Cloutpay.Co & paid4clout.Com are the same scam website!

I am going to reveal the truth in this review

So that you don’t make any mistake & safe from the scammer. & Are [SCAM $661 Not Receive Yet] Honest Review

I found out about another website some time ago that this website is cheating on simple people in the name of dogecoin immigration.

Their main goal is to create a good quality website and then get people trapped

In order to make more money, they are investing in various fields on their website

However, the truth is that these websites are planned to scam people

And those who are behind it apply one plan after another in different ways in different names

As a result, it becomes very difficult to understand what this website is really about.

Whenever you visit cloutpay.Co website, you will find that it is redirecting to another domain name paid4clout.Com so what does that mean why they are doing it?

A domain name is basically the name of the website you can buy your own domain name from Namecheap, Bluehost they provide legal service so that people can name their business or brands and to buy this domain name it only cost $10-$12 per year. That’s why scam people make more money with their fake mindset, and they don’t care about buying names again and again with the different domain names with only a few bucks.

So cloutpay.Co & paid4clout.Com How Does They Work Together?

When you will visit the website instantly to grab your attention you will see a big headline like make $500 today and $10 $15 each invitation who join through your link and if you sign up they will give you 25 dollars as a bonus.

But the truth is, now let’s think a little deeper for those who are new online, the main interest is how they make money on shortcuts and they need a method through which they will work small but make good quality money

Which will help them solve their needs? So scammers target these people and create this money imagination website

But the most surprising thing is that you only need $ 100 to $ 200 to build the same website

And they invest this amount of money in their fake plan and earn thousands of dollars almost every day from simple people.

Next, to attract attention, they want to explain to you 3 simple steps that if you do these 3 steps, then this is the money you will get.

Then they will say that join our website and start working on social media like our community people doing and making money.

Then they will say again we will give you an invitations link as soon as you join our website and only share this link with your friends, you will earn $ 10 per link share and you don’t have to worry because you can withdraw money whenever you want the help of PayPal, cash app, bitcoin.

So if you look at all these things now then understand that they have smartly talked to you a lot through the help of their website only and showed you the simplest road map to impress so that you believe them and follow their command.

What About The Happy Members & Testimonials?

As I already said scam people have different mindset plan and they will apply it to reach their goals.

Here one of the testimonials you can see that “Ambria” is a happy member and already earn $27k and get paid for clout.

Paid4clout using a fake name like ambria to share fake testimonials

If you click on his testimonials to see the full review then it will redirect you to the same website, because there are no testimonials inside they just add a photo from a different free stock site like pixabay.Com to believe you that real people are making money and getting paid.

So how do I know that? Because when I advanced search in google with this female picture then I see that this same picture already have on the different website here is the proof

Google Share the proof Same Picture On The Different Website
Paid4clout Same Picture On The Different Website

But the truth is that they give some people money to promote their website for the first time to reach their desired goals. Because the more people who visit their website, the more they can collect email and easily cheating with them.

They do email collections & they will make a large list of these emails slowly and sell these email listings on various third party websites. So that online marketers buy these email list and send you promotional email offers.

If you check your email spam or junk option then you will see a lot of people are already sending emails to you to promote their offer. They will email you like example:

  • 📧Just received $80,000 cash
  • 📧Here is the 50% discount for you
  • 📧90% save if you purchase now

This kind of promotional email you will always find

Let me show you my personal email spam box that how they want to make me fool with their smart money imagination idea.

my personal email spam box proof

Now if you go to the testimonial page then you will see 6 real people video and they are sharing that how much money they make and paid from paid4clout website but the real thing is all of this testimonials they outsource from Fiverr with only $ 5, $10

paid4clout using fake testimonials 1

Here I found the same person gigs profile in Fiverr he is a spokesperson providing the service and making money

paid4clout using fake testimonials proof
Testimonials Outsource From Fiverr PROOF!

If you go there frequently asked question option then you will see some instant reply like

Why Choose Us?

In the answer, they said that they have been grown their network more than 300,000 members who have earned more than $44 million

But the funny thing is still you don’t have any idea who is the owner of the website and you will never find the owner because the owner is a fake person and hiding behind the computer and playing with a smart scamming mindset.

And if their members earn 44 million which this means all the member work on this website and they paid this amount of money from Donald trump bank account.

Did You Notice There Money Making Calculator?

That helps you to learn how much money you can make a day of followers.

This calculator only added to their website to crack people’s minds with money imagination. Because when people will add some amount like 1, 10, 100 then it will show some auto money earning opportunity like $28 a day that helps every individual person to be motivated and add more people to their website.

Name: Paid 4 Clout &
Site: /
Owner: A Scammer
Category: Social Media Marketing
Bonus: $25 Fake Money
Price: Free To Join
Best For: No One
Rating: 0 / 5
Recommended: No


Overall this paid4clout website is doing cheating smartly because if you go to their about section where they describe all about their website the said their site founded in 2015 to help regular social media users so that they can make money sharing links and easily change people life as many as possible. People can make money taking advantage of social media because it’s easy to use and anyone can understand how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram but let me give you proof that they are lying. Because their website creation date is 2019 and they said their website founded in 2015 what a liar.

If you want to check yourself then go to https://whois.Net and copy https://paid4clout.Com site link and search in the box of whois.Net you will get the real data instantly.

paid4clout website creation date is 2019 so they are saying lie here is the proof

They also claim that their website is number #1 influencer network and then you will see their

  • Certified
  • Strategic earning
  • All over the web
  • Top support

All of this option available but just click to see the details these options will not work. If you click? It will redirect you to the same page it’s just a demo page they added few fake photos and edit the title of website themes to provide value to the user.

What About The Payment Proof?

In the payment option, you will see $260, $620, $360 even more payment proof of real person but all of these are fake.

Let me share with you what real users are saying after working on their website

The name “Arthur Stevenson” is supposed to receive $1059 dollar but it’s really not going to happen in real. because they will kick you out from the account or ban your account without notification and all of the money-making imagination, the promise is a fake.

Arthur stevenson is supposed to receive $1059 dollar but paid4clout don't pay the money

Another user “Takim Gill” was supposed to receive around $2,500 but after the cash-out date end, he was really upset he west lots of his time.

Another user Takim gill was supposed to receive around $2,500 but paid4clout do scam

In the same way, I have reviewed many real users one by one, those who are addressing different types of problems And shares some work proof that they are unable to withdraw money even after work.

That means you have to understand that those who are currently joining this site to earn money are sending their friends and acquaintances inviting them to join this site. As a result, send invitations one by one This site has many users And when everyone found out that their cycle and method was actually done to cheat them Then everyone at various places revealed the true fact that this site is actually doing scam.

And of course, if you want to avoid cheating, you should seek advice from experienced people By searching on Google, as you find detailed information from my blog that benefits you further so that you do not have to face such problems again.

However, if you are also a user of this website then I would say without getting upset to get an education from here which will help you to learn better.

And in my blog, I have put in various types of free recharges that will help you to make money and develop your own skills, and it is important to know that there is no magic math for making money online. Once you have some experience and you know how to take action in the right way? then you will make money with Confident.

My recommendation for you…

What Is Inside []?

I create a demo account in paid4clout so that I personally verify their real truth! The crazy thing is when I sign up then instantly they welcome me with a money imagination that will blow any beginner’s mind and they will be like to work with them. Because they share that this is your dashboard you will be paid 2 dollars for every person click your link and extra $10 when they join the website what are you waiting for getting to work to make money.

inside dashboard
Inside The Dashboard

Now this kind of money-making imagination is good to crack beginners mind, and if you are a beginner then you already make a mistake after seen this kind of money-making system and inside the dashboard, they have lots of fake tasks where they will say

  • Download apps earn $10
  • Complete survey earn $25
  • Create YouTube videos earn $50

They will show you some fake username that real people already make lots of money and they are paying the big amount of money to them and this is totally fake garbage.

Inside there is no option to deactivate my account or delete my account, if you use facebook then you will see that they already have this kind of option so that people feel safe but in scam paid4clout site have no option delete the account.

The real truth is there is no option to connect with them by social media and you cannot follow them because in their “Connection with the social option” you will see some icons like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest but if you click on this option it will redirect you to the same homepage. Which this means this website is a demo and they didn’t add their social profiles because scam people don’t want to be famous help of social media they want to be famous help of money imagination.

In the task wall option, they will give you some simple tasks to complete and earn. But this is totally fake because after completing a task for 5 to 10 minutes? They will never pay you a penny, so it’s a waste of time to crack innocent people’s minds with some work + money.

First of all, you need to know that every time you log in to their website you will be shown different offers and these offer options are actually made so that you are engaged in one of the tasks and work with them, as a result of giving them time to website and completing tasks? You are promoting their website to earn money.

And this is their main plan so that they can reach more people in a short time to promote their scam idea and make money using innocent people again and again.

Do I Like This Website? or A SCAM?

Their website is made for do scam with people because when you will visit their website instantly you will see only money imagination like make $500 today and a step-by-step they will show you some tricky steps like “How it works” and some “Fake testimonials” This is all good but if you scroll down then you will see again a money calculator that will crack any people mind because people like to calculate that how much money they can make for future or how much money they can save per month, and this calculator is an opportunity to innocent people so that they can increase their needs in a few seconds because when you will give few numbers like 1 or 5 then instantly calculator will show you that how much money you can make a day.

If you scroll down then you will see some famous brand logos like “Mcdonalds” and they said that brand we work with but this is totally fake because they just add this famous brand to their website so that people trust them that wow they are already famous and working with the famous brand. So do not trust this website, I already share lots of proof that will help you to make the right decision and avoid this website. The last thing is I don’t like this website at all because all are made for making people fool with the SCAM mindset.


So as you can see step by step I share some proof with evidence. It’s confirmed now this cloutpay.Co/paid4clout.Com is the same scam website.

However, share your experience and write a few words in the comment below…

So that beginners can learn the truth & do not make the same mistake!

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