Crypto Method It’s an online trading platform, doing scam Confirmed!

In the past 90 days, 3 people just change their life automatically after investing in a false crypto method.

Here are some fake testimonials, fake photos with some false stories, that will help you to understand that how you can make money if you invest money in a crypto method and you still don’t know who is the real founder of this system.

and you are really interested to learn more about that is it really legal or scam?

Then you came to the right place.

Because the crypto method is a scam and it will give you nothing.

In their promo video a few seconds later they will also show you that over $13,000 already clearly send to their bank account in just 24 hours and this is a fake payment proof to grab your attention.

If you already invest in this kind of scam think then go to their support and ask for a refund as soon as possible or email at info@cryptosmethod.Com send a refund request.

Crypto Method Using Fake Testimonials, Software + More!

Why Crypto Method Is A SCAM?


My 5 bulletproof that will help you to better understand why this system is a scam.

  • Using fake testimonials
  • Using fake notification
  • Fake term & condition page
  • Using Famous currency logo to make them trustful
  • Using A Demo Fake software developer


Using fake testimonials when you will see the promo video a few seconds later they will show you real people stories that how they are making thousands of dollar now every single day investing in the false crypto method.

This kind of- video they outsource from fiverr.Com and upwork.Com with a cheap price like $5 to $10.

If they have millions dollar method then why they buy fake testimonials?

fake testimonials 1 fake testimonials 2 fake testimonials 3
fake testimonials proof they buy it from fiverr
They Buy Testimonials From Fiverr


Using fake notification on their website. You will see that James already made $200 recently and a few seconds later you will see another demo name made $500 like this way they will show you step by step fake names, with fake payment proof over and over again.

Crypto Method Using fake notification


They don’t have any term, condition and privacy policy page because when you click on the button then it will redirect on the same page.


Using different currency logo in their website like bitcoin, ethereum, neo so that people believe that these sites are recommended crypto method but it’s totally fake they just edit the logo with adobe photoshop and ad in their website.

Using different currency logo in their website to do scam


Meet “Mike Lewis” the genius behind the crypto method a fake software developer because they are using mike lewis a demo fake name and the photo they share it’s also fake you will find this kind of photo in a different stock site like Amazon, pixabay.Com, Shutterstock

Crypto Method Using Demo Fake Name Mike Lewis As a software developer

 The Crypto Method Review Quick Summary: 

Product Name: Crypto Method
Site: Https://
Owner: Mike Lewis ( A Demo Fake Name)
Category: Online Trading
Bonus: $15,000 Fake Trading Money
Price: $250 Investment
Best For: Those Who Want To Be Cheated By Online Trading
Refund: I Don’t Know Because All Fake No Trust Left But I Found Support Email
Rating: 0 / 5
Recommended: Never
Crypto method is an online trading platform where they will give you a software and you have to invest $250 dollars to start making money. Once you know how to start trade then you can easily win thousands of dollar per day. Doing it you only have to work 15 to 10 minute every single day and you can easily achieve a $2,000 doing online trading and this is the simple job you don’t have to do any kind of work anymore. The crypto method scam software will do all automatically. First of all, they don’t have any kind of software because after sing up they will redirect you into an online trading platform where they will give you some fake guideline so that you deposit $250 and start fake trading.

Inside Crypto Method?

Inside they will again play with your mind and step-by-step show you exact fake system that how you can make our $13,000 within 24 hours using the fake software and they already added more fake testimonials and members photos with some fake currency payment proof.

And to make this amount of money you have to transfer the deposit amount of money in your account then instantly you will make thousands $ with the magic trick.

So to make a very fast profit in just minutes away just so sign up with your email address and phone number so that they re-target you again.

Inside they will give you $15,000 to start a trade and how you can you start your fast trade and earn few dollars but the real thing is this is fake money so that they achieve your trust and you invest $250 to start.

And their website design interface is already matched with another scam trading site bitcoin traders pro.

Crypto Method Using Fake Trading Platform
Do Not Deposit Money In SCAM!

Few second letters you will see a notification that this person already won $50 another few seconds later this person just won $100 like this way it will continuously show you are fake payment proof.


Crypto Method Smartly doing scam with innocent people.

When people deposit money and do a few trades then they realize that there is no money withdraw option.

When they check out different reviews on Google or YouTube then they get the main thoughts that it’s a scam & making people fool with money imagination.

So you must have to avoid it as soon as possible.


Let me know your Crypto Method experience!

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