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Cryptober.club Review Make $500, 15% Every Day Or a PURE SCAM

Based on my research this cryptober.Club website is really risky because they are giving you really high-income opportunities which are never possible in real life.

Cryptocurrency is increasing day by day and people want to make money investing in bitcoin.

Every day different new-looking website is launching online and they are claiming that if you invest in their website? You can earn bitcoin totally for free.

They are giving very big earning opportunities like 10%, 50% even 100% if you invest in their website they will give you this amount of profit every day. But to be honest most of the website is now doing fraud and cutting innocent people pocket.

That’s why always review a website properly so that you can avoid any kind of fraud.

Now let me reveal the truth.

Number 1: a fake 15% earning opportunity

When you will visit cryptober.Club website then you will see their website is really looking beautiful and they use a bubble animation in the background because when I scroll down my mouse I see the bubble animation just zooms in which make their website really great.

But if you focus then you will see they are giving you an opportunity to earn up to 15% profit every single day. Which is never possible!

Because the legal authority bitcoin website cannot give you any guarantee to earn 1% profit every day. Because the price of bitcoin will increase and decrease at anytime.

But this website claiming that they will give you 15% profit every day how is it possible?

Because they don’t have any magic money tree that will provide you money
Or they don’t have any bank to give you free money

Because only showing this kind of big earning opportunity they want to get investment from you so that you invest money and they cut your pocket.

If you think properly if they have a 15% earning opportunity? Then why not they are investing in their website to make more money for them? Because showing you good money earning opportunity they want to make you fool.

Number 2: they are not a real private company

If you go to their about page and read then you will see they are saying that they are a uk based private company and they are doing cryptocurrency trading and forex trading to make a profit.

They want to provide high profits daily to their users who will invest in their website.

Now my question is to you if they are a private company? If they have people who are doing cryptocurrency?

Then why not they are sharing any of their team members’ photos or real videos? That is how they are trading because people have interested to know that how they work, what they do so, only if they say that they are doing good work and making money? Then without seeing their real face and real videos you cannot trust them.

Because it can be a way to make you fool by showing you some pickup lines.

And you cannot go to their office physically

You can’t meet any of the team members to learn more about them there are no real people available.

Number 3: giving you a big earning opportunity to catch you like a fish

They are giving really high-income opportunities like 8%, 10% even 15% and they want to give you profit daily forever.

Now my question is to you if you only invest one time? They will give you this kind of profit forever?

Now there is no business in the world that can give you income forever

Because there is no way to give you income forever and it’s a trick so that you believe and invest money and they will give you fake profit month after month.

Like this way they are cunning with your mind so that you believe them and invest money.

Their main target is those who are greedy so that they can easily invest in their website and people get caught.

Number 4: no social profile available

Now you must believe me because you see that they are giving you such a high-income opportunity in a good way, but if you check, you will not find any of their facebook pages.

You will not find any youtube channel

Because now any website has a facebook page and everyone shares their profile on the youtube channel so that people follow them.

However, they have kept their facebook page and youtube channel secret and will never share it.

Because they will run away after a while with their website.

Number 5: showing fake payment proof to make you fool

Now showing fake payment proof it is one of the smart plans for fraud people because if you go and check out their payout page you will see lots of demo username and fake payment proof that they are paying.

Basically, it’s a trick showing fake payment proof to achieve your trust because you cannot verify all of the payment proof

  • You cannot connect with them
  • And there is no real people get paid
  • And you will not find who get paid from this website

So they only add some demo username to their website and some demo payment proof so that they can easily make you fool and cut your pocket.

So based on my research, this cryptober.Club website can do scam and you should save your valuable time and money.

Sipon Dawyen

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