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Cryptocean.biz Review Earn 200% $200 In 5 Days OR SCAM

Based on my research this cryptocean.Biz website is risky and they can do fraud in the future.

It is very easy to earn income by investing in a website

This is what newcomers do when they come online

As a result, they are easily deceived because these websites are designed to deceive people

They will give you a lot of income opportunities in a very short time

And say once you invest you can earn a lot of money

But you can verify the truth when they don’t pay you money

So it is important to check a website well at all times.

Now let me reveal the truth.

Number 1: they don’t have any real company

When you will visit their website you will see they are saying that cryptocean.Biz is an investment company registered in the united kingdom.

They want to provide you a long-term income without any risk and they have 52 quality expert who is helping to make money.

However, like this way saying some pickup line they want to cut your pocket.

  • Because they don’t share the company photos
  • They don’t share any of their team members photos and real identity
  • If they have a company then why not have a YouTube channel?
  • Why not have a Facebook page?
  • Why not they are sharing their working details making videos?

Because hiding their identity they want to cut your pocket.

Number 2: sharing a fake company number and certificate

They are also trying to making you a fool by showing their company duplicate number and duplicate certificate basically they edit a certificate and add a fake company number so that you believe they are a registered and verified company. Which is totally fake.

Because this website will be shut down a few months later doing lots of scams.

Number 3: giving you a very high-earning opportunity.

If you check out their investment plan then you will be shocked because they are giving 15%, 150% even 200% income opportunities in 5 days.

Now let me ask you a question if they can give you this kind of big earning opportunity? Then anyone can be rich in a short time.

So why not they are investing in their own website to make millions of dollars?
Why they are promoting their website to you?

Because there is no way they can give this kind of big earning opportunity and there is no business that can make a profit in cryptocurrency is bitcoin

Because it’s will take some time so they are really giving very high-earning opportunities so that those who are very greedy fall into their trap.

Number 4: promoting their website using a bounty program

They have created a bounty program to cut the pockets of ordinary people. Usually, it is through a planner that they promote their website. They will tell you that if you make a video about their website and upload it to youtube, they will pay you five dollars. If you create a review blog post, they will pay you five dollars

This is exactly how they are promoting their website and taking money and cheating from many simple people.

Number 5: inside the dashboard there selling their investment plan to catch you like a fish

If you open an account on their website they will give you some bonus to seduce you and tell you that if you invest money in one of their investment plans then you can earn a lot of money very fast.

The truth is that if you invest, you will get caught.

Because all of their investment plans are like a fishing trip as like people catch fish showing well like this way they will show you some good investment plants so that they can catch you like a fish.

Number 6: sharing fake payment proof to receive your trust

On their website, you will find some usernames and some demo bitcoin icons

Basically they are showing some demo latest payment proof amount so that they can receive your trust

They are not paying to anyone only they are adding some fake demo username and some payment icon so that they can easily make you fool because you cannot verify all the payment proof and you will not find the real person who gets paid.

Number 7: website founder information is missing,

Someone maintaining this business and someone maintaining this fake company however you will not find who is behind this website you will not find who is the real founder and real team members of this website.

Number 8: you will not find any real people testimonials

After I did my research on google, youtube, different forums no real person got paid, and no one is saying anything positive about their website so be careful from now on to stay away from the greed of quick income.

Learn something good do something good.

So based on my research this cryptocean.Biz website can be the next scam website you should save your valuable time and money.

Sipon Dawyen

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