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Welcome to Etsy Review!

Just imagine for a few minutes that you have a local shop in your area.

Every day your selling different new new product and making good money

All of your customers are really happy about your good services.

Etsy Review 2020 - Can You Really Make Money Or a SCAM

They want to buy more from you in the future, now this is how a good business run if customers are satisfied with your product. Then you have no problem to sell the same product over and over again and make a profit every single month. Like this same way if you are interested to create a store on Etsy for free? And make money then you are welcome.

But before you take any kind of action first you have to know the good side & bad side of Etsy.Com. I am going to reveal all the true facts step by step.

So Can You Make Money With Etsy?

Yes, you can start making money with Etsy everything you need to start a successful store, manage, tools to grow your business all are for free no additional monthly charge needed. Just you only have to pay $0.20 cents for publishing a listing on the Etsy marketplace.

This is a very low amount of price you have to invest to get it started.

If you want to open a shop in your area, you have to pay a lot of money to rent a shop first. But if you want to open a shop in a better marketplace where thousands of good customers buy stuff, then you have to pay more money every month.

Etsy is free and they are providing lots of advantages to the seller who wants to make money. But you will happy after learning about this big advantage that almost every month 200 million + people visit this etsy.Com website and there are lots of customers who are interested to buy stuff from this big marketplace. So if you spend a few weeks and add good products in your store? Then there is a 90% chance that you can make a sale to earn profit day by day.

What Is Etsy? How Does It Work?

Etsy is a big online marketplace located in Brooklyn, new york, united states. Basically it’s an e-commerce website where you have the opportunity to buy and sell handmade products. Also if you have vintage items and supplies? If you like to collect old items and want to re-sale in Etsy? Then you can make a good profit. Because all of the customers who came on this website they are laser targeted to buy handmade, vintage, custom, or unique items. They have lots of categories you can choose one that you love the best selling categories are jewelry & accessories, clothing & shoes, home & living, wedding & party, toys & entertainment, art & collectibles, craft supplies & tools + many more sub-categories are available.

I found a shop name “Buymeapresent” owner name “Valerie” she is selling “Urn necklace – hand stamped necklace” simple design that looking beautiful selling price $50 almost got 1000 + orders also she have more items like dog tag with matching necklace, stepdaughter necklace, I wished for you – mother’s necklace + lot’s of cools items.

Valerie Urn necklace on Etsy and making good money
Valerie Selling Simple Design That Looking Beautiful

Etsy marketplace is working perfectly for him that’s why she has lots of items in his store and making a good amount of money every single day. So if you have interested then you can create a store on Etsy and sell your product directly to the international marketplace where people are every day buying lots of stuff from worldwide.

Etsy Review Quick Summary:

Site: Https://www.etsy.com/
CEO: Josh Silverman
Founders: Rob Kalin, Jared Tarbell, Chris Maguire, Haim Schoppik
Category: eCommerce Marketplace
Price: Free To Join / Plus $10 A Month / Premium
Best For: Who Was To Start A Shop And Make Money Work From Home
Rating : 4 / 5
Recommended: Yes


Etsy.Com website founded in 2005 and still, they have lots of good reviews on Youtube, Google and other websites. Almost millions of satisfying customers and sellers are making money and getting the right product that they are looking for. If you are a beginner interested to start a business all work from home with a cheap budget? Then you should start creating an account and open a shop on Etsy.

Just you have to be creative to sell a product because they support all handmade, vintage and craft supplies. Step by step checkout all categories review the items then you will have an idea that which kind of category will perfect for you to start selling.

To be honest, everyone would love to be introduced to a good site and would like to start work. But you will know the real information when you know about real user reviews. That what they have to say to work on this site. A real user’s experience is valuable that will help you to learn the secret and inside all the informative info.

Here one of the seller’s names” Sarah from Canada” Said” it’s just changed his life for the better she is now selling on Etsy for full time and making good money, and it’s only a good site for a seller if you fast learn from the seller handbook and Work hard to running your shop day by day. Their tools are also helping to attract buyers. keep in mind if you are struggling with bad experience then you should research into SEO, marketing, photography and more so that you can come back and become a good seller.

Etsy user sarah share review about etsy that it just changed his life
Etsy changed Sarah life

Here one of the seller names “Nola from Houston, TX” Said” She opens a shop on Etsy the next day his shop is suspended without any previous notification. And she tried again to connect with Etsy customer support send lots of emails but didn’t get any response this is very frustrating. She has his own design & spends money on right copyrights. She realized that there is another user who is selling exactly the same design without his permission.

Etsy user NOLA share review said etsy suspended his shop

So I think for the wrong copyright claim Etsy suspended his account.

In this way, you will find lots of problems but don’t be demotivated because before you get it started just read their terms and conditions and connect with them by email or phone calls so that they can give you a proper guideline.

However, if you start your shop and if you see that buyers are really interested in your product and you are getting lots of sales? Then you have to send the product in the right way so for this shipping support tips and tricks to save your money and time when fulfilling your orders? You should read this article to get a better idea! [Etsy seller handbook]

How To Open An Etsy Shop For Beginners Step By Step Walkthrough

Before you open an Etsy shop, first of all, you should learn some information that will make you feel happy. Erin Berkowitzfrom Yellow House Handmade She is from Los Angeles and his background is in creative writing and graphic design she creates a line of handmade paper goods. Etsy makes his hobby into belief and now she is a full-time screen-printer and business owner. Buyers love his works and selling huge amounts of handmade paper design that make him motivation. Buyers are giving 5 stars in his work and she continues to focus on his business and Etsy is part of his success that makes him more profitable. You can read his full store that will make you happier and give you the inspiration to get started.

Etsy Successful User Erin Berkowitzfrom
“Erin Berkowitzfrom” Is A Successful User Of Etsy

So How Do You Get Paid After Selling Your Product On Etsy?

Etsy recommend is PayPal after getting sales all the balance will be deposited into your PayPal account you should use PayPal business account to receive the payment. You cannot use a personal PayPal account because it has monthly limits. If you don’t have access to use a PayPal account in your country? Then you should read Etsy different payments options

  • Step 1: Go To etsy.com
  • Step 2: Register account with your email address and name
  • Step 3: Chose shop language, shop country, and shop currency
  • Step 4: Chose a perfect name for your shop
  • Step 5: Add Items Photo, Titel, Description, categories, Tags, Set price, add faq, Answare a few questions to help buyers to batter understand about your product.
  • Step: 6: Setup billing

All Done then you will redirect to your shop dashboard then manage all step by step.

Watch this helpful video and follow the step hope it will help you more

What Is Inside Etsy Shop Manager?

Once you go to your shop manager you will see all the statistics, active listings product, which product is sold out, and which product is expired. When you will click the shop manager then Etsy will help you to take a tour and step by step show you all of their options.

Inside Etsy Shop Manager
Inside Etsy Shop Manager

Also, you will see all of your shop visits details status, total view, total revenue you earn.

  • Conversation – In this option, you will see all of your customer’s messages when they want to connect with you. This is like an email inbox. Easily read the message that what they want to learn, give them the right feedback, keep it mind response as soon as possible so that you can sell your product quickly.

Customers really love it when you will respond in a few seconds if they are impressed with your customer service they will buy more from you & appreciate your support.

  • Order and shipping – This is the most important option where you can manage all the details orders of the customer. Etsy will guide you so not worry about shipping.
  • Marketing – In these options you will get lots of tools and guideline like: search analytics, Social media, Promoted Listings, Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, Sales & Coupons + few more option will help you to drive more traffic into your shop so that you can sell, make a profit & gain more marketing experience.
  • Integration – Where you can market and promote your shop on Pinterest and some other social media.
  • Community and help – If you face any problem then just connect with them to get the right solution. Forums and premium support help you to make your work easy.

Here Perfect size and pixel of image for Etsy

How To Increase Your Etsy Traffic Using Pinterest?

Pinterest has millions of high-quality traffic if you want you can send more traffic to your Etsy shop. Just you have to learn how everything works in the right way! That’s why you should watch this video to get some knowledge and start marketing on Pinterest.

Quick Pinterest Tips

  • Step 1: Create a Pinterest business account
  • Step 2: Create 20 – 40 board
  • Step 3: In the First 5 board only share your Etsy items with quality photo + description, hashtags
  • Step 4: Start following relevant pins, search with keywords, and re-pin photo in your other board
  • Step 5: Join Into new group board
  • Step 6: Pingroupie site will help you to find list of Pinterest group you want to join
  • Step 7: Step by step you will get more monthly viewers

Join the Pinterest group board to make your post viral easily and get more traffic to your shop.

I personally use the Pinterest group board to share my blog post to get more views and re-pins. I recently joined some big Pinterest group that already have 20,000 + members so if you want you can join clicking the link below

To join their group and promote your pins you must have to send them a request for invitation link here how I email them to join.

how I send email to join the Pinterest group
I Send An Email Like this Way To Join

You can follow the same just write with your own words. It will take 24 hours even 7 days to join 1 group you have to wait for the message response.

I already join in this group and if I want I can also send you to invite link. So if you want to join fast? Then send me a message on my facebook page I will add you instantly.

Do I Like Etsy Website?

When you will visit Etsy website you will see a background cover photo with a call to action headline text ” personalized jewelry shines a little brighter ” if you click on the title then they will redirect to another page after that you will see all the quality and best seller items that’s looking gorgeous, anyone will love to buy.

On the homepage, if you scroll down then you will see the most popular trending items right now. They have their 4 options like, what is Etsy, a one-of-a-kind community, support independent creators, peace of mind these options will help anyone to know more deep about etsy.Com.

The good part is if you want to learn the top fresh trending items? Etsy gift ideas? Then you can subscribe with your email address and they will send you all the upcoming most valuable items into your inbox.

IF you want to enjoy a good moment with Etsy? then you definitely watch this video

Enter your phone number and download the Etsy mobile app available on Google Play Store and Apple play store.

Overall their website, team management are really strong and I like this website because they are providing lots of creative & unique items anyone will love to buy from them.

Make Money With The Etsy Affiliate Program?

Etsy already has an affiliate program, so it’s a better opportunity for you if you don’t want to run your business right now, but you want to make money help of affiliate marketing? Then what you have to do just join their affiliate program and after you get approved they will give you all the tools, materials, guidelines so that you can promote their affiliate offers and earns a commission from each sale.

You can start advertising on facebook, google to drive traffic to your offers also if you like to promote for free? Pinterest will be the best place for you. Lots of Etsy users driving millions of traffic for free only with 1 Pinterest account. Because Pinterest has all the targeted audience and most of them are women who like to buy homemade, unique products that are selling online like KitKat chocolate.


Once you know how to promote it in the right way? Then you will understand that you like to make money over and over again because Etsy already has lots of categories, subcategories, where you have access to thousands of amazing products to promote and make a commission.

So if you are ready to start? Then fast I will recommend you to learn there affiliate requirement so that you better understand and take massive action.

Who Is Perfect To Make Money With Etsy?

  • If you are motivated to start your own business at a low cost and you want to achieve some experience then Etsy will be the best place where you can get started without any risk.
  • You are currently working in a local shop? And you have a good idea about how to sale product? You know which products are selling more in the marketplace? Then I will tell you that you can create your own product and start selling on the Etsy marketplace to make extra profit from online.
  • If you are looking for a part-time job then I will recommend you join in Etsy affiliate program+ start promoting to get some real cash all will be done working from home.
  • If you have a creative idea and you know how to decorate your home with different crafts product then you can easily start with Etsy.
  • You are a beginner and you have interest in Etsy? But still, you don’t know how to start and how to make your own product? Not to worry Etsy is still perfect for you. Just search on youtube get some idea, practice than with your creativity and hard work make 1 product that will go viral.

Here Some Best Idea For You Watch This Video

Who Is Not Perfect To Make Money With Etsy?

  • If you already doing business online and you are making a good profit then you don’t have to jump in Etsy to make money because it’s gonna break your working plan, just always focus on 1
  • You need to be patient for good results, if you need to earn money online quickly then I would say Etsy is not for you! Etsy’s profit of your income depends on good product marketing and advertising! If you want you can start instant income doing freelancing
  • If you don’t know how to take action at the right moment and if you don’t have enough confidence then I would say fast learn, educated and come back again with confidence that you can do it

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Etsy Is A Scam?

Etsy is definitely not a scam they are providing lots of product help of their website, customers are happily buying what they need and all the product is homemade, unique and perfect! Anyone who is loves creativity? Then Etsy is the best marketplace.

However, I recently review scam online shop name: Jullymart, Roselinlin

They are doing scam and providing cheap products to customers because they export this product from china and sale people with high prices showing professional photography that’s why the customer always gives them bad reviews for this illegal work. And this kind of third party website didn’t give a customer refund.

But in Etsy, you will get solid and the right product there is no hidden tricks inside, all of the Etsy shop owners are verified and if any Etsy seller doing scam or providing the duplicate product? Then Etsy instantly bans there store without any warning, and if you face any problem then not to worry you can refund. Because Etsy is a brand and they want to provide people the best they have.


So I share all that I know about Etsy it’s time for you to take action.


If you are interested in affiliate marketing and you want to learn how to grow your own business online? All work from home?

Then I will recommend you to learn John Crestani Free Training where he shares how anyone can make a profit help of affiliate marketing and start passive income with confident!

That’s it, for now, share your Etsy experience

Write a few words in the comments below..

Thanks for having you in my blog

Have a great day!

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