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    Sipon Dawyen

    Xasic io Make $31 Sign Up Bonus | Xasic Payments Proof [Honest Review]

    If you think this website can help you to earn bitcoin? If you think they are giving you free bitcoin?

    Then you should know you are in a risky position.

    Because if you invest money they will cut your pocket.

    And based on my research this Xasic.Io website is risky.

    Number 1: first of all the bonus they are giving you it’s like a fishing net.

    When you will visit the website you will see their website is looking beautiful and on the right side you will see a notification that they want to give you a bonus, because if you create an account on this website? They will give you 0.0005 BTC which is almost 31 dollars, this means if you create an account they will give you 31 dollars as a signup bonus so that you can start mining bitcoin for free using their website.

    But to be honest you cannot withdraw money from this website.

    Now if you think deeply if they give every single person 31 dollars for free? Then they have to give millions of dollars every single month, because more people will join their website, but you cannot withdraw this amount. However, you should know if you invest money then they will never pay you anything because this website is risky they don’t have any real founder, and they don’t have any mining company.

    Just think deeply if they have the opportunity to give you 31 dollars for free? Then why not they are making unlimited money mining cryptocurrency?

    Why do they want to promote their website to you? Because it’s easy to show you big earning opportunity to cut your pocket, as like people catch fish-showing good food like this way they are giving you a free bonus so that they can catch you like a fish.


    Number 2: they don’t have any mining company.

    If you think that they have a company and they are helping you to mine cryptocurrency then you are wrong because they don’t have any company because only they are using some mining machine photos on the website but if you research properly you will not find their mining room video you will not find there mining machines video and you will not find who is the real team members of their website you will not find how they are mining and giving you the profit.

    Because in the youtube channel they only have 1 video, as you know the professional company will always share their mining room video, professional company will share their company details, so that you can learn more about their company.

    But they only have one video on their youtube channel and they don’t have any mining company they just use their website so that you invest money and they cut your pocket and this website will be shut down a few days later.

    Number 3: no payment proof

    You will not find any real people payment proof there are no real people testimonials you will find, they don’t share any real people payment proof on their website no one getting paid from this website

    So based on my research, this website is risky you can lose your money.

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