Welcome to Forex Revenge Software Review It’s a Scam online trading tools with Confident!

Robert m. Parker is a fake demo name.

So this fake person will help you to make thousands of dollar & with a Forex trading tool and secretly he makes almost $2000 every day. Not the end he also has thousands of a student and he teaches how to make money doing online trading and today he will show you a very important fact.

The important fact is some pickup lines, and some fake promise so that you stay watch the video and end of the video download the fake software and become a millionaire tomorrow morning.

Fast of all before you invest any kind of Forex tools you must have to research and review it that is it legal or not.

The truth is Forex revenge trading is a scam.

Forex revenge software using fake government disclaimer to promote scam!

WHY Forex Revenge Software Is A SCAM?

Here Is The Evidence!

I will show you 5 proof why you should avoid Forex revenge.

  • Using stock site photos
  • Buy testimonials from fiverr.com
  • A false demo government disclaimer page with some pickup lines
  • Website owner 404 not found
  • A false software


They already shared some of the happy and successful users who invest in their fake system and making thousands of dollar per day here the testimonials of this person his name is John McKinley and here is the photo below.

Forex Revenge Software fake users

But the real thing is this name and photo is fake because when I search this photo with advance google image search I saw this photo in different free stock site with another name.

Forex Revenge Software fake users proof
Google Show The TRUTH!


They share 3 video testimonials and these testimonials are not real because they buy this kind of video from fiverr.Com with only $5 to $10.

They already said that their students are making thousands of dollar then why they buy this kind of fake testimonials?

Forex Revenge Fake testimonials

Forex Revenge Fake testimonials proof
They Buy Testimonials From Fiverr


They already share a page of government disclaimer and it’s fake because they don’t have any photo proof or signature proof just ad same fake text and some pickup lines so that they can achieve your trust.

Using Fake Government Disclaimer Page
A Demo Fake Page To Achieve Your Trust


You never know who is the owner of this website because they are hidden and making money doing scam with innocent people.


Forex revenge software is 100% free but you must have invested 250 dollars to start trade

Did you get the trick? how they make money?

The promo video starts with the fake person name and they will give you free magic tools but you have to invest fast wow! Scam Alert!

 Forex Revenge Software Review Quick Summary: 

Product Name: Forex Revenge
Site: Http://forexrevenge.com
Owner: Unknown
Category: Online Trading
Bonus: Fake Money
Price: $250 Deposit
Best For: No One
Refund: No
Rating : 0 / 5
Recommended: No Way
Forex revenge is a scam trading software that will help you to make money without any kind of work. Because they have an auto trading system if you click the button then you can make $1000 in your next 24 hours. You will get paid instantly in your bank account. So what you have to do is fast create an account then they will give you the magic software and they will say that you can use this software for free. Because they want to help you and guide you to learn how exactly the forex revenge trading software really work. This software is really amazing and it will help you to make a profit with confidence. Almost they have a successful team who are making continuously money from forex revenge software then step-by-step they will tell you more lie to grab your trust. When you will create an account they will say deposit $250 to trade and this is their trick to get money from you.

Inside Forex Revenge?

I already reveal lots of scam system that how they do false claim and cut innocent people pocket.

Their main plan is fast they will always show you fake imagination that you can make thousands of dollar, then step by step they will show you some fake payment proof, and a story so that you believe in them and step by step they will say you can make a profit in a few days. But first, you have to learn how to trade online. How you can start trade with their software to win.

The fake software will help you to win every single trade you made online. And there is no chance to lose it. Like this way continuously they will push your mind to sign up and when you sign they will redirect to you to another website to deposit money and sometime they will send you to a demo online trading platform to start trade.

They will give you $15,000 fake money to start trade but the real thing is they make this kind of demo online trading platform with help of web developer they buy the script from them then illegally use in their website to do scam with innocent people. Because who are new in online and interested to make money they don’t have enough knowledge that there is a scam inside.

forex revenge another fake promo video

And in forex revenge, they will send you to another promo video where they will say lie again then enter your email and phone number to get access the fake forex revenge software and deposit $250 to make $$.


Lots of innocent people already invest in this kind of quick money making think

Because they don’t have enough knowledge to deeply research a website

As a result, they want to earn money fast so they deposit $250 then they are a victim of cheating.

Before you invest in online money making think you must have research and review property.


Let me know your forex revenge software experience

Write a few words in a comment below

So that beginners can learn and avoid it.


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Start your own business online and generate passive income in just 1 month with confident.

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