videos where you will find different offers to complete and earn points into your account. You can get paid multiple times a day watching videos to earn extra points.

Also, you will see some third-party apps already integrate with instagc as like adwall, ad gate rewards in this option you will find some videos to watch also some games to download install to earn points.

  1. Instagc Minimum Payout: $1.00
  2. Payment Method: Cryptocurrencies, Direct Deposit, eCheck, Gift Card, PayPal, Prepaid Card
  3. Founded: 2011

7. Survey Junkie

Survey junkie is another cool website where you can earn points and turn into a different gift card or get paid by PayPal. The trustful part is they already have 13,919+ real people reviews and excellent 4.5 ratings in Trustpilot. 1,000 point = $10 so if you earn this amount of points you can instantly redeem points into an Amazon gift card, iTunes gift card, Starbucks, Targets, Walmart or many more. But most of the time people cash-out by Paypal because people want to cash in hand.

If you think ok you need some product that you want to buy then you can turn your points into a gift card and they will email you all the details and send you the gift card from your home location then go shopping or go to Starbucks to use your card as you want.

Potentially most of the survey junkie users earn at least $12 per hour and when you will register instantly get $0.25 cents as a bonus and join survey junkie survey work for a long time it’s totally for free. You have never had to pay for any monthly bills to upgrade something.

When you will get started a survey you can easily complete it in a few minutes. Because in other surveys website they will give you some question answer survey and they will ask you more than 5 to 10 question in order to get paid $2 – $3 for each survey. But in survey junkie when you will start this question answer survey they will only ask you a maximum of 2-3 questions to complete a survey and get paid the reward. So it’s easy to complete and you will feel comfortable to earn more points in a short time.

Keep in mind that fast time it will take a few weeks to earn only $10 to get paid by PayPal. Because you will get little points completing each task but when you will spend more time then you will learn more how to, which survey, which offers will give you the highest points to earn.

Also after new updates of survey junkie terms and condition, they filter spam users and now only people who are from the United States, Canada, and Australia they can join and participate in the survey work to make money.

Inside the dashboard, you will get lots of simple survey offers available where you can earn 20, 40, 80, 350 points completing a survey and survey junkie website is totally safe to use. Lots of big companies already recommending the site who wants to improve their product and need real people honest data. Because all of their users are complete survey work based on survey junkie requirement so there is no fake survey anymore. If anyone tried to use multiple accounts or want to do some fake surveys to earn fast then they will get instant to suspend their account doing fraud.

I will recommend you to create an account in survey junkie and try their survey work for 2-3 days. If you feel comfortable that these surveys will pay you the best for completing then you can continue work but if you think after doing hard work it’s is not matching with your goals then not to worry! I always share other website where you can do the same survey work to make the most money.

  1. Survey Junkie Minimum Payout: $10
  2. Payment Method: PayPal, e-gift cards
  3. Founder: Armen Adjemian

8. Mypoints.com

Mypoints is an old survey website founded in 1996 still now paying to their users and in the USA millions of users use this website to get cashback in every single purchase. Mypoints working with favorite big stores like Target, Best Buy, Amazon, eBay, Walmart it’s a good website to redeem points into cash & gift card.

When you will sign up you will get a $10 welcome bonus and they will give you 2 options to get this extra bonus into your amazon gift card or visa gift card you can choose any of them to get your earning fast bonus without completing any survey or doing any task. Just create your free account and approve it for free.

Mypoints have lots of different ways to earn points completing some simple and easy tasks that even a kid can do. Inside you will see an option watch videos where you will see a playlist of videos in different categories like entertainment, news comedy, health, hobby, music, technology each of the playlist you will see 40+ videos all of the videos are trending that already famous in different news, magazines, and website.

So you just have to choose a playlist and step by step watch one by one video and completing watching to increase your earning. For completing a full playlist they are paying very low but it’s a good way to earn some extra point without doing any kind of hard work or without any investment just open a playlist watch 5-6 videos and if you think you are feeling the boring push for few minutes then open another tab and start working another simple task.

If you want you can complete some paid survey to earn more extra points fast because my points already help over 9 million members to earn points and reward.

In my points official website to give people an idea they already share that how much the can make completing a survey. They have different survey offers and you can choose any survey that you feel comfortable each online survey have different payout rates, some survey work completing you will make 1 – 2 to dollar and some of the survey will pay you as much as $50 but most of the survey will pay between $1 to $10.

Also, you can make money reading emails, shopping online, get a score, local deals, discover content, find deals, search the web, print coupons, play favorite games, refer a friend to earn 10% points and many more other options available. Just you have to join complete few tasks and reading your point into cash.

You can work in my points website for a long time because they are giving the best service to their users that’s why they have millions of users who are working with them for a long time and all the new updates, new upcoming service, shopping cashback, deals they will notify you and send you to email to get the update.

And to give you a powerful motivation so that you can start work with confidence then you should know the truth is my points already features in ABC news, new work time and yahoo so there is no worry for any kind of scam or fraud.

  1. Mypoints Minimum Payout: $3-$4
  2. Payment Method: PayPal, eGift
  3. Founder: Steve Markowitz

9. Dailyrewards.Com

As I said a few points before that inbox dollars already have another 2 websites and here one of her brother’s name daily rewards.

Where you will get the same work as like inbox dollars the same website design, inside dashboard look. And instantly you will earn $5 as a bonus and you can make money playing games, taking the survey, getting deals and much more simple online multi-task available.

Good part is daily rewards already seen on Yahoo finance, BBC news and as like inbox dollars in daily rewards lots of new big companies are coming with their survey and they are working with daily rewards so that beginners who are interested to make money they fill out their requirement, complete survey and get paid and for this completion, company will get the right data that they are looking for.

Daily rewards have some simple survey work where you will earn $0.50 cent to $3 easily. I recently check out there offers option where I see a simple task like join “Vip voice” website and earn $1.75 for complete a valid registration and the good part is you have another opportunity to earn $1,000 just for register in “Vip voice” like this way daily rewards have some funny survey like profile survey complete your account profile and you will earn $0.50 cent instantly. Share your interest that which kind of survey you like to complete in the future and you will earn $0.10 for the survey.

And if you want to earn big money then daily rewards have some physical tasks like you have to download an app help of their referral link name “Doordash driver” it’s a food delivery service app where you have to deliver food to clients to make money.

Lots of people are using this “Doordash driver” app to make money as a part-time delivery food and they are earning money in a short time. So if you just download this app and only complete your fast delivery then instantly you will earn $50 from daily rewards and as you use the app you will earn more extra money for completing more food delivery work in a short time.

To spend your time to make fun they have an option where you can play more than 30 + friendly games to make some extra money some of them are wheel of fortune, vegas nights2, solitaire rush, bejeweled blitz, swap it, Dynomite, big money, bejeweled 2.

But as like inbox dollars, daily rewards have not all the features they are updating their working system and adding new offers so that beginner can easily complete survey work and feel happy to make money, not to worry still you can earn money referral others where you have opportunity to make 10% commission from each parson join and start earning help of your referral link.

  1. Daily rewards Minimum Payout: $30
  2. Payment Method: PayPal
  3. Founded: 2014

10. Prizerebel.com

Completing a few surveys make $10 and gets paid by PayPal help of prize rebel survey work. In the official website down below you will see an option name testimonials where will see e 100+ real user video testimonials and every single person is saying that they get paid from prize rebel. Science 2007 they already paid almost 15 million dollars to their users who like to make money taking online surveys all work from home.

Lots of beginners don’t know how to complete a survey properly that’s why to give them a proper guideline inside the prize rebel has few simple survey work like this Facebook page to earn points, take the daily survey to share your personal opinion and earn points. Go to offer wall download some mobile apps to install and earn points.

Step by step when you understand how to complete a survey then you will see more high paying surveys are available that will take a few extra time to complete but in return, you will make good points to cash out.

Earn a 15% referral point when anyone joins with your link almost 9 million members join prize rebel to make money and you are the next person who can earn pretty much extra money investing your free time.

  1. Prizerebel Minimum Payout: $2.00
  2. Payment Method: Paypal, Gift Cards
  3. Founded: 2007

11. Pointclub.com

The point club basically is a company that pays you for your own opinion for completing a survey and small task. When you will sign up to start work instantly they will give you a $5 bonus.

$5 means they will give you 2000 points that you can redeem to cash out later.

The good part is to sign up you can use your Facebook account and it’s totally for free inside you will see the daily task, point bank, total approved points then you will see a list of a survey that how much time it will take and how much points you can earn by completing a survey.

If you are a new member then on the homepage they will give you a member guide book that helps you to start earning points like a superhero they will share with you all the guidelines, original stories and welcome you so that you feel comfortable to work with them.

With the help of the Pointclub referral option, you can earn 10% commission easily and if someone joins the help of your referral link you will earn 200 points instantly.

  1. Point club Minimum Payout: $50
  2. Payment Method: PayPal, E-gift cards, Physical gift cards
  3. Founded: 2014

12. Lifepointspanel.com

Lifepoints panel is a long-lasting company and they already have 5,000,000 members. If you logging inside you will see they really have a simple design website that you can easily understand exactly how many points you earn.

Basically different survey website shares their requirement and the specific location and published work in life points panel and people who are interested to make money completing the survey they joined life points panel to make money.

That’s why sometimes you will not qualify for every survey you have to spend some time to learn which survey is available for your country and you have to qualify for a survey to get start work. If you don’t qualify then you have to try again for another survey.

If you need any help then always connect with their support team they will share with you all the guidelines and helpful solutions so that after investing your valuable time you collect rewards and get paid in cash.

  1. Lifepoints Panel Minimum Payout: $5
  2. Payment Method: Paypal, Gift Cards

13. Oneopinion.Com

In one opinion most of the survey will pay you $1 to $5 after complete. But if you try and continuously you will get a high payout survey which will pay you $15 – $25 for complete.

You can start work on your desktop and you have other opportunities to work from your mobile phone. So you can work when you want all of their work is easy to do because you have to research others company’s product and give your honest opinion to make money and for some time if you fail to complete a survey then not to worry you can try another survey to collect your point and turn this point into cash out or gift card.

In the one opinion official website, I saw some people real testimonials that they are recommending that one opinion is a wonderful company they love to work in here some of the users are working on their website more than a year and they are really happy because they get paid $25 by amazon gift card and they are recommending this website to make extra money spending the valuable time.

And they are really trustful because to give you good service they already add their phone number into the website (866) 360-9574

No matter whatever you have any question or suggestion just call the toll free number and they will help you the best way possible.

  1. One Opinion Minimum Payout: $25
  2. Payment Method: PayPal
  3. Founded: 2011

14. Swagbucks.com

Swagbucks is already famous and old survey website they are paying regularly to their users that’s why I share this website name in the last. They already have 150 million paid member who is always satisfied to work with them completing surveys, watching videos, downloading mobile apps and many more and this work is best for mums, college students, teens, even kids are completing little tasks to make extra Swagbucks points then they are turning this point into different gift card and getting paid easily.

Swagbucks already famous and trustful even if you search on Google or YouTube and see you Swagbucks reviews then always people will recommend and giving positive reviews to their website and they are already seen on Buzzfeed, Save the student, The penny hoarder, ABC.

If you have a savings list you can easily save $1,000 every year investing little time in Swagbucks and of course, if you complete a task and make some fun then you will easily make $10, $50, $100 in a week.

  1. Swagbucks Minimum Payout: $25
  2. Payment Method: Paypal, Gift Card
  3. Founder: Chuck Davis

15. Mindspay.com

Make $1.50 in under 2 – 3 minutes and do this work again and again then I would say join totally for free in minds pay and completing some task, review product, share your opinion. It’s an easy earning system that will help you to make money without doing any hard work.

Inside the dashboard, you will see my offer option where you will get all the offers details, time and payout.

Most of the offers will pay you between $1 to $5 and you just have to complete some studies, fill up some short survey form and after completion, your earning dollar will add into your account directly they have more option to earn you can also do work in studies, recommended, bonus offer, coupons, Read emails.

  1. Mindspay Minimum Payout: $50
  2. Payment Method: Paypal
  3. Founded: 2010

16. Fusioncash.net

Last but not the least fusion cash will give you $5 only for signup bonus and you have the opportunity to make money by watching videos, completing a task, downloading mobile apps, playing games and already have a referral program to earn more commission without any work.

After submitting your email for creating an account you have to complete your full profile to get your fast $5 sign up bonus then you will see the earning balance instantly added into your account.

Fusion cash has a trending option where you will get all the high payout task it’s called “Earn cash” when you will click this option you will see all the survey, download apps, watching videos and upcoming new offers with high payout rate like $2, $5 and the exact time to complete a task.

You know beginners are really like to make money that’s why they add this kind of attractive offer so that people join and start making money doing the same task and invest more time on their website.

  1. Fusion Cash Minimum Payout: $25
  2. Payment Method: Paypal, Check, Direct Deposit
  3. Founded: 2005

My Recommendation

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