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Comextrades.Com Payment Proof?? Withdraw? Is Comextrades A SCAM? Or Legit? ((Honest Review))

Based on my research comextrades.Com is a risky website they don’t have any real founder and refund policy.

In this video, I am going to review an investing website name comextrades.Com basically, I am going to show you the good side and the bad side of this website so that you can make the right decision because no one wants to lose their hard-earned money.

And I want to say thanks to my subscriber, “Jaison geo” because he comments on my video to learn the truth about comextrades.Com website.

So thanks to “Jaison geo”.

First of all, you have to trust a website before you invest money and if some website claiming that you can earn quick money then you must have to review the website deeply so that you can trust them and invest your money securely without any fear.

The best way you can trust a website if you just follow these simple 3 steps.


You need to know who is the owner of this website
Or who is controlling this website
Or what is the identity of the team member who is working on this website?


Is support a professional website will always give you the best support they can they will give you their contact phone number there is skype id or live chat support so that you can connect with them and talk to them to learn about their planning and working details.


Refund policy:

Most professional service websites always give you 15 day, 30 days, and 60-day refund policy so that if you don’t like their work or if you are not satisfied with their service then you can refund and get back your money without losing anything.

Now fast I am going to show you some good sides of this comextrades.Com website then I am going to reveal the truth so that you can make the right decision.

Number 1: secure website.

This website is looking like a professional website and if you scroll down in the last you will see they already have lots of security batch in their website and all of these security batches is real because when I click then it’s show that they are verified this kind of security people use in their website so that they can be safe from hackers and others bad people which is good to go.

Number 2: providing good support.

If you focus then you will see they already have a contact phone number and they have live chat support which makes their website more trustworthy and they already have a social profile like Facebook Twitter, and telegram, where they are supporting their members who are investing in their plan and interested to make money.

Number 3: payment proof.

If you search on YouTube with this keyword, comex trades payments proof? Then we will see some of the people are also shared that they get paid from this website.

The best point of

Number 1: too many security batches.

As you know in a good point I already said their website is secure and they have some secure batch but if they only use one security service? Then it’s enough. And professional company most of the time only use one secure batch that makes their website looking safer.

But to be honest, if you focus then you can see they already have more than 11 secure batches which are clear that all of this batch they added in their website to make you feel trust so that you believe in their website which is a negative signal.

It’s one kind of attracting imagination so that after seeing all of the security batches you believe them quickly.

Because beginners don’t have enough knowledge and they don’t know how to develop a website because if you have the experience to develop a website then you will easily understand that 1 security company is enough to secure a website you don’t need to add 10 security company to help your website secure from a hacker so this is clear that they are using over security batch to grab your attention.

Number 2: only virtual support.

All of the support they are providing? All our virtual support which means they will only help you online because if you think deeply then there is no way you can connect with them locally and you cannot go to their office to see their location that what they are doing and what their team member really do to make money and give you the profit

Because you will not find any real people face no real people testimonials I don’t find any team members videos that what they are doing to make money and giving you the profit from your investment and the important part is I don’t find who is the real founder or owner of this website this means it’s clear that they are hiding their real identity which is not a good signal a good company will always share their founder photo social network Facebook page YouTube channel so that people can connect with founder and follow the footstep.

Number 3: promotional video with fake CEO.

If you focus their promotional video then you will see a person sitting up in a chair and saying about the company to grab your trust that they have a company but to be honest this is fake and he is a paid actor because you can make this kind of promotional video if you pay few dollars and outsource a video gig from fiverr.Com.

Because in Fiverr there are lots of people who will help you to make a promotional video to promote your company because if he is the real CEO of this website then you will always see his face on a website in his Facebook page and in YouTube channel but if you search in google and Facebook you will never find this person again because this person is a paid actor.

Number 4: what about the payment proof?

Because they are paying people from peoples own investment to grab people’s trust and when lots of people will start investing big money? Then you will learn the truth that they are hidden behind the computer and doing is a scam with you.

Because they are giving you crazy and good profit based on their contract but still you don’t know how they are making money because they will say that they have some experts who are good in trading or they are good in the crypto mining industry they have lots of advanced people to make money.

So my question is to you if they have a system if they have lots of experience that help you to make a profit then why not they are making an unlimited profit for them? Why they are promoting their company to you? And why they are helping you to make money? Because when you will invest money? They can’t do anything with you also can do scams.

Number 5: no refund policy.

Refund policy is really important to trust your website because everyone is not the same some people want to change their mind and they want to refund their balance and if you go comex trades faq page then you will they have no refund policy that’s why you cannot get back your money and there is no return agreement so if a few days later this website shut down then there is no way you can get your money back.

Number 6: there is no update on the YouTube channel.

Inside the YouTube channel, they have only one video showing their company.

Remember a professional mining company will always share their updates and make different videos so that you can learn how to create an account how to start work how to deposit but there is no new video you will find on their YouTube channel.

So based on my research comextrades.Com website is risky to invest.

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