Payment Proof Withdraw Is Coingain A Scam Or Legit ((Honest Review))

Get fully passive earnings up to 110 daily profit? This is what coingain.App want to say.

If you are thinking that by investing in this coingain.App website you can make money? Then you are wrong because this coingain.App website is a scam and they will cut your pocket and no one wants to lose their hard-earned money.

Most of the people don’t know how to review a website deeply because after seeing the website they really start trusting and invest money to make more money for future but most of the investing website is fake they will never pay you anything they just make this kind of fake website so that they can easily cut your pocket and you will realize the truth when even lose your money.

Now let me reveal the truth

Number 1: website founder and owner information is missing.

No matter how the good looking website you see online and no matter how big earning opportunity a website giving you before you do any action always check out who is the real owner or founder of this website you always have to check out who is maintaining the website and you always have to know the team members real identity so that you can trust the website and if you think the website founder is missing and owner is missing and if you don’t find any team members photos & real identity? Then there is no way you can trust a website.

Number 2. Fake investment plans.

If you scroll down and check out all of the investment plans? Then you will be shocked because they are giving you a very big opportunity to make quick money they are giving 102%, 110%, even more, to earn money if you invest in their website which is totally an imagination so that you invest money and they cut your pocket because there is no quick way to make quick money investing in a website.

It’s one kind of imagination because after seeing this kind of good earning opportunity? You invest and they cut your pocket, so do not invest.

Number 3: no refund policy.

Most professional service websites always give you 15 day, 30 days, and 60-day refund policy so that if you don’t like their work or if you are not satisfied with their service then you can refund and get back your money without losing anything.

If you check out then you will realize this website has no refund policy this means if you invest in this website to make money then you cannot get back your money and there is no return agreement so if a few days later this website shut down then there is no way you can get your money back.

Number 4: no trustful person recommendation.

Always follow a trustworthy person recommendation who already have experience in this site but I don’t find any trustworthy person recommend they are giving you big earning opportunities but if you focus and think deeply then there are no video testimonials if people making money using this website? Then they will definitely make a testimonials video so that more people join this website but there are no video testimonials you will find.

Number 5: pay you a few times so that you invest big and they cut your pocket.

As you can see this website is running and it’s online for 13 days now lots of beginners invest in this website without knowing that this website is fake however this website will pay a few dollars to the beginner so that they invite more people to their website and when people will start investing big money? Then they will start cutting their pocket because investing in a few they want to achieve your trust so that you think inside your mind that they are paying but they will never pay you again and you will realize the truth when you will lose your money and this website will be shut down in a few months later.

Number 6: this website is hiding its real identity

If you think deeply then you will realize this website is online and someone maintaining this website but you don’t know anyone you don’t see any of their team members you don’t see any founder photos or any real videos with real people face this means they are hiding all of their real identity so that you cannot blame them because scam people hide behind the computer so that they can easily cut your pocket and there is no way you will find any of them because you don’t know any of their members or founders so it’s easy to make you fool using this website so you should avoid it and do not invest.

Number 7: no social profile

They don’t have any social profile like the facebook page youtube channel so that you can follow them and learn more

If they are a professional company then always they will fast take care of their users who are investing in their plan.

But there is no social profile so that you can connect with them this means they are smartly making you fool.

Number 8: they have a fake app to make you fool.

Coingain.App basically using a third-party mobile app so that they can easily hack your credit card number and payments information because they don’t officially publish their mobile app in google play store and you will learn the truth when you will download their mobile app let me show you the real proof when I click here to download their app you can see instantly the app is downloading to my pc and downloading the mobile app this way? It’s really really risky and they didn’t officially publish their app in the google play store as you know we always download different games video-making apps from the google play store because it’s a trustful source however it’s a fake app when you will install this app in your mobile then they can easily hack your payments information so you should avoid it.

So based on my research coingain.App website is a scam.

Sipon Dawyen

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