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Shopping online is the best part when you choose a quality dress for your upcoming event or for the next special day.

There are thousands of products are available on one single website but you will buy a product based on the choice that you like to wear.

Dresslim Reviews [Dresslim.com Pros & Cons]

The latest trending product will be the best choice for you that’s why shop owners & companies start advertising on Google, Facebook, YouTube so that they can learn your choice and show you a good product that you will feel happy to buy.

Dresslim is one of the same online websites providing fashionable dress so that you feel amazing after clicking the purchase button and excited to wear it.

Dresslim.Com website is looking professional and all of their product image, website design, coupons are looking quality full that any shopper will like to share their product on Facebook and recommended their friend but to be honest if you don’t have deep experience that how to review an online website properly then you can be a victim of cheating.

I already revealed lots of e-commerce websites Annie Cloth, Lalamira, Jullymart, Roselinlin they are showing expensive luxury dresses but send customers cheap china dresses.

What Is Dresslim? How Do They Work?

Basically Dresslim is doing e-commerce business online their website’s main customers are women & selling jumpsuits, rompers, bottoms, tops. If you read they’re about section then you will see that dresslim.Com is claiming that they are leading international online fashion clothing stores focusing on very latest designs, styles for women’s clothing. They are providing thousands of quality products to give maximum choices to their customers from all over the world. They provide quality service and still doing hard work to improve more.

When you will visit Dresslim website for the first time instantly you will see a big headline like up to 60% off then 15% off if you order more than $59+ after that 18 % off if you order $99 again 25% off if you order $129 and step-by-step they will give you more coupon code like 30% of 69% off this is a trick to grab people attention giving some discount so that people click on a dress and starts choice to purchase.

But the most important thing is that if you do not get a good quality product after paying the bills then you must understand that they are doing something wrong.

  • Peggy Williams muzney” You can see she order large but the item received is too small and based on their return 15 days policy she contacts the company 3 times and did not receive any response. She is stuck with an outfit and can’t wear it and unable to return.
  • Because the product was shipped directly from china.
Peggy Williams muzney a customer said dresslim providing china duplicate products
“Peggy Williams muzney” clear that Dresslim providing china duplicate products

Now let me ask you…

  • If they are providing good customer service then why didn’t they reply after connect with them 3 times?
  • If they have fashionable design and quality products then why the product shipped from China?

Because all the Chinese products are cheap & they are using quality photography on their website to show people value and send them cheap china products to make good profit cutting customer’s pockets.

Dresslim is an e-commerce website and if you go there return option then you will see they have lots of information but end of the line there is no address of their shipping location they will only say that in case if you have any question or if you face any problem then connect with their email address and this is not a good service and try to call to their phone number [Tel: +44020 3286 6639] ask how they make their product they can’t answer the truth because there is no physical shop or store they have.

They are only using a website to do e-commerce business and when a customer purchases the product then they just sent it to China so that they made the product and send to the shipping address with cheap price.

Dresslim Review Quick Summary:

Site: Dresslim.com
Owner: Not Found
Shop Location: Not Found
Product For: Women
Refund: 15 Days
Discount: Yes
Coupon Code: Available
Rating : 0 / 5
Recommended: No


You will want to buy a good product from Dresslim website, but if you do not know where they have made their product, who are their team members and how they will send the products to your address. Then there is a change that they can do fraud with you providing the duplicate products.

I found this another customer comments on the Dresslim Instagram post she said:

  • I have been waiting over one month for this company to provide me with the return address and reimburse me. This is the worst customer service she ever experienced! Beware if you are thinking of purchasing from this company absolutely ridiculous.

another Dresslim customer comments Beware if you are thinking of purchasing absolutely ridiculous

What Is Inside Dresslim.com?

If you create an account with your email address to purchase a product then they will redirect you to the homepage and there is no advanced option in the account section and you will not found how to logout from your account just you will see a cross option in the right corner to logout and this is totally unprofessional.

Do I Like Dresslim Website?

I am doing affiliate marketing for a long time and I know how to build an e-commerce website with good themes it will take only one or two days. Because there are lots of templates themes and WordPress plugin will automatically import all the products from Shopify, amazon into a website within 1 click. So to make a website like Dresslim it will take a day.

The important is to provide quality service to the customer so that customer trust and published positive reviews always, and this positive customer support will help to grow a website step by step. As you know everyone would like to use Facebook everyone would like to use YouTube but, like Facebook and YouTube there are thousands of websites available but people only browse this website because they feel happy, they can communicate with each other and find value.

So like this way, if dresslim.Com will provide the good support that customers will like, then, of course, customers will like and share their product in social profiles. But they are doing something wrong because they don’t have their own company to create quality products. What they are doing is they are only receiving money showing attractive ads, photos, discounts then smartly shipping china cheap dress to customers.

For this behavior, I don’t like Dresslim business model at all.

Dresslim Is A Scam?

I didn’t buy anything from this website so I can say that they are doing is a scam. But I already have experience and I review exactly same website that they are using Shopify to manage their business and how they’re acting like they have a big company they are working with lots of employees but end of details review when I deep down and research I found that they are providing poor material china product to customer. Some of the customers claiming that they are not getting the same product that they saw in the picture and if you try to find who is the owner of this website you will never find, no real face. They are behind the computer and doing business and cutting people’s pockets showing professional dress of photography, sharing different attractive coupons code.


  • A good looking website
  • Have lots of products in different categories


  • All Product is duplicate
  • Shipping china product that is made with cheap materials
  • Return policy page is only a demo to make people fool
  • Poor customer support
  • Poor email support
  • Showing luxury product photo to sell their product
  • They have no big company


Now you know the real truth so you should this kind of website who are selling their product making simple people fool.

Share your dresslim experience so that more customers learn the real truth!

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