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Earn $300 to $500 watching videos and ads online?

Is it really possible or not?

I will explain it in a few seconds!

9 Profitable Website To Earn $300 - $500 Watching Videos!

Hey guys what’s up Sipon Dawyen with you!

In this article, I am going to share with you deep resources

So that you can learn how to make money doing nothing but only watching videos online in your spare time.

What you have to do is create a free account and click on a video that you like to see then watch the video and get paid directly by PayPal.

This is the best simple way to make money online because now a day if you focus only one YouTube then you will see that you almost invest 12 – 14 hours every single week on YouTube watching different prank videos, entertainment shows, funny videos, or movies.

If you don’t believe just go to your YouTube watch history and you will get all the proof of your previous videos minutes that you can count right from now.

To be honest, the title you saw and come to my blog? It’s an attention-grabbing trick so that people learn the truth and do work in a legal way and make money watching videos.

Because there are lots of new YouTubers who are making people fool using this kind of title and money imagination because making money like $300, $500, $1000 watching videos in 1 hour or one week it’s not possible.

But I am going to share with you different sites and tricks that you can expect to earn $10 to $20 easily.

And I am going to share a good working method where you can promote product help of videos to make $500 $1000 with a completely $0 investing.

No matter you are a beginner or advanced if you are excited to learn something that is valuable than you just come to the right place.

Today you will get some deep knowledge that will help you to start passive income and in the future, you can learn how to grow a business and manage all automatically to make money online with confidence.

Always be aware of scams because now there are lots of fake money-making formulas now available online to cut your pocket and give you nothing.

I already revel lots of fake bitcoin and binary trading websites where they are doing scam with different strategies like using fake testimonials, showing news videos.

After complete brainwash they invite people to join their scam system to invest $250, even more, to make an automatic income like $1,000 a day.

They just add this kind of title, tricks so that people believe in them and invest money to generate commission without even doing any work.

So let’s go to the main point.

More Recommendation For You…

1. Mypoints.Com

My point will pay you $10 only for sign up to their website and inside you will get different categories to start your work and they have an option where you can “Watch Videos And Ads” just complete playlist to earn points per-day while investing your time doing the same as like YouTube.

How Mypoints Help You Earn Money By Watching Videos And Ads?

Basically my points fast give you simple tasks to complete and earn points. Then you can convert this point into different gift cards or get paid by PayPal as you want. So when you will click to watch the video option.

Then you will see different categories like entertainment, fashion, hobbies, music, technology, news then choose any categories and you will see 40 video lists to start watching and earn points.

You must know that my points will really be going to pay you after completing a task or not?

Because if you don’t trust a website there is no chance to make money. My point is a trustful site and easily paying to their uses.

Let me show you a real user review name: “Brittany” said “My point is one of the best server sites

She is using my points site for about 8 years and earns lots of points mostly from shopping & survey she like this website because you can earn points clicking emails, coupon, shopping, surveys and much more.

Now if anyone using this website for the last 8 years this means it’s clear that they are paying at the right time.

Users are satisfied and happy to do completing their tasks to make money working from home and I already share how you can make money watching videos help of my points.

But if you want to earn more extra money then my points have more ways to earn like shop online, get a score, local deals, read email, share your opinion, watch videos, discover content, find deals, search the web, print coupons, play games, and last but not the least refer a friend to earn 10% commission.

To give you more trust full reference my points already working with big brands like Target, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, eBay

In Trustpilot, almost 4,873 people share their reviews and 67% reviews are positive.

So based on my research and all the details proof, there is no chance my points website will do the scam with you. So feel free to invest your time to start making money.

Create your free account to get your fast $10 bonus and make more money watching videos.

Earn money by watching video ads

2. Userlytics.Com

Userlytics website providing a service to website owners & apps developers so that they can get real data from real users to improve their work for the future.

And anyone who is interested to make money and older 16 years they can agree with the terms and conditions and start work in userlytics to make money following a few simple tasks.

How Userlytics Help You Earn Money By Watching Videos And Ads?

Let’s say every day you have free time to spend online but you need some extra money to pay your internet bill or an upgraded level in your favorite game.

So now you can get paid by PayPal completing some simple task like testing a website and giving a review to the company or use their apps give them a review that how the apps inside looks, is the app really helpful or not, apps graphic is good to go or not, then submit the real data to the company and you will get paid $5, $10, $15, $20 and big project work will pay you as much as $90 for having fun and investing the same time doing nothing.

To create an account you don’t have to invest any money because it’s totally for free and they will give you software to record videos so that they can review your work and pay you for completing a job.

To complete a task based on userlytics requirement it will take 5 to 10 minutes even more sometime. But once you complete you are ready to earn your fast income from this website.

What you have to do is after sign up in the dashboard you have the opportunity to complete a task. Then let say you are interested to complete a task that is all about “Clothing brand” and they will pay you $20 to review the clothing brand website and recording a five-minute video.

So now click the continue button and start the software to record video then step-by-step userlytics will give you instruction in a text format that goes to the website and search with this keyword and give your honest opinion that this website search bar is user-friendly or not. What you suggest so that the company can upgrade its search option.

Then if you think ok that it needs some improvement or search button will be good or if it’s in need of a big format with black colors. In this way, you have to speak with your voice. Or like say what you think about the social icons do you think the social icon will attract customer’s attention so that they can follow the brand to buy more products in the future.

Then just simply check out their social icons if you think the social icon needs more colorful and detail graphics then simply answer that, it will be good if this social icon will be the red color with the big front.

So I just share some examples so that you understand how to complete a task then stop recording video. Then it will automatically upload to the server so that userlytics team reviews your video and give you notification that you are accepted for this task and here is the payout you made.

Simple people who don’t have any kind of experience they are also making money working on this site here is a payment proof video you should review and if you want to know it details that how to complete a task then you can also check out the real user work to gain knowledge.

The good part is you can start work on your desktop or in your smartphone and userlytics have apps available for Android and IOS.

For more help, you can follow TESTERS FAQ.

3. Superpay.Me

You can do a free survey work from home and whenever you want, based on your own schedule.

Superpay.Me will give you fast payout within 24 hours they have different ways to make money.

A good part is you will get $0.20 as a signup bonus.

How Superpay Help You Earn Money By Watching Videos And Ads?

When you will visit super pay official website then you will see a simple 3 option that will easily clear you that how this website really works and how anyone can make money completing some simple survey work.

The taking part in the survey and offers options, you will see “Earn by watching videos” and completing paid offers and trials this kind of survey has a high payout where you will get good money completing a simple task in a few minutes.

To be honest I am online and doing affiliate marketing for more than 3-4 years. I know how this kind of survey website attract beginners so that they work with them share their personal opinion to earn money. This opinion helps companies, brands to create different new product and they get a piece of real information based on their requirement.

Companies just want to ask you simple questions so that you share what you like and what you don’t like they are going to use this information for their future needs. They will rewards you in a different way like a gift card, PayPal cash so that you feel comfortable working with them again and again. But this kind of survey site has some issues the amount of money you will make it’s very low for an advance person.

That’s why their main target is beginners who are online and satisfied with earning 10 to 20 dollars a day to sign up to their website they will give you one by one new opportunities bonus gift card give you quick payout so that you join and work with them and they get the benefit that they are looking for.

But superpay.Me it’s a legal site to make money watching videos and taking a simple task and they pay almost $2,897,830.83 to their members.

You can check out all of the real user’s payment proof that how much money they are making from this website even they have a live option where you can see all members working details: as like James complete $11 watching 5 videos, new member Jaseka earn $5 taking this 2-minute survey.

And for the curiosity, you will create a free account and try to start a survey and make $10 to $15 in a week but in few days later you will feel bored because it’s like a job and you don’t have an opportunity to complete all the survey work automatically that’s why I always recommend learning affiliate marketing where you can make money all completely autopilot and start requiring income in a month.

I am sharing because lots of people satisfied with this amount of little money and this helps my readers to find a solution and I am happy to provide them good information that they really needed. But if you want to become advanced then always you should follow my powerful recommendation that makes money with confidence.

Of course to make you happier superpay.Me will share with you there referral system where you will get a 25% commission if someone joins the help of your referral link.

4. Prizerebel.Com

Prizerebel is another trustful website where you can sign up in under 9 seconds and start making money online completing the paid surveys, watching videos, giving your honest opinion, downloading mobile apps and completing a few simple tasks.

How Prizerebel Help You Earn Money By Watching Videos And Ads?

When you will create an account instantly you will see inside dashboard survey partners where they already partner with different good companies who are providing the survey and paid money. But if you scroll down to the dashboard you will see others way to earn where you will get options called earn money watching videos.

You will see some categories like “Video wall” if you go to the option you can see all upcoming videos to watch and earn money easily and they have another option called “Engageme video” where you will make money doing the same but if you think you are bored watching videos again and again then not to worry offer walls is available where they will recommend you to complete the high recommended survey to get the best payout in short time.

They will give you some simple tasks like: follow on the Instagram account to earn $1 or share your personal experience that what you feel about this website and earn $5.

Prizerebelis a big survey company and almost paint $19 million dollar in cash and rewards to their members who are satisfied working with them and giving them value so that they can provide the real data to the company and grow their business day by day.

But if you want to know…

  • What is a great way to earn rewards?
  • How to make money with a referral program using YouTube videos?

Then you should follow the prize rebel blog because they just write some amazing articles that will help you to boost your income in a short time.

You know different user reviews prize rebel sites so that more people know the truth they are paying or not.

So yes I found all positive reviews in trustful review site name Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Survey police

But if you want to see the real proof then you can follow prize rebel testimonials page where you will get almost 50 + video testimonials where simple users are sharing their $5, $10, $20, $50 payment proof with recording video, the funny thing is when I click a video I saw a kids make a review video that he gets paid $10 by PayPal his voice was so cute.

Now the great part is they have an option called online game where you can redeem your points into different wallet codes so that you play a game and enjoy, upgrade level easily.

Let me share with you some of them so that you get an idea!

I know there are lots of people who love to play games and spend their time to have some fun here are:

  • $10 Playstation Gift Card
  • $5 Steam Wallet Code
  • €5 G2a Gift Card Code Global
  • $10 Xbox Live Gift Card
  • $10 G2a Gift Card Code
  • $10 Roblox Robux Game Card
  • $10 Wizard101 Game Card

+ More Available!

Earn money watching videos online

5. Grabpoints.Com

Watching TV will be another best way to get started that’s why Grab points will give you this opportunity to start and make money while spending your time enjoying TV shows and different entertainment videos online.

How Grab points Help You Earn Money By Watching Videos And Ads?

If you scroll down the grabpoints.Com official website you will see that how this website really works because lots of people want to know that I will create an account and work on this website but how this website makes money and pay me for my work. Where is their main source that how they are making money and paying lots of users is there anything that they will do scam in the future or not?

That’s why they already share the 3 steps in the clear mode of the website main page so that anyone can understand that how they make money and pay their real users so that they can create an account and work with confidence without any fear of scam.

  1. The advertiser who is interested in advertising on grab points website based on their requirement.
  2. So if someone likes to do online activities like watching videos, taking the survey, completing office, downloading mobile apps then they are welcome to join their website for free.
  3. After invest free time and earn some money they can get paid by PayPal cash or use a different gift card for their needs.

If you scroll down a little bit more then you will see all their gift card and reward details. You can get any gifts-card you want which is very fantastic and amazing to earn cash in your hand.

Step by step you will see real people testimonials that people are saying “Excellence survey platform access to many other surveys and they pay the great reward for the survey to the customer”

They respond to fast if they face any kind of problem and they are recommending so that more new people join and start work.

After creating grab points account in the dashboard you will see 4 option like

  • Paid Survey
  • Watch Videos
  • Do Offers
  • Reward Store

To start work just click on watch video you will see all the details and earning payout for completing a task. Also, they have more third party websites include and they are also sharing the same video offers to complete as Adgatemedia, Grab reward, Hideout.Tv + more.

Then you can see payout payment proof that people are from worldwide like the USA, Canada,  India, Australia, and different countries people are making almost $200, $250, $150, $50 they share real user id and photos.

And the same again grabpoints.Com also have a referral program where you can invite your friends to earn more 10% of their earning for life.

Many people on this site are making money by doing this. You can start anyway, but I would recommend that you do not waste too much time here. Only when you get free time,, You don’t have to take this work seriously because you can’t take it as your career.

Of course, it is wise to earn a little more than just wasting valuable time online.

6. Earnably.Com

If you go to earnably website instantly on the homepage you will see a big title and that is clear you that digital rewards and gift card made easy so that you can earn instant money by just completing a task, watching videos and taking short surveys.

How Earnably Help You Earn Money By Watching Videos And Ads?

You can earn 50 points 200 points in under 5 minutes then convert this point into PayPal cash or different gift cards like an Amazon gift card, best buy card and many more others available.

100 point = $1 and they will give access to get an instant payout but to get paid your fast payment it will take 3 days to process the payment into your PayPal account. Then more future cashout, you can get instantly.

If you feel any kind of problem then you can contact earnably support team to get the right solution because let’s say you earn lots of points and a few days later you log into your account and see that for some reason they suspend your account or your account has been flagged for manual review.

Then, of course, you will always try to connect with them because you invest your valuable time to earn this point but for some reason, they just stop you for verification but not to worry if you do all legal task then you will get your account back and get paid by PayPal in a few days.

The good part is you can easily use your account from your mobile device and check out your balance and complete mobile offers to earn points and make money their website is mobile-friendly. But they don’t have any android or apple apps.

This is their main weak point, Because now a day people spend the most time on mobile.

7. utest.Com

All I am sharing these are the best of the best website that will help you to make money online.

Utest website is insane because it’s available to work for worldwide anyone from any country can work in utest website to make money they had available work like mobile gaming apps testing work, smart appliances survey worldwide, smart speaker testing, security software study many more.

How Utest Help You Earn Money By Watching Videos And Ads?

You can choose your device that will be perfect to start work you can choose android or ios you can choose your country so that Utest will help you to find the best opportunity to start work.

They have some amazing tasks where they will give you $200 euro as a referral bonus or you can choose free internet it’s a long term project to start work and they will give you access to test new features and service and ask you some short question that how your experience.

Like this way, you will get video task to completed & make money just you have to wait for the right moment so that you get this opportunity but you will get the reviewing task always available what you have to do is recording video speak with your voice and review based on their requirement that’s it you are ready to make money.

In Utest you can sign up for free so I recommend you take as much as test you can and gain some experience so that you can do this work properly without any problem and also try 3 – 4 test then you will have the best experience that will help you to confidently join new test and make money it’s completely easy to do just focus on work.

8. App Trailers

App trailers is a mobile app both available for android and ios.

How App Trailers Help You Earn Money By Watching Videos And Ads?

Its great money-making apps where you can earn points watching different movie trailers, celebrity gossip, DIY videos. They have some short videos to complete watch and earn points like upcoming news, celebrity facts, upcoming movie trailers.

All videos are high quality that you can preview in your smartphone to earn rewards they have already 4.2 ratings in google play store 1 million-plus install.

App trailers now just add new features where you can play daily quizzes and play new games to increase your point faster and turn this point into PayPal cash or get an Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Groupon gift card.

9. Getpaidto.Com

Get paid to Have 4 Option

  • Surveys
  • Games
  • Quick Points
  • Offer Walls

How Getpaidto Help You Earn Money By Watching Videos And Ads?

Number 3 option and quick points option where you have the opportunity to watch videos and make money.

However, on the official website, you will see a bigger title like earn money every time you go online and they will show you that you can make money doing simple tasks such as completing surveys, playing games, watching videos, answering small questions.

5000 points= $1 basically when you will complete some task they will not directly give you dollars they will give you points. Then later you can turn this point into dollar based on your choice you can get paid by PayPal cash out, you can use cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, they also have gift card option.

Get Paid To Have Some Famous Office Walls To Earn Point Fast…

  • Adgem
  • Adgatemedia
  • Revenue Universe
  • Kiwiwall

The Good Thing Is They Have Some Crazy Games That Kids Play All The Time And You Can Play Games To Earn More Points Some Game Are

  • Knife Smash
  • Candy Mahjongg
  • Sweet Shuffle
  • Klondike Solitaire
  1. How to get paid for the survey?
  2. What you have to do?
  3. What you should avoid?

All the helpful user guidelines always ready for you.

Earning money without any hard work then you have to be smarter just use their referral system to directly referred your friend and make 15% commission of their earning for life.

Get paid to watch videos paypal

Make $300 – $500 Promoting Video.

Video traffic is now most popular to promote any kind of product, service, and solution if you watch TV then we will see different ads that everyone is promoting their own brand help of video. If you know the trick that how you can use the same method to promote affiliate offers?

Then you can easily make a big profit in a short time.

But first, you have to learn how to work properly to promoter video and monetize it with affiliate offers to earn passive income every single month.

Now I am going to share with you 4-step to earn your fast $500 promoting 1 affiliate offer.

You don’t have to invest a penny for anything just you have to follow my method and work and invest your valuable time to have some experience.

  • Step 1:

Create a YouTube channel and complete your profile add a cover photo, some social links and make the channel looking professional add a 200 words bio in your YouTube about section so that viewers got an idea who you are and what you are sharing so that in future they can trust you and follow your command.

YouTube has millions of free traffic where you can promote offers just you have to know how to make a quality video that people like to watch and take action and I am going to give you the best cure so that you can make an unlimited professional video within a few clicks without even showing your face or voice.

  • Step 2:

Create a free account in Clickbank.

Clickbank is a famous affiliate marketplace millionaires and different big affiliate marketers recommend this website to begin so that they can easily create an account without any trouble. Just provide your valid information and create an account easily as like Facebook.

Now login to your account and click the “Marketplace option” and search with this keyword “Super affiliate system” or “John crestani”

Super affiliate system is training made by john crestani where he shares how he makes millions of dollars following the affiliate marketing system so anyone would like to interest in affiliate marketing they will get a proper education learning from this training.

It’s a big opportunity because if you promo this offer? If only 1 person joins the help of your affiliate link? You will earn $500 instantly.

Now click the promote button and get your affiliate link to recommend your viewers providing value, trust, and solution.

  • Step 3:

Learn how to create a landing page under 5 minute you can read my previous post

You will use this landing page in your YouTube video description so that after complete watching your video they follow the landing page and join the help of your affiliate link.

  • Step 4:

Now you need the unlimited video to upload on YouTube so that YouTube viewers watch, subscribe to your channel like your video and want to learn more from you.


Create an account in contentsamurai.Com it’s an easy to use video creating tools that I recommend.

You can easily create a professional video in few minutes just give your script or text and it will automatically add different quality full background scenes that will attract any viewer’s attention so that they watch your video again and again.

Remember you are promoting an affiliate marketing training that helps anyone to learn how to make money all work from home so you have to target audience who are interested in making money or want to learn something that will make them confident to take action.

I will suggest you make videos based on these topics

  • Motivational speech
  • Motivational quotes

Just search on google you will get lots of websites who are sharing motivation quora

To give you an example here is a website where I find “100 motivational quotes that will inspire you to succeed

Now just copy these quotes and add all into contentsamurai.Com to make an awesome video and in the last, you can invite the affiliate marketing training.

This is how everything worked because when people learn from the video they will get motivated and people always like to take new challenge and want to learn that is valuable so if someone watches your video and follow your suggestion they will definitely join the training and you will earn commission $500 for every single people take action.

Like this way you can make a video in different keywords like

  • “10 Motivational Quotes To Start Your Day”
  • “9 Inspirational Motivational Quotes For Success In Life”
  • “16 Quotes About Hard Work That’ll Help You Reach Your Goals”

And all of the valuable information you will get from google totally for free and it’s fair to use this motivational speech & quotes and make a video so that people learn more again and again.

Now make video and upload on YouTube and do YouTube video SEO to get organic traffic and for the last time, you can share in different social media to get instant traffic and make your fast commission promoting an affiliate offer.

You know that you come to my website from google or other search engines to learn and educated like this way if you know how to do SEO you can get lots of targeted traffic to promote your offers and I will suggest you learn from Wealthy Affiliate to get a proper education and start your money-making journey or you can learn from YouTube just search with this keyword: YouTube SEO: how to rank your videos #1

So hope my method will help you to take action to make money if you follow and step-by-step work.


There are different ways to make money but I choose affiliate marketing to grow my knowledge.

I share money related post and help people with guidelines, tools, and resources.

However, if you want to learn how to grow a business in 1 month that will generate $5k – $10 for you? Do all automatically work from home?

Then I will invite you to learn from John Crestani Free Training

Take care😃

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